Gone Style: Wear/Where - The Grove & Pan Pacific Park (Sponsored + Giveaway)

**Updated with winner, below!**
The following post + giveaway brought to you by Old Navy (To check out the Old Navy kids & baby sale with prices starting @ $5, go here!)
and will be the first of three "Wear/Where" posts featuring the lovable stylings of miss Fable Luella as she adventures to some of our favorite local haunts clad in apropos play clothes we picked together via her closet.

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For our first Wear/Where cladventure, Fable and I hit up two of our favorite destinations: The Grove and Pan Pacific Park, both of which happen to live across the street from one another, hence our afternoon split between both destinations. Clearly, for a mall + park ensemble, comfort is key, as is layering potential in case of spike in post-morning temperatures. So! Here's what we wore where:

1. Where: The Grove Amusement Park Mall, located at 3rd & Fairfax
Wear: Denim jacket, long-sleeved "cloud" dress,
sky blue leggings, gold ballet flats & felt barrette.
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What: Walked, shopped, watched Mario Lopez tape a segment for Extra, surrounded (appropriately enough) by extras. Fable was riveted by the action and I had the Saved by the Bell theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. We then had a quick lunch, did a little kettle corn snacking before riding the escalator up (and the elevator down) the three story bookstore for twenty-something minutes.
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Me: "Only one more time, Fable!"
Her: "Two more time!"
... Except "two" means "infinity" in Fable's world so we compromised and rode the escalator up and the elevator down a total of twelve times. Yes, I counted.
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"Ready to go to the park, Fable?"
"Yay! Pak! Pak!"
And so we went...
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2. Where: Pan Pacific Park (upper)
Wear: same as above

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Clearly the best time to go to Pan Pacific park is during nap time (which we occasionally skip). There are usually tons of kids and families running around but when we arrived, it was just us. Which made snapping the following photos that much more fun.
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(Swings = where we spent the majority of our time.)
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Now, it's your turn, those who wear/where! I'll be awarding one commenter (per post) with an $150.00 Old Navy gift card. To win? Submit a comment below. Perhaps, about today's cladventure? (Mine = jeans, boots and a striped tee to run errands and cruise to the park with the kids after school. We spend a lot of time at the park, apparently.)

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, February 22nd via random.org and contacted directly (so don't forget to include contact information in the comments, please!) For official contest rules go, here. Good luck and happy where/wearing!

Updated: Congrats to commenter #112, MamaBub! You just won yourself an Old Navy gift card, lady! And thanks to all for participating! Twas way fun!



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Jennifer Lissette | 8:55 AM

Pajama bottoms and a mushycat tshirt because my where is the couch with a box of tissues. The husband brought home an icky cold and I'm it's new host.

Courtney | 8:58 AM

Today's where/wear:
School (graduate student) and the Zoo (teaching assistant)

Old Navy Dark wash Maternity Jeans with Cuddle duds underneath (it's only going to be 16 degrees today), Dansko red clogs, an old navy white tee (non-maternity, but stretchy and long) and a thrifted wool cardigan

Liz | 8:59 AM

The leggings are so cute! It's totally the leggings that get me with little girl clothes. You can do the baby legwarmers when the boys are little, but then you're sort of out of luck once they're this age. Adorbs.

AlexisAnne | 9:01 AM

Gray flannel boots, skinny jeans, black tank, muted teal wrap sweater. Doing the usual preschool drop off followed by Target shopping trip run around. this afternoon, adding a warm blanket and fuzzy slippers to the mix as I work on my blog

k | 9:03 AM

I am wearing grey skinny cords, white tee, black cardi, high boots. Comfy classic for work today.

Abi | 9:04 AM

Mine: PJ bottoms bought at Old Navy a million years ago, a tshirt and a sweatshirt because it is COLD in New England! And I work from home!

The daughter: still in her ridiculously pink monkey pajamas. She loves the fuzzy cuffs and collar

The son: a green Ba-Bunch (Sponge Bob) t-shirt and black flannel pants. Perfect for playing around i.

Katie Jane | 9:05 AM

Today's wear: Jeans and a blue tee.

Where: My kitchen table. I work from home, and I will definitely not be leaving the house today as it is far too blustery outside!

I love Fable's leggings, btw!

Anonymous | 9:05 AM

how fun. fable is adorable and i love the idea of a where/wear itinerary.

today's where/wear is jeans, a tank, and a wrap around sweater for keeping the heat in as i work from home and meet the hubs for lunch.

we love old navy :)

Kelly | 9:10 AM

Today is comfy day at open gym: yoga pants, vintage T, sneakers, pony tail.

Peach | 9:10 AM

i have an interview later today, so business casual it is!
black slacks, flats, blue button down, black cardigan...

Anna | 9:10 AM

We're having a lay-low day here at Chez Ironside. Old Navy sweatshirt, new-to-me thrifted modern-patterned knit shirt, cream-colored cords, and SmartWool socks. It's cold here.

Jamie Elizabeth | 9:11 AM

Wear: Striped long sleeve tee, hooded cardigan, dark wash jeans and Toms.
Where: Work and grocery shopping. Not a very eventful day.

Blonde Ambitions | 9:14 AM

Love Fable's hair clip. Girl's got serious style. ;-)

Today where/wear:
Work (office setting, but no dress code):
Gap skinny jeans + black ballet flats + Martin & Osa white & gray striped sweater. Layered over Martin & Osa gray sparkly tank.

Comfortable for work & for when I get home with the kiddos.

Jewlzy | 9:15 AM

Black yoga pants and my school spirit shirt (work at a middle/high charter school)and sneakers. I'm hoping my attire will help convince me to take an afternoon walk on my lunch break! Love Fables ensemble...she so freakin' cute!

Emily | 9:15 AM

Dress black pants, floral tank with black cardigan for a day at the office...exciting!

Mrs. Melberry | 9:19 AM


Boring ol' work.

Black short sleeved button down with a turquoise longsleeved tee underneath. Grey pinstripe pants and black calf high boots.

Pick me pick me :)

GreerAnn | 9:19 AM

Oh, Old Navy. How I love thee. Today, layered long-sleeved white tee over hippie-style orange tunic, skinny jeans tucked into cheapo Old Navy boots I found on clearance a few years ago and love with my whole heart. On the itinerary: lunch with my friend and little one, errands, then changing into yoga pants to go teach Pre-K ballet! Crossing my fingers for the gift card! Email = greercaldwell@gmail.com

amanda | 9:22 AM

Wear: skinny jeans, long t-shirt, scarf, TOMS shoes

Where: nannying and errands!

Jess Youngsma | 9:28 AM

My daughter's closet is 95% Old Navy.... She could always use more. ;)
Also? Your babe is the sweetest!

Grant and Julie Sackett | 9:28 AM

Blowfish boots, jeans, hoodie and fingerless gloves at work. Utah is freezing even inside the office!

Rowenna | 9:28 AM

Five shades of neutral grey/black/silver/white and bright pink shoes!!

Coco | 9:29 AM

I love old navy!

Although, every article of clothing I'm wearing is from Target! red cardigan, black top, grey skirt with black trim and black open toed shoes. I love southern california!

Whitney | 9:29 AM

I totally envy your wearings. Sadly, I am corporate all day while my kiddo enjoys play clothes and play time with his Daddy. Working mom = highly overrated.

Sable | 9:29 AM

Love her fashion sense! I have two boys and know without a doubt that having a daughter someday will bankrupt us. The dresses! The skirts! The girly, poufy, so-many-options of it all!!!

Mary | 9:30 AM

Oh man, I love Old Navy! My 2 year old son has THE CUTEST jeans from there!

Unfortunately, today is a workday which means slacks and a dress shirt, boooo.

But my son is adorable at daycare in brown jeans and a cream thermal top. Hey at least one of us can rock it!


Anonymous | 9:30 AM

anthropologie t, gap jeans

the girl: Thomas the train sweater, imps and elves green karate pants, purple Simple shoes. She has moved into the realm of choosing her own clothes.

Trisaratops | 9:33 AM

Wear: Teacher attire, head to toe for me! Ann Taylor Loft cream bell-sleeved sweater and brown patterned skirt, tights and pumps.

Where: the high school I teach at in chilly Cleveland!

saraziemnik at gmail dot com

Love Fable's style! And especially her new haircut.

Ann Lienemann | 9:37 AM

aToday my 15 month old, Penelope, is wearing a navy tunic from The Gap, Jeggings (a gift), and gray boots from Old Navy. Adorable!

I am wearing navy wide leg trousers, white t-shirt and a rose cardigan

dawn | 9:40 AM

where--the office
wear--violet sweater from old navy, gap khakis, and Toms shoes

Love it...

Fabs | 9:42 AM

Fable is so adorable! I love the way she dresses, that girl has STYLE. Today I'm wearing navy slacks from Worthington, a black and navy top and a black sweater. I am at work (on my break!). Does anyone have clothing items they wear but don't really like? I do this when I'm going to work. That's how I'm feeling right now.

Catherine | 9:46 AM

Today's a teaching day for me, but it's chilly (though not cold) both outside and in my office, so I wanted to feel bundled and warm. So I've got a lilac, ruffly tank top (to encourage spring to get here already - it's Florida after all!) and a grey oversized cardigan for warmth with straight leg jeans and grey flats. It may not be high fashion, but it's perfect for where I am today.

Childlike | 9:46 AM

Well... Today we'll be taking a stroll around Downtown Sacramento & maybe pop into Art Beast so Olive can get her art on. Olive's wearing a red and tan vintage long sleeve dress with red shoes by Shoo Shoo's and a vintage yellow cardigan (all thrifted). I am wearing velvet leggings with a long striped tank and a over sized cardigan with my favorite black slip ons (all thrifted as well). By the by Fable is insanely adorable!!!

Alisonian | 9:47 AM

My answer is always the same, and it's so embarrassing; bra and undies! I work from home and have no children, so unless I need to go to the store or put the dogs in the yard, this is my uniform. Which would make it so much more meaningful if I won--I need clothes for the public eye!

Lauren H | 9:48 AM

My where- Home (mostly my bedroom)
Enjoying the day with my almost 3 week old baby girl (my first baby girl is playing with her favorite babysitter- so I have some "free" time!)

Wear- loungewear- black sweats from my maternity days and a black tank (not my most stylish)

Lou Lou Belle | 9:49 AM

I wish I was having a cladventure instead of just a work day - but today that is almost busy enough to be considered an adventure! I have on greenish ON chinos, a grey AA tshirt layered over a grey ON tank top, a plum cardigan and my silver patterned toms (which are my PLEASE I DONT WANT TO WEAR SNOW BOOTS ANOTHER SECOND switch once I get to work). yay toms. and ON give aways!
Fable gets cuter and cuter every day! man oh man.

Anonymous | 9:52 AM

Carnival season has arrived so we're moving towards more festive outfits. On parade days, I wear colorful kaftans, a wig or a hair flower, and silver dance shoes. My daughter Isa wears her Rainbow Fairy costume.

Alyssa | 9:53 AM

I often wish that I had Fable's wardrobe...

Taryn | 9:56 AM

Where: one of the "quiet study rooms" at UTA
Wear: nude sparkly Toms, Old Navy skinny jeans, black/brown/purple flannel button up shirt

beyond | 9:57 AM

i am showered but will be spending the day at home, so i'm wearing grey yoga pants and a light grey lightweight cotton turtle neck.

Unknown | 10:00 AM

Wear: Cornflower Blue cable Turtle Neck, white t-shirt underneath (keep out the cold), Dark Brown dress pants and brown wooly socks.
HUGE winter coat, gloves and Uggs to keep warm in the -30 degree temp.

Where: Work and Errands

Leslie | 10:00 AM

Today's where (so far): getting out of bed, nursing the baby, chasing the toddler around the living room, eating a somewhat satisfying breakfast

Today's wear (so far): nursing tank, striped pajama pants, ponytail holder

ashley | 10:04 AM

working from home today and wearing jeans, warm fuzzy sweater and slippers - wrapped up in a blanket!

findingmagnolia | 10:06 AM

Twelve times up and down? I'm impressed. I wimp out of those sorts of things around the seventh time.

Today is the day Zinashi and I visit our old lady friend, so she's all dolled up. We started with this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marymuses/5428158931/in/photostream/

And ended up with this after we got home and added accessories: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marymuses/5428721948/in/photostream/

I'm wearing nothing of note. Jeans, shirt, cozy slippers. It's cold here. I might add another layer...or eight.

Anonymous | 10:09 AM

fable always looks adorable - i love your style!

my style today? pjs (the pants from Old Navy!) because a serious sinus infection has knocked me over.

Anonymous | 10:11 AM

Working in the office today:

Black chino pants, royal purple cotton and spandex tee style top, and black mootsies tootsies sandals (because it's in the 70s here in California)


em | 10:14 AM

My 3 year old wore the same hair clip as fable in her aunt's wedding! Today the kid wore an American Apparel tank dress with some striped GAP leggings and her most favorite super sparkly pink flowery Lelli Kelli shoes (ugh, thanks grandma). She is at preschool and I am at home writing my dissertation (ahem while not reading blogs) and wearing grey skinnies, AA v-neck t and a sweater. Winter is LA is so ferocious :)

lola + oliver | 10:19 AM

Today? Thick socks, leggings, long sleeve shirt... with a beautifully bright sunflower printed sundress on top!

hey, it's the east coast and we've had a lot of snow and rain and dreary days. a cheerfully printed sundress goes a long way in making the icky weather more bearable!

heather | 10:21 AM

I am so far out of my element today. Wearing bright coral nail polish and a ruffled leopard print blazer. Winter blues be gone! (And South Beach here I come?)

stephanie marie | 10:23 AM

I want Fable's shoes!
Gray blouse, pencil skirt, gray tights, black heels...one bad thing about being the youngest by far in your field is the boring dress code to make me seem older. But at least my tights are subtly patterned.
And I loooove Old Navy's new active collection! More than I love going to the gym, even.

Beth | 10:27 AM

Oh my -- sunshine and blue skies. I wish the weather was like that here so we could wear shorts and flip flops. Our playground is a muddy snowy mess. Please go down the slide a few times for those hear in Utah.

Kim | 10:29 AM

Rocking the working woman look: Gray slacks, black heeled boots, gray tank and a navy grandpa sweater. Oh and a blanket because it's freezing in my office!

Darra | 10:29 AM

Love her little denim jacket. So cute.

flybigd at hotmail dot com

Charisa | 10:31 AM

Dentist appointment, errands, and kids today: Target military inspired top, white tank underneath, jeans, and my favorite Frye boots.

Oh, and a big coat on top of everything because it's freezing here! Wishing it was warm enough to take the kids to the park today!

Valeri | 10:33 AM

How come I never look that cool in a jean jacket?

Catie | 10:33 AM

Todays' where: office job and then off to my first rehearsal for a show that I got the lead in!

Black shortie boots from Target, white long sleeve fitted collared dress shirt from Ann Taylor, gray pants from Ann Taylor Loft (that feel like yoga pants AND that I got for an additional 60% off the final sale price BOOYAKISHA!), black 3/4 length sleeves sweater also from Ann Taylor Loft (Love me that sale!), colorful necklace from... Target? Flea market? My mom? Somewhere else?

Ariel T | 10:34 AM

Navy Blue chinos, pink tank top and grey long sleeve t with pink flowers and beaded centers, pink socks and brown moccasins

Rachel | 10:37 AM

What did I wear today? My most recent favorite color--wine! Old AE boots, Old Navy jeans, Old Navy cami, striped tan and wine sweater, and my FAVORITE pashmina in wine!

The adventure? Grad school and I think the grocery store to get the hubs some illness-preventative OJ...

And I guess I have to drink some wine tonight.

ste | 10:38 AM

Long sleeves - black crew layered under a dark purple vneck. Full panel bootcut maternity jeans in a dark wash. They're new and I hope they soften a little after a few washes because they're scratchy.

My adventure? Watching tv and knitting a newborn cap for babies in Africa while my daughter naps for the first time in her big girl bed.

Stephanie | 10:44 AM

Today I'm headed I'm running errands and then off to teach dance. I'm sporting skinny jeans and the most comfortable Roxy sweatshirt ever.

Anonymous | 10:45 AM

my where is work and ironically, my wear are old navy gray sweater boots, old navy pants, a breastfeeding tank, and an old navy gray sweater.


Melissa | 10:46 AM

Still in pajamas, hey we're on vacation, don't judge.:) Fable's felt hair clips is to die for!

Gabi | 10:46 AM

Today's wear/where:
Errands (bank, library, Trader Joe's, soccer practice)

Long stretchy yoga pants, Converse, lavender cowl-neck sweater & Target pleather jacket.

amy beth | 10:50 AM

wear- blue chunky cable knit longish sweater by nine west, black liquid leggings by members only, and black tall hunter boots. where-at the office for a bit then food shopping with the kids. its raining so the boots and plastic-y pants are key!

duck | 10:53 AM

Grey yoga pants, spit up covered t-shirt and a haggard grin, miss matched socks. Sleep training blows.

kerrie | 10:57 AM

Reading time/boutique shopping for a bday present/ grahams and hot chocolate

Him- Striped comfy pants and electric green shirt (baby gap) J&L brown boots with a bit of fuzz...yes boys can rock the fuzzy boots.

Me- skinny jeans, long tee, cardigan, layered necklace, high boots.
Did I mention it is snowy outside?

KateFitz | 10:58 AM

Grubby yoga pants and tee shirt for gym...then boots, jeans and a niffy kelly green cardigan for errands. My wardrobe could really use a face lift/inspiration injection.

jesse k | 10:59 AM

Early valentine's dinner (we suddenly have a free night from kids) so probably skinny jeans and tall black motorcycle boots and a black sweater b/c it's freeeeeezing here!

Jen | 11:01 AM

I work in a JHS/HS, so nothing too fancy. Skinny camel chords, what I consider "confederate" grey (with a hint of blue) shell that has an awesome set of giant ruffles down the front and a blue jersey jacket that drapes beautifully. Chocolate brown ballet flats because I'm doing classroom presentations today. Heels would kill me. Our art teacher made me the most lovely bird's nest necklace with three blue pearl eggs in it. That's my favorite thing on today...my little family nest. Not the most exciting outfit, but sutibaly cute for work in a hormone infested school and the middle of the frozen Ohio tundra. Wish this had been posted Friday when I'll be rocking a Mad Men-esque dress and shoes for a partay!!

Danielle | 11:03 AM

I could use an Old Navy gift card, all I ever wear are ratty sweats and t shirts:(

Barb | 11:05 AM

I love me some Old Navy! (Really- I had to laugh when I realized most of my outfit is from there)

Where: Touring potential preschools/playdate/home

Wear: Black stretchy boot cut jeans (Gap), navy and white striped tee (Old Navy), comfy oatmeal-colored cardigan (Old Navy), Uggs (it's freezing here!)

OneRadMother | 11:06 AM

Fable is a naturally beautiful little model - I would give two left toes for her pixie cut!

Everything Old Navy today - black skinny cords, gray sweater, flowered tunic. XO

Jenna | 11:10 AM

Wear: Navy sweater dress, gray tights, dark brown riding boots.

Where: To and from work, battling the Boston elements!

Tara | 11:11 AM

Adorable. Please tell me this child gets cranky sometimes. She always seems to be in a good mood. Maybe you just don't post pics of the crankiness... :)

stephanie Toole | 11:13 AM

todays wear: old navy yoga pants, and tank top..
Where: gym (keeping resolutions =)

Anonymous | 11:14 AM

Today's Where : Work (unfortunatly)

Wear: Knee high black leather boots, Olive green capries, White tank top, Grey three quater length sweater, large white earings, and a white and gold owl ring.


Kristin | 11:14 AM

Today has been a gym day...yoga pants, old t-shirt and a fleece.

I love Fable's hair clip and shoes, so adorable!!

kristinamoody at aol dot com

roni | 11:16 AM

love Fable's photos. she's a natural!
i like the dramatic pose under the playground equip...

dress casual for a meeting today. black pants, teal empire waist shirt, tan blazer with snazzy patterned fishnet socks and patent leather ballet flats. survived the wind and the cold in nyc. whew!

divrchk | 11:18 AM

Jeans, Little Mismatched socks, and a bright green waffle sweater to take my oldest to the allergy/asthma specialist this am. It was not fun.

leeshka | 11:20 AM

Child is *adorbz*!

My where/wear has been - the yarn shop and Spawn's school - Jeans, black hi-top Chuck Taylors, grey long sleeved shirt with my blue "I knit so I don't kill people" shirt that my sister-in-law gifted me.

I'll have to remember about the Grove - taking my Spawn to see my home state of California next month, and I'm always looking for new things to do.

lalalovely lindsay | 11:25 AM

i am totally rocking pajamas as i await the arrival of baby #2. ellie is wearing her halloween costume - a pink velour onesie and her matching piggy hat.

Bailey | 11:31 AM

The where: chilling around the house until I can pick up the baby so we can go paint pottery.

The wear: a brown sundress and a chunky green sweater. Easy-peasy.

Whitney | 11:42 AM

today's wear: scrubs! woo!

I love fable's jean jacket.

Unknown | 11:45 AM

Where: At work
Wear: Plant wide leg pants from The Gap, with white v-neck t (NY & Co) and light blue sweater (The Gap). Boring!

Fable is adorable!

caitlin | 11:50 AM

The 20 month old twins are in skinny jeans (gap), galoshes, fleece jackets and knitted hats for outdoor adventures and I am in leggings and a plaid maternity tunic thingy. Love the kiddie style posts!

Unknown | 11:50 AM

jeans and a pink men's button down for a day of working at home and lunching with a friend and baby

Jen L. | 11:52 AM

The where: running errands and outside riding bikes

wear:jeans, ballet flats, and a black tank.

Mutt | 11:59 AM

Where: Audiology & Speach Therapy then home. I'm about to go be napped on my a two year old who refuses to sleep in a bed. I guess I'm comfortable.

Wear: Tan jeans and purple sweater from Kohls. I'm pretty sure they are both kohls brand. Comfortable, but I totally look like a soccer mom today.

ona | 12:00 PM

Black maternity pants, black sweater, green tee at my job at elementary school, where I'm a teacher. I have about 4 things that still fit, so the gift card would be great for me!

Linden | 12:06 PM

Where: at work

Wear: red hoody, khaki pants from The Gap, black slip-on mocs by Merrell

Leila Gates-Wai | 12:07 PM

Wear: Light blue maternity shirt, brown slacks and flats
Where? To school, starbucks, target and work.

Janyne | 12:14 PM

Wow!! That photo of her on the street-- She looks so grown up...

Love her little ballet flats. ^_^

Mama Bee | 12:25 PM

Where: School
Wear: Gap jeans, Indigo by Clark ankle boots, Winners polka dot short sleeve top and a peachy long cardigan. With my winter coat (grey) and cheapy scarf.

Katie | 12:31 PM

Love Fable's outfit! I'm wearing jeans, uggs, a maternity t shirt and an old fuzzy sweatchirt bc its cold in MN, and I'm in the weird don't know what to where pregnancy stage. None of it is cute.

Marianne | 12:35 PM

That Fable is a dollbaby. I am wearing dress pants, which I NEVER wear, and they are awfully and committing war crimes in my crotch area. Argh. Not a successful wear.

Breezy | 12:36 PM

Wear/Where...church then superbowl festivities and yes, then the next day to work. 5+ year old Old Navy dark khaki pants, navy blue sleevless ruffle colar shirt, white Target cardigan (with ruffled collar layered over the cardigan) and red Jessica Simpson shiny ballet flats. My only accessory is the thumb print silver necklace my hubby and son gave me last year for my birthday (thumb print courtesy of my lil' one). I love your style Rebecca! (uncbreezylee@gmail.com)

CourtneyLyn | 12:37 PM

Tonight's wear/where will be
Wear:lululemon tights with gray leg warmers, a cheap tank from target, a ballet shrug, and slippers.

Where: ballet class and at home on the couch afterward, if i'm not to sweaty

Amy Jo | 12:40 PM

today's where/wear: black cargo-type slacks, grey cabled turtleneck, red/white scarf with pom poms - cold today. I love Fable's silver slippers!

W | 12:41 PM

dark blue bootcut jeans, madden girl boots, black and grey striped soft sweater, dark purple hoodie with soft sheepie type fake fleece in the hood. Comfy but cute for my dayjob as a grad student, comfy for my afternoon/nightjob as mother, cute for my all around job as wife.

Tasha | 12:42 PM

fable is ADORABLE.

where: my office across from Penn Station NY, NY

wear: black tights, gray sweater dress, gray cardigan, black riding boots. Lots of gray, NOT helping my winter angst right now. so very cold.

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

where - work

wear - thrifted skirt and sweater and my new favorite - stacked tights :)

love fable's style!


- | 12:44 PM

Where: Work.

Wear: button-up navy blue shirt, khaki pants, blue Steve Madden flats, blue necklace.


Could use a gift card, tho! :)

Unknown | 12:44 PM

Home sick wearing my Paul Frank PJ's.

5.5 year old son: Left for school in brown cords, yellow 'robot' tee, blue Vans, and grey/black hoodie.

2.5 year old girl: Left for school wearing grey leggings, AA tee in grass green, denim blue mary-janes, and purple sweater.

Jill | 12:46 PM

Love the gold flats! That girl has style!

My wear/where:
Skinny jeans, long grey striped boat neck sweater, slouchy black boots, gold earrings.

JennyZ | 12:47 PM

A day of refininishing old furniture = painted leggings and oversized college sweatshirt.

Maggie | 12:52 PM

We're in a weird transition phase up here in New England. Birds are chirping, but snow and ice are still on the ground. And under that? MUD.

So today I'm wearing:

My Miracle Jeans - a miracle because EVERY time I wear them someone asks me if I lost weight. Yes, I own more than one pair.

Old Navy white tank under an Old Navy white long sleeve tee

Gap Yoga beige zip front sweatshirt

Lands End white puffy vest

My coziest pale pink long pashmina as a scarf


Susan | 12:53 PM

Where: in my cubicle
What: black Banana Republic pants, gray Gap v-neck. Feeling almost thin today.

Evi | 12:55 PM

around the house

black yoga pants,white long sleeve T-shirt and black socks

eva | 1:03 PM

today's where/wear:

office: hot pencil skirt with skinny belt, striped tee, tucked in,with ruffled sleeves and crochet something or another on upper back of tee. (from target! so cute.) heals with bows. red nail polish. hair down and flowy.

after work/ happy hour! same outfit but with fun silver necklace and fierce make-up. ready for drinks with the ladies!

hope to get picked! i need new work clothes.. the people have spoken. :/

p.s. fable is so adorable in her little outfit and haircut! :)

Kirsten | 1:09 PM

Where: Story time, running errands, laying around the house.

Wear: Gap straight legged jeans, black nursing tank top and gray "army" style button down.

Sarah | 1:10 PM

An old navy gift card would help my (lack of) personal style immensely :)

Amy T. | 1:11 PM

Me: Gap jeans, yellow striped cardi, dansko sandals.

Kid: Pajamas under fleece skirt and cable knit sweater.

Yeah. We're stylish alright.

Mama Bub | 1:15 PM

May I just have Fable's wardrobe in my size, please? Today it's a grey and white plaid (and wrinkled) button down, white tank, jeans, flip flops.

Katie | 1:17 PM

My wear: dark jeans, riding boots, dotted tunic and fave new button up cardi.

Her wear: orange cord skirt, hot pink tee, stripy sweater and white leggings.

Where: a playdate with old friends.

katrinamarsh1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

colette | 1:18 PM

Wear: H&M tunic, Gap tank, black leggings, Aldo Motorcycle boots, White horn long necklace.

At home: finishing a draft for a condo in the city.

Can't wait to move out to the west coast!

Megan | 1:21 PM

Where: Running errands then the park

Me: black tee shirt, striped cardigan, skinny jeans, black flats
him (age 2.5): blue striped shirt with guitar on it, grey jeans, black converse
her (age 1): mama made shirt in Japanese linen with little red riding hood print, brown leggings, blue mary janes

Mary | 1:26 PM

Where: TW food (a locavore restaurant in Boston)

Wear: Charcoal grey skinny jeans, black heels, a handmade designer dress that I bought at a sample sale (SCORE!) and a black sweater.

Sarah C. | 1:30 PM

Wear: Grey skinny cords, black ballet flats, black long-sleeved tee.

Where: Costco, preschool, errands.

Exciting? Nope.

Christy | 1:33 PM

Fable always looks so stylish! Too cute!

Christina E. Pope | 1:34 PM

My wear/where: black sweatpants and American Eagle floral shirt/home doing laundry, playing outside with the kids, and "couponing".

btw, I love Fable's outfit. She always look adorable :-)

email - misschristina33@aol.com

Debbie and Lane | 1:40 PM

Today someone told me my slacks are unflattering. I can't be offended - I agree. They're too big! Hence the need for a shopping spree. So black slacks, red long sleeved layering t under grey 3/4 sweater - red heels.

boardbetty at msn dot com

Mary O | 1:41 PM

Fable is a cutie! Love that tiny denim jacket! =)

JCF | 1:41 PM

Where: home, with three sick kiddos
Wear: Purple paisley Toms, pea green boot cut pants, aqua fitted t-shirt. Oh yes, I'm like a color monster today

Sarai | 1:44 PM

I'm wearing joe's jeans, purple ecossneaks and an old purple sweater. Ollie's wearing a star wars T-shirt, a patagonia fleece jacket, jeans from Target, and monster robeez. so cute. Today after work for me/school for him, we hung our at the park down the street from our house. A tad chillly but still lots of fun.

Kim | 1:45 PM

Where: work (includes about 2 miles of walking, so gotta be comfy - luckily, I work at a tech startup where comfy is just fine)

Wear: old navy dark wash jeans, Toms (yay warm weather and no need for socks; sorry to those of you who are freezing), blue old navy half/rolled-buttoned-thing sleeved shirt w/hood (I'm terrible at describing, but I love this thing), pink cami underneath.

Jaime | 1:57 PM

Jeans, sweater, red boots to work, because the drab winter's got to be broken up with something, right?

Miranda | 1:57 PM

Well, now I have the theme song from Saved By the Bell stuck in my head.

Today I'm super office casual in a jersey grey dress with black trim, black leggings and my black Toms. Exciting stuff.

lynn | 2:05 PM

i love hanging out at the grove; only been to pan pacific once when i was babysitting. today i had to wear an uber sexy outfit for an audition - heels, velour blazer, pencil skirt. the second i got home i changed into jeans and an oversized shirt with a pickle wearing sunglasses on it.

Lynsey | 2:08 PM

Fable's outfit is sooo much cuter than most of what i own!!!
Wear: pj pants (of the Old Navy) variety
Where:hanging out at home with my 2 boys and morning sickness

Amanda | 2:09 PM

Love Fable's ballet flats! My daughter wore a pair of hot pink flats last spring/summer and was DEVASTATED when she outgrew them. I'm on the hunt for another pair that I'm sure she'll want to wear every day.

Liliana | 2:25 PM

Hats, scarves, gloves, coats, boots, fleece one-piece for baby, etc. You get the picture. It's cold here today. Wish I was there instead. Brrrrrrr. lilianahansen (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous | 2:35 PM

This evening I changed out of my fairly boring office wear and into my Zumba gear: black yoga pants (which my British husband calls "trackie bottoms") and a black tshirt with cartoon monsters on it. I'm not one of those who buys fancy clothes for working out - I'm only going to sweat in them, so what's the point?! :)

DCD | 2:38 PM

Black slacks, dove grey/white blouse, red heels to work and a meeting after.

Liz | 2:40 PM

Where: Work then a playdate dinner
Wear: skinny jeans, navy/white striped tea, brown slouchy boots and a cream sweater that doubles as a blanket in my freezing office.

L.L. | 2:40 PM

This is so funny because I am wearing Old Navy yoga pants & an Old Navy Tee, and my son is wearing an Old Navy onesie (with Gerber pants and Gymboree socks)! No lie, apparently we love Old Navy.

Kim | 2:47 PM

To Gymboree with the little one. My old Gap jeans and linen shirt. I was tired and needed to be comfy rolling on the floor with all the munchkins.

Dianne | 3:04 PM

Grey Skinny jeans tucked into brown riding boots, topped off with a long cream cowl neck sweater.

All of this worn to the office and then to pick up my baby girl who would be best friends with Fable if they lived closer!!!


B&B | 3:14 PM

Me: Gap skinny jeans, old Urban Outfitter tank top, and sparkly gold Toms...running errands with the kids

Daughter: striped slouchy sweater and leggings from the new Splendid Littles line at Target (love!) and rain boots even though it's 70 degrees and gorgeous outside (her pick)...dragged along on errands with mom (but with a stop at the park at least!)

email: ariel_johnson@hotmail.com

Kelly B. | 3:23 PM

I love old navy's little girl basics like the lace bottom leggings, so cute! If only boys clothes were as cute. My daughter has a closet full of clothes yet my baby boy (still in utero) has next to nothing.in

Jessica | 3:24 PM

dark gray AE tee, light gray long cardi (Target), jeggings, black boots, white/silver scarf - to Target, the doc, and at home with toddler :)

The Hojo Family | 3:26 PM

Todays where/wear:
Stretchy jeans with a tank top and sweater over it. Casual for a day with the kids. School dropoff/pickups, cub scout meeting, etc.

Janell | 3:26 PM

Not chilly here, it's plain frezzy!

Today's Where: home and playing with the grand boy.

Wear: Skinny leg dark wash jeans, boots, long sleeved tee and PARKA coat with gloves and scarf.

love seeing fable play in the sunshine!

Melanie | 3:29 PM

Today's where: Teaching 6-8th grade Language Arts in DC

Today's wear: New York and Co charcoal pants, green knit top from Express, and navy blue cardigan from Zara. Wore a pair of flats from Target because teaching requires you to be on your feet all.day.long!

jessicaj75@aol.com | 3:32 PM

funny enough I'm actually wearing old navy today! Old navy sweats and long sleeved shirt. I work with 2 year olds and i need to be comfy and quick! my little one was in pajamas all day because she's running a temp :(

Liesel | 3:32 PM

I LOVE those photos of Fable at the park. What a fun photo shoot.

7 jeans, jcrew embellished tee, Gap cardigan sweater, and Toms. It's COLD here so warmth and comfort are key.

Beth | 3:40 PM

so not fashionable today, i can't bear to share - we need the $150! my little girl is wearing a snowman t-shirt and pink undies right now - we need some fresh spring duds!


Kristen | 3:54 PM

Wear: converse, brown cargo-type (?) pants, navy blue shirt with cool buttons on the shoulder, white tank.
Where: the park (us, too! the best thing about SoCal weather is the park time for the kiddos!) and farmer's market

Unknown | 3:59 PM

Purple Blouse and Jeans with Steve Madden black flats.

Student Entrepreneur | 4:16 PM

Oh fun!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

I was in sweats for most of the day and then my jeans that make me feel skinny and a white shirt:)


Cave Momma | 4:17 PM

Love everything! Normally we stick pretty close to home for parks but we must venture out to that park, it looks awesome!

Wear - Old Navy dark wash bootcut jeans with a fab green Target St Patty's day shirt. Only flip flops since we have been mostly around the house today. Olivia has been in her jeggings (they are seriously adorable on her itty bitty body) with a bright yellow and pink shirt. Myles in a simple blue/green striped tee and dark wash jeans. Barefoot for each!

Where - Just around the house today as we were babysitting another awesome little girl.

Catherine McNeur | 4:50 PM

Jeans, button down pink polka dot shirt, and off-white cardigan. I've been at home writing my dissertation and tending the baby. Can't wait for the ice/snow to melt so we can change up our "where"!

amee | 4:50 PM

Basic grey long sleeved top, a striped button down with pockets over it, jeggins and rainboots. It snowed 8 inches last night and I still had to face the weather for work today!

Danielle | 5:15 PM

Where: running around with my tiny kid, driving the husband to the airport.

Wear: Brown cords that are too, too big and a grey scoop neck shirt. I'm needing some inspiration lately.

Haley | 5:18 PM

Sick, pregnant and hanging out inside a lot because of the cold, so I've been wearing a lot of pjs. Yoga pants and one of the few shirts that's still long enough to cover my rapidly-growing 7.5 months baby belly (pink, stretchy 3/4 sleeve with rouched/poofy shoulders).

Fable's clothes are all so adorable! I'm thrilled to be having a little boy (and there are a ton of cute boy clothes), but I definitely hope my next baby is a girl so I get to buy little dresses, leggings, ballet flats, etc etc etc.

aprilmae | 5:24 PM

Wear: grey suede boots, black tights, and little black dress.
Where: teaching kindergarten, post school walk downtown to Starbucks with friends.

So jealous of Fable's wardrobe!

Katharine | 5:25 PM

Wear: Gray Banana Republic dress pants, black ann taylor loft shirt, black ann taylor tall boots

Where: Northern VA for a all day statewide meeting

Tina | 5:32 PM

Home with the baby on my day off.

(me): yoga pants, comfy shirt & socks.
(baby): skull & crossbones onesie from Vans, grey pants and red Gap socks.

rhiannam | 5:33 PM

she's so cute!

Tina | 5:33 PM

at home with baby on my day off

me: yoga pants, t-shirt and socks
baby boy: skull & crossbones onesie from Vans, grey pants & red socks from Gap.

Lindsay Q | 5:50 PM

Right now I'm wearing my "at home uniform" of black yoga pants and a random comfy t-shirt. It's the only thing to wear when you're at home!

Anonymous | 6:06 PM

Wear - Ann Taylor Loft dark wash jeans, brown paisley tee and fleece cardi from Old Navy with brown suede slouch boots.
Where - Grocery shopping and errands

Kayt | 6:18 PM

Black yoga pants and an ON green and blue striped tee shirt with black Zappos boots. Out to the airport to drop my dad off *sniff* and off to work.

Miss M | 6:22 PM

Fable is beyond adorable! I love her hair cut.

Andrea | 6:22 PM

Great pictures! So cute.

Meggan Hood | 6:29 PM

Black wool dress pants, grey/white stripped t-shirt w/white tank layered under, long, layered crystal/pearl necklace, gun metal grey flats on left foot and an aircast on the right. Just another day at the office.

Brooke | 6:35 PM

Today was a simple black dress and leggings with a bright pink cardigan.

Linley | 6:37 PM

Wear: Jeans, boots and lots of sweatshirts and jackets for me today (oh and a hat and gloves and legwarmers).
Where: I headed to the therapeutic riding center to volunteer after school, and it was a cold day in Ohio.

CKB | 6:46 PM

So far today, I have worn 3 different outfits. One, yoga pants and a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt to work out at the gym. Then I took my son to the grocery store and let him pick something out for lunch :) After that, I changed into some KUT jeans that are 3 years old (I need new jeans) and blue t-shirt from Target, with my ugg boots. My son wore a red "Root" sweatsuit. My daughter wore some black skinny jeans and a hurley hoodie from Costco. Now I am wearing black skull pajamas and an elementary school hoodie.

Oh, we also took a trip to Lowes to get a snake for the toilet (thanks for flushing a wipe, son) and then to Costco for dinner and to stock up on water softener salt.

Day in the life...

LiciaLee | 6:47 PM

We stayed home today. Clara wore a flowered romper I picked up at a yardsale, and I wore Old Navy(!) yoga pants and a nursing tank. :D

shannon.on.park | 7:02 PM

Where: Spending the day with my two year old running errands.

Wear: Old Navy dreamer jeans, black uggs, long sleve tshirt from target, and big black coat. It was only 6 degrees here today.


mah5160 | 7:10 PM

right now, guurl, i'm looking a HOT MESS. emphasis on the hot. i just got finished an exhilarating session of bikram yoga, which left my black leggings, black tank, and yellow sports bra soaked through. whew!

Elizabeth | 7:12 PM

Just wanted to say that Fable's gold ballet flats might be the cutest footwear ever. Her little barrette is to die for, too. :)

Ari Lindquist | 7:28 PM

Where: Disneyland
Wear: skinny jeans, tank, long sweater, flats, new purse. My two year wore: skinny jeans, yo gabba gabba brobee vans, long sleeved shirt and vest. Also, pink minnie mouse hat with her name, Harper, embroidered on the back.

The Jorgensen's | 7:31 PM

daughter: to school -crewcuts cardi, gap skinny jeans, and kirkland (costco) fake uggs
when she got home - pettiskirt and undershirt with flip-flops

Kate | 7:37 PM

Wear - jeans and long sleeve striped T until that got spit up all over it. Then jeans and cap sleeve shirt with cardigan.

Where - with three sick kids, the farthest I got from the house was a quick 5 min walk to Sbux for my latte.

Unknown | 7:50 PM

Skinny, dark wash jeans with studded heeled booties, a hanes white tee (men's of course!) and BCBG navy blue swing cardigan; for work as a nanny and class as a college student.

Janel | 7:53 PM

My cladventure? Putting on about fifty different maternity shirts before finding one that actually fits. Since when are size small maternity clothes too small for me at 14 weeks? Unacceptable.

Jamie | 8:00 PM

I wear jeans all the time. And lately with all of this bad weather we've been having, my snow boots. Usually I have a t-shirt or sweater on top with a leather coat.

Ellie | 8:04 PM

What a great day. Fable looks pleased to have the playground to herself!

Katie | 8:19 PM

we wore the same thing yesterday! yay!

JoannaRSmith | 8:27 PM

yellow pajama bottoms with frogs on them and a red t-shirt with where's waldo on it because i stayed in today.

Tina Leigh | 8:31 PM

skinny cords, slouchy t with boots and a sweater. which is pretty much my uniform, except with flip-flops when it warms up.

~april | 9:01 PM

fleece, yoga pants and puffy socks as soon as i got home. who cares about work clothes? bring on the comfy!
LOVE fable's new doo!

h | 9:24 PM

My daughter now says "ohnee wan moe time" (only one more time" to mean infinity or "wan doo wan doo" (one two one two) in quick succession these days. :)

I wore jeans and a tank top at home with the kids today. It would be awesome to win, my last new clothing was over a year ago and nothing fits right since my son came along. Oh who am I kidding, I'd buy clothes for the kids, they're much cuter. :)

kristi | 9:41 PM

today I wore a navy & white striped shirt, a lightweight gray jacket, skinny jeans, & gray flats to work!

i'll need to switch to maternity jeans soon, so i'm loving this giveaway!

Alyssa | 10:19 PM

Today's wear: dark skinny jeans (Garage) and a brown print t-shirt (Bootlegger?), with brown short boots (Shoe Company??)
Today's where: MOPS, and home with my kid. :)


alissa | 10:39 PM

today was a not so good day, winning a giveaway would be awesome. i wore a volcom dress i got as a christmas gift. i never wear dresses!

princess lasertron | 10:48 PM

your daughter is SO beautiful.

amelia | 10:56 PM

We love Old Navy! My wear: teal cords, bw striped shirt, grey sweater/jacket, red rainboots. My 2yo wear: blue/pink striped top (from Old Navy!), pink skirt, polka dot leggings, fake Uggs. We should like a rainbow explosion...which we are.

Anonymous | 11:02 PM

how funny i was in old navy this morning. had to exchange some jeans and was ecstatic to find toddler jeans on sale for $10. with twins that helps so much. to top it off i had purchased one pair of said jeans last week and they were on the receipt for the ones i returned and the clerk gave me the $2. difference in price. yeah old navy! tricia

The Muslim Wife's Kitchen | 12:30 AM

My where/wear: snowed in AGAIN at home with two preschoolers, all of us stayed in our pjs and ate left over guac. and chips for lunch! Changed into some capri sweats and t-shirt to P90x my butt off after the kids went to bed!

Barbara | 2:43 AM

Where: at home....anytime I'm here.

What: the (formerly) pink terrycloth robe I bought 17 years ago on sale for $20. It's so ragged it leaves a trail of threads all over the house. Every year I swear I'm buying a new one, and I never do. Soon, though, as the belt on this one is about to come apart in several places, and holes are beginning to offer up views of various body parts.

It'll be a sad day to say goodbye!

Barbara in WA

tlr | 4:06 AM

Love Fable's dress!!!
Where: grocery shopping, shoveling/ice picking driveway
Wear: Tahari jeans (Marshall's bargain), 2 layered T's, cardigan, Beaner boots - still freezing!
2 year old much better dressed: green flowered Place tights, brown suede boots with flower appliques, purple star skirt with tulle, lime solid shirt, pink hooded chenille vest, pink sequined purse, rainbow fingerless striped gloves and a purple winter hat - all of this to stay inside
My girl loves some color!!
Thanks for the chance!

Margie | 5:19 AM

Fable has more style than any other girl I know! It's too cold here, so my girl is wearing her fleece footie PJ's out of the house a lot (which also works with her current dislike of changing clothes :)
Milagrobeancat (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thanks for the chance!

Sydney | 5:28 AM

Not eligible for giveaway as am in the UK but just wanted to say......

Fable is the cutest!!

Michelle | 5:54 AM

Today at the office, black pants, royal purple long sleeved button up and a black blazer. nothing too exciting!

Kathy Drachowski | 6:20 AM

I am laughing because coincidentally I am decked out in Old Navy today. Leggings, black t-shirt style semi-mini dress, Black and white funky floral print sweater....all Old Navy. Oh yeah and tall black boots...to school to teach and then to the library and errand running after with the kid!

Leah B | 6:21 AM

Today it just so happens I am sporting Old Navy steel gray maternity pants [8 months along] and a super comfy Old Navy tunic style maternity sweater.

Bethany Bassett | 6:35 AM

I just so happen to be wearing an Old Navy sweater today, thrown on in a rush when I realized it might not be appropriate to show up to the pediatrician's (the where) in my pajamas. One can never have too many Old Navy tops in my opinion.

On a completely unrelated note, some script on your site freezes my whole computer for about a minute every time I open it. I don't know if anyone else has this problem or if you have any clue what to do about it (I wouldn't!), but I thought I'd give you a head's up. xo

Meghan Elaine | 6:39 AM

My (almost) 2 year old Ella lives in a denim jacket from her Grandma, looks much like Fable's. I LOVE it :)

Jessica | 6:41 AM

Today it's all about getting a jump on spring cleaning. Old jeans, t-shirt and a dust mask.

That's hotness right there.

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