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Amanda | 9:20 PM

Oh my, that is uncanny. I think you might have the cutest girl baby ever.

And those THIGHS.!!

Amanda | 9:22 PM

That is the funniest thing. EVER.

I love Fable.

Pam | 9:23 PM

Good Lord above she is adorable! I was just listening to some Sunflow album Under the Stars, song I wish you Love. Check it out on YouTube. It's a great nighty night album. My kids love it!

little sara | 9:28 PM

OH MY GOD! hahahah that's the cutest thing ever! hahahah ahhh!

Cindy | 9:32 PM

Hee hee.

Desiree | 9:35 PM

Squeee!! How completely adorable is that??!

Shannon | 9:40 PM

Ha! I don't come out of the lurking woodwork often, but I have to say, Fable is BY FAR the cutie patootiest thing I have ever seen (besides my own of course). I am not quite sure how you get anything done with thighs and toes like that around for daily snacking! She is an absolute doll.

Oh, and your blog rocks my world. Thank you.

Rebecca Faulkner | 9:40 PM

Rebecca, Fable has practically transformed in the past 3 weeks or so. She was always gorgeous, but her facial features are suddenly so defined! She is stunning. I love her!

Karen Bodkin | 9:52 PM


She is so gorgeous Bec. And Archer is getting so big - they are both gonna break hearts!

Sarah G | 9:53 PM

Holy moly, look at those gorgeous chubby legs! To die for!

EdenSky | 9:57 PM

Ok, I used to think all the funky leg warmers you put on her were super cute, but how can you bear to cover those legs up, ever?

me | 10:22 PM

cute baby, cute highchair

Krystal | 10:41 PM

OMG! You could live off those legs for weeks =)

Kara | 11:07 PM

You certainly have one of the sweetest babies I've ever seen.

Having said that. . .yep, I'm going to be that a** who comments on a previous post for which you purposely disallowed comments. Yep, that one. I just think it's really important for you to understand exactly what you're saying when you flippantly say "it's the flu. we *all* get it every year or so." Really? Really? Honestly, I don't blame you at all for misinformation about this illness. Because most people are guilty of it. When we get an illness in the winter, where we have a fever, aches, etc., we say, "ugh, I have *the flu*" The problem? Uh, no, we most often do not have the flu. There are several common viruses that have symptoms similar to the flu, but they are not, in fact, influenza. If you've had one of those other viruses and thought you had THE FLU, then of course you think that flu is no big deal. You got it, you felt like crap for a few days, you got over it, you're fine. . .and why is everyone making such a big deal about this? But the scientists who raised alarms about it actually do know that there is reason to make a big deal. Just like with all other diseases for which we have immunizations (measles, polio, etc), influenza has come under control, more or less, in the last 50 years. Thanks to the FLU SHOT (and by comparison, thanks to IMMUNIZATIONS).

Before the flu shot? Um. You have heard of the influenza pandemic of 1918, right? The one where around 30 MILLION people died? 30 M I L L I O N. More than in World War I. Yeah. So we can be all casual and take our safety for granted, because we've grown up in the era of the flu shot. But guess what? Each year the flu shot only protects against a few known strains of the flu virus. The reason for alarm comes up when a NEW strain shows up, for which they could not account in that year's flu shots. Like, uh, rhymes with "fine poo." Yeah, this year's strain, H1 N1, or "swine flu" is a new strain that was not accounted for in the flu shots. Which means? No matter how safe you think you are? And that you're pretty sure that most people around you got their flu shots? You're still vulnerable. We all are. None of us have any protection against this virus except good hygiene and being smart about limiting exposure. HENCE THE ALARMS AND TRYING TO GET EVERYONE TO BE REALLY CAREFUL.

So yeah. You might think you've had the flu a dozen times in your life, and that it's no big. But I think you're maybe a little under-informed about the real deal, influenza, and maybe need to tone down the flippancy and realize that maybe scientists and doctors with umpteen years of training might not be saying things just to scare people. Maybe they actually know more than you do.

*Really hoping this could possibly come across as less than bi***y and rude, because I think you're awesome and funny. But I'm assuming that's not possible.*

spicylikeginger | 11:09 PM

The kewpie doll wishes she was a cute as Fable. She wishes.

Saskia | 11:42 PM

Jeesh don't know that I'm going to get an answer after that flu-rant comment, but please for to tell about that bomb-diggity high chair? Vintage? If not, where to get? I LOVE that it's wood not plastic!

Thanks in advance!


Dude. I may not want to talk Swine Flu but I'll always talk cute highchairs. It's a SVAN - belonged to Archer before Fable took it over. Love it. It turns into a big kid chair when they grow out of the tray part so they last forever and go with the furniture and pretty much are the best.

And? I'm giving one away in my next post. Woo!

L | 12:51 AM

OMG :)

angie | 4:53 AM

OMG, totally looks like those dolls. And the rolls on her legs? LOVE IT!

Katya | 5:19 AM

I could gobble her up! This is hysterical!

GirlHouse | 5:50 AM

Cutest Baby Ever! After my own of course :- )And I love the name! Not in an that is what I'm going to name my next child , but more of an what a great, unique, awesome, name sort of way

Lesha | 6:15 AM

I love those legs! I could nom on them all day long! I miss the chubby little baby legs. Better then looking like the Gerber baby is looking like a cupie doll!

And the high chair is awesome! I do plan to go for a wooden chair for my next.

Anonymous | 6:31 AM

Sweetest baby girl ever! My little one has those thighs also! LOVE THEM! Baby rolls are the best! don't you wish adult rolls were cute too? I would be the cutest ever! haha Can't wait for a chance to get my hands on that high chair! Love your blog!

Kendra | 6:33 AM

She is an adorable Kewpie Cutie!

And we also have a Svan chair and love it. It's been through my three kids and countless day care kids and has done the job beautifully. I have only one complaint and wonder if you have any insight (since her high chair is clearly not covered in the scum of a thousand meals). The cute fabric cover seems to soak up every banana smear, every squashed pea, everything. And I can't take it off and wash it without dismantling the chair! So I end up with a scuzzy chair or else I take the cover off altogether. Do you have any ideas for keeping it as clean as yours?

Anonymous | 6:43 AM

OMG seriously looking at your kids makes me want to have kids and that is scary like wow! She is gorgeous and fab and so full of personality.

Anonymous | 6:51 AM

I could just nibble those baby feet!!

Amy | 6:52 AM

Oh my goodness. She is so adorable. And teh best thighs in the world

Tracie | 6:59 AM

I love her chubby legs!

My Bottle's Up! | 7:34 AM

oh. my. god.

barbara | 7:35 AM

She looks like such a big girl! Please munch on her for me. xo.


Oh my God! She's like a little dessert!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have sex without birth control.

Anonymous | 8:09 AM

My eyes! My ovaries! Sorry that was weird, just saying she makes me want to have a little girl. She is like the cutest little baby girl to "walk" the face of this earth...she's like a cartoon, or cgi, or something, Fable is perfection. And Archer, that boy is nothing less than perfection himself! You sure know how to make them!

Trista | 8:25 AM

Hee hee, adorable. You could start your own line of Fable dolls, dressed in copies of her handmade dresses :)

Lindsey | 8:26 AM

My husband is a bean pole, tall and skinny. Our daughter never had the cute baby chub thing. Fable just looks adorable. So cute I don't think I'll ever get to see the baby chub. There's only one picture of our daughter where her face has a little cute chub and thats it...just crazy!

Jenny Grace | 8:32 AM

Her thigh rolls just fill me with glee.

Jackie | 8:35 AM

I always found Cupie Dolls to be a bit on the creepy side...but now that I see Fable's resemblance, I'll never think that again! SO adorable! :)

Allison M. | 8:59 AM

Fable's legs are so legit. Just imagine if she got someone in a scissor hold... She is so perfect.

Elinda | 10:06 AM

You need to show your overly-concerned doctor the picture of the Kewpie dolls! Say, "See! Big heads are CUTE!" -- the owner of a big head and 2 (soon to be 3) big-headed boys.

Anonymous | 10:28 AM

Beautiful baby!!

Babing at High Altitude | 10:43 AM

This is my very first blog comment ever! Fable is absolutely adorable! Seeing this picture makes me soooo unbelievably excited for when my daughter gets to that age. She is 3 1/2 months now, and changing so much everyday. I love your blog so much. It has definitely helped me keep my sense of humor intact through these difficult first few months. Thank you for all of the great stories!

Samtastic | 10:46 AM

i don't think that girl could get any cuter. my gosh. she's beautiful.

Anonymous | 10:50 AM

She is soooooooooooo cute!

Having a small baby myself, I always wanted one with thighs like that!!! :)

GingerB | 11:04 AM

Like anonymous, I have small babies (but with big heads) and Fable's thighs fill me with envy. I WANT TO SQUEEZE THEM NOW!! Arrgghh. How am I supposed to do my work when you keep posting Fable pictures?!?


Kendra - You have the same highchair? You don't have to take apart the highchair to get to the padding! You just pull it off, wash it and then shimmy it back on.

Lindserannie | 11:14 AM

Looking at pics of her makes my heart swell while simultaneously striking the fear of never having a daughter into me so that I can nosh on her cheeks & musha musha her chubby little legs. Fable is beautiful & precious & oh so cute.

Liz | 11:30 AM

*munch munch munch*


Next time I see you, I am stealing that baby. You have been warned.

Natalie | 11:33 AM

Sweet Jesus she is one CUTE child....like motherfuckingcute....too much.

and COVET...that highchair....it is SO RAD!

3 Bay B Chicks | 11:42 AM

I have been reading your site for over a year, Rebecca. I've watched Archer grow, read about your pregnancy, and now see your beautiful baby Fable leaving the traces of her infancy behind.

Today is my first time commenting on your sight. I could not resist. Oh, and you are right. A title simply is not needed for this post.


mpotter | 11:52 AM


Adrianne | 12:18 PM


Love the picture of Fable!! Too cute.

I know you didn't open up responses on your swine flu post, and I'm guessing it's because you didn't want to get a whole bunch of responses like Kara's up there. So I apologize for bringing it up again (feel free to delete this), but I couldn't read that whole rant and not respond!

I gotta say, I COMPLETELY agree with YOU, and I'm not just saying that...been saying the same thing to anyone else who will listen:) So to Kara, yes it's something that we should all be aware of so that we can all do our part not to spread it. But, NO, it's not the end of the world, and it shouldn't be advertised as such. It gets everyone all in a tizzy for nothing. That 30 million figure you threw out there? You do realize that that amounts to around 3% of the people who were infected with it, right? That means that 97% of people infected during that epidemic survived! So while 30 M I L L I O N is a huge number, it comes out to a tiny percentage of the number of people actually infected. Which if I had to guess, is probably pretty comparable to the percentage of infected people who die from the "regular" flu. Here's this from the CDC website:

"Each flu season is unique, but it is estimated that, on average, approximately 5% to 20% of U.S. residents get the flu, and more than 200,000 persons are hospitalized for flu-related complications each year. About 36,000 Americans die on average per year from the complications of flu."

Bottom line: Yup, it's the FLU! Do yourself a favor and calm down or you're likely to give yourself a heart attack....which kills FAR more people than the flu in this country.

Sorry to be so blunt.

Bea | 12:38 PM

those thighs..*sigh*...they are just SO lovely.

adrianne | 12:42 PM

Ok, so the "regular" flu mortality rate is ~ less than 1%, so not quite the ~3% that the huge epidemic caused in 1918-1920. But still.

Unknown | 12:47 PM

Sweet jebus she is precious! Those kewpies have nuthin' on her. She also bears a passing resemblance to Bob's Big Boy (but cuter, obvs), no?

Maternal Mirth | 12:52 PM

One more reason I want to hang out on the stoop: Fabes' thighs.

Ray | 1:07 PM

That is too cute! Fable is precious. <3

Unknown | 1:32 PM

OMG! Fable is too cute for words. I love the look on her face in that picture. She totally knows that she is adorable and is planning to wrap all your readers around her chubby little finger.

Stacey | 2:06 PM

Fable totally looks like the QP dolls! She is precious!

tyKa | 3:13 PM


Kendra | 3:19 PM

Thanks, Rebecca, I feel so silly now! When I looked at the high chair again, I realized the cover does come off; it was the strap we'd had trouble with, so we took that off, since the way it's constructed, I feel safe without it. But I don't know how I forgot that. Now I can go wash that high chair cover!

Becca | 4:30 PM

This is my favorite picture yet of Fable! I just want to eat her thighs. EAT THEM.

April | 5:26 PM


eringremlin | 5:47 PM

Ah- cankles and sunshine. Just what I needed!

jordan | 5:52 PM

ohhh! those chubby thighs are delectable. that daughter of yours is near perfection :)

amanda h. | 6:04 PM

those thighs are re-damn-donculus. i lurve them

Jen | 8:02 PM

Hahahaha--that is AWESOME!

Leslie | 8:55 PM

Aah, she has the same thighs as my little man! Don't you just want to nibble on them!! Fable is too cute for words!

Pam | 9:04 PM

Just wanted to drop my $.02 on the Piglet Flu thing. Remember the scary "Asian Bird Flu" a few years back. Didn't really materialize right. Well, US bought Tamiflu stocks in the milliions of dollars. Guess what's expiring very soon. Yup, Tamiflu stocks we purchased. Good thing the Swine Flu hit or else all that Tamiflu would have been for not. It gets even dirtier if you keep digging.

Becca | 11:25 PM

One more thing...what shade of lipstick are you wearing in the last Momversation video? I love it!

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com | 8:43 AM


jen | 9:05 AM

hilarious! i love it! she is beautiful.

Csara | 11:21 AM

LMAO....that is so freakin' funny. Love those QP dolls. We saw them all over Japan and Fable totally is a live one. Adorable!!!

therese | 6:30 PM

seriously...those rolls on her thighs. Too. Much.

kwərk | 9:13 PM

Your baby makes me want to have a baby...possibly more than any other baby.

Anonymous | 10:21 AM

bahahahahah! Toooooo precious! Your own personal kewpie doll!

You're making it hard for me to maintain my no-babies status quo.

Jessica | 11:13 AM

That is too funny!!! She is adorable :)

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy | 10:25 PM

Her little legs are so precious.

Anonymous | 9:13 PM

Archer was a cute baby. I don't really see the resemblance of Fable to a Kewpie doll though. Their heads aren't light bulb shaped. She kind of looks like one of those Harlequin babies.

Anonymous | 9:16 PM

OMG it's not QP dolls it's KEWPIE - I swear reading blog and news comments makes me wants to start slapping people. So much illiteracy in the world! Scares the shit out of me.

Chanel | 5:18 PM

she's beautiful. she looks like an old soul sometimes.