Photo of the Week

Red hat down.



carrie | 12:50 AM

The look on his face is so solemn, like "hey hat, get back here".

Love your pics.


Emery Jo | 11:25 AM

what an amazing little nubbin monster! he's got a cute heart and a cute hat.

PetiteMommy | 2:03 PM

Love it! I linked to your blog here and the one at babble today just thought I'd let you know. :)

mo-wo | 9:25 PM

so gorgeous. he looks like he's 10 feet tall.

phrase around here in the throes of naptime is usually, bear down. So the caption made me laugh.

Sandra | 2:27 PM

Great shot ... I especially love his expression. What a cutie

Anonymous | 5:13 PM

everybody laughed a few weeks ago about the whole EMO scare. i had never heard of it until i saw it here. being made fun of. not being taken seriously. well should i be worried when i find a knife in my 12 years old's drawer and notes saying that all of her friends are worried because she is emo? ha ha.

Anonymous | 7:30 PM

Great pic.

No doubt he will be heading staright back to pick that hat up and sort it out.

BOSSY | 1:15 PM

Bossy thinks it's cute that his whole body fits inside a long shadow.