HostSecret Week IX


Straight From the Bottle Recaps:

Poop Here It Is! (I thought you knew): A humble tale of being handed poop as a present and not knowing whether to say "thank you" or throw up.
On The Eve Of My Departure: Packing bags and thoughts before leaving for SXSW.
The Bittersweet Taste of Freedom: Confessions of a GGC who misses being "w"... and boozing all night in distant lands.




Scar | 1:45 PM

omg. me too. When i was younger I used to close my eyes when people cracked eggs. Now we are hatching chickens for easter in the backyard. It's amazing.

motherbumper | 2:13 PM

Great, a new paranoid thought to help me in the kitchen ;) Like I didn't already hate cooking eggs.

Remember Fear Factor? I swear once they had to eat rotten unhatched eggs - I almost lost it.

Wendy | 3:24 PM

That reminds me of a slightly funny story. I was boiling eggs on our very old cooktop, one of the burners was crooked. I hear this chriping noise. I freak. Oh my god, did my eggs have baby chicks in them? Was I cooking those little babies alive? Were they trying to scratch their way out? Never mind the logical reasoning would be that, no. I bought the eggs at the grocery store and baby chicks need warmth to grow.

Fast forward to me, running to my garbage can, parked at the end of the driveway, in my pjs to not only throw away the eggs (with the dying baby chicks inside) but the pot, too. I cant use a pot again where I had boiled baby chicks alive.

Hubby thought this was very funny, because the pot had made the same noise when he was just boiling water. Then he was mad, because I threw away a perfectly good pot. It was our crappy cooktop. We got a new cooktop, soon after.

Love the picture.

Anonymous | 5:58 PM

this is late but did you see lilly allen at sxsw??? she's awesome!

Shannon | 6:40 PM

I can really relate to this secret.

Unknown | 6:30 AM

Ugh... me too. Me too.

Bringing Up Ben | 8:59 AM

Me too. I go so far as to say a quick "Please don't let there be a bird inside" before I crack the egg.


I can't believe we're all in this together. God bless you all.


And no! Didn't see Lilly Allen or any bands for that matter beside the bands booked for the various sxswi parties. (I left the say music started BUT NEXT YEAR! Next year I'll be staying for music no doubt.)

Jaelithe | 2:39 PM

Um, am I being evil if I tell you this actually happened to my mother when she was a child? Her mother cracked an egg while they were cooking together, and there was a chick in it.

They got their eggs from a farm at that time, though. I don't think this would happen with eggs you buy in a store. I think they check the eggs, somehow. Like by shining a light through them, or something.

Despite the harrowing way she told the tale when I was young, I suppose my mother wasn't inordinately traumatized by this experience, because she now keeps chickens in her backyard. I don't think I could stand to ask her whether she's found any chicks in her breakfast eggs since she built the coop, but I imagine she would have insisted on telling me in graphic detail if she had.



LTYM | 6:28 PM

I just happened upon your site & can't believe I didn't find it sooner! Very cool. Hope you enjoyed my home town during SXSW. I myself spent that week explaining why gwhurls don't have penises and wiping pee off my feet. Good times.
--Wendi Aarons