*Updated with winner, below!!*

Yesterday afternoon I left the house to go write, leaving Hal in charge of Fable and feeding her lunch. Because Hal has been unemployed for three months* he has contributed equally as caregiver to Fable. Changing her, bathing her, taking her on father-daughter outings and of course, feeding her.... which up until now has been pretty easy to do:

Four ounces of water, maybe six, depending on when she nursed, then add two scoops (or three) of formula and stick the bottle in her mouth.

In the last week, however, Fable has almost completely weaned herself off the bottle, preferring mainly solids during the day. Yogurt, Banana, Hummus, Tofu and various other smashed delicacies of baby life.

"What should I feed her for lunch, today?" Hal asked as I packed up my computer bag.

"Avocado. Maybe some Banana," I said.

Seemed like straightforward directions at the time and I figured he could feed her both rather simply, straight from the source with a bit of smashing. No need for the baby food grinder. Easy peasy.


I was wrong.

I came home several hours later to find a bowl of what appeared to be raw snot on the table.

"What the balls is this?"

"What? It's banana and avocado."

"Like... mixed together?"

"That's what you told me to do!"

"What!? No! I said to feed her avocado and banana. Not .... avocanana. This is disgusting. No wonder she didn't eat any of it."

"What do you mean? She had a.... bite."


"Well maybe she wasn't hungry!"

"Would you eat Bananacado?"

Hal paused for a beat** and then ...

"Yes. Yes I would."

"You're such a liar."

"I bet it's delicious."

"Oh, really. Then let's see you eat it."

And then, with nary a wince, Hal took a giant bite of the stuff...

... before spitting it out in the sink.

Ha ha! Sucka!

"Maybe I'll just feed her yogurt next time."

"Good idea."


Tell me your best "foodie" story and be entered to win a brand new Svan highchair: a favorite in the GGC household since 2005:

Seven-month Archer, January 2006

Seven-month Fable; May 2009

Winner will be chosen at random via by end of the day Friday! Good luck and happy food... ing.


*Hal got a job yesterday. He starts tomorrow. So stoked. And relieved. But also a little bit sad because I'm going to miss him and his rather disastrous food concoctions.

**Writing scripts has caused me to "beat" everything. Even aloud I can't help exclaiming "there was a beat" during moments of tension and dispute. It's miraculous my husband doesn't "beat" me because of it. Womp womp.

Congratulations to Dari @ Day in the Life (whose father-in-law fed her baby Mountain Dew! Ahhhh!!!) for winning the Svan highchair! And thank all of you for showing up for the food fight. More most excellent contests to come, my lovelies. Kisses on all of your cheeky cheeks.


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JL | 8:29 PM

The Kid, who is now 16 months, loves her food because she's still displaying catch up growth (3 pds and 11 ounces at birth) BUT she has been known to sacrifice the food on the altar of destroying mommy's mind. (Otherwise known as normal childhood.)

Recently, she's taken to looking straight at me and slooowly and deliberaaately taking some of her food, usually a nice squishy avocado or green bean and dropping it over the side to see what I'll do. I've tried several approaches to this, for outright ignoring it to taking that particular food off the tray. Sigh. She got me back for all these approaches.

She took a nice squishy bit of avocado gently in her warm infant hands. I did not see this. She held up her hands as if she wanted a hug. Darling child. So, I bent down to hug her, and she carefully smeared avocado on my face. And then laughed.

We then had a small food fight, which she enjoyed and I sort of did too. Now, I just step over it all. I'm sure she'll stop dropping food on the ground in high school or something.

abi | 8:43 PM

the first time the hubby tried to feed our little guy with a spoon he did the whole "airplane into the hangar" thing, complete with awesome noises. The baby though it was so funny that he sprayed the bite that I had just fed him all over my hubby. We laughed until we cried and decided not to warn anyone else who tries to use that tatic. The little guy has since hit both grandmas and a few great aunties. Maybe it makes us bad parents, but we think it's funny as hell. >: )

Rhianna | 8:54 PM

LOL - just to make Hal feel better. My other half did exactly the same but unlike Fable's discerning taste my 'feral child' ate the whole thing! Yuk!

Dayle | 8:59 PM

Those chubby thighs! They are just too too cute! It should be illegal to such rolly-polly thighs. Sorry, I got away from the topic at hand my such blatant acts of baby cuteness. But seriously...turkey dinner pureed in blender. Yuk.

Maleeha | 9:19 PM

Aww I don't have a cute story to tell bc I'm expecting my first! I would love to have this chair for him/her :)

Desiree Fawn | 9:30 PM

My babe is still just a babe on the boob, so my only stories about her eating are cute little tales about how she likes to sometimes take a sip, pull of and smile at me before taking another sip... lather, rinse, repeat.
She's a rather social little gaffer!

claudia | 9:33 PM

I don't really have any stories that are particularly funny or cute. Just one that comes to mind :) When I was a baby, my mother told me how much I detested vegetables and that my favourite thing to eat was these spaghetti-o's for babies. To this day I don't care for veggies all that much and love eating pasta

Steph | 9:56 PM

When my daughter was five months old, my mom gave her Cheetos. Right in front of me. And then denied it.

"You gave her a Cheeto!"
"No I didn't."
"You are sitting right in front of me. I SAW YOU."
"So what? I mean, I didn't do anything! I didn't give her anything. Besides, she wanted it."
"She doesn't even eat solid food yet! What would possibly make you think it's okay to give her Cheetos?"
"I didn't do anything."
"You did it again! You just reached over and gave her another one!"
"No I didn't."
"You are sitting right in front of me. I saw you do it. You reached across me to get one out of the bag."
"I didn't do anything! I didn't give her anything! I mean, she wanted one. Look at her, she likes it."


Of course, P is now almost two and likes to eat dirt (and drink water from puddles)...

susan | 11:20 PM

No baby+food stories yet (the little one isn't due til August), but I'm sure that my husband will produce many. He has a knack for food combinations that are slightly... off.

Anonymous | 11:56 PM

Our son just started solids, sweet potato is his poison...he loves it. In his ears, is nose, his eyelashes, armpits, his back above his diaper? How does it get through his onsie? Our little Redhead has discriminating tastes ...only food that matches the color of his hair. You gotta love it!

alice | 12:05 AM

i'm pregnant with my first but my friend's daughter is so adventurous with food! she will try ANYTHING. the best part... if she doesn't like it she says.. i don't like this so much, but it might work for you. she's like 4, its hilarious.

jennifer | 12:07 AM

wow, he mixed them together! no crazy mixing stories but when the baby arrives we'll see. i remember my dad's fall back dish for me and my brother was hot dogs & macaroni. why?

Anonymous | 5:40 AM

We gave my son (then 2) an ear of corn on the cob and he was eating it rather happily when we turned our eyes away and were chatting only to look back a minute later and saw that he started eating it straight on (like a banana) and was eating the tough middle part too. He'd gotten almost half way through it! But the worst thing was, he loved it and was not too impressed when we showed him the proper way!

Anonymous | 5:41 AM

Okay, publishing as anonymous wont help my chances at winning! Comment above about the corn was made by Kristin Fradette

Go Erin Go | 5:46 AM

My husband is a professional cook, so I'm more likely the one to make avocadanna. Altough, I can cook, so I don't see me making that kind of concoction.

I made a ridiculous batch of baked ziti last night - for two people. It could probably feed us for a week, if we didn't get sick of eating the same thing over and over.

kim | 6:40 AM

teehee!! that story made me laugh out loud.

for the first couple years of our marriage the only thing that my husband would cook for us was spaghetti with scrambled eggs and cut up hot dogs (no sauce). YUCK!! i guess it's something that his dad would make for him when he was younger.

Sarah | 6:44 AM

Ahh..daddies! They take things so literally! I once told my husband to just mix the rice cereal in with breast milk...he called me to say he thought the RICE seemed too hard to feed the baby. Like...real rice...DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yvette Filanc | 7:57 AM

Hal wasn't too far off according to some baby cookbook's actually a pretty common recipe, if you can call it that. Anushka to this day doesn't like avocado, something that breaks my heart not to share with her...but also means more for me! loving you sweet cousin, can't BELIEVE how huge and beautiful Fable is!! xxoo

edeegan | 8:04 AM

Bananacado... classic. It sounds like something my husband would do. So literal!! Here's my favorite story...

My three-year-old son, Cooper; kept asking for "Chucky Cheese Its". I assumed he was asking to go to Chucky Cheese's and continually told him we will not be going to Chucky Cheeses... as it's my least favorite place on earth. This went on for several weeks until one day I put out a snack for the kids and Cooper yelped with glee..."Chucky Cheesits" and I realized all he wanted were Cheez Its. Oh well!

canadian Amy | 8:15 AM

anonymous won't help our chances either! (still pregnancy brain?) the sweet potato/red head comment was canadian amy r...would love a highchair to contain the food everywhere!

robin | 8:20 AM

Because I know several people who have children who refuse to eat, (or will only eat 3 types of food, or orange things), I feel very lucky that both my children are good eaters. My 3 year old eats SALAD! WITHOUT ranch dressing!
One thing I think is totally awesome is that both my kids (3 and 14 months) eat sushi.
Now watch, they'll both wake up tomorrow and decide they only want to eat plain noodles and goldfish crackers for the rest of their lives!

Justin | 8:24 AM

No stories yet but my wife would LOVE me if I told her we were the winner of the highchair. Justin

Anonymous | 8:25 AM

My story? I left the child when she was about 3 months old with my grandparents and husband. Husband was watching tv upstairs and generally ignoring the baby, so when she started to cry b/c she was hungry, the grandparents fed her a bottle. Unfortunately, said bottle was a bottle that had been sitting out all day and my grandparents decided that would be better than the one I left in the fridge.

That night was hell.

But I now make sure to only have one bottle made and to round up all others and DUMP THEM. Thankfully, we're on to solids, so it's just a matter of leaving out food for daddy to feed.

Amy | 8:31 AM

No child foodie stories as of yet, but hopefully soon! My husband and I have started trying, and who knows, maybe I am already expecting??? :) Right now we are trying to save some $$ by using all of our stocked up random food in the cupboards before we go grocery shopping again, so far pretty average but I'm sure we will be having some interesting combinations in a few days!

Amy Newman | 8:52 AM

I love it! I had the same thing happen to me, Hal. When I was babysitting for someone they said "give her banana in a bottle." After hours of a screaming child the mother came home to say, "what is this?" She had said bananas and a bottle. The poor baby was starving because she could not get the baby food out of a bottle.

in iA | 9:14 AM

the look on baby's face with the first bite of ice cream...too cute

Abby Girl | 9:39 AM

I swear - every time I make anything for the baby - Daddy ends up eating most of it.... I spend all this extra money on organic and super healthy stuff for the babe - but for us I am cool with good ol' Mac n' Cheese... To this point - every time I see him trying to get in on the baby's healthy action - I yell "Don't eat that!! That's for the baby!!" - but he doesn't get it. Oh well - maybe I need to try harder to get all of us on the same healthy diet in order to avoid it!

gypsy | 9:49 AM

I don't really have a baby food story, as my baby is still peeing in and then ingesting amniotic fluid, in utero.

But I do plant to make my own baby food - and I'll be sure to remember not to combine the banana and avocado!

Barb @ getupandplay | 9:52 AM

I have a breastfed 6 week old who's a very good eater. (He weighs 13 lbs). One day, I was planning on leaving him with my mom so I wanted to "top him off" so he wouldn't be hungry while I was gone. Despite the fact that I had just fed him, he still nursed some more. I'm sure you can see where this is going... As I burped him, he vomited every ounce back on me- soaking my shirt front and back- some even got in my shoes. The joys of motherhood.

Suzanne | 9:56 AM

I don't have a wee little one quite yet (18 weeks pregnant) but one of my favorite don't-leave-the-men-in-charge food stories is when I was a teenager staying with my grandparents for a few weeks, my grandmother had a late afternoon hair appointment leaving my grandfather in charge of dinner, and he made us a huge bowl of popcorn. I guess I was totally old enough to have made dinner for us, but, dude, I was eating popcorn for dinner. Why would I have done anything to stop that?

(I hope this counts as a foodie story, because my baby-to-be NEEDS that highchair! It kicks ass!)

summertime | 10:08 AM

My boyfriend has a limited menu that he is apparently able to serve our son: toast and cheerios. He is not usually a lazy person, but for some reason he is completely incapable of actually preparing food for the kid. I think Dad just knows that Baby won't choke on the toast, and Dad is terrified of other food sizes and potential chokeability.

Michelle | 10:33 AM

I mentioned Bananacado to my husband and he says "What? That wouldn't taste good together?"

Anyways, my story is about our little one year old. He just turned one (omg!) over two weeks ago. Anways, we wanted him to have fun on his one year old birthday so we let him at his cake, not the "smash" cake they sent home with us from the bakery. Well aparently he doesn't like to get messy, I've been suspecting it anways. Daddy had to put his hands in the frosting and then into his mouth. After that only this video can tell the rest. He took another few minutes to use his hands again. What a hoot!

On a seperate note, Fable is adorable. In 20 years we could be checking to see if she's avaliable. :)

Alyssa Jones | 10:42 AM

My favorite food story was when we were trying to get my little sister to eat healthier and we would chop up veggies and hide them in her food. We had put olives in the ground beef for handburgers and she was eating them just fine so I thought we could tell her what was in them. The second the words were out of my mouth she spit up all of the burger and refused to eat another bite. We tried to explain she had been eating them just fine but there is no reasoning with the baby in the family.

Kirsten M. | 11:05 AM

My sister-in-law was running short on food and insists on making all of her own baby food, so she took a red pepper and steamed it and then food processed it in her magic baby food maker, then she added feta cheese and did more processing. Baby made about the funniest face I've ever seen, I think they were two WAY too powerful combinations for a baby raised on breast milk!

alissa | 11:38 AM

I've said it before, I'll say it your kids are gorgeous!

With three kids it is hard not to have handfulls of food stories...mmmm....let's see. One of my favorites is when we were in the car on the way home from grocery shopping and didn't realize right away (with one twin screaming) that the other had grabbed a big block of cheddar (one pounders, you know) out of the bag and had chewed through the plastic and was happily nibbling on his giant rectangle of cheese. It could have been a lot worse...little mouse.

katie | 11:43 AM

We don't have a baby yet. But these contractions are getting stronger each day! However the garden is jam packed with things that should be sweet and ripe (or stored away & frozen) around the time the kid is ready to eat them.

LR | 11:51 AM

First love, love your writing!
Second, would loooooove to win the high chair!

I have two funny ones...(well they are funny to me anyway!)

My sister was a bit, um militant with her first child. Her son did not have ANY sugar, preservatives, additives, etc in his first year of life. When his first birthday rolled around a baker in our family baked our traditional 1 Year old birthday cake. What's that? Well she bakes a big cake with a smaller cake on top. The idea is that the smaller cake is for the baby. Fits right on the high chair tray! For pictures and stuff. The "baby cake" was placed on my nephews tray and while we sang he just looked at it. He had no clue what to do. When we finished singing, my sister says, "Go ahead taste it".

Gently, he puts one finger in the frosting.

He tastes.

His eyes light up like its the fucking fourth of July!

Next thing, he puts his whole face in the cake! Thus began his downward spiral to sugar addiction.

Sister's kid number 2-
We called her Cricket. Why?

Because we were always finding with a cricket in her mouth. Seriously, I don't know where they were coming from!
If you found her hiding under the dining room table, chances are she would have cricket legs hanging out of her mouth!

Anonymous | 12:03 PM

Well there was that one time I told my husband to feed Danger cereal for breakfast and came downstairs to him trying to feed my 6 month old honey bunches of oats.

Alicia | 12:12 PM

Well, don't have kids but I was one and here is what I did. I was about 10 or 11 and going through a phase of wanted to cook. My mom allowed me do some when she was around but well, I was always well behaved so I decided to make cookies without her. I went into the pantry and started to look for flour. I was stupid then (and now probably) so I didn't understand there were so many different types of flour so I used the kind in the tupperware container that I assumed was the kind my mom used. It was the one that was opened and thoughtfully poured into an airtight container. I made the cookie recipe and started up the oven to bake them. Dad came home shortly after I pulled them from the oven. In true dad style he didn't seem to care at all that I was using the oven. I was so excited to eat my cookies and took a huge bit. I offer dad one which he accepted. Two seconds after biting into mine I realized something had gone horribly wrong. Besides the fact that the cookies were a hell of alot puffier than any cookie I had ever seen (self rising vs all purpose flour) they were sprinkled with maggots. Thats right, the plastic bin that I assumed was "the good flour" was really the "I poured it into the container and forgot about it flour". I still have a hard time eating sugar cookies without thinking of all those little cooked maggots sticking out of my partially eaten cookie.

Parker's mom | 12:31 PM

Eight month old Parker is adding new foods to his menu every day, though I think we'll skip the bananacado. Ick.

The first time we fed him broccoli? He cried. He was inconsolable. Couldn't understand what he had done to deserve this terrible stuff being served to him. It's still not his favorite, but he no longer sobs when it's presented to him.

liasynthis | 12:48 PM

I don't know if this vegetable oil a food? My husband would probably say yes.

I asked Michael to get vegetable oil this morning for Hazel's cupcakes (for her 1st birthday) and this is what happened

M: I'm going to the supermarket today do you need anything?
me: I need vegetable oil
M: What kind of vegetable oil?
me: regular vegetable oil
M: but what kind?
me: Like, plain vegetable oil
M: like broccoli oil?
me: (in head- !?) no...vegetable oil
M: like, shortening?
me: no, just fucking plain vegetable oil
M: Why are you yelling at me?
me: (in head- ?!)

what the hell?

liasynthis | 12:55 PM

Ah yes I have one more to add...Hazel was still on the bottle. She must have been about 5 months old. My husband was working from home with her and we had been speaking about weaning her off the bottle, not planning on doing it RIGHT THEN mind you, just speaking about it, in general.

I get home at 5:30 and Michael is sitting in a chair in the living room, his head in his hands and Hazel is sitting on the floor bawling...."what's wrong?" I ask..."I don't know" he tells me "She won't stop crying". "Well, when was her last bottle?" I ask "1:30" he says ... "She's hungry!"...(idiot) I love him but....hehe, I laugh now, not that I think a hungry child is funny...or a temporarily stupid husband for that matter.

Lex | 1:05 PM

If I win, I'll pay it fwd. But I couldn't resist sharing my food story. When I went back to work with my first baby, it tore my heart out but I was glad that she was home with her daddy. I pumped every day and he gave her bottles during the day. When it was time for her to start eating food, it was fun trying out the different veggies and fruit. One day, I left a jar of carrots and apricots. He added the apricots to her bottle of breatmilk! doh!

The Brown Fam | 1:16 PM

I have a similar are bad at following directions. On Daddy's day home, I left instructions to give baby a little bit of carrots with his cereal (just starting baby food.) I got a call later in the day saying "baby has just been crying all afternoon, I think the carrots upset his belly." I didn't think a whole lot about it. The next day it came up in passing that he gave baby the WHOLE container of carrots. "He was crying the whole time, but I just thought he was grumpy," says husband. WHAT?! Emerson was probably saying in baby language, "Mommy waaah never makes me eat waah this much!" Owell...he doesn't love carrots so much I know now that I need to be very clear when leaving feeding instructions !

Amanda | 1:41 PM

Ha Ha! Oh my god - because I live in a shoebox our computer is conviently located on our dining room table right next to our sons crib. (so fun!) If I'm real sneaky and quiet I can actually use the computer while the boy is napping. Reading your story though made me crack up! I tried my darndest to laugh quietly but ending up waking up my son. It's okay though - it was worth it!
No crazy food stories are coming to mind that are much different than anything that a toddler can normally do at every eating. I envy the fact that you can feed your little one though in such a pretty outfit or in any clothes at all. If my sons not naked during a feeding then he has to have a bath afterwards. Wait till they start rubbing all that yumminess into their hair. :) No need for gel or hairspray at our household just mash up and salivate whatever it is your eating and rub it in! :)
I love your post! Thanks for making my day!

LD | 1:58 PM

one word- brocco-tato. Broccoli and potatoes should be delicious, right?

Elif | 2:10 PM

On Elliot's first birthday, he had his first taste of cake and ice cream. He wasn't thrilled about the cake but went to town on the vanilla bean ice cream. It was the first night in his life that he slept 11 hours straight. Bliss!

Heather Maxwell-Hall | 2:17 PM

i almost peed my pants reading this.

jntaylor | 2:37 PM

My little one LOVES avocados and he LOVES 'nanas, but together...not so much :) I came home one time to my husband and son (not even 2 yrs old yet) drinking a protein shake in the garage as they "worked out". Protein shake mustache(s) included :) Like father, like son.

Amanda | 5:08 PM

When I was little my dad taught me to dip my french fries in water. He was afraid I would burn myself. I can't believe I did that, yuck!


trishconway | 5:23 PM

My husband was wondering why our 4.5 month old daughter, who just started on solids, seemed to eat so much better for me than for him. So, I sat next to him to see how he did it. And I quickly realized the problem. He was expecting her to actually close her lips and mouth around the spoon like a grown-up! He'd stick the spoon in her mouth when she opened up....and then just leave it there! I thought it was kind of funny. I also love it when she sneezes with a mouth full of sweet potatoes.

Rebecca Wolf | 5:47 PM

Okay, here is another hubby attempting to feed baby story: one cold winter's day, my husband was rooting around in the refrigerator trying to find something to feed our 18 month old. He found a container of peach soy yogurt. He didn't remember buying it, so he checked the date, which said February 16th. Great! It's not expired and it's not anything he'd ever put in his mouth, so let's give it to the baby.

He opens it and gives her a spoonful. Dd grimaces but taking after her daddy, manages to choke it down. In the meantime, my husband smells a strange odor, not that soy yogurt smells all that great to begin with. He checks the expiration date again. And yes, it is, in fact, ONE YEAR past it's expiration date! Yum!

kittenpie | 7:42 PM

For me, it's the things Pumpkinpie does sometimes... I am one of those people who like my food separate, and things like soggy bread or cereal gross me out, as do fruit/meat combos. So my daughter? For a time, liked to put her food in her drink and make some sort of stomach-turning "soup" out of it. Meat in her OJ, corn in her apple juice, pasta in her milk. BARF.

Becky | 10:44 PM

My son loved bananacado. The secret is upping the banana part. I actually ate it, and liked it. :)
Those kids of yours are adorable!

Going Crazy in Paradise | 2:13 AM

My husband always handed lemon slices to my daughter in restaurants, and now, at 2.5 years old, if there's a slice of lemon anywhere on the table she'll grab it and devour. Really sucks when we have fish and chips and I want it on my fish! But oh so funny to watch her make the lemon face, and then go back for more. Yay daddy!

Anonymous | 6:51 PM

Ahhh...the Banana-mole (as in not "Guaca"-mole)...Learned about it from my best friend...and yes, it does exist...and I must say...I find it quite tasty - as does her daughter and my son. But, it is certainly obscure and pretty gnarly looking. However, I ate peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches as a child...

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