Gone Style: Wear/Where - The Grove & Pan Pacific Park (Sponsored + Giveaway)

**Updated with winner, below!**
The following post + giveaway brought to you by Old Navy (To check out the Old Navy kids & baby sale with prices starting @ $5, go here!)
and will be the first of three "Wear/Where" posts featuring the lovable stylings of miss Fable Luella as she adventures to some of our favorite local haunts clad in apropos play clothes we picked together via her closet.

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For our first Wear/Where cladventure, Fable and I hit up two of our favorite destinations: The Grove and Pan Pacific Park, both of which happen to live across the street from one another, hence our afternoon split between both destinations. Clearly, for a mall + park ensemble, comfort is key, as is layering potential in case of spike in post-morning temperatures. So! Here's what we wore where:

1. Where: The Grove Amusement Park Mall, located at 3rd & Fairfax
Wear: Denim jacket, long-sleeved "cloud" dress,
sky blue leggings, gold ballet flats & felt barrette.
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What: Walked, shopped, watched Mario Lopez tape a segment for Extra, surrounded (appropriately enough) by extras. Fable was riveted by the action and I had the Saved by the Bell theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. We then had a quick lunch, did a little kettle corn snacking before riding the escalator up (and the elevator down) the three story bookstore for twenty-something minutes.
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Me: "Only one more time, Fable!"
Her: "Two more time!"
... Except "two" means "infinity" in Fable's world so we compromised and rode the escalator up and the elevator down a total of twelve times. Yes, I counted.
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"Ready to go to the park, Fable?"
"Yay! Pak! Pak!"
And so we went...
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2. Where: Pan Pacific Park (upper)
Wear: same as above

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Clearly the best time to go to Pan Pacific park is during nap time (which we occasionally skip). There are usually tons of kids and families running around but when we arrived, it was just us. Which made snapping the following photos that much more fun.
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(Swings = where we spent the majority of our time.)
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Now, it's your turn, those who wear/where! I'll be awarding one commenter (per post) with an $150.00 Old Navy gift card. To win? Submit a comment below. Perhaps, about today's cladventure? (Mine = jeans, boots and a striped tee to run errands and cruise to the park with the kids after school. We spend a lot of time at the park, apparently.)

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, February 22nd via random.org and contacted directly (so don't forget to include contact information in the comments, please!) For official contest rules go, here. Good luck and happy where/wearing!

Updated: Congrats to commenter #112, MamaBub! You just won yourself an Old Navy gift card, lady! And thanks to all for participating! Twas way fun!



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Anonymous | 6:55 AM

we are wearing snowsuits and jackets everywhere because we live in MN. BRRRR!


My Bottle's Up! | 7:18 AM

she is... AH-DOOR-AHH-BLUH!!!

kadybeth | 7:21 AM

Today is an old navy day for me, black pants, t-shirt and a floral sweater. I hope to win a gift card so I can dress like Fable, she is too cute!

Andrea | 7:26 AM

Stuck in the blizzard wishing I were in sunny Cali so I could take my little one to the park!

Gina | 7:36 AM

Dress clothes by day...Old Navy Yoga pants and comfy warm sweatshirt by night!

PS - the leggings and ballet slippers make me long for another little girl to dress up!

AutumH | 7:48 AM

Comfy jeans, simple shirt with comfy cardigan, barefoot at home because today I have no car and my house needs to be cleaned-thoroughly.


Lmercer | 7:52 AM

Going a bit off topic here, but I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one dealing with an escalator and elevator-obsessed child. My little guy calls them "ups and downs" and thinks they are more fascinating than anything he's ever experienced in an amusement park. Can't even begin to describe his glee the time we saw an escalator being taken apart for repair!

oona. | 7:53 AM

school library, building bird nest with brownie troop (wheeee!)

Wear: Thrifted Old Navy sailor jeans and school sweatshirt, which is actually super nonfrumpy and features an old school Sailor Jerry tattoo of a swallow (yep, in Portland, we DO put birds on things)

Unknown | 7:56 AM

Wear-Old t-shirt of my husbands that I snagged 11 years ago. Full of wholes and so thin you can see through it but I can't give it up.

Where-My couch for day two of stomach bug. The most miserable way in the world to drop a few pounds!

Anonymous | 8:00 AM

I am wearing plain jeans and a blouse today. Fable is WAY more stylish than I am.



Mami2jcn | 8:06 AM

I love the Heart-Print Boyshort Bikinis for Baby at Old Navy.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

megan | 8:21 AM

I'm at work today, so I have on black pants, a cream and black flowy top and a jean jacket. Not too sure about the jean jacket, but it was only 12 degrees this morning, so I wanted to stay warm!

Houpley | 8:23 AM

so cute! i really love the new haircut.

Anonymous | 8:41 AM

Alrighty, my where/wear:
Work (meh)/home (yay!)

wear: NYDJ cords (because having a baby has necessitated a little more support in the midsection these days, even 17 mos out. Am I alone on this?) black shirt (Target?), black New Directions "military" jacket with just the teensiest bit of barf on it from said toddler's eruption just before I got to work. Is that gross to say? Not as gross as the fact that I'm still wearing it? Ahh well, the smiles and kisses make up for it. :)

Unknown | 8:45 AM

Okay, I'll comment too.
Fable, of course looks adorable.
I'm sick today and my where/wear is at home, in pajamas.

Megan | 8:46 AM

Thanks for the inspiration to get out and go to the playground today! It's not as warm here as it is where you are (high today is 57 degrees, so not too bad), but we have got to get out of this house!

Sara | 8:48 AM

Fable looks adorable, as always.

I'm with the pj crowd today!

SkittleSkattle | 9:01 AM

I love Old Navy!

Heather MK | 9:03 AM

Love how stylish your little one is!! :) I would looooove to get some new ON spring clothing for my kiddo!

Anonymous | 9:04 AM

Bundled in lots of layers today, since it's 2 below where we are! Wishing we could be in the nice warm sunshine! Your little girl is just adorable!


Anonymous | 9:08 AM

woops! I guess I wasn't signed in! I posted the last comment and my email is susiesjoberg@yahoo.com

Steph | 9:14 AM

Count me in!

bettytor | 9:15 AM

At work feeling like i'll be wearing my snow boots for the rest of my life...Can't wait for the snow to go away.

Anna-Marie | 9:17 AM

Todays where/wear:

Footie pjs and blanket (cold day here in the South)and school was out for snow

Grey Lane Bryant Pants, Green Old Navy shirt. Warm coat! :)

Anonymous | 9:18 AM

My kids are always disappointed when we're the only ones at the park, because then they don't have any "friends" to play with!

Julia G | 9:18 AM

Today I'm wearing short gray boots, gray leggings, a gray dress, and a black blazer. Figure it's pretty cute for a work outfit. I'm meeting some friends for happy hour after work, so, had to make it work for both!
I love your blog!! Your kids are adorable.

John | 9:19 AM

PJs! Too cold to go out.

Jen D | 9:23 AM

Where: Quick walk around the block, otherwise inside. :(

Wear: The booger: navy onsie, tan pants with his light-up police-car inspired Sketchers. It's his unofficial super hero uniform.

I'm wearing dark wash straight leg jeans and a peasant inspired blouse with a lovely large rosette pattern.

(Actually, I'm in my bra right now since I'm eating and tend to miss my mouth. A lot.)

Dr Kara Wolff | 9:23 AM

Today- yoga pants and comfy top for studying at home!

Anonymous | 9:25 AM

Spending all day bundled up in sweats due to the insanely cold weather.

Susan | 9:34 AM

where: in my cube at work. augh.
wear: jeans and a t

not nearly as fashionable as id like and not 1/2 as cute as how you dress

joanne | 9:36 AM

Black cords, menswear inspired button down and a comfy cardigan. Perfect for my cold office!

MamaMeg | 9:41 AM

Well, today it's a boring navy pants suit since I work in a traditional legal setting, but Sunday we went into the city for Chinese New Year festivities. Since we tend to "dress with a purpose" the boys wore jeans and red shirts for luck and bunny and dragon masks we'd made. Perfect on a "warm" 40 degree day.

Elisabeth ~ The Itsy Factor | 9:42 AM

Love Fable's silver Maryjanes! Beatrix would look adorable in something like that.

Unknown | 9:44 AM

Today Q is at work with me, so he's wearing a red tee with a skull that says "Born to rock", black cords, and velcro Vans (black, grey, and red). Oh, and a navy Penguin hooded sweatshirt. Casual work environment.

I'm wearing a grey and maroon boyfriend flannel from UO, black Old Navy pocket tee, black jean leggings, and grey suede boots.

P.S. Fable's 'fit is perfection.

Lauren | 9:47 AM

I'm wearing maternity leggings, a little black maternity dress from H&M, combat boots, and vintage ray-ban eyeglasses. WASSUP SECOND TRIMESTER?!

Tauna | 9:59 AM

Wow! Why have I never been to that park. I'm for sure taking my kids there next week. It looks so fun and we are always on the lookout for fun parks.

As for me: home and still in my PJs (silly bottoms with soccer balls all over them, and a tank top)

scl65 | 10:04 AM

My 4yr.old is sick @ home all day w/Old Navy PJ's + a lot of tissues!

Carolyn P. | 10:05 AM

Wearing an (old navy!) tanktop, leggings and some ugg slippers at home today!!

rachel | 10:06 AM

gap flared jeans, snow boots, sweater & hat...all ready for sledding with my little honey!

Brandi S | 10:17 AM

Wear/where for me is simple I'm a jean and t-shirt type of gal and a stay at home mom so have to be comfy! My boy, well he used to be in clean clothes but yeah...he's a boy so now not so much. My tween girl in a shiny skirt and a tattooy shirt lookin' stylish for school!

bethany | 10:31 AM

skinny jeans, striped tee, boots
to pick up my daughter from school

Courtney | 10:38 AM

Today I'm wearing flannel at home, it is too cold outside.

Anonymous | 10:45 AM

Today's wear/where:
Old Navy hooded sweater and turtle neck and Aero jeans.
Where: to preschool and home again.
Thanks for the giveaway.
FernLePlante at g mail dot com

Unknown | 10:48 AM

Where: Running errands with my 3 yo before her brothers get home from school!

Wear: jeans cuffed, Keen waterproof boots, ON sweatshirt, wool coat and Athleta beanie. It's COLD!

Anonymous | 10:50 AM

Quiet day at home lounging in Old Navy microfleece, warm & comfy!


Gillian | 10:51 AM

I'm actually decked out in an Old Navy green shirt and very dark blue jeans

Wendi | 10:53 AM

cold here!!
old navy sweater, white shirt and jeans.
I wish I had Fable's shoes.

Jody | 10:54 AM

me, sweats..what else??

my boys - some are in underwear, some are in spiderman costume....ya know, whatever they wish!!

Unknown | 11:12 AM

today running errands in my dark wash 7 jeans, frye boots, and grey BR sweater.
I love my boots, but I'm dying for it to be May for spring weather!

Lucy | 11:29 AM

Gap jeans, hunter boots, grey striped sweater for me. My 20 month old daughter is wearing h&m brown tweed pants (sort of harem-esque) with a white sweater. Fable is the cutest! lucyfreedman(at)mac(dot)com

Maggie May | 11:42 AM

Ever is layered for lounging with Mom (me:) in rainbow leg warmers and a cute onsie with a jacket, and Lola is in leggings with a dress and pull on converse for elementary school :)

We love Old Navy!!!

Unknown | 11:44 AM

Fable is lovely...

Thanks for the chance!

Whitney | 11:48 AM

I'm wearing a tank over a collared shirt. It's a good way to mix spring into my winter clothes. Grey tapered cords and knitted boots.

Erika | 11:48 AM

Where/wear: 4 degrees outside/sitting in cubicle working.

Cable knit sweater/Old Navy black turtleneck/jeans/Merrell black boots/turquoise scarf

Bonnie | 12:08 PM

Today's where/wear: boatneck green striped shirt and navy blue jacket with jeans on errands all day!
bonnieDOTdoniganATgmailDOTcom. Hope I win!

Phaltukachra | 12:14 PM

I am a huge fan of the super skinny jeans, Love the softness and absolutely love the fit- fits like second skin and with a pair of high healed boots, I know I rock;)!

Mama L | 12:17 PM

old navy pj bottoms and a tank top because I caught my MIL's cold and am cuddled on the bed with my kitties.

Leah | 12:35 PM

The "wear": Banana Republic Martin-fit wool trousers, a J. Crew silk tulipe cami, a J. Crew bronzed-leopard cardigan, and Nine West high-heeled booties. The "where": in my cube, where I work as a senior fundraising writer and editor. Not nearly as fun as an adventure in the park!

Leah | 12:37 PM

Uh oh! I forgot to leave my email address in my prior comment. I'm the one wearing the BR trousers, J. Crew stuff, and Nine West booties, and I am the fundraising writer, etc. :) My email address is leahklevar@gmail.com. Thanks!

pin | 12:42 PM

my kid wore a plaid skirt, reindeer shirt, blue tights, black boots and sunglasses

Ash | 12:43 PM

I visited LA in Oct. and saw Mario Lopez at The Grove as well...had to call my sister immediately after to tell her "I just saw A.C. Slater!!"

essbesee | 12:54 PM

um, she is too cute. makes-me-wish I-had-a-daughter cute. I have two sons though, and we love old navy! please enter me in the giveaway.

sherribcarter at bell south dot net

Misha | 12:56 PM

Banana republic teal sweater, brown pants, brown boots, star neclace and nerdy librarian glasses

Steph | 1:00 PM

Dream come true! I love ON kids clothes!

Where: Play group Wear: distressed jeans (a little too distressed) and a striped shirt that's 5 years old. (I could really use this gift card myself! haha)

stephkearl -at- gmail (dot) com

tori | 1:03 PM

where: home. it's too cold to be anywhere else.
wear: big socks, comfy jeans, white v-neck and old navy cardigan.

perfect giveaway, great sale! love old navy.

Callie | 1:07 PM

I am wearing a black tee from old navy right now--with a wool blend grey/black skirt, tights, and heels.
Old Navy is great for the basics.

Melissa | 1:10 PM

A local band t-shirt, black hoodie, multi-colored scarf, long gray skirt, black tights, and gray biker boots for school (me) and later picking up my kid from her school.

Melissa Staker | 1:19 PM

Awesome giveaway! Today I spent my time dolling up my two year old son and 1 month old baby girl. It's so fun to dress a new baby! Me on the other hand? I'm still trying to figure out what to wear to work... not a lot of options for this postbaby body!

Anonymous | 1:20 PM

weather in texas is bad:(wearing old navy sweatshirt and PJ's..

Anonymous | 1:22 PM

wearing old navy PJ's and ON jacket:)


Anonymous | 1:30 PM

I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, a fleece sweatshirt and jeans. Its so cold here today in the northeast!
Where: Home today from work; trying to kick a bad cold!!!

Kari | 1:40 PM

I'd be happy to spend the whole day on a swing like that!

Stephanie | 1:47 PM

Where: Grad School
Wear: Pregnancy Jeans and a t-shirt. I live in these jeans.... when I'm out. But as soon as I get back home I'm all about the pajama pants.

Catie | 2:00 PM

I'm wearing a white mock t, a red jacket and gray slacks. Where? In grad school, trying to look like both a student and an instructor.


Emily | 2:02 PM

Where: to work (blah!)
Wear: Leopard print dress, black tights, tan cardigan and black patent leather shoes. It looks like I'm trying but truth is I need to do laundry!

Anonymous | 2:11 PM

wear: old navy jeans and blouse
where: work and then home again

Meg | 2:18 PM

My sized-up jeans and a stripey maternity shirt for a playdate at the park with my 2.5 kids.

The Litzenbergers | 2:22 PM

To work and then to the park (it is sunny and cold in Seattle today) with the kiddo: jeans, black boots, white tank, with oversized black boyfriend cardigan.

Jennifer Himmerick | 2:25 PM

I feel like I have no style anymore. My daughter, on the other hand, is sporting a bright green henley with a pink plaid fleur de lis on it and bright pink corderoys, for our day at home together while her brothers are at school.

makyo | 2:48 PM

Wear, me: DKNY jeans, green longsleeve with blue tee over top, brown LL Bean comfort mocs (good for navigating slushy/icy sidewalks).

Wear, her: brown owl onesie from Gap, fleece-lined jeans from Children's Place, striped socks and brown Pediped mary janes.

Where, us: Storytime at the library followed by lunch at the coffeeshop and grocery shopping at a local whole foods market.

p.s. J'ADORE miss Fable's barrette!

Unknown | 2:50 PM

For a day of running around campus in the frigid weather: grey v-necked tee from Urban Outfitters, dark blue wash skinnys of the Levi's variety, purple/grey/ wrap scarf, Simple brand tennis shoes (made of completely recycled materials) and topped off with a faux-leather black moto jacket.

Mama Vicki | 2:52 PM

Wear: All black outfit, BCBG top and BR pants, cute 3" heels.

Where: work and lunch at the CC mall with a long-time friend.

Season | 3:01 PM

Today's where/wear:
grocery shopping with the kids
wearing jeans, white t-shirt, and grey sweater with yellow shoes.

She is so cute!

robin | 3:01 PM

Wear-grey old navy maternity pants, because yes, I was due a week ago but am still pregnant. Green fuzzy sweater, awesome wool socks.
Where-running around, errands, picking the older kid up from school and birthday shopping for the younger (soon to be middle) kid with her in tow.

Tara | 3:25 PM

Wear/where: Grey TJMaxx sweatpants. Old Navy Black and White stretchy tank (perfect maternity wear) with a black thrifted cardigan. Staying in today, having a Gilmore Girls marathon with the hubby and enjoying the relaxation!

Melissa | 3:36 PM

10 hours of today was spent in the car with a 2 and 4 year old and a cranky hubs. The girls in leggings and cardigans and the boys in track pants and tee's.

There may have been some Ugg boots up in the mix. But I swear it was for comfort and warmth, not fashion!

Rebecca | 3:53 PM

OMG! the pic where she's pointing with her mouth open, she looks exactly like you.

Momma | 4:33 PM

The Minnesota winter uniform: knee socks, jeans, t-shirt and favorite hoodie

Greg Gandenberger | 5:00 PM

Wear: Old Navy navy blue and white 3/4 length shirt trimmed in hot pink, dark jeans, and my snow boots.

Where: Trader Joe's for some tasty groceries!

Toystory | 5:14 PM

I love the leggings - this is one thing I seem to love both on adults and kids!
1prizewinner at gmail dot com

Flora R. | 5:43 PM

Today I wore a gray mohair cardigan over a black and gray striped tee with straight jeans and black boots....
Thanks for this giveaway!

Lisa | 6:21 PM

charcoal cords, pink embelished t-shirt and a grey sweater from Banana Republic, maroon suede flats - running mom errands - trying to still look stylish. love to win!

Lindsay | 6:27 PM

Where: Bookclub meeting then prenatal massage
Wear: Dark, skinny maternity jeans, floral top with an orange cardi and brown boots.

Dia C | 6:37 PM

Today's wear: Old Navy Cords, Graphic tee and Hoodie.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

Jen | 6:47 PM

Papa brought Linnea for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped by the coffee shop for an Americano and to chat with her friends the baristas. He dressed her in very styling Old Navy Bootcut jean, a red Old Navy hoodie and a purple flowered shirt. He said he choose the outfit because it was colorful and wanted to celebrate that the sun was out.

Unknown | 6:55 PM

would looove to win, thanks!

Susie | 7:02 PM

Where? Whole Foods
What? J crew outlet jeans, Target grey tissue long sleeve T, dark brown leather clogs - Eddie Bauer down jacket to keep warm!

leanne | 7:26 PM

well how about black pants and a great short sleeve tee with a very warm black sweater over it ..it is freezing and snowing here

Jess | 7:37 PM

Today we were snowed/iced in, so it was a pj day!

jbrodt at gmail dot com

hannah queen | honey & jam | 7:47 PM

today? v neck tee, sweater, jeans. my daily uniform! (the sweater and jeans are both from old navy, ha!)

Carly | 7:50 PM

Running errands and the park. Brown sweat pants and a blue and white tshirt.

Marie | 8:03 PM

grey tights, leather boots, short black dress, and a red sweater to my friend's birthday dinner downtown! We're in Chicago and it's COLD here.

Rhiannon | 8:53 PM

For super fun grocery shopping and jumping in mud spawn wore brown "soft pants" and an orange long sleeve tee with a blue and red striped hood (he picks his own clothes)
Me- dark blue jeans, black old navy tee, dark pink hood and vans.
Rnraupe at yahoo dot com

Christiana | 9:03 PM

For our busy days I choose leggings, tunics, boots, sunnies, and a latte in hand. My wee one chooses comfortable leggings and dresses over jeans all the time.
You are an inspiration - your trials and tribulations reassure me how all moms can survive and thrive the child rearing years with love, laughter, fun, style and grace.
Thank you!

Christiana | 9:07 PM

oh and my email is:
meocho11 (at) gmail (dot) com

Shannon | 9:20 PM

Wear:Just comfy jeans and a long sleeve tshirt Where:Home all day, no need to go anywhere-it's arctic cold here right now. I love being a SAHM!

mathilda Dunn | 9:43 PM

It was sunny in Seattle, so I let my poor tights and boot clad feet out of their uniform today and threw on favorite jeans, a pair of orange flats, a striped tee and a cozy boyfriend cardigan. Of course, it was still chilly, so I threw on a scarf. It felt like spring!

Yoga Susie | 9:47 PM

Today's wear/where was my fav dark wash skinny jeans, oatmeal colored long tee from la made and gray cardigan from Gap with various jewelry and gold flats from Target...at the railroad park with my 15 month old little guy. (He wore a Carters top and Old Navy jeans.) We rode the train, rode the carousel, played in the park, oohed and pointed at model trains and chased birds around until we fell down!

Stephanie | 9:51 PM

black tights, black skirt and grey cardigan for work! cute photos

Amanda | 10:32 PM

Jeans, sweater & red TOMS! Your daughter looks adorable!

LuckyCat | 10:51 PM

Snowy & cold here. Packers sweatpants and 2 tees.
Would love to go shopping at Old Navy!

Craig Clarkson | 11:34 PM

My granddaughter can't get enough of her Old Navy Dreamer Jeans.
She wears them all the time.

Unknown | 11:47 PM

Comfy T-shirt and knit pants. Love your little one's hair cut! Very cute btw.

Anonymous | 4:10 AM

Today it is my favorite jeans and a big heavy sweatshirt..it's cold here in Ohio.

Sams842 | 4:28 AM

Favorite jeans & comfy cardigan, I am staying home today :)

Valarie | 5:18 AM

Oh I love this where/wear post!

Where: My kids' elementary school (I volunteer there two days a week)

Wear: Dark jeans with a cotton lime green hooded sweater over a white t. Being comfortable is oh so very, very important to me!


i went crazy again today | 6:34 AM

pajama bottoms and a tshirt for morning cleaning!

Amy | 7:00 AM

My wear: Warm brown boots, gray leggings, black miniskirt, purple sweater. (Where = work.)

Her wear: Purple sparkly shirt, purple floral skirt, teal leggings, sparkly sneakers. Plus yellow mittens and polka-dot jacket. The girl loves color. (Where = school, and it's a PE day or she'd probably have on her brown boots, too.)

Margaux | 7:03 AM

Where/wear for me today:

I am pregnant and work from home, so stretchy black pants, a black long-sleeved tee, and a tan maternity cardigan. Boring, but comfortable.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 7:05 AM

Today's wear: Office stuff (black pants, some blousy top, and pumps, yuck!).

BUT--the playground Birks are always in the car!

Hillary | 7:30 AM

So, I'm totally impressed that you wear boots to run errands...can you post where you found such boots? All of mine seem uncomfortable or too utilitarian.

leah.hung | 8:02 AM

Essay writing outfit: 3/4 length jeans, thick socks & a hoodie

Carolyn | 8:17 AM

I love ballet shoes on little girls!

Tatiana | 8:35 AM

Love it when we can hit the park at nap time!

Abby | 8:36 AM

I love the barret! One day the peanut will have enough hair. One day.

Caitlin Carroll | 9:16 AM

Could definitely use some Old Navy money for maternity wear - just posted on my blog the other day how I was eyeing their stuff (and I'm not even pregnant. yet)

Two days ago I was wearing too-big jeans and an old sweater. It was my day to be home with my kid so I didn't really bother.

caitlinpcarroll AT gmail DOT com

the king of carrot flowers | 9:57 AM


wear: black tights (target), gray skirt (gap), gray blouse (target), gray cardigan (local boutique), black boots (palladium)

where: my office on a snowy day.

Sarah | 10:54 AM

Today is a work day so brown work pants, a light teal sweater, and brown boots!

Alison | 4:08 PM

Today I've got on a long sleeved hooded shirt and some jeans and I'm hanging at home.

Emily | 6:36 PM

That Fable is quite a cutie!

Not much wear/where excitement in my neck of the woods, unfortunately ... The whole family has been sick so it's just lots of comfy pajamas for us!

Tracy R | 8:07 PM

It's sweats all day today because every Thursday I take someone to the gym and work out with her as my job. Love it, and happy that I found some cute sweats!

Lindsey Fyfe | 9:12 PM

Today my work outfit (@ a high school) was a black turtleneck (H&M) tucked into a red flower patterned skirt (2nd hand), opaque black tights and red vintage leather heels purchased in scotland!

Bunny | 11:07 PM

Today I sported a pink and black plaid button up with jeans and black converse. I had school and then my son's OT appointment. My daughter was dressed more stylishly in a ON white sweater dress, black tights, black cardigan and See Kai Run Arianna shoes in Mandarin.

FernLePlante | 5:48 PM

Wear: Old Navy skinny diva jeans, ankle boots, a lace trimmed cami & v neck sweater.
Where: Grocery shopping! (how exciting)

nmg915 | 6:35 PM

Great post!

The threads for today... skirt found at salvation army, white blouse and orange scarf.

For the wee one, purple leggings, a ruffle covered top with sparkly thread and a handmade cream cable knit sweater.

Momma S. | 8:28 PM

grey boyfriend t-shirt from Target, super comfy. Pink ribbed hoodie from SIL who is too skinny (biatch). Post baby fat jeans, thank you spanx! Kickin' Nike shoes with just a smidge of pink. this is momma at gmail dot com

Myssie | 4:59 AM

Fables leggings are very cute. I cannot wait for spring. We're in MA, the only leggings we wear are made of merino wool and are under our jeans.

Jules | 2:42 PM

Comfy target workout pants and a college tshirt as I hit Costco with 4 kids in tow!

FernLePlante | 7:38 PM

Wear/where for 2/13/2011:
wear: navy blue khaki pants, navy blue tank top, and tan ruffled v-neck cardigan.
Where: church, then home to tackle the laundry mountain.
fernleplante at g mail dot com

Dia C | 10:57 AM

Today's Where: Work, ugh.

Wear: Skirt and blouse, but after work comfy sweats and a Tee shirt.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

FernLePlante | 6:52 PM

Wear/Where 2/14/2011:
wear: Red cable knit sweater (It's Valentine's Day!!) with black tank, jeans, black ballet flats, and a Garnet "Y" necklace (it's hubby's birthstone <3)
where: preschool Valentine's Party and then to the mall!
fernleplante at g mail do com

oh, jenny mae | 8:03 PM

she's so freakin' cute. i bet it hurts, dunnit?

Dia C | 5:18 AM

Where: Home then work.

Wear: Currently in my comfy Old Navy sweats until it's time to get ready for work.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

Karin | 6:40 AM

Wearing a gray Doritos t-shirt and red shortie bottoms-- last night's bedroom attire!

karin56381 (at) gmail.com

Siouxzy | 8:06 AM

Postpartum weight and a new born demand that I stay at home in my sweats.

Annie Currier | 8:19 AM

Just jeans and a sweater. I have to stay warm in this cold Ohio weather! Annie Currier

Anonymous | 8:53 AM

Nice! Any advice on how to encourage 'em to wear colors other than pink?

Carra N | 11:29 AM

Fables outfit is beyond perfect.

I need to take more fun adventures like the two of you.

Brooke | 2:16 PM

Old Navy Rocks!


Robbie | 6:19 PM

My wear/where is a black and white, stripey, hooded sweater-dress and skate shoes while running around trying to get my plates renewed, blah. I am jealous of your fabulous places to play and explore. I need a new city.

Marelize | 8:53 PM

Haha, I love Mario Lopez on Saved by The Bell. Did he have a perm or what? I also love Old Navy.

Rachelle | 12:32 AM

Yoga pants and t shirt for cleaning the house day. Fun times.

Dia C | 5:24 AM

Today's Where: At the office.

Wear: It looks like spring here so a cute skirt and ss button up shirt.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

Carrie | 10:37 AM

my cladvneture will be. black mini dress. silver flats and a headband with a big purple flower on it!

Deanna | 3:12 AM

Today's Where: Home

Today's Wear: Pajama bottoms, t-shirt, hoody :)

(email in profile)

Dia C | 6:30 AM

Where: Home then work.

Wear: Hated to change out of my comfy sweats to work cloths, Cords and sweater. but they are comfy too.

Thanks for the giveaway!

diacronan at hotmail dot com

Unknown | 1:30 PM

Great cladventure! Fable is lucky to have a cool mom like you to take her neat places! The denim jacket is classic...every girl, big or small, must have one!
ellecee123 at gmail dot com
thanks for the giveaway!

Ashley | 10:05 AM

Where: home / work

Wear: whatever is clean...ish / my required uniform of khakis and a polo. Shexy, right? At least with an Old Navy gift card I can accessorize ;p

jessicaj75@aol.com | 3:28 PM

i went out with my husbandish last weekend for the first time in....
and i wore old navy knee high furry boots, old navy cargos and an old navy shirt with an old navy scarf!!! i swear it's all true! so crazy.
then i wore a hat given to me by a parent of a child in my class, blue and black plaid taxi driver hat. don't know where she got it but i love love love it!!!

MK | 4:28 PM

Where: visiting a friend and taking the kiddos to the dentist

Wear: a boyfriend turtleneck and black pants tucked into black snow boots and my puffy down coat. Sick of it!

Because there is snow. Alot of snow. In Michigan.

But darn that Fable is dahling!


Elizabeth | 6:52 PM

Today's outfit was something casual for work: Banana Rebublic blue jeans, a gray J. Crew tank with a cute little ruffle at the front, and a pink cardigan.

Fable's style totally beats mine. I love her hair clip!!


Nancy Wurtzel | 3:00 PM

Oh, your daughter is so darling...enjoy these sweet days. I'm from the LA area, too and love going to LACMA -- the streetlight art is wonderful, and perfect for pictures. Your pics are wonderful and I'm glad that I found your blog link on another blog today...I'll be back to read!

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