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A day early with this post but tomorrow I'm hosting some Gone Style giveaway action so today I thought I'd promote a different kind of giveaway. One that involves funding interesting looking projects by interesting seeming folk. I love Kickstarter and Ulule and the idea of fan-funding creativentures. Tossing money in the hats of the people who create lovely things, who build worlds around ideas, partaking and enabling the work of strangers by way of, "Hey! You rock! Here's ten bucks! Can't wait to see what you come up with, interesting people!" et al.

Which brings me to... Sankta Lucia, the record a band by the name of Ödland is trying to finish, funds willing. I had never heard of Ödland until a lovely French reader sent me the link to "Sanka Lucia" on Ulule. She thought I might be interested in supporting them (totally) and wondered if I'd share their videos with you in case anyone out there wanted to do the same. (Totally.)

I found the following video particularly dreamy:

(You can watch more of their videos, here.)

I'd love to hear from those of you gathering funds on your projects via Kickstarter or Ulele. Or perhaps there's a project you're supporting; a friend's band or a stranger's film you find particularly compelling... If so, please feel free to link away! And thank you, Isabelle for the rec!



ailen | 10:56 AM

I have a couple of friends, they are trying to make a documentary film about Los Amigos Invisibles. An awesome, independent, funky, Venezuelan band that has been together for 20 years. 20 years. The same six guys. Here is the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/233082065/la-casa-del-ritmo-a-film-about-los-amigos-invisibl


Awesome, Ailen! Off to check it out, now!

Emma | 12:42 PM

No artists to promote, sorry, just to say you scared the shit out me, well, I scared the shit out of me by not reading properly, but I panicked for a good little bit there that holy shit it's Tuesday??? (which would be Tuesday night my time, which with the deadlines I have was a need to breathe into a paper bag moment).

Rachael | 2:27 PM

I plan to use Kickstarter for a calendar of my artwork! Launch should be within a few weeks. http://www.rachaelrossman.com

Anonymous | 9:37 PM


Lindsay | 2:40 PM

I think Kickstarter is a great way to fund a predetermined project that has a direction and map. I've been hearing about people who ask for funding for creating art, but then there's the risk that you're too directed by your investors, who feel that since they've already paid, you should change things until they're happy. I'm interested to see how this method of fundraising pans out.

Anonymous | 6:17 PM

Oh my goodness and I had no idea about Kickstarter! This is what I get for living in my own head. I think I'm going to get my friend Katie and I in on the kickstarter wagon; we have a literary magazine that's about to launch and I have a novel that I'm looking at all avenues of promotion and publishing for. Our literary mag is http://farawayliterary.wordpress.com. My writing is at http://controllingaspicyuniverse.wordpress.com.

And that video is beautiful! I'm entranced by the (main/lead?) singer. So beautiful! I'd like a saw to play, mayhap I'll get one.

Anonymous | 6:34 PM

My good friend, a remarkable photographer/thinker/human being has a project on Kickstarter. It's open for pledges for 2 more weeks. I'd say more about him and his work but he says it all himself on his page -- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/garyjosephcohen/contact-lens-environmental-portrait-project

-- jenna

Unknown | 8:23 PM

i love them! thank you for sharing, i'm going to pay them now!

Catalina | 10:19 AM

hi there!
i'm helping my husband produce La Casa del Ritmo and just saw this post and blog - first, awesome blog!
second, we have just 5 days left (as of this post) - and our deadline is NOON on Sunday feb 20.

the way kickstarter works is an "all or nothing" funding - that means we MUST hit our goal by noon on Sunday - if we miss our goal we get ZERO funding and that would totally suck. we've put in 14-hr days, every day since this campaign started 25 days ago.

any level of backing will get your names in the credits as Associate Producer - pretty cool huh?!

www.lacasadelritmo.net/suma will take you to our campaign

thank you very much!!