*Updated with winner, below!!*

Yesterday afternoon I left the house to go write, leaving Hal in charge of Fable and feeding her lunch. Because Hal has been unemployed for three months* he has contributed equally as caregiver to Fable. Changing her, bathing her, taking her on father-daughter outings and of course, feeding her.... which up until now has been pretty easy to do:

Four ounces of water, maybe six, depending on when she nursed, then add two scoops (or three) of formula and stick the bottle in her mouth.

In the last week, however, Fable has almost completely weaned herself off the bottle, preferring mainly solids during the day. Yogurt, Banana, Hummus, Tofu and various other smashed delicacies of baby life.

"What should I feed her for lunch, today?" Hal asked as I packed up my computer bag.

"Avocado. Maybe some Banana," I said.

Seemed like straightforward directions at the time and I figured he could feed her both rather simply, straight from the source with a bit of smashing. No need for the baby food grinder. Easy peasy.


I was wrong.

I came home several hours later to find a bowl of what appeared to be raw snot on the table.

"What the balls is this?"

"What? It's banana and avocado."

"Like... mixed together?"

"That's what you told me to do!"

"What!? No! I said to feed her avocado and banana. Not .... avocanana. This is disgusting. No wonder she didn't eat any of it."

"What do you mean? She had a.... bite."


"Well maybe she wasn't hungry!"

"Would you eat Bananacado?"

Hal paused for a beat** and then ...

"Yes. Yes I would."

"You're such a liar."

"I bet it's delicious."

"Oh, really. Then let's see you eat it."

And then, with nary a wince, Hal took a giant bite of the stuff...

... before spitting it out in the sink.

Ha ha! Sucka!

"Maybe I'll just feed her yogurt next time."

"Good idea."


Tell me your best "foodie" story and be entered to win a brand new Svan highchair: a favorite in the GGC household since 2005:

Seven-month Archer, January 2006

Seven-month Fable; May 2009

Winner will be chosen at random via by end of the day Friday! Good luck and happy food... ing.


*Hal got a job yesterday. He starts tomorrow. So stoked. And relieved. But also a little bit sad because I'm going to miss him and his rather disastrous food concoctions.

**Writing scripts has caused me to "beat" everything. Even aloud I can't help exclaiming "there was a beat" during moments of tension and dispute. It's miraculous my husband doesn't "beat" me because of it. Womp womp.

Congratulations to Dari @ Day in the Life (whose father-in-law fed her baby Mountain Dew! Ahhhh!!!) for winning the Svan highchair! And thank all of you for showing up for the food fight. More most excellent contests to come, my lovelies. Kisses on all of your cheeky cheeks.


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Kaylee + Paul | 6:14 PM

I wish I had a story...soon I hope! My husband and I are trying for a little beebee! AH!

Sorry to disappoint :/

Cute story though!

Angie | 6:16 PM

First time I left 7 month old baby with daddy: I came home to find daddy in underpants and baby in a diaper, both sitting on the sofa eating saltines and drinking chocolate milk.

jami | 6:21 PM

I try not to leave the man of the house in charge of dinner for the littles. The toddler usually gets a sampler platter of crackers, cookies and fruit snacks. The baby also ends up wearing more food than gets in his mouth. He does try though, I just have more practice :).

mary | 6:28 PM

I don't have any kids, but when I was a kid my Mom used to count the french fries and distribute them evenly; otherwise, there would have been a revolt - a french fry revolution - at the dinner table.

hoppytoddle | 6:34 PM

MiniMe was the foodie of her preschool with lunches of pasta with homemade pesto, gnocchi, gluten-free pumpkin ginger bread. I just gave her what we ate & it worked. The things like banana, that she turned her nose up at, were the easy things that most babies love.

I've been saying the one currently in-utero is a pilgrim because all I want is turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy & cranberries.

Liesel | 6:39 PM

I am known for being a great cook, and I love to do it. It's therapeutic for me. Anyhow, a friend came for an overnight and brought a friend with her, who did not know me. My friend talked up my cooking for days before coming so her guest was basically salivating by the time they appeared at my door. I made my own chicken wings for the main dish. I ran out of shallow baking pans so I used a cookie sheet for the final batch. You can see where this is going. The grease from the wings dripped off the edge of the pan and started a huge fire in my oven. That has never happened to me before so I just stood there, in front of my company, screaming fire. My friend jumped up and grabbed the baking powder and poured it on. My dog freaked out and started shaking (never been the same since when smoke and the kitchen is involved, or anything that sizzles for that matter. Poor guy.) and we had to open all the windows in the dead of winter. Mortifying. Great cook, indeed.

Ps. sweet sweet fatty baby thighs. Makes my uterus ache. Pps. Congrats on the job to Hal. My husband has been unemployed since last July. It's incredibly hard and I can't wait until we too can breathe. Cheers to your family.

Annika | 6:40 PM

I don't have any disasters to recount (that I can remember, anyway) but I do remember the first time I ever fed Sam scrambled eggs. He was about seven months old, maybe eight months, and he took one bite and gave me this look like YOU HAVE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME. It was the funniest thing EVER.

Rosanna =) | 6:43 PM

I was JUST going to email you and ask how you liked the svan because that's at the top of my highchair wishlist!!

No food stories will be here in a month(ish) and hopefully the food story will be BOOBS for awhile!!

And yay! for Hal's new job!

Molly | 6:47 PM

I planned to make my own baby food. My mother in law even bought me a Magic Bullet (the little food processor, not the sex toy) in which to make my own baby food. I already had a Cuisinart, but the Bullet can go straight from the grinder to the microwave to the fridge, as seen on TV.

But Wait! There's More!

Max was totally effin' terrified of the noise it made. Every time I turned it on, he would scream himself into purple hysterics. It would take me hours to get him to the point where he could do anything besides hyperventilate and tremble.

Yeah, I bought baby food. The best laid plans, and all that.

By the way, my husband saw the picture of Fable in the high chair on the computer screen just now and said "Who is that? She is a blossom."

And she is.

Molly H | 6:52 PM

He learned the hard way there is a reason you dont combine a 7 month old baby and a bowl of mashed peas... Not pretty.

stephanie | 6:52 PM

Congrats to Hal!

I don't have too many baby & food related stories, other than Jasper digs breast milk. I just wanted to say congrats! :)

beyond | 6:54 PM

actors talk in beats too. "did you notice how my small pause in the third beat made everything more organic?"
gorgeous highchair.
i knew a mom who would introduce a new food exactly every two weeks, she had a hardcore schedule going on. i know you have to be careful because of allergies, but i think she was exaggerating a bit.

MissMolly | 6:56 PM

The hardest lesson that I learned is that you can not have anything in grabbing distance. We were out with friends and she somehow got ahold of a friends glass of red wine. I dont think we have gone out with that couple since.

steph nichols | 6:58 PM

I left my husband with my first son who was about 13 months old at the time and figured that by this time, he would know what and when to feed him. I came home several hours later to discover that my husband didn't feed him at all except for some milk. I asked him what he fed our son and he said he didn't know that he was to feed him and that my son was trying to grab his sandwich. Ah, wouldn't you think this was a clue that he was hungry! :) Thank goodness he learned from this and now specifically asks what the kids should eat while I am away. Good thing I wasn't gone for more than a few hours that first time.

Superdumb Supervillain | 7:01 PM

My father in law tried to feed our 3 month old daughter a chicken breast sandwich. "She has no teeth!" I exclaimed. "But she likes it!" he protested. Seriously, what the hell?

Almost beats my college roommate trying to make quesadillas by dumping a whole can of refried beans onto a tortilla on a baking sheet, topping it with a slab of cheddar and sticking it the oven. I am now convinced she did this simply to coerce me into cooking every night.

P.S. Fable is so lovely, she almost makes me want to have baby #3. Almost!

samantha jo campen | 7:05 PM


Okay, my food story: Bryan likes to have people over for breakfast on Saturdays and make waffles. Well, this was a rare Saturday when I had to go into the office. I was running around while Bryan was making breakfast and putting Theo in the high chair. Theo had some fruit and plain waffle on his tray and was eating happily. I kissed my boys good bye and left and Bryan was sitting down with his friend with loaded waffles (ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream). I ran down to the car and it wouldn't start. I tried and tried over and over again and nothing. I went back up to the apartment to see if Bryan could jump it.

I opened the door and heard a startled and nervous "Honey? Is. . .is that you?" I walked into the dining room and Theo was grinning from ear to ear. I explained what happened and Bryan grabbed his coat. I went to kiss Theo good-bye again when I saw it.

"Did you feed the baby chocolate?"

"Um. . .maybe."

"HE'S 8 MONTHS OLD! He doesn't need chocolate for breakfast!"

"He wanted my waffle! And when I gave it to him it made him so happy so I gave him more. And, well, he kept eating it."

"Of course he kept eating it--it's CHOCOLATE."

Sigh. I busted him because I saw Theo had a tiny bit of chocolate in the corners of his mouth. I'm a mom. I sense when there is a disturbance in The Force.


I held off on giving Westley little chunks of things for a long time. Too long, it turns out. I would feed him whatever I cooked, but I'd mash the hell out of it (and put it through one of our mini sieves, if I was feeling especially masochistic). I wasn't sure if he could handle pieces of food. Then he grabbed a whole red potato off my plate and bit into it like an apple. Just another way in which he's ahead of me.

Anonymous | 7:08 PM

It never fails when My husband feeds our little man Parker winds up with food all over himself! My husband gets so annoyed with me since Parker stays pretty clean when Mommy is feeding him!

Our little Parker is 6 months old and we don't have highchair for him yet. This would be so great to win!

Allison | 7:09 PM

The husband didn't realize we save the prunes for when Lucy is feeling a bit...blocked.
Well he fed her a huge bowl and they went out for the day only to return two hours later quite a bit smellyer and more poop covered.

Deanna | 7:10 PM

The wee one is not old enough for real food yet, but in my newborn-exhausted state I misread a brownie recipe that called for 1/3 cup of oil, NOT the 1 1/3 that I put in.

Those fuckers were moist, though.

Liz | 7:12 PM

There wasn't too much room for error with our first. He wanted to nurse, and ONLY to nurse. Gave up bottles at 3 months (I should have been more proactive, but still!). He also pretty much refused all pureed baby food and waited until he could get something with crunch. He still loves any and all things that are crunchy.

He's now 2 1/2 and we're teaching him words for flavors (sweet, sour, creamy, salty, etc.) and any time he likes something he says "this are sweet and juicy!", even if it's something decidedly NOT sweet and juicy (plain milk, chicken, etc.) I love the mind of a toddler!

Marie M. | 7:13 PM

I have a 12 week old little girl who is content scarfing on her Born Free bottles filled with Kirkland brand formula. I also have a 5 year old labrador retriever who can't wait for her to start eating real food. In the meantime, he is happy going next door and checking out what the neighbor kids are eating. Tonight, when the 5 year old (little boy) turned his back, the dog got a good lick of his Lunchable. That dog has no self-control. I just hope that when my little one starts eating, the dog can help keep the floors clean.

Aunt Becky | 7:13 PM

I think I'm just in awe that she'll eat anything. My first is autistic and ate primarily white foods for the first two years of his life. This kid I had to force to try pizza.

Man, I want someone to force *me* to eat pizza.

Debbie and Lane | 7:13 PM

My hubby and I are expecting our first here in the next few weeks - so no stories yet...but this made me laugh so hard I nearly wet my pants! I can see my hubby doing something just like this.

Heather | 7:15 PM

I love watching kids choose food combinations. Most recently I saw my boyfriend's nephew put Goldfish crackers in his mouth with one hand and cake frosting with the other. He still managed to look cute doing it! :)

Anonymous | 7:18 PM

Funny! But believe it or not there was a recipe for homemade avocado- banana baby food in the paper today.If you google it you will see there are a lot of recipes for it.

Mckinney, TX

ona | 7:19 PM

Hazel is only 7 wks, so my foodie story is really a breastfeeding story. When she's finally done nursing and pushes back from my boob she looks like a little drunk, eyes half closed, bobbing head, milk all over her face. It's priceless:)

Erin @ Furry Murray | 7:23 PM

Hmm...foodie story? The only thing I can think of is that my in-laws keep trying to give my daughter sweet tea and anything sweet (think chocolate, frosting, cookies). They are truly wonderful people, but we definitely have different ideas on babies and food/drink.

Anonymous | 7:30 PM

When my son was abut 4 months old, about at the age to start thinking about those first solids, I kept telling my husband that the first thing we'd feed him would be rice cereal. Finally the day came when the baby got his first taste of the rice cereal, and my husband walks in, looks at the bowl incredulously and says "THAT'S the rice cereal?" And I said, um yeah, what did you think it would be? And he says "Oh. I thought we'd be giving him a bowl of rice krispies and milk."

Kristi Drennan | 7:34 PM

Just in the past couple of weeks my 20 month old son has decided that when I give him his little yogurt cup to shove his whole fist inside the cup and whip it back out as fast as he can and start flinging his had all around.

It's all kinds of fun! :S

katie d | 7:37 PM

When my son was about 5 months old I took him with me to my cousin's bridal shower. Think ladies who lunch meets all of the farmers' wives. My grandma and her friends kidnapped my son and took him to their table. About 5 minutes later I hear them all laughing and I look up and my five month old, exclusively breast fed, son is eating straight icing. Nice! At the time all I could think about was what was going to come out of him later and how it would get there. Now I think it was awesome. Such a classic story to tell. Thanks to Erin above for reminding me of that.

Heather Tull | 7:41 PM

When Tiny was maybe 9 months, just getting good at crawling, I suddenly realized that I hadn't heard her in a little while and came around the corner into the kitchen to find her sticking a handful of crisco in her mouth. Judging by the finger marks in the can, this was not the first bite she'd taken. To this day I really struggle not to vomit when I see crisco.
This post had me laughing my ass off. Did you seriously think to say avocanana and banacado in the conversation like that? I always think those things afterwards but can't get them into the actual moment. Anyways, that highchair would make my days so much brighter. Fingers crossed.

Nadia | 7:50 PM

I don't have any disaster stories, however, when my daughter had her first birthday I made her a beautiful vegan chocolate cake with a chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. I placed the entire cake in front of her in her highchair fully anticipating her to dive in. She looked at it dauntingly and warily pointed at the icing touching it with the tip of her finger. That was it. She wasn't interested after that. So much for my messy, child eating cake on her first birthday photos!

Anonymous | 7:50 PM

Food stories...hmmm, well, my child has always been a wonderfully messy eater, starting with spitup and drool during bottle feedings, to spitting "solids" and smearing them about the high chair. My other mommy friends think it absolutely the most hilarious thing when I gleam with pride everytime she comes out of a meal not needing a bath. On the plus side though, with the huge amount of baths she take, she always smells amazing :-)

Lise | 7:54 PM

Cheerios were a favorite take-along snack when I had older babies and toddlers. One of my daughters played baby Jesus in a church Christmas pageant when she was nine months old. We hid a container of Cheerios in the manger to keep her from getting down and walking away. My youngest was 13 when I got rid of my mini-van and there were still cheerios in crevices in that thing.

The high chair is amazing. The Cheerio Baby Jesus is having a baby of her own this month, which is why I've started checking out baby equipment.

JCF | 8:00 PM

When my son was about 8 months old, he was eating Cheerios while sitting in my mom's lap. She was drinking a vodka tonic and telling me about how it was made with this delicious honey-vodka she had just gotten. My son suddenly grabbed the vodka tonic, soaking everything in sight, including the Cheerios, which he then proceeded to stuff into his mouth. My sister's response? "Mom! Don't let him eat those Cheerios, honey is bad for babies!"

Jinxy | 8:02 PM

My girl is 4 months old so we haven't started solids just yet. But my favorite food thing is when she's nursing and looks up and smiles at me and milk spills out of her. She's too cute.

AmyAnne | 8:06 PM

#1 & #2 were awesome eaters - AS TODDLERS. Once they hit 4 or 5 they couldn't eat anything without wearing it and vegetables that they previously devoured were suddenly vomit inducing.

#3 is a WHOLE DIFFERENT and disgusting child. At 18 months we have to hover over her anticipating the exact moment of when she is 'done' so we can grab the plate before it becomes a frisbee.

JV | 8:14 PM

I feel compelled to comment, because my story is that bananacado happens to be a huge hit with my 15 month old (and myself), and has been for the past 9 months. We prepare it by blending the two ingredients very well, like a smoothie. It's so delicious, I actually look forward to cleaning the bowl every time.

Barry and Amy | 8:15 PM

We have a very picky eater and one day he was refusing milk, he only wanted juice. So my husband told him it was Cow Juice. Worked like a charm.

Megan | 8:22 PM

TTC now so no funny food anecdotes from a mama's point of view, but my mom remembers one from my toddlerhood:
Mom was making scrambled eggs for me. I was making a stink in my high chair because I wanted my eggs NOW! She kept telling me I needed to wait for them to cook, and I was pretty adamant so she plunked the raw eggs down on my tray. I took my fork, dipped it in the eggs, and touched it to my tongue... and then smiled ever so sweetly at her and handed her back the eggs so she could cook them.

Courtney | 8:23 PM

Fable had my heart at hello... alas i may share a bebe story with you next year but until then it's a story from my family of four in which two are feline chitlins.

My foodie story is a FAVE of my husbands family - in fact so favoured is it that they shared it @ our rehearsal dinner, must to my husbands dismay.

When my husband became a veggie several years ago, he not only forgot to mention to his parents his new endeavor, but apparently he didn't pack enough underwear to last him thru the trip. Off his fam went on a camping trip to Mammoth where he refused to eat the common fair that mum had diligently prepared for all. He took matters into his own hands and lived the four fun filled days of this memorable journey on iceberg salads and Hostess Ding Dongs. As you can imagine the road trip home proved to be very ENTERTAINING for his parents and sibs. I'll spare you the sordid details and leave you with my Dad's revised version of the story...."Sharting Sucks!"

Long live the Ding Dong! For shame if my husband ever discovers that I perpetuate this story forward...albet in good humor, and a stunning chair that will host a juicy butt soon enough!

mames | 8:36 PM

Arg! the legs, the baby legs. they make me want to track down your address, drive to LA and squeeze her legs. i swear i would not, i think. but, man, she is a doll. and hal, he just won my heart by taking a bite of it. my husband is home with the twins until work picks up and i do not even ask when i get home from work. i am not sure i want to know what he feed two year old nut ball twin boys.

Becky | 8:38 PM

All I have to say is my toddler has really expensive taste. We're so glad she is an awesome, adventurous eater but we had to draw the line when she started eating my Dungeness crab faster than I could shell it. "Don't you want a grilled cheese or PB & J or some cheesy quesadilla, honey?" Nope. She requests crab, artichokes, asparagus, shellfish (seriously), and aged cheese on a regular basis. :)

Pam | 8:40 PM

For my three year old who would rather not eat his veggies these lil' pearls of wisdom worked. Remember you must sound like the veggie may actually have magical powers in it! 1)Broccoli = These are just like Trucular Trees (Lorax) 2)Carrots = You know the carrots Peter Rabbit took from Mr McGregors Garden 3)Asparagus = Butter + more Butter. Anything else...a little ketchup can really be your best friend.

Unknown | 8:44 PM

Crap! I want that chair but my babe is still exclusive to the boob and we have no stories yet.

But tonight I did try to get her to latch on to my husband. I think no one will be surprised to learn that my husband will go another day without knowing what it's like to breastfeed.

Unknown | 8:48 PM

Nothing beats coming home and your hubs telling you his dad was giving your seven month old baby little sips of code red mountain dew from a straw. We had a little "chat" after that. Ha

Anonymous | 8:50 PM

When my son was 12 weeks old, I had to take a rather long taxi ride to the airport. He was in his carseat screaming his face off cause he was tired and hungry (breastfed, so no bottle to pop in his mouth), and the taxi driver turns around and hands me a banana. Right... a 12 week old baby is going to accept a BANANA instead of the boob. Right. I must have looked at him askance cause he says "it's for the baby, not you"... OH... no kidding. I wish I'd have the foresight to keep the banana cause one can always use fresh fruit on a long flight.

Turns out when he did try a banana, months later, he is seriously allergic to them. He had an angry rash up to his elbows just from holding it... Nice, huh? :/

J.L. Danger | 8:55 PM

My husband is always embarrassed to be "Caught" carting around stored breast milk. S o he always lies to his friends about what it is. Everyday it was something different.

Also, he LOVEs baby food. My husband, not the baby. Well the baby loves it too, but not as much as my husband. I make it at home, so I would always need to just plan on making twice as much. One for Oliver, and one for Cory.

jen | 9:09 PM

this was so hilarious!! i was laughing out loud the whole time, and my husband was like "what are you laughing at?" of course he didn't see it as humorous as i did. so glad you shared this.

vertigob | 9:14 PM

Fable's thighs are absolutely KILLING me!

When our son was 5 month old and my husband was left alone with him for a long period of time (3 hours) for the first time, I got a frantic phone call.

Mr. Smith: How do I know when to stop feeding him?

Me: He will stop eating.

Mr. Smith: Yeah, but how will I know when he is done?

Me: Honey, he will not take another bite, no matter how hard you try to get him to take it.

Mr. Smith: Oh, okay. I just got scared.

Kelli Scott | 9:17 PM

My husband is from New Zealand and therefore has a crazy accent that after 9 years I still don't entirely understand. When our son was about 3 the husband was making pasta for dinner. 3-year-old asks daddy what is for dinner and then comes to mommy, crying "But I don't want Pastor for dinner!!!)

Martha | 9:22 PM

My baby sister used to make the cutest face when she ate applesauce as a baby - sort of a disgusted pucker. We used to love to feed her applesauce at the dinner table just to watch her make that face!

erica | 9:24 PM

I was watching my best friends son one day, she had given me baggies of frozen breast milk to feed him for lunch. I placed the bag in a cup of hot water to thaw. When I went to snip a corner off the bag I dropped it and breast milk was spraying all over me, the kitchen, and her son.

I am pregnant with my first baby at the moment and am anticipating more wild food stories.

Stephanie | 9:33 PM

My little 10-month old Miss M would NOT eat pureed anything. I had done the whole bit: farmer's market veggies pureed and strained and frozen in cubes. I was all over it, but she was totally not into it from the get go. I was stressed about how to proceed... what was up with her? Then, about month 9, I realized that she wanted to eat big girl food. So, straight from exclusive boob to oh, black beans, omlettes, rye krisp (wtf?), garlic noodles, gnocchi, swiss chard with garlic (loves the garlic, my daughter), salmon, nori... the other day? dim sum. So, now I try to just make food for my husband and I that she can also eat. She still breastfeeds a lot, but she loves some tasty big girl chow. Another reason to just go with the parenting flow...

Kirsten | 9:40 PM

Who thinks babies want to eat rice cereal? I felt taken in after my son let it ooze out of his mouth, asking me, "Seriously?!?" with his rather unhappy face.

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too | 9:42 PM

Oh, that's just gross!

Love the highchair...I think I'll look into one of those for my third.

My husband once mixed peas and bananas baby food together and tried to feed it to our son. He couldn't figure out why he wouldn't eat it. Hmmmmmm...I wonder.

Congrats to your hubby on his job!

maringuy | 10:06 PM

dude. before brody, now 3 and a half, could even really speak, i had taught him to respond to the question "what do we love?" by emphatically stating "MEAT!"

as a fan of bbq and football, it was inevitable that brody would pick up some meathead-esque tendencies during his formative years. but i'm especially proud of the above, and because brody now asks for the "meat trifecta" without so much as blinking. the meat trifecta, as i'm sure you know, is meat from land, sea, and air - all in one sitting.

he has achieved this carnivorous nirvana on many an occasion.

i can only hope 8 month old beckett will follow in his brother's meat-laden footsteps.

high chair please!

amelia | 10:08 PM

Ha, avocado and banana is a pretty popular combination for making your own baby food! My foodie story that, if banana/avocado grossed you out, this will REALLY gross you out: after seeing my daughter shun avocado buy LOVE the banana mixture, I put a few banana slices in any vegetable she won't eat. Asparagus, zucchini...

PhotoJunkieJess | 10:24 PM

i love u rebecca. can i have your next baby?

Lacy | 10:27 PM

Our favorite, complete with a multitude of photos is the banana/snot mix- that is bananas all over the face and snot bubbles coming out of the nose...

Christine | 10:33 PM

food stories... My daughter likes lemons. She takes a suck. Does the sour face. Laughs and sucks on it some more. My son eats apples from the top down.... the entire apple.

ec | 10:40 PM

congrats on the job!

i am the laziest mother on the planet, and purely breast fed both of my girls until they were pretty much begging for food ... not really, but you get my point.

i think the in between mushy stage is a disaster. i don't even want to think about it.

however ... something recent. today, grandpa taught my oldest daughter how to use licorice as a straw. so she did. in her water. typing this doesn't seem so bad. maybe it's the prego hormones but when she did it i wanted to hurl.

lame, i know ... but worth an entry? i hope? i love svan.

Duffy | 10:46 PM

Congrats on Hal's new job!

Well. my little one is not quite 4 months old and not on real foods yet.

But, when I was a wee one, I saw my mother eating what appeared to be a pickle. Being the pickle-loving child that I was, I begged her to share it with me.

She hesitated, and then offered it to me. I greedily chomped down on it and swallowed, only to realize my mouth, my entire digestive tract, was now on fire!

It was a jalepeno. Yeah, my mom gave me a jalapeno and let me think it was a pickle. To this day she swears that she did it because she wondered if I *thought* it was a pickle, would it then *taste* like a pickle?

Science experiments with toddlers - sweet.

Lynn | 12:07 AM

Ok so I know this is going to sound overly dramatic of me but keep in mind that I'm on birth control for the first time in my life and It's making my hormones even crazier than when I was Pregnant.
ANYWAYS here's my food story I called my mom from work because she was babysitting and I asked her how the baby was and what not and she said oh he's fine and mumbles "I gave him carrots" He was about 5 months at the time and it was NOT the first food I wanted to give him and I'm pretty sure they weren't the organic which all I wanted to feed him blah blah blah(yes I'm an organic produce freak) I went back to work bawling. Not only was she the first to feed him his first vegetable she didn't ask me and I had no idea if she steamed or boiled, how she mashed it, basically I was going crazy and was just a little jealous that she was with him and I wasn't.....I got sent home early for crying to much.

krista | 12:08 AM

i don't have a funny food story so don't put me in the drawing...
but SWEETCHRISTONTOAST those baby thighs just donkey punched my uterus.

Anonymous | 2:21 AM

Thanks, I haven't laughed like that in a while!

GingerB | 3:40 AM

When I was in the hospital having baby #2, I called my husband who was home with Toddler girl. I asked him what he would give the two year old child for dinner - he said "I asked her and she didn't know what she wanted."

Jess | 3:51 AM

Fable has the best thighs ever!!

Marianne | 4:24 AM

My best real foodie story revolves around somehow being sent to Blackberry Farms for a long weekend to hang out with their new chef and one of my idols, Molly O'Neill. I felt like a big old imposter the whole time, but god the food was amazing.

GirlHouse | 4:28 AM

Brady (almost 5 months) is still all about the boob. But the other day I was eating a peanut butter sandwich and he watched my sandwich the entire time! I debated letting him taste it... but the damm peanut allergy fear got the best of me!

Congrats on Hals' job!!!

Do you ever get tired of hearing about how amazingly beautiful Fable is??

kathryn | 4:48 AM

Love the highchair that i swhat the huz and I plan to purchase when it is time! Your blog is always so much fun to read. Thanks for being so honest.

Wicked Step Mom | 5:40 AM

Together? That is gross!!

megan | 5:44 AM

My best food story took place when my oldest daughter was about 9 months old. I had fed her two jars of baby food and she still seemed hungry. I gave her another jar and then two more after that because she was STILL hungry, or so I thought. Several moments after finishing her 5th bottle of baby food I heard a rumbling coming from her stomache. You know what's coming next don't you? Yup, she projectile vomited all 5 jars of baby food. 4 must have been the limit:)

Cate Subrosa | 5:44 AM

Congrats on the job, Hal!

Back in the old nannying days, I sat on the steps with little Kate, who was about 10 months old at the time and drinking goat's milk. I was tickling her and making funny noises at her, as she roared with laughter, rocking back and forwards. Finally she flung herself right back, then forward again and with a huge cackle threw up goats milk and banana all over me. If you thought avocado and banana was gross, you should have smelled that. (My stepfather always remarks how strange it is that goats smell the same on the inside as they do on the outside... ew.)

Unknown | 5:46 AM

Haha, that's awesome!

Before I went to teach aerobics one night I was talking about how great Sawyer is doing feeding himself. Crackers, bits of fruit, etc. Before I left I told hubby to try Black Bean Soup for his dinner. Guess he thought I said, have Sawyer try to feed himself black bean soup for dinner. Of course Sawyer didn't know what to do, so he picked up the bowl and banged it up and down against the tray and then threw it. I came home the the biggest mess and still find dots of black bean soup in places!

Anonymous | 5:46 AM

I remember my first baby LOVED refried beans, and my second LOVED mashed banana mixed with mashed tofu and oatmeal with (fresh cooked) apples, and my third? Was down for pizza any day! I think "pitta" was about her 3rd word (after "nana" for banana and "eat")! I have to admit, we've never tried bananacado, but then Daddy's idea of feeding the baby usually consisted of "Ha-ha! You want me to do WHAT?!"

MeganL | 5:56 AM

I dont have one yet but I'm sure I will soon enough! I'm 8 weeks prego today! :)

Becky aka StinkyLemsky | 6:02 AM

Well, mine is more of a "drink" story. When I was about 3, I was on my dad's lap at a bbq. I kept asking him for a drink of his "soda" which just happened to be Bud Light. He explained that his drink was for daddy's only, but I persisted. Finally, he said I could have a drink - with the caveat that I did not spit it back into the can. So, delighted, I took a swig.

And promptly spit it right back into the can in disgust.

Sorry for ruining your full beer, dad! :)

Em | 6:05 AM

Bananacado -- ew.

And, um, I totally snickered at your bad pun in the last line. I can't help myself. I LOVE a pun.

Anyway ... food. And ... babies. Have you ever tried those biter biscuits? Oh my! What a surprise the first time I gave one to Sierra. Yikes! I know they are supposed to melt quickly so the little one doesn't choke themselves, but seriously, that thing was E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.! And I was totally unprepared, thinking she would just gnaw on it a little and we'd be fine. Oh, no. It was up to her elbows, all over her face, down the front of her shirt, in her hair ... what a mess. The second time, I was little more prepared and put her in the high chair with sleeves rolled up and a bib on, but still messy --

you can see pics here.

Now I just give her graham crackers.

SWJ + LRB | 6:13 AM

I left the kids with my brother, only to be told later he served them white bread with ketchup, mustard, cheddar cheese and Salt/pepper - yum! And his reasoning? That's what they asked for he said...

Thank you for such an exciting giveaway - I have drooled over this highchair for many years!

Amy | 6:15 AM

I'm sure I'll have plenty of these stories soon, but right now? Food is basically repulsive. I am starving 24/7 but every single piece of food makes me want to vomit. At 11 and a half weeks, I hope I'm near the end of this...

Erica | 6:19 AM

The first time my baby ate ravioli, she dumped the entire bowl on her head. I'll have to find those pics. She was a mess but it was so cute!

Unknown | 6:23 AM

Ashelyn will basically eat anything you put in front of her, but she amazes me because she doesn't even get herself dirty when she feeds herself. (Except for spaghetti)

But, on a completely different note, last night I left Gideon home with Jake while I went for some "girl time" and when I came home and asked him what they ate, he said... "Some cheetos and then some pudding." Great....

Renee | 6:24 AM

Our daughter was born in China and came home at 9 months with an affinity for steamed buns.

At first I couldn't find a restaraunt that made them so I tried. I'm not sure you could call the result food. It was more like a gelatious mess with tofu in the middle.

We are adopting baby #2 from Ethiopia so now I get to try making injera. Or maybe I'll just buy that.

Anonymous | 6:31 AM

Congrats to Hal (and the family) on his job!
My story: while watching my husband's sister over New Year's (there's a 28 year age difference, yup 28) I was feeding her baby food. She proceeded to smear it all over her face and get her hands covered in it. She took one look at the dog, and just reached over to get clean! From then on, he was her constant high chair companion!
I'm sure we'll have stories just like this when ours is born this summer! Sarah Ry

Bj in Dallas | 6:36 AM

Mine threw up noodles all over me IN BED and stood up in the middle of the bed and said "I feel bebber"with a noodle hanging off of her chin. I was SO gagging and couldn't eat noodles or smell parmesan cheese for a LONG time...

ps- no highchair necessary, she is now 12 and doesn't throw up ON me anymore....woo hoo

Katie | 6:39 AM

On time I fell asleep in the back of my aunt's van surrounded by all my cousins.

They stuck french fries up my nose.

When I woke up I was so confused why the rims of my nostrils felt like margartia glasses.

Anna | 6:44 AM

I loved the era when my son would eat anything we spooned into his mouth--including nausea-inducing concoctions (to me) of blended meats and fruits.

Now, he's 2. I'm lucky to get him to eat anything that's not "snacks".

Fable's legs are totally NOMmmable. Love me some babylegs.

Rachel | 6:48 AM

We made all our sons babyfood. I got very adventurus and strted grinding up what we had had for dinner for lunch for him. One day I thought I would grind up some white rice. It had a white a goopy constancy and looked like puss. Needless to say he DID NOT enjoy this.

Loonstruck | 6:50 AM

My boy has multiple personalities when it comes to food. The key seems to be who serves it to him. If I serve him chicken and salad. He resists mightily. If my mother is serving him, he asks what he gets to eat that day and then celebrates when it's chicken and salad.

kipker | 6:53 AM

The two times my son requested "Hot cereal" while my husband was on breakfast duty, seriously, left me speechless. when I heard him yell from the kitchen "he's not eating it" I should've known. The directions are written right on the box and yet he somehow managed to turn it into rock hard cement. In an effort to cover this error, he added some ice cubes which then turned it into a man eating alien blob. The fact that I even had to explain why he wasn't eating it to my husband says so much without having to say anything at all :)

Lisa | 6:54 AM

She was only nine months old, and my daughter refused to eat. I tried everything, and different tpyes of food, I knew she was hungry, but she simply refused to let me put the spoon of food in her mouth. Finally, we were both in tears, and frustrated, and I said: "FINE, feed yourself!!!"

I stood up in a huff and turned to walk away (to punch a pillow or scream into one).

Behind me I heard her cooing and babbling to herself, and when I turned to look at what was making her so happy, I saw her feeding herself. Turns out that's all she wanted... control of the spoon.

Go figure :)

Valerie V | 6:56 AM

Cottage cheese and Cocoa Crispies. I thought this would be a really good idea. My husband sneered at it. I took one bite and gagged. We're expecting our first baby and I know it's only going to get worse.

Anonymous | 7:02 AM

I had a late meeting one night, so I called my husband and asked him to start dinner (which was spaghetti and turkey meatballs). I explained to him how to make the meatballs (garlic, onions, salt, pepper, eggs and breadcrumbs). Well he called me about a half an hour later and said that the meatballs looked weird. I asked what he did and he said "well I chopped up the garlic and onion and mixed them with the meat then I rolled them into balls and dipped them in egg then rolled them in the breadcrumb". After I picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing, I explained that you mix ALL of the ingredients together. Thankfully he hadn't cooked them yet, so he just mashed everything together and they turned out fine.

sandra | 7:02 AM

Milk! My boyfriend gave our 4 month old Cow Milk intead of my pumped milk in the fridge!

"But you said the milk was in the fridge, how was to know.." Small detail right?

Thanks, love your blog.

Jen | 7:04 AM

My daughter has just discovered the joy of ketchup (or, as she calls it, kepust). We don't eat it a lot, but when it comes out, it goes on whatever is on her plate. Mashed potatoes? Cheese? Grapes? Yogurt? It doesn't matter as long as it coats all the food, then her face and hair and clothes! The smell of old ketchup is nauseating.

Kait | 7:08 AM

My kids eat everything we eat although they do seem to have a wholly unnatural love for goat cheese. I think my favorite was when we were in Whole Foods and they had salmon with goat cheese and black truffle oil. My daughter was about 18 months old at the time, took a bite of the sample, wolfed it down and said "More! More NOW!" The sample person just kind of stared at her and handed her more.

Fable's got to have the most delicious baby thighs and legs I have ever seen!!

Anonymous | 7:17 AM

My baby is due in July, so no food stories about the little one yet. When I was little, my brother and I used to fight over who got the most meatballs from the can of spaghetti O's. That is the onlt thing that comes to mind right now.


Lesha | 7:19 AM

Hmmmmm, a food story.
My kiddo is a master at figuring out I have veggies hidden in his food. He will not touch veggies. I will give him sweet potato fries, and he will eat them. I will cut cooked carrots to look EX. ACTLY. like the fries, he won't touch them. I'll give him taco meat and he'll devour it. I put salsa in it, he won't even look at it. It's unnerving. I've even eaten my dreaded veggie peas in an attempt to show him veggies are goooooo-oood. No dice.

At least with this chair he could snub veggies in STYLE!

Lenore | 7:26 AM

My husband gave my 8 month old avocado (the messiest, yummiest food in the world) and -- I kid you not -- he was fully clothed, and I found some on the small of his bare back when I changed his diaper. It was on his toes, behind his head, in all of the orifices located on or around his head. It was mesmerizing.

Andrea | 7:26 AM

Right about the time we started solids with our son we attended a birthday party for a family member. There were a bunch of older ladies there who passed him around for the majority of the event. Towards the end of the evening when cake was served I went looking for the baby who I found in the arms of some strange woman who was, shitting you not, feeding my child birthday cake. He was six-months-old. It should be mentioned that at this same party my FIL tried to feed him olive tapenade, so I won't even go into details about the diaper I changed the next morning...

Jessi | 7:27 AM

My mom gave my oldest salsa when she was about 5 months old. Totally crazy, right? Except that she loved it, she would try to wrestle the salsa away whenever she saw some. We were talking one day and looked over and she had reached a straw, stuck it in the salsa and was sucking salsa through a straw. Kid shouldn't have even known how to make that work, she was tiny. The biggest problem with this was that once she tasted salsa, she was done with baby food, with anything bland, really. It's been a long, hard road trying to get that kid to eat food without capsacin.

Unknown | 7:28 AM

I was just rolling laughing at your story. My husband would so do that exact same thing. I am terrified to leave my son alone with his dad at feeding time because I never know what he might get fed.

Marcie | 7:29 AM

My three year old decided to help 'feed' her nine month old baby brother some macaroni and cheese. And by 'feed' I mean she stuck the noodles in his nose and in his ears! That was awesomely bad...

Megan C. | 7:30 AM

Best food story..
When my sister and I were little, we went on one of those halloween hayrides, where people dress up in costumes to scare you. It was a blast. At the end, the employees hand out hot cider and powdered donuts.
The guy dressed up like Jason, with the mask and the chainsaw, comes up real close and says to me in a really creepy voice, "Did you like that donut, little girl?" Of course, I tell him it was great.
He says, "I LICKED IT!!!"

I swear, I still can't eat donuts without thinking of this day..

A | 7:40 AM

So. We went for a family dinner at my great aunt's home, and my grandparents were there as well. We showed up a little late, and everyone was already eating. My grandfather offered to hold the baby (9 months) so that I could eat my dinner first. So nice, right!? Well...he started feeding the baby chopped carrots and mashed potatoes that were probably made with about 5 sticks of butter. Not the healthiest...especially since she'd only had pureed baby food at this point. Oh and did I mention that she had only two teeth...on the bottom jaw.
That's not even the worst part. My grandmother finishes her meal, and asks to hold the baby. Then proceeds to feed my 9 month old baby PIE. PIE. I thought my husband's eyes were going to pop out of his head. I managed to squeak "um. I think that's probably enough PIE for the BABY." To which my grandmother says "I'm only feeding her the meringue. It's basically like feeding her eggs."
Needless to say, they haven't been asked to babysit yet. And the baby is now almost 15 months.

Mary | 7:40 AM

Oh my goodness! I was literally laughing out loud at this story!

I'm a first time mommy. My son, Zane, started solids at four months and the doctor said to start him on soupy rice cereal. Once he got the hang of that I could move him to fruits and veggies one at a time. Well Zane was having NONE of the cereal by itself, so I added a little fruit to get him to eat it. Well once we started introducing veggies, I figured I was supposed to just add that to his cereal as well. When my mom saw me doing this, I thought she might die! Needless to say, he had a few veggie/cereal meals before Granny helped a baby out!

Sarah | 7:41 AM

when my husband makes dinner there is a receipt!

LissaCris | 7:55 AM

When my son first started eating solids we tried blueberries. He loved them, I figured what's the harm in letting him eat lots. I mean LOTS. He was a great eater. WELL, then my husband goes to change the yucky diaper and is all "Something's wrong with our kid we need to take him to the docotr." The poo was almost blue and it looked like there were raisins everywhere.

It took me a minute (sleep deprivation) to remember the blueberries!

We are expecting our second soon and would love this! We didn't have room for a highchair before.

Houpley | 7:57 AM

I've found that monkeys prefer cheese - So I turn around for one second to tend to a bubbling pancake situation, and when I turn back to face the kitchen counter, there is one-year-old Jackson on all fours - actually on top of the kitchen counter heading for the bowl of grapes.
Looking as if he may have just stolen a large red grape, he looks up at me and grins.
I am in a state of shock at the tiny monkey that has landed on my kitchen counter that may or may not begin choking on a large grape.
I utter his full name and snatch him up.
Once I have him safe in my arms, I ask him about the stolen grape.
I cup my hand under his chin.
"Did you eat a grape?"
He shakes his head no.
"Spit it out."
Nope. No grape in here.
I decide to believe him. His tiny dimple is very convincing.
A few seconds go by and I offer Jackson a piece of cheese.
He eyes it.
Thinks about it.
And suddenly....a giant red grape pops right out of his mouth. Whole.
To make room for the cheese.

Adina | 8:01 AM

*love* the Sven chair.

First of all, for a brief moment Nola really loved applesauce with avocado. Go figure.

The cutest food things she does so far is share her food. In fact, she insists we have a bite of almost anything she's eating. How's that for incentive to make sure her food is yummy?

toyfoto | 8:02 AM

well ... I have one that just happened. Throwing it out there ...

Anonymous | 8:07 AM

Hey I found your blog a while ago, but i'm one of those that doesn't comment. mostly because I'm at work and don't really have the time to do so. I was looking to buy your book and I can't find it at any of the bookstores.
Your daughter is a doll!

Mar | 8:14 AM

My food stories revolves around my niece and how we had to trick her to eat the food by pretending that we were goign to eat it instead. Even when she was screaming that she didn't want to eat, as soon as we said that we wanted to, she would run over and eat the food. Only if everything in life was that easy!

Gaby | 8:23 AM

I don't have a baby yet, but I'm entering with great hopes because if I did have a baby, I would want to feed him or her in that highchair.

Congrats to your husband on his new job!

leila | 8:27 AM

When my daughter was about three weeks old (three months ago), I was looking at her nursing away with enthusiasm, and it occurred to me that maybe the quiche I'd eaten for lunch might have been transformed into breast milk by now, and I wondered to myself whether what she was eating tasted at all like spinach and potatoes, which led to me wondering out loud, "I wonder what breast milk tastes like?"

My mother suggested I lick Marzieh's face the next time she took a break from eating.

It was nothing like quiche; it was sweet, like sugar. Not even like honey, it was like actual melted sugar.

Now I have to actively restrain myself from licking her face every time she feeds.

TheEMom | 8:28 AM

Now, I feel like a really rotten mom, but my 3-year-old son's favorite favorite snack since he turned 1 has been avocado mixed with banana. Not joking. He loves it. I've eaten a bite here and there and it's not bad. Did you know in some countries people put avocado on their ice cream?

Beth | 8:35 AM

My mom babysat when I was growing up and Brookelyn (4 year old) would help feed her younger brother HER favorite, Tutti Fruitti. It was the one bite for you three bites for me rule.

Laura | 8:46 AM

Congrats to Hal on the new job! Great news.

The Lees | 8:54 AM

I left my two year old son with my husband while I had a weekend away with the girls. When I got home, my husband was walking me through their weekend when he happened to mention all they ate was cereal and pbj sandwiches-THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!

Cindy | 8:55 AM

I left my husband in a similar situation. I told him there was frozen pureed carrot and soy yogurt. I left out a plate with partitions. Brainless. I came home to find the two mixed together and him scratching his head as to why our daughter wouldn't eat it. Men.

tyKa | 9:03 AM

I wish I had a foodie story, but my baby pretty much uses my placenta still. My husband and I don't need to feed her yet. I'm sure when it's his turn, he will do something silly, though.

Nicki | 9:06 AM

We have a five week old who is only eating breastmilk right now, but in an effort to give the girls a break, I've pumped several bottles so my husband can help out. I took a shower and came out to an aggravated "discussion" between Daddy and son, on how "if you would just suck it right and breathe, it wouldn't leak out all over you!" My husband thinks logic works on babies. So silly.

Anonymous | 9:18 AM

So I have to feed Banunes, banana prunes because he's prone to "log jams" and the prunes, they keep him happy.

Love reading about your kiddies, so precious!

What do you know? I don't have a high chair yet!

Kara | 9:28 AM

No need for a high chair, but need to comment about the thiiiiiighs! Must. Pinch!

nmg915 | 9:39 AM


My poor cousin was staying with us, and apparently the small jar puzzled her... she thought it was baby food.

Terrible diapers for 24 hours, the miracle is that the little one actually ate it!

EdenSky | 9:46 AM

When my daughter was less than 3 months old I left her in a bouncy seat in the kitchen while I fed the older one breakfast. When I turned around the baby was going to town on a piece of toast with peanut butter, kindly shared with her by her sister. Then she GROWLED at me when I tried to take it away. Then the cat started licking her face. Second kids are made of tougher stuff.

bowl of snot-what the balls is that? You rock.
congrats Hal!

Deanna | 9:47 AM

I don't understand the "beat" thing.

Lindsey | 10:01 AM

Last Thanksgiving, our first Thanksgiving in our new home with our new baby etc etc. Nostalgia abounds....My husband fed our daughter Grace a small bite of turkey just to give it a shot see if she liked it. The moment he turned his back she gags a little and then throws up the entire content of her stomach all over the counter with every last bit of Thanksgiving prepared food on it. I have no idea how but she skillfully missed all of the adult food and just managed to dirty the entire island counter space. It was the funniest most disgusting thing I've ever witnessed.

Thomasin | 10:03 AM

We just fed Uli her first solid food last week--sweet potato. It was a favorite of mine as a baby so I figured we should document the first eager and delighted spoonfuls with our camera. Instead of a smiling happy baby slurping up the orange, we captured images of a wide, screamy mouth and sad tear-filled eyes. She thought we were poisoning her, for sure.

We'll wait a few more weeks and then try some avocado. ;-)

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph | 10:07 AM

So glad he got a job! And I have the Svan bouncer... would LOVE the high chair for Ivy.

Best foodie story for her so far is how I am quite strict with what I give her- mainly breastmilk, organic foods, only what we'd eat, etc. However when visiting my grandparents the other day she wanted to get a hold of some Fritos so badly and, well, I gave in and she had crushed up corn chips for the first time. And loved them.


Maria Donahue | 10:08 AM

I don't have any funny baby food stories but hopefully this will do. When my mom was pregnant with me, she craved all things veggie related. One day she went to the bathroom and thought she was having a miscarriage (her urine was red-- sorry, TMI?). She went to the ER in a panic and was (in her words) hysterical. Turned out she had eaten too many beets. The doctor on duty told her to lay off the veggies for a bit.

Thanks! Love your blog!
Maria D.

Mimi | 10:09 AM

Ironically my son loved Bananacado...and my new son would love the high chair.

Kerry | 10:10 AM

My little guy is going to start solids soon so hopefully we'll have some funny stories!

Danielle | 10:13 AM

My 13 month old is anti-food. Not in a "she's a picky eater," way. Not even in a, "she'll only eat foods that are the color ____," way. In the way that she has a sixth sense for detecting something edible ... and will not put it near her mouth. Nothing. Not cheerios, "puffs," pudding, ice cream, fruit pieces ... She hated even having icing from her birthday cake get ON HER FINGERS. So far babyfood pears is the only thing she will consume other than formula in a bottle. But lotion? Baby shampoo? I have to keep those under lock and key!

Natalie | 10:17 AM

I don't have a story (actually I have many)...but I have a picture (doe that count?)

My son has recently discovered the joys of eco-friendly teething objects.

Maria Melee | 10:20 AM

My son started putting tubes of pasta on his fingers when he was about a year-and-a-half. CUTEST thing I've ever seen.

h | 10:22 AM

My daughter, Eleanor, was always a particular eater. When she was first born she insisted on self latching -- if I did it for her she would pull off and do it over by herself. Fast forward a few months and it turns out the only way she'll even have a bit of solids is if I put it on a spoon and hand her the spoon! She's nearing 9 months of age now and still pretty much only nurses and will have a few bites of food here and there so I'm envious of your good eater! She's adorable, by the way. :) I still haven't gotten a high chair but I'm thinking that I'll just skip the purees and let her feed herself little bits of things on a high chair tray so I am going to have to get one soon!

Marie-Ève | 10:31 AM

We're not food snobs but we like diverse, healthy and worldly cuisine, and have always tried to make our son eat anything and everything. Maybe we've been lucky but so far so good.

One day during a family dinner when he was about 20 months old he started pretending to cook, with a little measuring cup and spoon...

-What are you making? my mother asked.

His very assertive and clear answer: Pad Thai.

em | 10:33 AM

As of Monday, Jane is no longer breastfed. After 21 months, I called uncle quite randomly, in the bath tub. She was still nursing a lot, day and night and yes in the tub, but has really not seemed to mind the lack of mama milk. Not surprisingly, she is now eating more like a kid than a bird. Our food world has gotten much more exciting and much more labor intensive. I guess there is a reason that I breast fed for so long, soooo lazy. It seems that Jane is not very picky, but Hal could never be her personal chef, Jane likes her foods segregated.

MJ | 10:42 AM

My mom goes on Girls Weekend with her friends every year. One of those weekends when my sister and I were young (I'm guessing 8 and 5) my dad was making us frozen pizza. He was cutting it and the cutting board was hanging over the edge of the counter. The board tipped and the pizza landed upside down on the floor. My dad picked up what he could (mostly the crust) and we still had to eat it. The dogs got all the toppings. We still talk about that upside down pizza and laugh. Dads.

Babing at High Altitude | 10:44 AM

I am still doing exclusively b-milk for my little one, she starts high school soon, so I think that solids should probably be introduced in the near future.
(Too far? My sense of humor is appreciated by a very small population, like pretty much myself. But you have to keep your sense of humor somehow in these difficult first few months.) My daughter is actually almost 4 months old, and we are just about to start rice cereal for the first time. Good-bye somewhat clean feeding times! Hello the occasional margarita!! I look forward to the food concoctions, and the end of my milk spraying across the room, blinding some poor stranger (even if he was asking for cream in his coffee)...

Cave Momma | 10:49 AM

Picking just one story is hard. My daughter (who is 19 months old) loves to explore everything physically. This means that although she has been able to use a fork and spoon for some time she chooses not to on most occasions. My wonderful hubby decided to let her try yogurt by her lonesome a few months back thinking she would do fine since she was good with a spoon.

Not so much.

This child had it EV.RY.WHERE. I kid you not, she was coated in the stuff... on her chest, arms, legs, even some on her lower back and down her diaper a bit. I won't even mention her head. I did the clean up but neither of us wanted to touch her to even get her to the bath.

And I'll just mention the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Lets just say my darling hubby went a little overboard with the PB and J and my daughter doesn't just eat a sandwich. She pulls it apart to inspect every millimeter.

He did the cleanup that time.

Gaby | 11:05 AM

Waiting for our first one, so no stories yet, but I'm sure I'll have a great story as soon as my husband tries to introduce our baby to vegemite! My own story with it is from when I first made breakfast for him and though it was some sort of chocolate spread and went to lick my fingers after making his toast... not a nice surprise for a sweet in the morning kinda girl!
So glad that Hal got a job!

Keri | 11:07 AM

best foodie story...i really can't think of one. we do try to sneak veggies in food given to my oldest boy but no one can fool him! =P so no veggies for him, except corn on the cob which he looooves. thank goddess for vitamins!

Amber | 11:21 AM

When I was little, my mom had a garden and she and I would go out and pick tomatoes, which I loved. One day when I was around 2, we came back into the house with our colander full of tomatoes, and went to the kitchen. My mom was looking in the fridge for a moment, and when she turned back to me I was stuffing cherry tomatoes into my mouth by the fistful, tomato juice running down my face. A couple minutes later I broke into a full body rash from all the acid in the tomato juice, and when she took the tomatoes away from me, I cried.

autumn | 11:24 AM

I don't have a story about my own baby (because it won't be born till december!!) buut, when I was 6 or 7 my Dad wanted to make a me and my best friend a special picnic dinner on our front lawn. We were going to have spaghetti and garlic bread. Needless to say, us little girlies were excited for our fancy father made meal. However, little did we know that in the kitchen my Dad was just discovering his lack of spaghetti sauce...but being the crafty man he is he decided that salsa and katsup would make the perfect tomatoe'y' combination. Suffice to say. It did not please, that was the first time I ever tasted Wendy's baked potatos. :)

Lauren_Morgon | 11:33 AM

Your stories about the kids always have me laughing out loud...So cute. You and Hal will never forget that story :)

As a proud Auntie and Uncle, me and my husband are always trying to introduce ethnic foods to our two nephews. We had a greek night and made avogolemno soup which is an egg and lemon soup with rice. As adults we loved it but we forget that kids pallets are so much more sensitive! The youngest one, Luc told me, "Auntie Lo...I don't like your soup. It is too soouuuuuurrr." I couldn't blame him...Maybe we'll try again when their older. It was soo cute.

Anonymous | 11:37 AM

Oooohhh, what a lovely high chair!
I need one for my 5 month old son.
I have this lovely photo of my daughter around
9 months old stuffing beets in her mouth.
Everyone I know except me hates beets. So
when they see this photo, the Ozzie reference
always gets played. It looks as though she has
blood from a bat dripping down her face!

Erin Lane | 11:40 AM

Rebecca, this is the BEST story ever! Hilarious. Congrats on Hall getting a job. Excited about giving away a Svan Chair. (We get to start using ours in about a month or so.)

partyof6 | 11:41 AM

Yesterday I dropped a blueberry on the floor and told the dog to eat it. She picked it up licked it a bunch then dropped it. Then our little one popped it in his mouth and swallowed. Yum. Sometimes mommy just isn't fast enough :)

prty_of_5 (at)yahoo (dot) com

The Girl | 11:45 AM

Okay, so my story is this: My sister fed 4 month-old ME Meow Mix when I was left unattended for about 3 seconds. She was only 17 months old at the time so I guess she figured somewhere in her baby brain that I was small, the cat was small... We could probably eat the same thing. Turns out? Um, no.

Anonymous | 11:53 AM

I loved reading your story! Fable is most precious...are you hiring a chef now that your husband is going back to work? It sounds like you need a babycook! Check them out on

Kimberly | 11:55 AM

1 toddler in car seat. One pink iced cookie w/sprinkles. One terrible mess when we got home from the grocery store.

kwərk | 11:56 AM

First of all, "Yay! Your hubby got a job!" That's fantastic, I know what the unemployment can do to ya.

The first week I worked as nanny (to the four 3 years and under kiddies of some teachers at a small special needs school) one of the mommies told me that her son had spaghetti and she'd put it in the fridge for lunch, just needed to be warmed up and he was pretty good at eating by himself. So, come lunchtime I went to the fridge, found the Tupperware full of spaghetti, noted that it seemed kind of big for a 2 year old but warmed it up and brought it back to him in his highchair.

Little man made a HUGE mess, spaghetti was EVERYWHERE...but it was adorable. All the moms came and took pictures on their phones, and then when his mama saw him she laughed, went to the fridge and brought back the tiny container of spaghetti that was meant for him. I'd given him her portion.


Anonymous | 12:01 PM

My son was such a little piggie when he first started eating table foods. Around a year old I had to leave him for a long day away on short notice, so a friend watched him. She said my son just kept eating and eating and they fed him for an hour and a half! I can't believe he didn't bust. ; )


Wendy | 12:08 PM

Hal should have tried avacado and pear--that is actually a pretty tasty combo.

My food story is that my husband and I had agreed to not give our little guy any refined or added sugars for some undefined period of time (forever? Two years? Who knows) but I was couldn't help myself and gave the baby a bit of my popsicle the other day and the kid was in love. He has been following me into the kitchen every day now and shreiking at the top of his lungs when I open the freezer. I am so busted.

Ashley | 12:12 PM

My girl would eat anything. Including ... pureed banana mixed with avocado. Not kidding. She's a slightly more picky eater now... but she still has whatever we are having. No short order cooks over here.

Nicole | 12:13 PM

Our most recent food story is two fold. We headed to Mexico a couple weeks ago. I know what you're thinking and no.

While there our 21 month old daughter CHOWED on guacamole with a spoon. Secondly, to break up the6 day burrito streak , I gave her spaghetti with tomato sauce. In the time it took me to open a Corona and put a lime into it, she had finger painted her entire body with sauce.

Morgan | 12:17 PM

My baby isn't due for 10 weeks...and I'm sure I will have many a foodie stories then. Especially if the baby pictures of me with food in my mouth at all times are any indication.

But I would still love to be entered to win that amazing high chair!

EMQ | 12:27 PM

I both look forward to the day our little bean starts eating solid foods, and kinda hoping it comes very late. It's the solid food poop I fear. I have solidfoodpoopitis.

DeafMomWorld | 12:28 PM

I can't remember any early foodie stories but lately for a month, I've been struggling to lock my fridge and my 3 year old son manages to get in and have icecream for breakfast every day! I buy these little haggen daz icecreams for my husband but lately, my husband doesn't get to enjoy them because they're gone by the time he wakes up and busts my son in action. Oh yeah, once or twice, we've woken up to find son downstairs on the couch with a bowl of 'MM candy. A cereal bowl sized. I've been trying to hide the snacks better and find better safety locks.

I love your blog, it's awesome and your kids are gorgeous.

Erin | 12:33 PM

My son has always loved real food, but not been a big fan of his bottles. I think it'll make weaning him easier, eventually, because although he is 7 months old he rarely takes more than 4 or 5 oz. at a time. I've had to start paying attention to "food groups" much earlier than I thought, making sure he gets veggies and fruits and cereals in the right quantities...and just in the last week we've started finger food. Cheerios, teeny bits of chopped up real food. He LOVES it, although I end up stepping on half of later when it lands on the floor instead of in his mouth. In order to get his full serving of formula in a day, I usually have to mix some powder with cereal. Next thing to work on: the cup.

Carrie | 12:36 PM

I can still remember the first time that I fed my son Jack homemade pumpkin bread when he was just starting to eat 'real' solid foods... lip smacking goodness!

Tim Roberts | 12:41 PM

No fun food stories but avocados and bananas were my son's first foods!

LouEffie | 12:42 PM

Our 2 year old has the taste buds of his father. He will eat any(and I mean ANY)thing. When he was about 15 months old, he started eating (and loving) guacamole. And not just any ol' guac, but the medium/hot variety that even I find a little warm. We couldn't believe it and pretty much decided then that he would be like his father and put hot sauce on any and everything that enters his mouth. My husband was holding him one day and had a quarter of a raw onion in his hand. Will kept saying he wanted a bite, so Rob gave him one. He never flinched or made a funny face, nothing. He just calmly looked back at my husband and said, "More?" Weird child.

Grace Metcalf | 12:45 PM

Not about a child but... my dog once ate a half gallon bucket full of bird seed. Her poop was solid bird seed for three days-- it would explode back into seed when it hit the ground. Birds followed us on our walks.

Dyar Baby Momma | 12:49 PM

Til this day my 21 month old won't eat real banana - it was one of the first solid foods I tried and she loved the fake baby food banana and everything that could be banana flavored - but the real thing? At first it was just spitting it out, now it won't even go in. She'll even say she wants banana and then won't eat it. Good think I like it... Sigh. (But she does like avocado - and now guacamole - yum!)

Anonymous | 1:02 PM

When my first son was little, we fed him a lot of organic jar baby food, most of which had an abundance of orange veggies in it (sweet potato, carrot, etc...). So, little by little, his nose turned orange. It was one of the strangest things I've ever seen, and earned him many stares in public, but the doctor said it was fine. Once we got him on to people food his complexion returned to its current skim milk color.

Brandy | 1:06 PM

My now 1 yr old, didn't take to solids at first... until I started just feeding him from my plate - now, he will eat anything, our only problem is if it doesn't have "resistance" he chews once and swallows lol - OUCH!

So happy to hear Hal found a job-it will be an adjustment for him as well, I'm sure! VERY cute kiddies! =)

Sarah | 1:32 PM

My son has always been an excited eater and even though he is now 2.5 I have to tell him still to slow down and chew. Just the other day he was eating mandarin oranges and would swallow the pieces whole. I asked him to chew at least 5 times, but after one chew, it was down the gullet. Let's hope little brother takes it easier on his digestive system.

sdorrell | 1:39 PM

No good kiddie stories yet, but if this kid in my belly is dictating what I can't eat we will have one picky child. No chicken, fish, milk, ethiopian food or anything smelly... Hopefully pregnancy isn't an indication of long term food loves, because otherwise all this one will eat is pasta and beans and rice.

Mrs. Love | 1:42 PM

Loved your bananacado story! I can totally "stay at home daddy" due to a lay off does, or at least did, the exact same thing...he mixes everything together for our son! And he questions me about what is in a casserole! LOL...too funny! Thank you for the chance to win!

duck | 2:21 PM

My food story is the other day I witnessed the sweetest sharing of food between three bestest of freinds. My 14 month old daughter sharing her crackers and cheese, served picnic style... with our rotweiler/shepherd cross and our cat. The three of them took turns. Baby's cheese, dogs cheese (given to him by baby :-o ) cat's cheese. Baby's cracker, dogs crack, cats cracker. One tiny piece at a time and both animals waited patiently and respectfully, sitting facing her as she doled them out. One at a time. Cute though that may be, next time I hope snack can be in that snazzy new high chair! The sight of those HUGE chompers taking a minuscule amount of cheddar from her hand almost made me faint.

Unknown | 2:40 PM

I have a very cute 9 month old (well, will be on Saturday) food stories yet pertaining to him other than the occasional vomit and spewing. My story comes from my own childhood and it's rather gross. I can't exactly remember my age but my mom says that I was laying quietly in my crib one morning which was rather unusual. When she went to check on me, there was "poopy" everywhere, all over me, the crib and smeared on the walls near my crib. When mom walked in, I was feeding myself my own "poopy" and said, "um, good mommy". Needless to say, she was not a happy camper. I can't even imagine the sight. Thanks for letting me share and I hope to win the highchair. Happy Mother's Day everyone!!

nan | 2:51 PM

Our pitiful little bub couldn't have solid food til he was about 8 months old due to allergy issues. I remember him longingly watch us eat, trying to grab the food out of our hands. Poor little guy! The funny thing was, even though he was a totally milk-fed baby--he was HUGE! Our largest baby, and he didn't eat solid foods for the longest out of all of them. :) Thanks for reminding me of the memory!

Anonymous | 2:51 PM's not a baby foody story but it's pretty funny...

I was babysitting for a family that I had sat for for AGES. The mom was out of town and the Dad had to go to a meeting so I went over around dinner time. The kids were screaming, cranky messes and I asked the dad what had happened. He showed me the macaroni and cheese and said,, "I don't know. They won't eat it." I looked at the amc & cheese which resembled yellow soup with noodles and said" Did you drain the water before you added the cheese?" To which he said "Are you supposed to do that?" Needless to say I ended up making a new box and mac&cheese for the kids while Dad went to his meeting. Oy!


Wendy | 2:52 PM

Well, we've only given our 5 month old some rice cereal a few times. She made some cute faces and actually managed to eat most of what we gave her. See vid here:

caressa | 3:32 PM

My first "oh my gosh, we're a FAMILY" moment (instead of, couple with a kid) came when i sat my daughter in her high chair for the first time next to her big brother in his booster seat for dinner. Nothing spectacular happened except a complete shift in my perspective :)

Sylvia Felix | 3:38 PM

My story is that there is no story! my husband is so paranoid about the baby that he says if he can't eat it, neither can his son! (super cute! i know!) so my story is that my husband does such a good job feeding isaac, that he's now his official chef! I call him up, and ask, what should i give him today? it's usually mashed cheerios with cut up banannas and apple juice!

I love love your blog!
i just bought your book too! hopefully i can get some free time and start reading...

Your babies are super adorable!


Sabrina K. | 3:48 PM

Gross alert!

When my oldest child was about a year old a pregnant neighbor and her husband came over and cooked us an authentic Mexican meal. Not 10 minutes after eating the meal my daughter's diaper exploded. I mean it was EVERYWHERE! I think they were both so grossed out that they were having second thoughts about their first baby. You should have seen their faces,it was priceless!!

kristina | 3:53 PM

Ok, delurking to say I loved your book, you are my mommy idol, and Fable has the most delicious thighs ever!
My food husband has never cooked a meal for us, except one...that was enough! He decided to help out and make dinner one night, ziti with meat sauce. Well, while browning the meat he decided to add an envelope of TACO seasoning for flavor! He neglected to tell me this fun fact, and I about lost my lunch when I tasted his taco meat-marinara slop. Nasty.
LOVE the high chair, would make me so happy!

Ray | 4:08 PM

I can't wait to read more about the script that you're writing (that is if you're going to talk about it on here). On the photos of Archer and Fable at both 7 months: What a resemblance! You can tell that they're brother and sister. Too cute. And congrats to Hal on his new job! ^o^

Take, care.

Jo | 4:11 PM

Oh my God her thighs. Are you kidding me? She is out of this world.

rather him dead... | 4:14 PM

I was nervous about feeding my boy peanuts until after the age of one… I told this to my mom who replied “Peanuts? I’ve been feeding him peanuts for months. They’re packed in the Balance Bars I feed him!”

Unknown | 4:25 PM

I am expecting so don't have any food stories involving my child...yet. But I did down a whole jar of dill pickles before I knew I was pregnant. I even snapped at my husband when he went to grab one out of the jar with a "what do you think you are doing?" It was so cliche but I went out right then and bought a test and found out that yes, indeed, I was pregnant.

Jackie | 4:43 PM

I don't have any stories that are *too* exciting...
There was one night I was feeding my daughter pablum, and had to go to the oven to turn off the buzzer. I heard a noise, and turned around to see pablum allll over the wall and the floor. Apparently I shouldn't have left the bowl sitting on the tray of her chair!

Just a question, if you have a second to answer - are Canadians eligible for your giveaways? I always comment, but never know if I'm eligible or not...either way I'm happy for the chance to take part in the conversation! :)

Amy W. | 5:31 PM

Some of my favorite food memories as a kid come from my mom f-ing food things up like this. the time she made brownies and forgot the eggs, she soaked the pan for days afterward and they still never came out. or the time she microwaved a plastic margarine container. or the time she left the white bread bag on top of the hot stove burner......

Chelsea | 5:51 PM

My son is strangely picky and ever since he was little one of his favorites has been swiss chard. The first time he had some he scared my husband at the next diaper change as the chard came out mostly undigested and it looked as thought there might be something seriously wrong with him.
He also likes to order tofu at all restaurants regardless of whether or not it is on the menu.

Elysha | 5:53 PM

Don't really have a foodie story yet as my 3.5 month old is strictly on the boob...I'm sure there will be plenty of messiness and avonanas in our future. Mainly hoping that my shorty will be a better eater than her very "meat and potatoes" dad.

Tonya | 6:01 PM

My hubby does pretty well with feeding our girls... My dad, on the other hand, obviously didn't do as well...When I was two weeks old, he gave me a bottle of tap water to drink.

SomethingGoesHere | 6:04 PM

When my son was still one baby food, every time we tried to feed him he would clinch his mouth up so tight and move his head side to side to avoid being feed. He acted like we were trying to feed him poison, no matter what it was... peas, bananas, pudding... it didn't matter. But as soon as we managed to get a little bit on his lips and he got a taste, he would open him mouth wide and we couldn't scoop it in fast enough. It was so strange, he just didn't trust that first bite.

Jessica | 6:05 PM

When asking my then toddler daughter Stella if she would like some 'baby carrots' with her lunch, she said "No thank you, I would prefer some grandma carrots." Wha, wha, whaaaa....

Ellen | 6:44 PM

i don't know that any food story i have can beat that one! but i still laugh about the time my husband gave my 6 month old son a salad with ranch dressing and crutons... and he ate the whole thing! lettuce? kids don't eat lettuce! to this day my son still loves salads!

Jule Ann | 6:47 PM

I was planning on making my own baby food until right before we started solids, when I discovered a method that lets my cheap side and my lazy side meet happily in the middle: baby-led weaning. We give her long fingers of real food, cooked to soften it up if necessary. It's easy, cheap, and ADORABLE to watch.

Unless you happen to be a paranoid step-aunt. At a recent family party, one particular family member was not enchanted by my adorable baby feeding herself. Thinking I wasn't paying enough attention, she gave me a play-by-play:
"Um, she's got the whole thing in her mouth"
"She just bit off a chunk"
"It's pretty big"
"I think she swallowed it"
"Yes, that's called EATING"

Unknown | 7:06 PM

My hubby decided to share vanilla ice cream with our 7 months old - she absolutely loved it and kept asking for more!

Jessica Gottlieb | 7:21 PM

The good news is that (much like me) Fable can live off the fat of the land for a few hours.

Those thighs are seriously yummy.

Anonymous | 7:46 PM

My husband called me from work to ask if it was ok to give our 9 month old ICE TEA!

M | 8:00 PM daughter would eat anything off the floor...She would find her long lost cheerios, spaghettios, etc. One day I turned to enter the living room and found that she had tippd over a plant and started to taste the dirt! Pictures to prove both do exists! She is now 29, mother of 3 and VERY healthy. Sometimes we just have to not get all excited over the small things.

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