Lucky Numbers

(gratuitous archer in a swing photo)

The 1-Second Film:

Nirvan, a friend of mine has just finished work on the new site for his non-profit film project, The 1-Second Film. Find out how you can be a producer, while supporting the Global Fund for Women. Join the ranks of some of Hollywood's finest. Check out the One Second Film, here.

Smith's 6-Word Memoir:

If you haven't already submitted your six-word memoir, do so here. A collection of the best six-word memoirs will be published by Harper-Collins in '08.

Blogher 07:

I was skeptical last year so I decided not to go BUT I'm very much looking forward to this year's festivities, Wooohoo! Who else is going?



metro mama | 1:44 PM

I'm going to BlogHer. A gaggle of us Toronto gals are going to hop in a minivan and have us a roadtrip!

Scar | 2:29 PM

I want to go!

Wendy | 2:36 PM

I would like to go, but I dont think I could justify paying for a trip where I just stood in the corner all day.

Have fun.

BOSSY | 3:33 PM

Bossy would love to go to Blogher but there's the little matter of the money, the effort, the time, the room, the road food, the gas - not to mention the fuel. Plus - Bossy wasn't invited - do you have to be invited?


Nope! Don't have to be invited. You should just hitchhike there, maybe?

PunditMom | 4:35 PM

Ooooo ... me, too! See you there! ;)

Chicky Chicky Baby | 4:42 PM

I'll be there. With bells on.

Anonymous | 6:59 PM

Oh, you just made my day! If we can't meet for a mama date out here, surely we can have a drinkypoo or two in Chicago.

lmb | 6:57 AM

Nope. But guess which scribe lives in Chicago? ;)

ms blue | 7:54 AM

Yes!!! I'll be there as part of the gaggle.

I love Archer's shirt.

scarbie doll | 8:07 AM

Yeah -- was so hoping to go with the other "Taranna" Mamas, but alas, I will be too pregnant to travel. Ass.

Anonymous | 11:41 AM

I'm going and I can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous | 7:53 PM

I am way too frugal, er, uh, I mean cool to go to blogger.

Anonymous | 7:54 PM

blogHer, I mean.

Anonymous | 8:47 PM

love the one-second film thingy... thanks for the link!

Anonymous | 2:31 PM

Me me!

Her Bad Mother | 12:24 PM

me. yay.