Gone Style: Where/Wear - Los Angeles Public Library, Downtown (Sponsored + Giveaway)

** Updated with winner, below! **
The following post + giveaway brought to you by Old Navy (To check out the Old Navy kids & baby sale with prices starting @ $5, go here!) and is the second of three "Wear/Where" posts featuring the lovable stylings of miss Fable Luella as she adventures to some of our favorite local haunts clad in apropos play clothes we picked together via her closet.

For our next Wear/Where cladventure, Fable and I hooked up with the boys (Hal & Archer) and sojourned to a place we'd never been before as a family of four (rhyme time!): Central Library downtown. I don't know about you but libraries sing "cardigan" to me, especially red cardigans with bows (naturally) and leg warmers over tights have been a part of Fable's signature look since infancy. So. Without further ado, here's what we wore wear...

Where: Los Angeles Public Library, Downtown L.A
Wear: Red bowtie-cardigan over black and white striped shirt-dress,
white ruffle-bottomed tights layered with silver-starred leg warmers.
For hair = another handmade (pinwheel!) barrette.
For feet: black ballet slippers
Books of and Fables
What: We spent the day perusing the Central Library, checking out books with the kids and rolling down grassy hills in the surrounding gardens. (Many of the following pictures below were taken by the fountains in the front of the library and in Maguire Gardens.)
It was Fable's first time in the Central Library which is insane. I don't know why it took us until now to take her. Not that our local library isn't awesome, but the Central Library is magical - Beyond its architectural awe, it's one of the rare welcome-to-all places where everyone seems genuinely happy, friendly, gracious. Books do that, don't they? So do people who love them.
Later in the afternoon, whilst playing in the grass outside the library, Fable rolled into a bit of mud, hence the lack of tights in these next few photos. (And Hal wondered why she was wearing tights AND legwarmers. Ha! Mud is why, Hal. Mud. is. why!)
We went on to explore downtown, ran around the waterfall at Pershing Square until Fable made it clear she was too tired to run. Or walk. Or stand without falling.
On the way back to the car, Fable fell asleep in my arms...

... and stayed sleeping until we arrived home.


Once again, it's your turn, those who wear/where! I'll be awarding one commenter (per post) with an $150 Old Navy gift card. To win? Submit a comment below. Perhaps, about today'scladventure? (Mine = skinny cords with a blazer, tee and ankle boots to write at the coffee shop until it's time to pick up Archer from school.)

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, February 22nd via random.org and contacted directly (so don't forget to include contact information in the comments, please!) For official contest rules go, here. Good luck and happy where/wearing!

UPDATED: Congratulations to random.org selected commenter #230, Lola + Ollie! You just won yourself an Old Navy gift card, hooray! And thank you ALL for participating!



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Megan | 7:39 AM

I'm taking my 2 year old to the dentist for the first time so this is what we'll wear:
him: a straightjacket
me: a martini
A shopping spree at Old Navy would be a great reward!

Muffin Cake | 7:40 AM

Legwarmers over tights would make my 3 year old SO happy.

beyond | 7:40 AM

today i'm actually wearing old navy jeans. they're not the very best, of course, but perfectly good considering their price... : )

Anonymous | 7:47 AM

Ok, I'm kind of boring here, (woo! Such a compelling intro!) but I'm...

at work/will be home/then wine night with the ladies

a 500 year old striped shirt from the Gap, some kind of lacy long tank undershirt from Old Navy? Target? David Kahn jeans and the thank-god-you-were-made feet saving (but fashion discouraging) dansko clogs.
Yay Thursday! Yay for jobs that love jeans! Yay for giveaways!

Amblus | 7:50 AM

I do love a giveaway! I'm wearing a boring work dress, purple cardigan and brown Frye boots.

Anonymous | 7:50 AM

where: work then drinks

wear: pencil skirt, argyle sweater, tights and my new shoes :)

That hair cut is perfect for Fable.


Daisy | 7:51 AM

Striped button down with French cuffs, navy sweater, dark jeans, mocassins & a Burberry scarf- my office is SO cold. Love the legwarmers over tights.

Kim | 7:51 AM

Sweat pants and a hoodie, a la my boyfriend. (Oversized and super comfortable). I'm sick so I stayed home from work today.

DCD | 7:54 AM

Blue/gray slacks, red silk patterned cami, brown cardigan, brown heels, and gold jewelry for work. PJs the second I walk in the door after work.


grass ahn | 7:58 AM

Gray jeans, gray tank, and pink sweater all under a green winter jacket to scrape ice off the windshield of my car!

Meghan Elaine | 8:00 AM

Today we're doing art with friends- me: old tee shirt and jeans
them: naked bellies and too short jeans

caitlin | 8:00 AM

Today is cold here in Oregon, so the boys will be wearing flannel lined carharts and hoodies, and I will be wearing some heinous mashup layering of the few maternity clothes I have! We are going to play at the park.

Mary | 8:01 AM

Well seeing as how I'm at work again, it's slacks and a blouse with black pumps. My son is sporting blue fleece pants (from Old Navy!) and a "I like turkey with my game" long-sleeved t-shirt which the fiance is wondering why I picked out since it's no longer Thanksgiving!


GreerAnn | 8:01 AM

So far I haven't made it our of my Old Navy yoga pants and Red Cross freebie T-shirt that I wore to the gym. But at some point today I will probably get myself into jeans and a cardigan, my go-to for playdate and errand-wear. Fingers are crossed for a shopping spree for me, my little girl, and my baby-to-be (due in September). greercaldwell@gmail.com

Katy F-H | 8:02 AM

My 2yo, wears tights over leg warmers, tights under leg warmers, tights under pants, she is all about the layer looks. Have you seen the argyle leg warmers!

Today for daycare- shirt dress, leggings (old school with the lace), leg warmers (argyle!), and a hoodie because a girl needs pockets to hide things in.

leah.hung | 8:05 AM

Writing about Spartan ladiesin jeans, hoodie and thick socks

Shannon | 8:05 AM

I woke up at 6am to the message that I'll be meeting a guy I have a crush on after a full day of work and school (with NO chance of going home to change)! I tried to put together something versitile, cute, comfy, and flattering:

purple ballet neck tank: H&M
grey deep-v sweater: H&M
green scarf: Target
black wide leg trousers: Lane Bryant
black double-buckle ankle boots: Mudd
accessories: silver wishbone necklace, wide band, and grandmother's antique ring
*changing into jeans for school/evening: Old Navy Sweetheart jeans

kim {the non-mom blogger} | 8:05 AM

Me and my littlest one are going to our local children's art studio today! Not sure what I'm wearing yet - still need to shower - but my three-year-old dressed herself, so....you can imagine.

erin | 8:07 AM

where: mostly home, on little bit's first birthday

her: jammies (she hates getting her clothes changed, so why torture her on her big day?)

me: gray tank, black cardigan, and jeans ... maybe ... if i get dressed

little bit would love some new Old Navy jammies! :)

AutumH | 8:08 AM

Me-My gray loose fitting gym shorts and fitted,dirty tee because I'm still in my pajamas (Yes, I do wear my gym clothes to bed sometimes,normally when I haven't used them)

My little Monster-saggy diaper and half of his spongebob pajamas.

We've both just woken up and are sitting around and being lazy at the moment.

Not the most inspiring who/what/wear but tis my reality at the moment. ;)


Roxanne | 8:09 AM

Today is a work day, so I am "clad" in grey slacks from Target and a black polo with company logo. Grey & black heels by Mudd (bought at Kohl's).

The kiddo (at preschool & then off to the park when I get off work) is wearing the most darling rainbow sweater I found on the clearance rack at Target a few days ago. It's absolutely adorable, and reminds me of the beautiful fall when we're in the dreadful winter. And I believe his Old Navy jeans are sporting a faux-fashionable hole in one knee. :)

Katie Jane | 8:12 AM

As always, it's jeans and a tshirt for this work-at-home-er. Although I might be going to the post office later (big plans!), so I'll put on my fabulous Italian boots that I purchased on my honeymoon over my jeans for the 1/2 a block walk.

ona | 8:12 AM

The SAME black Gap maternity pants I wore 2 days ago, salmon stretchy tee, and black cardigan - also maternity, but not really big enough anymore:(, and Danskos on my feet. I'll be teaching 9 year olds all day, then chillin' with my 2 year old at home until bedtime. Would LOVE the ON card!

SkittleSkattle | 8:12 AM

I put 3 little ponytails in JoJo's hair today. I babysit her two days a week. I think it is the first time she has had ponytails.
My munchkin is wearing a cute little bird onesie and red, pink and white heart pants.

Maggie | 8:15 AM

Later today I'll be going to Plum Island on the north shore of Massachusetts. My friend will we walking her dog... I will be collecting Sea Glass, so this is what I'm wearing:

My most cozy thick Danskin Yoga pants

Layers of tanks/tees/zip ups from Old Navy and Target

My trusty Lands End puffy vest

Black American Apparel circle scarf

I'll be adding my hand knit cable hat with ear flaps for the beach later!

grace | 8:17 AM

I don't know if I am eligible to win, since I don't have kids yet, but I had to comment, because I LOVE Fable's outfit.

Carolyn | 8:21 AM

I'm wearing wool pants and a cardigan to work . . . again.

Ellie | 8:21 AM

Todays Where/Wear in my house is Jamies and the couch. My daughter has some tummy troubles today.

jesse k | 8:24 AM

Sadly, no fun outfit today, starting my spring cleaning. My daughter, however has on a cute leopard print top with tan pants. Aduuurable

Kayt | 8:27 AM

We're getting haircuts today, so I'm in brown ON khakis, black Zappos boots, pink Torrid tank, Lane Bryant cardigan, and an Army Navy Surplus peacoat.

Tatiana | 8:31 AM

A comment!
My girl has a big collection of leg warmers but prefers to wear them on her arms. We've increased her stock by buying ladies knee socks and cutting of the feet. I give them a simple hem to keep them from unraveling. The looser end is nice because when they do end up on her legs they spread out over her shoes nicely.

Amy K | 8:31 AM

My daughter has a preschool class tonight, so she'll be in dark clothes because I've discovered that "washable paint" still stains.

Abby | 8:34 AM

Leg warmers over tights? A little jealous I didn't think of it.

Molly | 8:35 AM

OMG you may have the cutest daughter ever. I think I may want to have a kid just so I can give her a bob and dress her up like that. GREAT photos!!!
(I'm wearing writing clothes to the coffee shop today: jeans, cable knit sweater, pashmina, boots).

KristaS | 8:36 AM

Me and my boys went to the farmers market today. They wore matching nike basketball warm ups and tshirts. I wore my favorite jeans and a long sleeve floral thermal shirt.

Katie | 8:38 AM

That outfit kind of makes me melt. I wish they made it in grown-up sizes (and that it would look half as cute on me as it does on Fable)!

Today, I'm wearing pjs followed by gym clothes followed by more pjs. But a shopping spree at Old Navy would really brighten my outlook. Spring is just around the corner here in New Orleans!

Anonymous | 8:39 AM

Adorable! I would totally wear a grown-up version of Fable's outfit. But I'm home sick from work, so I'm wearing boring PJs instead.

Diane | 8:42 AM

Little girls in legwarmers and tights are the best. I need to find some in my size :)

Eliza | 8:44 AM

It's FREEEEZING here today (9 degrees), so my 18 month old daughter is wearing:
purple quilted corduroy overalls + long sleeve onesie from babyGap
3 1/2 yr old daughter is wearing:
Old Navy cozy velour pants & hoodie + Mickey Mouse T-shirt (her FAVORITE)
Mama is wearing:
white cami (Old Navy) + green ruffled v-neck long sleeve shirt (Lands End Canvas) + dark ankle jeans (Gap)+ leopard print ballet flats + LONG brown down coat!

Alex | 8:46 AM

Aww I love her outfit and I especially love the short little dress and the peekaboo diaper.

trista | 8:51 AM

"Baby Legs" over tights is a combination that is in the very near future. I have a pair with bats on them for reserve for halloween. I can't wait for October!

tristamj (at) hotmail (dot) com

Amy beth | 8:53 AM

day off today hitting up the local library age 3-5 valentines bash. i'm going with a magenta scoop neck, gray fitted cargos, black tuxedo jacket, and boots. georgia's feeling fancy in red tights, white turtleneck, black ruffle dress, and leopard print maryjanes. james is keeping it lowkey with gap sweats and white long sleeve crewneck and sneaks. i like today's lineup. p.s. fable is a doll face. amy.putman@gmail.com

Leslie | 8:59 AM

We're going on an outing for makings for valentines... I'm wearing maternity jeans & a raggedy old type. Target shoppers don't really care what you look like, thankfully.

Amanda | 9:06 AM

Pretty much in the same boat as you!

Stripped 3/4 sleeve t, skinny jeans and those Dolce Vita flats that Target had awhile back, marigold cardigan= park and errand apparel.

Jack is in pretty much the same. We look like a couple of matching dorks.

W | 9:07 AM

typical day at his friend's house with the nanny they share, while i'm at grad school:

him (the toddler) - red Children's Place long sleeve tee, black sweatpants, rocking awesome black sneakers with silver patterns, dino hat that I made for him cause dammit there are no cute boy hats for anything less than 40 bucks!

me - grey corderoy pants, purple long sleeve boatneck, black Madden Girl high heel boots (to make me feel better about my status as a grad student slave)

Mrs. Melberry | 9:09 AM

At work. Again. wearing: cream colored turtleneck sweater dress, black skinny jeans and black boots. Black framed glasses and bun ftw.

DeafMomWorld | 9:09 AM

Our favorite past times are going to the butterfly museum. We go there often! I have a large printout framed on my wall of my daughter in very trendy outfit seriously perusing a butterfly. She's a fashion addict. She changes clothes like 3 times a day! Cute but not great for laundry!

Caitlin Carroll | 9:14 AM

Working in the morning then picking up my toddler from my husband on his college campus - wearing leggings, Tom's shoes, denim skirt, H&M mustard yellow tee and a grey wool sweater/blazer. Oh, and a scarf I got in Egypt. Love this outfit.

Who knows what my kid will be wearing, seeing as how his father will be dressing him.

contact info: caitlinpcarroll AT gmail DOT com

Blythe | 9:17 AM

I recently took an architectural tour of Los Angeles and I saw a side of the city that amazed me. The public library was one of our stops and I loved it (what a cute little shop in there too!).

Kayley Maybe | 9:29 AM

I am in chilly Wisconsin, where there are -20 degree windchills today. So I am wearing many, many layers: lined brown Ann Taylor pants, two undershirts, Banana republic button down shirt, large cardigan. I dressed my beautiful daughter in a long sleeve onesie, dark blue polka dot pants, and a white sweater (Yes, I know white doesn't work for kids, but it was a gift! and it's warm!).

Flambo | 9:31 AM

I left my 2.5 year old with my son this morning, so god only knows what he'll be dressed in. I don't really care as long as it's clean.

I, on the other hand, went for breezy J.Jill comfort today. Heather grey cotton pants, white Flexees tank (gotta suck in that gut!), and a black blousy thing that ties in front. And black flats. Colorful I may not be, but comfort is king!

Anna | 9:32 AM

THIS is why I wish I had a little girl to dress! I've got a pair of lovely gentlemen, but they don't have enough hair for adornments. ;)

Fabs | 9:38 AM

Today I am wearing a skirt and black boots and a black sweater and I am feeling good! I love wearing boots. My 11 year old daughter went to school wearing light pink yoga/fleece pants, a bright turquoise sweater and and her pink plaid chuck taylors! I love it.

Alexis | 9:40 AM

white T, brown wrap sweater, dark denim, brown Pr!vos. First preschool gym class at the YMCA w/ the little one, now snuggling on the couch watching Toy Story with the older one.

Jamie Elizabeth | 9:44 AM

Me: Black hooded cardigan and grey tee with jeans and black converse.

Her: Grey leggings, denim mini skirt, pink onesie and navy heart hoodie.

Where: Work for me and hanging out with Mema (my mom) for her. Later, we'll meet up with Dad and hit the grocery store.

Elissa L. | 9:46 AM

We have a busy day today with school, dentist appointments and dinner with friends. Today I am wearing an over-sized heather gray sweatshirt (there's a cold wind out there today!)and Levi's and of course the chuck taylors. My 5 year old will be wearing her school uniform and then changing into jeans with purple butterflies embriodered on them with a purple Paul Frank t-shirt that says "I love Nerds"!

Unknown | 9:47 AM

It's cold over here in the midwest. I have tights on under my brown dress slacks, a tank top under a nice Brown/tan/burnt red striped sweater (with a beautfil cowl neck that I love) and ugly brown pumps with a bow on them because Payless considers me a "growing girl". Sad.

No kids to dress, but my dog has a red sweater with a bone on it. He hates it, though. I prefer him in his snuggie.

Anonymous | 9:51 AM

I work from home so I'm not all styled out. I'm wearing gap jeans, gray long sleeve shirt from target and super cozy cardigan from a boutique here in austin,also fuzzy socks from oldnavy. I exude sexiness on all levels!

Katie | 9:51 AM

Sweaters with elbow patches are my favorite Eoghan clothes. Hand me downs.


Unknown | 9:56 AM

Fable is so adorable! She makes me watch a daughter.

My outfit today is a real "don't" with boring brown pants and a work logo polo shirt in tan. At least I can wear my TOMS shoes, which are so comfortable that it makes me feel a little better about my awful work outfit.

Lou Lou Belle | 9:58 AM

today's another work day cladventure! and it's basically a repeat of last time...

ON Chinos with a layering of a ON Tank, AA Tshirt, and a cardigan. today to mix it up, though, I have on my hemp simple sneaks with purple satin ribbons for the win! ha!

if only I could be as cute as little miss fable, and I'm jealous of the library adventure.

the king of carrot flowers | 10:02 AM

wear: holey blue jean (h&m), striped thermal (baby gap), Ewok tee (old navy), cowboy boots (vintage)

where: an afternoon snow date to the public library for my 4 year old with his mum

Rachel | 10:04 AM

Pajamas for now, then scrubs (essentially work pajamas!)

OneRadMother | 10:15 AM

Wearing my serious teacher outfit: Old NAvy khakis in Blue, Old Navy white/purple striped Thermal, silver flats.

Don't I feel studious.

Morgan | 10:16 AM

Some of my favorite pieces of my kids are from Old Navy. Great giveaway!

Right now I'm still in my jammies. I guess it's time for me to get dressed. :)

kristi | 10:20 AM

today i'm wearing skinny black jeans, grey slouchy boots, & my husband's black white & red plaid button up because it's super soft & comfy! I'm at work again, but hopefully i'll also be wearing this while i take my dog on a walk when i get home!

kdogg | 10:24 AM

I wish my clothes and hair were as cute as Fable's!

I'm at work today. Blue cowl neck shirt and black pants. Boring black work shoes.

Blonde Ambitions | 10:28 AM

Today is my birthday, so I'm feeling festive. :-)
-Purple/blue embroidered F21 dress (I think it's really a swimsuit coverup, which is I how I normally rock it)
-black Gap opaque tights
-Black Ann Taylor Loft long cardigan
-Black ATL shooties

Catherine | 10:29 AM

where: teaching on campus

wear: dark wash jeans, brown corduroy blazer, sky blue sweater, brown flats

(This is about as "professorish" as I get.)

beckyd | 10:29 AM

I'm in between regular pants and maternity pants, and it's about 10 degrees here today so I'm wearing:

-low rise cords, button open
-a long sleeve tshirt
-Patagonia Capiline 4 shirt
-an Old Navy wrap sweater

I can't wait until spring.

mutt | 10:38 AM

I'm boring today with a free tee from the Hockey game (go Mavs!) and NY&C Sporty pants with old slippers. The boys are rocking sweat pants, one with a baseball tee and one with a dino tee. All boy clothes from Target. That's how we roll on a lazy stay home day.

MommyLisa | 10:39 AM

The thing I LOVE is that I KNOW you are also dressed cute. I hate when the kid looks supercute and the mom is wearing yoga pants, her hubby's t-shirt and no accessories. its tragic!

MommyLisa | 10:41 AM

Oh - I am wearing my Eileen Fisher pants, an Old Navy long sleeve blue t, sparkle blue ballet flats from Wanted and a cool old tourquoise and bone necklace I bought from another blogger on Etsy - and my black work, its cold, cardigan with bat wing sleeves. ;)

MommyLisa | 10:42 AM

OH SHOOT - My child has an Old Navy "pinafore" baby cord dress on over target stripped sweatpants and Belle purple socks. SHe choose today.

Meggan Hood | 10:45 AM

Back at work again so it's brown plaid, skinny leg dress slacks with an eggplant sweater and gold flats. The kiddo is at school and looks super cute in her dark jeans, long sleeve white t-shirt layered under a purple American Apparel t-shirt with double Hs on the front for our last name - Hood - typeset periodic table style.

norah | 10:46 AM

Me:Purple, yellow and grey almost watercolor print top, grey cardigan, skinny jeans, and black suede boots. My baby girl (who's wardrobe is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than mine):white skinny jeans with zippers at the ankles (from old navy!), long grey and white boyfriend cardigan (from old navy!)and a motorhead onesie. Plus a taupe and cream hat with a big crystal blue pom pom because she's bald (from Old Navy!)

L.L. | 10:48 AM

Today my son is "cruising" (just learned this is the official term for walking while holding onto furniture) around the house in a white & grey striped tee & some yellow pants. I am rocking head to toe Old Navy doing it comfy style since its snowy out and we are staying in today - old navy grey and teal lady boxers and old navy grey 3/4 length sleeve ruffle neck tee.

Sarah | 10:53 AM

Today is a work adventure so brown pants with a light teal sweater and brown boots!

LiciaLee | 10:53 AM

Clara and I went to a MOPS meeting this morning. :D. I wore jeans and a sweater (exciting i know) and Clara wore an adorable off white Gap dress and some brown/pink legwarmers. My FAVORITE outfit ever. :D

Unknown | 10:53 AM

Today is (after a very tough, emotional few days), silver wool tights under black shorts (both from target), a Temple tee under a white cardi under a green military jacket from Army/Navy with a huge pink crochet scarf from my Bubby. Oh and suede knee high boots in black from a thrift shop. Where is work (as a nanny) and class (both as a student and as a peer teacher)

Tina C. | 10:55 AM

I'm working today so I'm wearing Grey slacks from Gap, a black knit top from Forever 21, a hot pink cardigan from Target and some black patent leather heels that I bought at nordstroms a couple years ago.

My little guy is at home with my bestfriend/his sitter and he's wearing a striped onesie from Old Navy, red fleece pants from Gymboree and socks from Target.

k | 10:58 AM

At work so it's skinny black pants, grey cami, black sweater and woven grey infinity scarf. My classic black leather boots finish the look. Classic (sometimes also known as "the work uniform" for me).

Unknown | 11:03 AM

Where: @ Home avoiding these freezing temps hanging around outside our door.

Wear: My old comfy jeans that always feel better than they look, a long black tank, and my hubby's purple hoodie... that's about as stylish as I get on laundry day.

jess | 11:09 AM

today i'm @ work.
wearing a black cardigan. black slacks & BLACK flats!
i looooove old navy, i looooove your blog so i definitely looooove this giveaway!

Jen Green | 11:10 AM

Fantastic shots! and good for you instilling feelings of adventure and fun corresponding to library trips. I can never read too many books!

Melissa | 11:21 AM

Before I left the house this morning I dressed the girl in brown leggings and a pale pink cotton dress. The boy was wearing boxer/brief underwear and a white undershirt. 10 bucks says he will have the same thing on when I get home.

For my first day back to work after a week off, I dressed myself in jeans, boots, white linen shirt and a sweater vest thingy. Topped with a locket that has yet to be filled.

The Hojo Family | 11:24 AM

Today I am wearing bell bottom(ish) type stretchy jeans with an old navy beige top with designs on it. Just casual for a day around the house doing laundary and running my son to baseball this afternoon.


Chelsea | 11:39 AM

such sweet photos. our library is so lame compared to yours!

Anonymous | 11:41 AM

Love the red cardi!

Soft skinny black cords, red cashmere tunic sweater, black blazer, larger silver hoop earrings. I'm writing from home today so the cords and sweater are super comfy for sitting at a desk. The blazer I can throw on when I have to leave the house to pick up my daughter!

duck | 11:41 AM

I am wearing my uniform today to take my kiddos to the local library
Jeans, long sleeved shirt.

katiepaisley | 11:55 AM

Today I am wearing grey sweater tights with a denim mini. L.L. bean Rubber moc boots, a blue oxford shirt that was my dads when he was much younger, a pink cardigan and blue plaid cashmere scarf. I look adorable :)

Unknown | 12:06 PM

My 3 year old dressed herself once again today. She wanted to wear Superwhy underwear and a pink hooded vest with brown fake fur. And that's it. One of the few times I was glad that I had to leave for work, and that my husband got to wrestle a more appropriate outfit to wear when it's below 0 outside.

Charisa | 12:10 PM

Running errands while kids are at school: skinny jeans, red ballet flats, white tank, black v-neck, coat and scarf on top because it's chilly here!

Mommy | 12:38 PM

Me: Old Navy sweetheart dark wash jeans, gray fitted college t-shirt, fitted navy and white college hoodie, and the most comfy LLBean wicked good slippers - ah.
3yo Nugget: Old Navy pull-on olive cargo pants (handme downs!), helicopter t-shirt under a brown/khaki/olive/garnet argyle sweater. Pediped Adrian shoes in black/gray/olive.
Would love to win - said olive cargos have a wear hole through the knee, and the rest of his pants are halfway to holeyville.

Jenny | 12:39 PM

Oh I'd love to win!! New baby girl on the way and they require cute clothes!!


Adina B | 12:39 PM

Black Gap maternity pants, black long-sleeved v-neck, H&M drapey slate gray sweater to unsuccessfully camouflage the bugeoning belly to 20 week prenatal appointment and then, sigh, work.

lalalovely lindsay | 12:42 PM

where :: nowhere, windchill is so cold that we can't start our vehicles.

wear :: pajamas all around!

Catie | 12:51 PM

Ugh! It's been between -10 and 2 degrees since I woke up this morning I'm definitely jealous of all your "enjoying the outside" pictures! :)

Today I'm fighting off the cold with knee high socks (Target), black stirrup leggings (Loft - And yes, I swore I'd never go back to stirrup leggings either but they make it SO much easier to wear boots over the leggings I caved), black boots (Target), black 3/4 length sleeve sweater (H&M), cream infinity scarf (TJ Maxx? I think?) and a sleeveless cranberry sweater dress (Anthropologie).

Leila Gates-Wai | 12:53 PM

wear: black jeggins, brown boots, maternity top and a black cardigan
where? school and library

lynn | 12:53 PM

i'm recycling my superbowl outfit - leggings and a dress i scored at a clothing swap

Sarah of the Jones family | 1:10 PM

Thanks for sharing the photos of your little girl's duds! I LOVED the felted barrettes that she frequently sports and so I have taken on the task of creating the same ideas for my own daughter. I absolutely ADORE them, and so does she!

Linley | 1:11 PM

Is it odd that my outfit sounds much the same as fable's? I suppose it's just the legwarmers with tights, a dress and cardigan thing. Plus wrist warmers, socks and boots, because it is super cold!

It was just another school day...

Betsy | 1:11 PM

Black & white nautical striped tunic, purple wool cardigan, gray American Apparel leggings, black equestrian boots = sewing new dust ruffle for my 9 month old's crib.

Marianne | 1:32 PM

It snowed this morning, and I had a lunch hour pilates class, so I'm in ponte leggings, a tunic, and shearling lined snow boots. I am warm, at least!

Ashley | 1:39 PM

I love clothes! Especially little girls stylish clothes. Hope to win so I can further fuel my addiction!

Susan | 1:40 PM

My home has been chaos so my one year old is in Old Navy jeans, flowered pink Osh Kosh one piece and, as I didn't pack a better day care bag, a carters flowered hooded vest. She is the picture of mixed patterns, and not in an intentional, it looks good way. Style news for her today, tho: shoes!

I'm in standby Banana Republic gray cuffed pants and fuchsia Gap V-neck sweater. Hanging out in my cubicle.

lyndsey | 1:53 PM

I loved libraries as a kid and still love them now... one of my favorite parts about my job is that I get one of the world's best libraries to use! :)

Christy | 1:54 PM

I gotta try that 'legwarmers over tights' idea with my girl. Great look!

autumn | 2:13 PM

Here is our Where/Wear post


For me however, ric rac skirt- hunter boots- oversized slouchy shirt and a big fat puffer coat. For following my toddler around the park.

Here is to winning!

Anonymous | 2:15 PM

Where: Home; suprisingly it's freezing in Texas and we will not be going out today.

Wear: Me: Old Navy pj pants, high school t-shirt, and eeyore socks. ;) Son: Football onesie, monkey feetie pjs, and silver striped sockies.

Unknown | 2:16 PM

I work with the 5 year old set all day, and all my clothes get worn out at the knees. Especially cords. I have on some great J. Crew dark purple cords, gap black tshirt, and old black thrifted cardigan that is worn on the elbows. Also old chuck taylors on my feet. Kinda dark for Kindergarten but not for me. I absolutely love Fable's outfit and that library is exquisite!

Anonymous | 2:17 PM

Today's is rather dull - his outfit is his cubscout uniform. But it's still very cute!

Would love gc to ON! lisaw1111 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Mary O | 2:19 PM

Those legwarmers are killing me dead! I must get some for my daughter.

Kristen | 2:23 PM

Where: friend's house with kiddies for a park day

Wear: dark red cords, black converse, white long sleeve t....comfy and semi-cute, although not out-of-the-box.

I vow, if I win, not to buy another damned long sleeve T.

the end.

kdegrand AT hotmail DOT com

Kim | 2:26 PM

OH la la! my little girls look quite sweet in old navy! cute little rainboots and skirts for my two year old - sweet onsies for my 3 month old

Amalia | 2:33 PM

OH my goodness! Cutest chubby legs ever.

Elizabeth Lemon | 2:44 PM

highwater pants, shirt that's riding .... need I say more? OLD NAVY, here we come!

Polly C. | 2:45 PM

The photo of the books with the black negative space on top is the most epic-est of photographs ever. I am blown away!

Melissa | 2:45 PM

Skinny cords here too, in blue-green, an ancient purple-floral tank, a rust-colored cardi, & cowboy boots for school (me) and, later, picking my daughter up from school.

Andrea | 2:57 PM

I love the legwarmers. How funky.

Sandra Pree | 3:00 PM

Today I went to work and I wore my fav button down blue & white stripe ruffle front top with a red sweater vest over and a pair of black trousers. I paired that with my fav grey knee high boots that keep me of soooo toasty & warm!

Catie | 3:03 PM

Today I'm wearing a t-shirt and leggings, because I'm heading to yoga class!


ste | 3:05 PM

For me: Another version of maternity jeans and layered long sleeve shirts. Woo hoo. I'm fancy.

My daughter: A striped sweater with a purple shirt underneath. Her diaper shirt is hanging out and covering her bare bum as she runs with baby legs (me hoping she'll use her potty!).

C. | 3:11 PM

Hmmmm... maybe I shouldn't say this, but after our adventure to one of our many amazing Aussie beaches this morning, daughter and I are both sans pants (due to an unfortunate turn in the water, fully clothed). Luckily, this turn of pantlessness occurred on arrival home, so as to not frighten the locals.
Love some Old Navy...
Clea and Remi xx

Barb | 3:17 PM


Doctor's appointment, hanging out at home, library

Me: tan cords (downgraded to yoga pants during/after nap time), bright green tee, black draped open cardigan

Toddler: footie pajamas until about an hour ago and now, gray and red track pants with gray and black thermal tee

Taryn | 3:22 PM

did normal stuff, school, work, music lessons. Sam: bright pink 5 shirt from chasing fireflies, gap skinny jeans, blue hand me down uggs. Ella: old navy flower shirt, jeans, pink boots. Me: Hudson skinny jeans, flying tomato flower cardigan, alternative t shirt, vintage frye boots. Thanks!

Jaime | 3:28 PM

Sweater, Jeans, boots for a day at the coffee shop.

amee | 3:35 PM

I'm having a group of friends over tonight so... gray v neck t shirt under a really colorful (technically swimsuit cover up) purple and red dress, grey leggings, a purple cardigan and brown ankle boots.

Alberta | 3:44 PM

At home, in pjs!

MK | 3:58 PM

Where: Errand running on my day off....bleeeeeeeeeeeeeech!

Wear: big huge boyfriend turtleneck from Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor loft jeans, Ralph Laurn boots, and my big huge puffalump down coat from Eddie Bauer.

Would LOVE the gc from Old Navy, feeling like a frumpalumpdump...need some spring!


Meg | 4:00 PM

Me: Maternity cords (already at 13 weeks! ugh, but so comfy), a long-enough t-shirt, and a fleece vest.
Where? Daycare drop-off, 3 hours at work, errands, housecleaning, playing in the snow.

The little one: brown leggings with polka-dots, crazy-striped legwarmers knit by her aunt (we also heart legwarmers with tights or leggings!), pink turtleneck, and big pink Gap fleece sweatshirt. yes, it's cold here in the boonies of New England. Where? Daycare, errands, nap, playing in the snow.

Pick us!! Mama needs some new cute maternity duds!

Alison | 4:04 PM

I'm wearing a green top from Target and a pair of Target jeans (and when I was out earlier, I had on a pair of boots from Target). Clearly I need to win this so I can broaden my wardrobe horizons.

Courtney | 4:06 PM

What is better that great architecture and fashion? Wait, Fable? Yes, particularly with her latest do. Your blog makes me smile.

Coffee break at local Italian pastry shop with my 6 mo old. He is wearing L'oved baby cotton separates, cozy inside a bundleme in the carseat. I am in a black top from NY & Co., black patterned skirt from Nanette Lepore, black leggings from Lulumon and tall brown suede boots and a very warm down jacket.

Courtney | 4:09 PM

And I was so charmed, I forgot my contact info.


Liz | 4:15 PM

Oh man, Fable's so cute.

I'm wearing wide-leg trouser jeans with high heels (gasp), a floral Old Navy top and a F21 white blazer.

And now you're making me want to take my kid to the Oakland Museum...

Mary | 5:10 PM

Where: work

Wear: Brown Old Navy corduroy skinny jeans, a seafoam colored scoop-neck shirt, and a cabled cardigan in robin's egg blue.

FernLePlante | 5:41 PM

Wear: Old Navy fleece shirt/pants. Brrr it's cold here today.
Where: to bed Zzzzzzz
fernleplante at g mail dot com

Cave Momma | 5:59 PM

I guess I need to change up our styles around here because it's quite boring.

Where: A local park! With friends no less.

Wear: All 3 of us were in jeans and t-shirts today. Me in a lovely grey shirt with abstract flowers. Olivia in a bright pink shirt with a yellow abstract design and button detail at the collar. Myles in a very typical blue striped boy shirt. All in sneakers ready to run!

Elizabeth | 6:18 PM

Wore my newish uniform to work which is not so exciting, but now i'm wearing my favorite outfit: pajamas. J Crew grey polka dot bottoms and a white old navy tee!

Rhiannon | 6:29 PM

Where: work
Wear: celestial scrub top, dark blue scrub pants that have had the butt ripped and fixed, twice
Scrubs really should stretch

Rnraupe at yahoo dot com

Emily | 6:29 PM

I went through a leg-warmer making phase when my now one-year-old was still a crawler ... It turned into a near obsession. There is just something completely adorable about leg-warmers on a pair of chubby little legs!! ;)

Jenn | 6:44 PM

Love Old Navy! Just found out I'm pregnant with my 4th (!) = SURPRISE!!! & I NEED maternity clothes! I have nothing left! :(

Liliana | 6:57 PM

Fable is tooooo much!! I love her cuteness!

Leggings+extra long hoodie+ boots = comfy and fun.
Lilianahansen (at) gmail (dot) com

JCF | 7:00 PM

For hosting brunch for a group of mamas and littles at our house this morning:

Me--dark skinny jeans, long coral colored shirt with lace collar
The girl--cute cord paisley dress with pink leg warmers and a pink t-shirt

The boys--jeans and t-shirts, like every day.

Unknown | 7:02 PM

Me today - c. 1998 banana republic cami under a $6.00 gap classic turtleneck. Lucky jeans, dansko sport clogs, down vest, scarf fabricated from old t-shirts. Garb appropriate for a haircut, beachwalk, babysitting, happy hour kind of day in Seattle.

Laura R. | 7:11 PM

I just got home from work and I'm enjoying my current outfit more than my work outfit. I'm wearing socks, vertical striped pj pants from Target and my husband's long sleeved thermal shirt with horizontal stripes. It's a ridiculous looking outfit but I feel both sexy and snuggly in it, and that's what really matters, right?

kerrie | 7:15 PM

Black leggings, grey leg warmers, brown over the knee boots. long white T, grey cardigan, gold/aqua necklace, chunky bracelet. Me, Crew, Friends...children's Museum downtown, dinner at Jason's Deli.

MadEnoughWorld | 7:17 PM

I love the layered look.Black motorcylce boots, light grey distressed Levi's,cardigan from Landes End (gift frommy mother) and embellished t from Target. Cute, but crappily made on the t. Could use some Old navy Lovin. Katherine Haas 631-905-3445 or katherinehaas@yahoo.com

Unknown | 7:37 PM

Right now: pajamas. Earlier: extremely warm cashmere turtleneck, respectable/worky pants and motorcycle boots.

Elizabeth | 7:46 PM

Tell Fable she's got to stop being so dang cute. Those legwarmers are KILLING ME!! Precious!!!

Today's ensemble for me:
Black pants (the only non-maternity ones I can squeeze into now...the baby bump is coming on strong)
Gray camisole
Plum colored tee
The old standby work shoes (that have suddenly become soooo much less comfy...why??)

I'd love to win the Old Navy card!! Momma-to-be needs some new clothes! (And so will baby-to-be!)


Rachel | 7:52 PM

I'm totally where/wearing my 2 year old. Wear: purple pants, gray shirt, bright yellow cardigan, multicolored striped socks, shiny red mary jane shoes, anthropologie owl hat (the same that Fable used to wear!) Where: in the living room, by the pale gray wall, with a red crayon in her hand.

And now I'm off to fetch the Magic Eraser.

Marie | 8:10 PM

for writing at home today: a grey sweatshirt with white stars and skinny jeans...and thick, warm slipper socks.

Lindsey Fyfe | 9:00 PM

Just love the Public Library! Once I saw a reception set up outside and then ran into the bride and groom getting photographed around its iconic architecture ... cool idea for a wedding venue! Your daughter looks like a character who popped out of a children's book! Totally cute!

~april | 9:28 PM

winding down for the night. hoddie with a weim on it, jersey knit pants and socks. lovely!
the library IS indeed magicial. we have mother goose on the loose that my in-laws are fortunate enough to take my son to on weds (wish it were me!). do they have that in LA?

Kristin | 9:33 PM

I do love a giveaway!
I had to work today...a black turtleneck from the gap along with grey and black striped pants. I really need to update my wardrobe!

I love Fable's leg warmers, so adorable!
kristinamoody at aol dot com

emily bilbrey | 9:53 PM

absolutely adorable, as always! i'm loving fable's sassy new hair cut. i think it suits her just so!

i love old navy's toddler clothes for comfort and style. today at the park, miss poppy wore an old navy dress & jean jacket with tights by welovecolors.com (totes check them out, by the way if you never have. best tights/leggings bar NONE!) ;D


Katie | 10:02 PM

Mine: leggings, mini dress, cardi, riding boots

Hers: jeans, pink stripy tee, white hoodie, pink sneaks

Where: home with hubby enjoying an early day off

katrinamarsh1 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Jean | 10:04 PM

Where: work
What: Lace shirt, Black sweater coat, houndstooth pants.

Thanks for the giveaway!

bmc1978 (at) yahoo (dot) com

GingerB | 10:20 PM

How did I not know about leg warmers over tights?? How? My four year old will squeal with joy.

Tomorrow each daughter will wear a dress with some permutation of leopard print, with ribbon embellishments - one in a black theme, the other in brown.

Kim | 10:50 PM

Today was jeans, tennies, and this ridiculously awesome tunic shirt I bought on Amazon for $11 (including shipping). (this is the shirt, btw: http://amzn.to/e66cLJ - I have it in Dirt, and am considering buying a second one just in case something happens to it)

Willow | 10:52 PM

I came to read on the suggestion of Alice Bradley's Redbook column of last Friday and I loved this entry! You have the most adorable daughter! I love the handmade pinwheel barrette and I used to wear leg warmers all the time as a kid and teen (in the 80's, when it was first hot!) What a cutie! :-)

laura sina | 11:03 PM

I love fable's outfit today! All that red, black and stripes with a tiny bit oh yellow? Girl after my own heart.

Today for me it's also stripes under a short navy jacket, grey super warm hand-knit cowl, and skinny jeans under my dark rainboots (the serious ones) for a night out at the theater (and maybe a little sushi on the way.. shhh!) with my husband.

Bunny | 11:09 PM

I love Fable's/Your style so much. I wish my daughter and I could dress half as adorably. It made me feel really good when I saw Fable's leggings because my daughter has those too. YAY! She owns something Fable cute!

Anonymous | 12:51 AM

My wear/where for today is all about casual Friday! Longsleeved black tshirt, jeans, and silver/grey Converse!
My personal fashion concept is: comfortable.

Kari | 1:52 AM

Cozy cashmere sweater, jeans and a huge pair of wool socks. All from Loehmans, I believe.

Unknown | 3:54 AM

I don't have a where/wear I just want to say thanks for showing the library. I'm a librarian and I love pictures of happy kids in libraries :)

Bethany Bassett | 4:23 AM

Right now, I'm rocking well-loved jeans, a comfy cardigan, and slippers (with custom toe-holes, heh) for working at home. I could go for a previous commenter's martini though!

mathilda Dunn | 5:14 AM

I want a Fable bob!
I wore a high waisted mustard colored skirt, a grey tank and a black cardigan and RED tights.
I freaking love red tights.

Myssie | 5:28 AM

I have been stuck in the house with a sick 5yo and teething 14 month old for three days.
I am far to tired to be witty.
But, we could use some new clothes for when spring finally arrives.

Head table | 5:29 AM

Work day then grocery-wearing Gap jeans, Gap black turtle neck with black scarf. Love!

Althea | 5:48 AM

Okay....I need help. I cannot handle the cuteness.
Today I will be wearing some damn thing cute. Dang it.

Jenny | 5:51 AM

Today my Emmy is wearing Old Navy clothes - what a coinkydink! A yellow and gray dress she got for her birthday from her stylish babysitter. Also, a yellow hoodie and pink cowgirl boots - she has eclectic taste!

tlr | 6:10 AM

Love that library!!!
Where: doctor's appt/house cleaning
Wear: clean cotton undies : ) black jeans, long sleeve T - gotta dress as light as possible so I don't pass out on the scale
2 year old: GAP purple cord dress, multi-colored paisley leggings, leather motorcycle boots, black patent purse, red sunglasses, pirate band-aids


early years resources sam | 6:26 AM

Nice post and thanks for sharing!

Unknown | 6:31 AM

well, jeans and black long sleeve tee for me. basic and boring for a day at work and running errands. yay!

Dia C | 6:34 AM

It's casual day at work today so Me: Old Navy Flirt Jean, Old Navy l/s perfect it Tee and Old Navy pullover sweater, to top it off, i wore my Old Navy Frost Free jacket. Come on spring!

Courtney | 6:38 AM

It's grad school for me again, so comfort is key

Old Navy Maternity Jeans
Hot pink Liz Lange Maternity Tee
Camel Old Navy maternity cardigan

Old Navy has been my savior when it comes to style since I started sporting a bump!

Anonymous | 7:06 AM

I still have on my basic jeans and sweater. Sigh. I will never be very fashionable.


Morgan | 7:38 AM

I need an Old Navy shopping spree to make it through the spring in fashionable maternity wear!

emily | 8:00 AM

I love Fable's outfit- so cute!

Trisaratops | 9:22 AM

Jeans day at work for me--yay!

Where: a local high school in my history classroom

Wear: jeans, white long-sleeved tee, a maroon and white RRHS shirt for "spirit day," and my super comfy Born boots that I heart.

saraziemnik at gmail dot com

Cindy | 9:31 AM

Work clothes today: jeans, t-shirt, and hoodie. Very boring, but oh so comfortable! Fable is adorable.

Unknown | 9:44 AM

Casual Friday work day wear
Gap jeans
purple v neck with weird arm buttons
grey ankle boots

your family is too adorable!


elainepill | 10:11 AM

my cladventure (a typical outfit for me for a winter's day in vermont): jeans (or sometimes cords), long sleeved shirt, wool sweater, smartwool socks, dansko clogs.

i think i might need to shake it up a bit.

Jennifer | 10:18 AM

So many pretties on sale at Old Navy! $150 would buy a lot of tunics, leggings and cute shoes!

Steph | 10:35 AM

I am HOPING to go to the gym today (I say that like there is anything stopping me from doing that besides my own laziness!) so I'm wearing workout pants (coincidentally from Old Navy, love their active wear!) and a boring work out tank top. Later when I go grocery shopping/errand running I'll be wearing skinny jeans, long sleeve shirt, cardigan, boots and accessories to put some excitement into a very boring staple of my winter wardrobe :)

Claudia | 10:55 AM

I purchased an awesome Baja Hoodie for my 1 year-old at Old Navy. He looks like a little surfer in it.

Maggie | 11:04 AM

Today I'm wearing one of my old favorites, a deep pink faux wrap dress with black flower designs, slate long underwear and a khaki/shale cardigan, with a black fabric belt. It's been an errand day and nothing but the tights are visible under my winter coat, but I feel pretty and that's the point.

christina | 11:07 AM

oh dear. helped with kindergarten art class so i'm wearing frumpy clothes due to the massive amounts of glue and paste involved. my son is wearing the school uniform.

cmuzquiz at comcast dot net

Anonymous | 11:54 AM

She's beyond cute. I love Old Navy's stuff for my kids.

Me wearing a pair of calvin klein jeans my George Washington U. henley and tennis shoes. It's cleaning day at the office. I rock the fashion, yo.

Megan | 12:15 PM

I always love her hair clips so much! Sadly, my daughter won't keep a bow in her hair for a second. And that haircut is adorable! Love her style!

Trial Runner | 1:10 PM

That cardigan is killer! Today was music class, play date, thrifting and grocery-running. What we wore:
My 1 yr old daughter - jean jumper, hot pink shirt, multi-stripe tights, mary janes. Me - dark skinnies, tall black boots, electric blue cashmere sweater.

B&B | 1:19 PM

Me:skinny jeans and a striped shirt with Gold Toms

Daughter: Tea Collection dress and striped leggings with See Kai Run shoes

Son: car onesie and overalls

We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today!

Grant and Julie Sackett | 1:59 PM

Work again! Cute new blazer with skinny jeans and black boots

Christina E. Pope | 3:20 PM

Our Where/Wear - No school today for my two girls so we played outside in the backyard/I wore Lucky Brand Jeans, pink tee, and cozy teal sweater because it was chilly. Oldest daughter wore black leggings and pink floral tee, both from Target, and her Tinkerbell sweatshirt from the Disney Store. My little one wore a disney princess tunic top with matching leggings and Princess sweatshirt all from the Disney Store.

email - misschristina33@aol.com

Student Entrepreneur | 3:40 PM

I have on my Lucky jeans and red t-shirt that makes me feel skinny and good!!


Unknown | 4:49 PM

I'm wearing my day to day outfit, jeans and a shirt and a sweatshirt from Old Navy actually!

leeshka | 7:09 PM

OMG - Adorable cardigan is adorable!! Plus, I only vaguely got the Cardigans stuck in my head (no, not Lovefool. Never Lovefool).

Today is lazy girl wearing her adidas pants, an Albuquerque Isotopes shirt, and the shoes I'm breaking in for our spring break trip to California (cause I'm going.. going.. back back to Cali, Cali)

rosannepm | 7:49 PM

Right now we are buried in snow here in the Midwest so it would be a snowsuit to the grocery store followed by a Pepsi for me after pulling of the scarf, gloves, boots etc. rosans4@comcast.net

Chris | 8:25 PM

um, do post-baby-fat-jeans count? Lawdhavemercy!

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