Patience and Pretzels

She's upset because she's hungry and our pretzel is too hot to eat. She wants it now but if she eats it, she will burn herself. She knows without my saying. A while back, we were in the same Starbucks at the same Barnes and Noble with the same steaming hot pretzel between us.

I had just explained to her that the pretzel was too hot to eat.

"It will burn your mouth," I said. "Don't do it! Noooooo!!!"

Fable didn't listen, took a bite, spat it out, cried. I told you so, said the moment.

"See?" I said.

Since then she's known to wait. She remembers. Instead she crosses her arms, pouts, kicks her chair but doesn't dare bite into anything without inspecting it for warmth.

I stab the pretzel with a plastic knife to let some of the heat escape and then she does the same. I pull at the sides. I'm hungry, too.

"Hot," she says, as the steam pours out through the slits.

"Yup. Still too hot."

She frowns again.

I join her.

Patience has never been my strength but it's something I have become much better at since having kids. Perhaps because I'm constantly explaining to them of its importance...

"Wait your turn."
"We'll be there soon."
"It'll cool down in a minute."
"It's not ready yet. Be patient..."

...Until I'm telling myself the same things.

I am tempted to taste the pretzel. It's still steaming but maybe it's not too hot to try. Except it is. Clearly it is. Of course it is.

It'll cool down in a minute.
It's not ready yet. Be patient...

Eventually it will cool down. In the meantime...

If Fable can wait, so can I.




mrs.notouching | 10:00 PM

Those pictures? KILL ME! My kid bites her fingers while waiting.

Erin | 10:05 PM

shes so sweet!

Amanda @ willful/joyful | 10:47 PM

Too sweet! That first photo kills me. I find myself practicing patience more as a parent too. I wish it'd hurry up and get easier :)

lynn | 11:25 PM

um, where can i get that pretzel? i love really overheated food!!!

GingerB | 12:46 AM

I am that parent who touches the food to see if it can be safely touched then promptly I tell my daughter not to. I think I was that kid also. The touching still goes on but I think I may have stopped putting the hot shit in my mouth. Think folks - to never again have pizza burn (it comes from the sauce - of course you can trust the cheese but the sauce is suspect)

I love Fable Fotos pixie cuts.

Unknown | 1:09 AM

Oh Fable. I have sooooo been you. I have been you last week and I am 36 years old. Probably older than your mama. But I gave in. I tried it. The fresh bread *was* too hot. I burned my fingers on the tin and my tongue on the bread. (I would show you, but that would be sticking my tongue out, and my mother would tell me off. Yes she would. Even though I am 36 and a mother myself!)

*hugs* for your patience honey-bun, and I hope it was yummy when you did get to eat it.

You want to know something REALLY terrible? In England, we don't even have Barnes and Noble, and we DON'T HAVE PRETZELS!

Not even ones that are too hot.

*hugs* Sarah

Kim | 6:16 AM

Best picture ever!

jennybean | 6:32 AM

Aww, the torture!

Rosstwinmom | 9:02 AM

She's adorable with the new hair. I mean, just yummy cute. She looks older too.

Scout798 | 11:24 AM

This is fantastic! I remember making the same face ... as I, too, was (am) impatient!

On another note, started your book last week. Amazingly honest ... ours was long awaited and yet, I'm going through the same series of emotions. Its funny how things can tie us all together and make us feel less alone. Thanks for putting it out there ...

colette | 12:05 PM

Love that picture! Priceless!

It's wonderful how being a parent we get to also learn through our children. And continue growing up as well.

What a journey to be blessed with :)

colette | 12:09 PM

I also remember my mom telling me how she taught me to stay clear of cleaning products under the kitchen sink. Always the actress, she pretended to sip the bleach cleaner and quickly dropped to the floor holding her throat, crying out. I stepped back in shock, eyes wide and terrified. I never went near the cupboard under the sink after. hahahha

Chelsea | 1:04 PM

she is such a little mini archer! so cute!

Amanda | 2:22 PM

Gaaaah! You need to make Fable action figures with adorable haircut and face making action!

superpaige | 4:12 PM

I read this just after I burned my tongue from eating fresh tortilla chips right out of the oven.

Rebecca | 5:47 PM

Pizza Pretzel from the Starbucks at B&N? We eat the same thing at ours and both my kids have screamed their heads off after taking a bite of that too hot feast. Fable sure is cute waiting. My plead with me to blow on it until I feel like I am going to pass out.

Kate | 7:29 PM

that face - too cute!

ugh. I wish this blog post ended with a brilliant recommendation for a parenting how-to book. I find myself in a vicious cycle of impatience. My 3 year old daughter's impatience and related bad behaviors exasperate me. She then parrots my exasperated and not so role-model worthy behaviors, which makes me feel like crap, and oh, also exasperates me more. Help!

Please send patience vibes.

ttsc | 2:31 PM

That is to the cutest picture ever, the last one. Love it!

Anonymous | 2:32 PM

Oh my goodness, my 5 year old makes that exact same face in the first photo! And the kicker? She looks like a grown up Fable ... as noted here

not making that same face though.

Desiree | 4:32 PM

Wise words, mama <3


Man, I've felt like Fable in those pictures! I always think learning patience must be extra hard for our little ones. They're still learning what time is, so "soon" isn't always helpful to hear. Yeah, I have trouble with patience and waiting and all that, but I have some perspective (supposedly) - and I can read a clock!

~ Noelle

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

the haircut is precious! she is so cute.

Alex | 11:39 AM

Those pretzels look really good. I'd have a hard time waiting too.

Unknown | 12:03 PM

My stomach is growling at the sight of that pretzel. And I'm terrible at waiting to eat. I believe I have developed somewhat of an asbestos mouth, so I have to be extra careful when giving hot food to my little guy. And that's only a crumb off the old patience game pretzel.

Anna | 11:53 AM

Those pictures are so priceless (especially the second one)! I so know what you mean about the hungry kid and the too hot food. My son, when hungry, sometimes cries when I put his food in the microwave because he knows I am about to make it "hot" (and he's nervous about "too hot")

Erin | 3:55 PM

Cute. You are a very good writer.

Mark @ nanny cameras | 6:54 AM

so cute!! good thing she learned and
patiently waiting.
great Post!

Ray | 9:42 PM

FIRST OFF: That first photo is AWESOME! SECONDLY: You gotta love a strong-willed little girl! Thank you for sharing us stories of Fable. It's absolutely impossible not to fall in love with her. You're a lucky momma. <3

Sophistimom | 6:12 PM

Such a sweet moment. Love her cheeks. :)