GGC Hangover: Birthday Edition

Oh wait. I have a blog? Oh, yeah. Hi and hello there.

The problem with holiday weekends is that by the time they end? The work week is half over and you're still in your pajamas screaming at California for being an asshole except now your voice hurts and your kids are like "why are you yelling at California" and you're like "AHHHHHHH."

Of course, eventually you must stop screaming and throwing things at walls and make dinner for your starving children and when you finally get them to sleep at 10:30 (which let's be clear is EARLY for our household) you realize, "oh, shit. It's Tuesday night. I haven't blogged in ten years. I should probably write something but OMG I have so much to say and tell and write and show but I'm not really in the mood to do anything but watch The Bachelorette and go OMG! It's Kip from Encinitas! What the Oh-Em-Gee is he doing trying to pretend like he's in love with a stranger omg!!!!?"

So OF COURSE you forgo your plans to stay up all night blogging and writing (and yes there is a difference) so you can watch The Bachelorette on DVR and make sure that Kip gets a rose (phew! That was close!) and when that's finished and everyone including your husband is asleep you can get to those there blogs of yours and write about yourself in the third second person and make very little sense because you're exhausted and very ready for that part-time nanny that starts next week the end.

And by the end, I mean...

Hello. How was your weekend?

Mine? Mine was lovely. We had ourselves a Birthday Party. The finest, most fabulous birthday party in all the land. But I already wrote about it over yonder and my eyes are pretty much closing closed at this point so here are some photos:

More on Archer's most excellent 4th Birthday Party at the uber-fab Naya's Garden, here.

Pass the Aleve and Goodnight.



Amanda | 2:27 AM

Even when you're half asleep and not really making sense you write 100x better than I do.

It's a bit annoying.

:p | 6:31 AM

Haha, thanks for the mention of the California Supreme Court's senseless rule...

I understand exactly what you mean, except I'm quite glad actually that the week is half=over already. I'm not a big fan of weekdays... I'd like to ban them.

Marie-Ève | 6:46 AM

Happy birthday dear Archer/rock god! All looks lovely. What a difference a year makes...
And California and I are never speaking again.

Michelle | 6:54 AM

Happy Birthday to Archer! What a
wonderful cake. It looks like he
had an awesome day.

Tiana | 7:01 AM

I honestly thought something would change with this whole Prop 8 thing. That maybe more people would understand that sexual orientation does not make you any more or less human.
I'm so thankful to be in Canada, but I'm growing tired of waiting for the states to catch up.
Wake up, people. Equal rights for all.

Rebecca, you and I think the same. And your tired ramblings? They totally make sense in my mind.

You rock. Even with your eyes closed.

MRachel | 7:02 AM

You wrote about yourself in the second person, not the third. ;-)

Happy birthday to Archer!

Summer | 8:06 AM

I just have to tell you that 4 is the best age ever. Taylor turned 4 last month, and I swear I never want this age to end.

Chloe's 7 months....and I think I like that age too.

Can I just freeze time right now???


See? This is why I should never blog while bleary-eyed and TOTALLY agree Summer. Want to freeze both kids right now. Four RULES. And Fable, who will be eight months next week is equally as perfect right now. So much fun.

Sarah @ | 8:22 AM

I'm glad Archer had a good time at the birthday party!!

And I hope you got a good night's sleep =)

Adrianne | 8:28 AM

You know, Rebecca, it would be really nice if you could blog about what little monsters your kids are and how they drive you up the wall!! Ok, not really:) It's just that I have such EXTREME baby fever, and I'm not sure why I torture myself by reading all of these mommy blogs full of beautiful, smiling babies/children. Why? Why do I do that?

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, A!! I agree that 4 is fantastic! My nephew will be 5 in July and I'm hoping 5 is as wonderful as 4 has been. It is quite possibly the perfect age:) Have fun and enjoy every minute! In the meantime, I'll be living vicariously through you and others like you (aka, mothers).

whitney | 8:52 AM

phew...hope you got some rest. holiday weekends rock my household too and you wake up on tues. morning wondering where the weekend went at all. anyway, got to ask: where are Fable's adorable headbands from??? i love them and want some for my baby/toddler girl. thanks.

Ashley | 9:24 AM

I just love all these pictures, especially the last one!! Looks like a blast! Hope he had a happy and wonderful birthday!!

Ray | 11:54 AM

Archer's cake is so cute. And I love the last photo of him about to blow the candles. Sweet. ;o)

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 1:13 PM

You DO know that you make me want to have another babieeeee, right?

You're so evil.

J.L. Danger | 1:15 PM

I agree- CALIFORNIA IS AN ASSHOLE. and I am sorry. Makes me ashamed.

Girlbert | 5:31 PM

Omigosh, I second Adrianne! Why do we do that?

I just adopted a cat. I LOVE her, but it's not helping my biological clock situation...

Nor my disappointment in CA right now. Argh.

Girlbert | 5:31 PM

Omigosh, I second Adrianne! Why do we do that?

I just adopted a cat. I LOVE her, but it's not helping my biological clock situation...

Nor my disappointment in CA right now. Argh.

Alison | 8:35 PM

I love your blog and read it often. Today I see "Kip from Encinitas" and I get all excited. "I'm from Encinitas. Who is this Kip? Excuse me while I go watch all past and future episodes."

Jessi | 10:33 AM

Beautiful babies! I have a boy, 28 months, and a girl, almost 9 months. I love reading your blog and watching your little ones grow. Where did you get that adorable dress Fable is wearing at Archer's party??

Fraulein | 10:34 AM

That's awesome -- happy birthday Archer!

I have to tell you my husband and daughter and I were just in Burbank, visiting my in-laws, and we brought your two "what to do in L.A." posts with us. We went to Larchmont Village twice and LOVED it! So much great shopping squeezed into a small area.

Anonymous | 12:04 PM

Hey that Naya's garden placed looks pretty rad. It's kind of got a Renaissance Faire/environmentally conscious yuppie parent vibe going.
In the coastal Maine hamlet where we have a summer home the locals have kids' birthday parties at the dump! It's a real, honest to gosh old school dump, too -- not a "recycling center."
The kids jump on old couches and climb up the piles of trash and the dads shoot rats with handguns while the moms drink beer and scream at the kids. Instead of goodie bags the guests take home dump diggins': old computer keyboards, broken TVs, whatever.
I swear every little girl is named Ashley or Brianna and every boy is named Brandon. It's quite a sight to see and like the rites of primitive tribes deep in the Amazon jungle, one not often glimpsed by outsiders.