Do More with Less: The One Product Makeover (Sponsored)

*updated with winner, below!*
Today's post is all about "doing more with less." For instance, this past weekend I was in Vegas doing more fun with less sleep... but that's for another post. Ahem. Today I thought it fun to "create a makeup look using as few products as possible."

At first I thought I'd do three products: An eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara - then I realized that those three products are typically all I wear and HARDLY impressive grounds for a post, let alone a post about "doing more with less" .... More like, "doing more with medium" which doesn't particularly have the same ring to it.


I decided to come up with an entire makeup look with ONE. PRODUCT. ONLY. DUNDUNDUUUUUUUUUUUUN!

That's right. I like a challenge. A good old-fashioned Mission Impossible.

Cue M:i theme!

It took some late night sketching and serious brain wracking to decide which product would work for eyes, cheeks and lips without looking catastrophic. Finally, after a quick huddle with my associate in makeup fun, I decided to go with "cabernet" eyeshadow from Josie Maran's "Eye Love You" Eyeshadow Palette to use for full-makeup look including eyes, face and lips.

I knew not using mascara would be a challenge because my eyelashes are blonde and very short. I also knew that lipstick would be an issue because there is no moisture in eyeshadow and there is nothing worse than a dry lip. Still. If MacGyver could escape a windowless cell with a piece of string and an idea then OH HELL YES, I could create a wearable look with but a few pinches of purple "cabernet" eyeshadow dust.

Just call me MakeupGyver, ladies and gentlemen. And now I'm officially mixing and matching my psuedo-classy well-maned action heroes. Oh well.

Theme song #2! Go!

Empowering, that. Anyway. Here's how it all went down.

(unmasked and unedited! My TRUE FACE! HIDE YO KIDS!)
Now, let's try and hopefully? Maybe? make magic happen!

Apply light layer of cabernet shadow to both lids.
Using your trusty eyeliner brush, apply cabernet shadow as eyeliner, above and below eye:
Use finger (or blush brush) to apply cabernet shadow to apples of cheeks:
Rub in.
Apply (heavier amounts) of cabernet shadow to crease and sides of lid:
Apply (recently used) lip-brush to shadow before spreading on lips.

Voila! An entire look with ONE cabernet eyeshadow! YES!
"One product!"
"thumbs up!"
"Thanks, MakeupGyver!"

And thank you Windows 7 for hooking one lucky GGC reader up with a BRAND NEW WINDOWS 7 PHONE. Woo! Will it be you? Quite possibly so! For eligibility, just tell me in the comments below how YOU do more with less. Contest ends (Monday) November 29th. I will choose one lucky winner then (via For extended rules and regs go here.

Good luck and happy do-more-with-lessing!


*Updated: Congrats to commenter #80, Ida Mae! You just won yourself a pretty little telephone, lady! Congrats! And thanks to all for participating!*

Disclosure: This giveaway brought to you by the new Windows Phone 7. Learn more about Windows Phone online and/or see it in person at local T-Mobile stores today.


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Unknown | 11:50 PM

i love using wax paper for everything, lining dishes, easily move sifted flour, so useful

Jim Reid | 3:16 AM

By using Quick Steps in Microsoft Outlook, I do more and do it quicker.

tcs | 5:44 AM

How do I do more with less... hmmmm. I guess my go-to would be vaseline. It works on dry eyelashes, keeps my brows in place, my lips and lids shiny and my nails strong.

Althea | 6:09 AM

Also...Rebecca...the HIDE YO KIDS remark didn't 'get' me until I was in the car yesterday.
And then I started saying it over and over while laughing hysterically.
My verification word is ransgol...that must mean delayed hilarity brought on by isolation.

Mandy | 8:22 AM

I wait the longest possible before doing laundry. That way I get more clothes clean at once.

Unknown | 9:03 AM

Whenever I get mail, I am typically very disappointed. It is usually junk mail, with the occasional "suspicious package." What I usually do is keep a sort of "incinerator" out back to burn all of my junk mail. Great way to do less with more!

Dele O | 10:39 AM

I can do more with less with the great apps that will be on the new win phone 7

Erin | 12:01 PM

I recently switched from high-speed Internet back to dial-up, if you can believe it, and it's actually been sort of a relief that I can't wile away the day online.

Abby | 7:49 PM

I have been known to take a pinky lip stain and do eyes, cheeks, and lips. Chapstick can double as mascara, and lotion makes decent hair wax!

Mely | 10:11 PM

I don't know if I can pull your look with only one product but I will try in the future.

In my case economy has hit us so bad at home that I clip and buy all the food and detergents that we need with a coupon and it needs to be on sale to score more savings. I search the internet and local news paper for coupons.

Unknown | 11:45 PM

I really like to use a white eyeliner to highlight the inner corners of my eyes because it helps make my eyes look more awake and bigger

Unknown | 1:24 AM

I do more with less sleep. good God all mighty, Lord help me! All i want for christmas is 9 straight hours of real sleep in a bed, room, house all by myself.

In regards to makeup, because I was a bene-babe (benefit makeup artist) I turn more makeup tricks than a hooker. I like to use my POSIE-TINT hello, gogeous!!! Posie tint my cheeks, lips, ANND nipples. :)

I am tired. yes. kids, that's right, mama bear be posietintn' them nipples.


Maureen | 6:55 AM

With makeup I try to make it simple. I don't know if it's five minutes but it definitely takes less than ten.
mce1011 AT aol DOT com

Dele O | 8:21 AM

Calendars are a huge help. And the Outlook Quickstep is a great shortcut tool that helps me quickly create some of my common tasks, appointments, and emails while on the go. The win phone 7 will be a great mobile tool to aid in this

Ray | 12:09 AM

I do less with more by: trying to buy clothes in affordable places. Instead of buying name brand clothing, which is obviously more expensive.

Jim Reid | 4:43 AM

I’ll be able to get more done with less by consolidating my devices when I get a Windows Phone.

Mandy | 8:15 AM

I use Photoshop Elements instead of the full PS suite--and I still am able to do just what I need to do!sp

connie | 9:34 AM

I do more with less by having a lot of spa days at home with the girls. It's crazy how many bottles of cute polish you could buy (and how long they last) with the money you'd spend getting a mani in a salon!

Rusthawk | 2:54 PM

I do all of the cooking veggie chopping at one time and bag/freeze in ziplocs (onions, bellpeppers, celery, garlic). I also keep a family-contributor grocery list n the fridge.

anna p. | 8:10 PM

I'm a girl who loves to bargain hunt! Little tougher these days with my little sidekicks but a lot more necessary (because of my little sidekicks.) :)

divarez at

Jim Reid | 5:24 AM

I get more with less by doing comparison shopping using Bing.

Mandy | 9:11 AM

My husband loves putting leftover meat with cheese and toasting it into a quesadilla. One more dinner I don't have to worry about.

Ashley | 9:38 AM

I drive a fuel efficient car and carpool as much as possible!

Dele O | 10:18 AM

I'm all about doing more with less by using free tools such as the Google calendar to organize my day, week, month, year...need I go on!!!

Alison | 7:47 PM

I am down to one credit card now while paying the others off. It feels really good.

Unknown | 10:12 PM

i love clinique city block. its like using a very sheer foundation with spf protection and evens out my tone.

Erin Morris | 10:22 PM

My family of 8 planted our first garden this year. It wasn't wildly successful, but did it feel amazing to serve and eat cucumbers and cantaloupe for free (well my back paid for it) out of our own TINY backyard!

Dele O | 9:09 AM

I do more with less by using awesome phone apps. There are many useful, fun, and creative apps out there that help make life a little bit easier to manage.

Mandy | 9:34 AM

I cook french toast in the waffle iron! SO much faster than the traditional way.

Heather D | 9:46 AM

I don't like carrying a makeup bag in my purse, so I try to do more with less in my purse. I only carry bronzer powder and tinted chapstick and I am good to go.


Jim Reid | 6:26 PM

I get more done by using the Microsoft Outlook junk filters to see less spam.

kelli | 7:24 PM

So far, so good! I finished my husband’s Christmas shopping today and I came in right at the $100 mark we set for each other this year! More (well I guess just, the same..) Christmas joy for less money!

Turtle Mom | 8:26 PM

I do more with less by baking from scratch and cooking meals instead of grabbing fast food or eating out. It not only saves money, but it's also healthier. I really need a new phone!

Jim Reid | 6:08 AM

I get my screen more organized with less hassle using Windows 7’s Snaps feature.

Laura | 8:19 AM

In a pinch, all I really need is Vaseline. It's lip gloss, highlighter, and mascara in one, although you do have to be careful not to apply too much around the eyes!

Kirsten | 2:00 PM

I love trying to cook dinner using one pot. Less cleanup!

Dele O | 3:37 PM

Doing more with less means keeping your cars as long as possible especially when they are paid off.

initial J | 8:27 PM

I use old dryer sheets to dust around the house. Better than than just throwing them away.

Turtle Mom | 9:24 PM

Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for people who pour their hearts and souls into blogging! I am especially thankful for the phone giveaway as I am in desperate need of a new one!

Unknown | 12:51 AM

i love giving out coupons as presents. Like ill watch your kids for an hour or help you clean your house. they are cheap and effective. so everyone is happy

Anonymous | 2:45 PM

I am totally into thrift stores. You can get a lot of good stuff with just a few dollars and I always feel like I'm on a treasure hunt.
silenceandnoise1 at gmail (dot) com

Unknown | 7:31 PM

I shop at discount grocery stores, buying more groceries, but spending way less money!

Mandy | 8:44 PM

I like making more than I need to so I can have lunch to take the next day.

Anonymous | 10:04 PM

This holiday season I try to do more with less by making things myself! Whether it is food, presents, clothes, or cards I do more nice things with less money.

ashton | 4:12 AM

mascara and lipgloss! i also use bic pens to put up my hair :)

Jim Reid | 11:32 AM

I do more with less redundancy by syncing my files using Windows Live Mesh.

Dele O | 4:54 PM

doing more with less could mean budgeting and adhering to it. It allows us to save properly and spend wisely

Erica best | 4:39 PM

i do more with less when i use coupons they help so much and it hard sometime. But it help when u use then with a store sale and u cant save so much money it makes me so help when i do more for less.

purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

Turtle Mom | 9:18 PM

I am trying to do more with less by entering to win wonderful giveaways!

Anonymous | 10:08 PM

i do more with less by planning ahead as much as possible
k k g r a y 8 8 @yahoo

Unknown | 1:28 AM

chapstick. preferably strawberry because the other one smells like childrens tylenol

Dele O | 6:21 AM

Doing more with less sometimes means reusing grocery bags, or buying the recyclable types and using those. Saves the environment and saves the grocery stores money, which in turn saves you money.

Lori in MN | 9:53 AM

Tons of great ideas here! I've quit using paper towels (recycle rags instead), only buy meat on sale (crockpot & freeze) love thrift shops, handmake greeting cards (actually, the kids make most of them), don't buy rinse agent or dryer sheets, call # on backs of catalogs to TRY to stop them from coming in...and would love a phone! thanks

Turtle Mom | 6:36 PM

This phone would help keep me organized so that I can do more with less!

anna p. | 6:58 PM

I made some pants with matching cap for my baby from an old sweater. Love them!

Anonymous | 8:07 PM

i do more with less by staying as organized as i possibly can
k k g r a y 8 8 @yahoo

astroXP | 8:16 PM

How to do more with less? Easy! I post a message on my social networks about the party I will host on my house, and all my friends know about it and know they’re invited to! That way I don’t have to call everyone anymore! :D

Mare' Petrelli | 8:21 PM

I could do more with less if I won the Windows Phone 7. I wouldn't miss calls from my kids & family, I would have my x-mas & shopping list on it & could get more done easier. I've need a cell phone & would love to win the Windows Phone 7. Thanks!

Unknown | 1:16 AM

one ideal piece I need isnt even make up because you need good skin to make any make up look better so I love clay masks and they come relatively cheaply now

Meagan | 3:54 AM

As far as makeup goes, I use Tarte cheek stain in "Tickled" for an all-in-one (eyes, lips, cheeks). It's great, and the product lasts forever so over time it becomes a great bargain.

I also have been going vegetarian for up to three days a week to cut down on food costs. I'm sure it's better for me anyway.

Anonymous | 11:28 AM

i do more with less time by multitasking
k k g r a y 8 8 @yahoo

Turtle Mom | 6:29 PM

I need organization in my life! I need to do more with less! I really need this phone!

Erica best | 7:14 PM

i go to dollar store and buy things i need for party and everyday stuff .

marty | 8:48 PM

go to the art museum on Sundays when its free. look for the free things in the events page of newspaper. go to library. rent dvds, music, audiobooks, now ebooks.

marty | 8:50 PM

free day at the art museum, public library to rent ebooks, dvds, music cds.

kelli | 10:48 PM

I do more homework with less phone time now that I've lost my phone...! It is seriously gone. 2 days now. So winning this giveaway would definitely help me out! So don't you want to...? Help a sista' out!

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