Gone Style: Wear/Where - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Sponsored + Giveaway)

**Updated with winner, below! **
The following post + giveaway brought to you by Old Navy (To check out the Old Navy kids & baby sale with prices starting @ $5, go here!) and is the third (and final) "Wear/Where" post featuring the lovable stylings of miss Fable Luella as she adventures to some of our favorite local haunts clad in apropos play clothes we picked together via her closet.
For our final Wear/Where cladventure, Fable and I spent the afternoon at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). We arrived two hours before it opened so would have ourselves an early picnic lunch, sort rocks, walk around the La Brea Tarpits (located on the same block) and chill like (friendly?) vills. It was a sunny day with a cool-ish breeze so we went for another layered look complete with Fable's favorite sneakers and dearly beloved "omg you CANNOT be serious with those" shades. Without further prologue, I give you LAMCA STYLE '11!
WHERE: LACMA, Miracle Mile, Wilshire Blvd

WEAR: navy sweatshirt cardi over gingham accented dress with pink leggings
and cow sneakers referred in our house as "moo shoes."
Accessories: homemade felt hair clip (clearly, we're fans) and Fable's favorite shades.
For those of you unfamiliar with the awesome that is LACMA, let me tell you... First off, it's my favorite museum in Los Angeles. Beyond its incredible permanent collection, LACMA also boasts incredible (and eclectic) temporary collections. But most importantly, LACMA loves kids. Which is refreshing if you're a parent who loves art. LACMA has been a second home to me since moving to Los Angeles twelve years ago and being that I spent eight of those years living in walking distance, LACMA was kind of like a first home as well. When Archer was a baby I'd push him around the galleries in his stroller at least once a week and now that Fable's old enough to appreciate the space, it gives me so much joy watching her explore and enjoy the artwork.
LACMA is free for all humans every second Tuesday of the month but aside from that allows ALL children seventeen and under (as well as a guardian) to attend the museum whenever they want for free. (ED: A family of four with two kids under seventeen can go to the museum for free. Every day.) Pretty amazing, right?
Fable and I scoped the permanent collection as well as two of the visiting collections, appropriately titled, "India's Fabled City: The Art of Courtly Lucknow" and "Fashioning Fashion."
(Fable + Fashion post = Fables and Fashion exhibits = KISMET?)
Favorite story of the day: Fable was so well behaved in the museum, I asked if she'd like to pick a small present from the gift shop. She did (obviously) and after perusing the shelves for several minutes finally made her pick. Which was? A pocket sized book of "Kama Sutra."

We were the only two people in the gift shop at the time and the nice lady working behind the counter gasped when she saw Fable run towards her with the book.

"Are you sure you don't want this lovely wooden elephant instead?" I asked.

But Fable wanted nothing to do with any of the actual toys. Duh. She liked the book. It was cute and pocket-sized! A "leel baby book!" according to Fable. (I've never understood why adult books come in "child's" sizes but whatever.) Anyway, if that's what she wanted? Fine with me. Couldn't beat its $4.95 price tag. And a Kama Sutra book is tamer than 99% of billboards we pass on the daily. Plus, it was art. Plus, she's TWO YEARS OLD. Plus, who cares?

Well. Clearly, there was one person who did care. Very much, actually.

I removed the price tag on the book so the woman could ring us up as Fable clutched "Pocket Kama Sutra" with both hands.

But the woman just stood there, horrified.

I had to literally CONVINCE her (with my words) to sell us the damn thing. Apparently she forgot she worked in an art museum. Full of paintings of sex and penises. Of course, the minute we left the store, Fable got distracted by a bird, dropped the book on the ground and that was the end of that.
Twas a magical day in a magical place with the most magical girl I know.


Once again, it's your turn, those who wear/where! I'll be awarding one commenter (per post) with an $150 Old Navy gift card. To win? Submit a comment below. Perhaps, about today's cladventure? Mine = shirtdress, tights + my favorite knee-length sweater (it looks like rain out there!) for afternoon play-date at the house.

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, February 22nd via random.org and contacted directly (so don't forget to include contact information in the comments, please!) For official contest rules go, here. Good luck and happy where/wearing

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter #68, Evi! You just won yourself an Old Navy gift card, girl! Hooray, and thanks to all for participating!



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Erica | 8:54 AM

I wish I lived in L.A. so I could take my little one to so many fun outings in February. Too cold here! :)

Amy | 9:01 AM

I am cracking up about the lady in the gift shop.

Liz | 9:01 AM

She's such your little twin in those fab glasses!

mommaruthsays | 9:07 AM

Love the glasses, so very Elton. She rocks it.

For me today is black maternity pants, brown/black top and black boots - we're supposed to have rain and I'm feeling very into Johnny Cash at the moment.


pamela | 9:09 AM

she is so adorable. love her outfit!

what am i wearing? pjs. mismatched of course

Anonymous | 9:14 AM

Fable is a rock star. We live in New Orleans so we need a good pair of rain boots. My daughter and I went puddle hopping at Audubon Park yesterday...she in her light blue and red cherry wellies, and I in my kelly green wedge heeled Marc Jacobs rain boots. And we both got mud all over our jeans...


Jamie Elizabeth | 9:16 AM

I'm jealous that Fable will wear sunglasses. My Lucy hates them and rips them off of her face.
The only thing remarkable about what I'm wearing today is that I'm in flats. FLATS! No sneakers, no boots. The snow is melting and it's warm(er).

Courtney | 9:17 AM

Today I teach and it's a bit warmer than it has been so I am wearing black maternity leggings, a red empire waisted dress and a black shrug, with floral printed flats. I have even already been told I look cute today and I'm actually feeling it (rare so far in this pregnancy).

OneRadMother | 9:20 AM

The story is my favorite part - and the moo shoes to die for!

Today's jaunt to work in this impossibly spring-like Southern weather: khaki shirt-dress, leggings, cardi and sensible flats.

Kila Bell | 9:22 AM

My cladventure of the moment is my pj's and robe and runny nose in my rocking recliner...blah!

mjw | 9:22 AM

Hm, today I will be wearing sweatpants, as I will be in the library studying for a test tomorrow.

I love Old Navy!

Myssie | 9:24 AM

My daughter just started fitting in the overalls my mom kept from my childhood. She's rocking yellow cord overalls with gaudy blue birds on them, they are superb!

Carolyn | 9:25 AM

I love Fable's shoes!

Mrs. Melberry | 9:25 AM

Little girls in big glasses are so adorable :)

I'm wearing khaki's, a heather green sweater and a smile on my face since the sun is out and the high temperature is a whopping 40 degrees today in Ohio. It's a heatwave compared to a few weeks ago.

Anonymous | 9:26 AM

I love it that she chose a Fable-sized kama sutra!

My fashion focus lately: I need to find jeans for my son (age 6) that have reinforced knees. Iron-on patches can only go so far, it seems.

Meggan Hood | 9:28 AM

Today is a sick day for me and the girl so it's straight up jammies for everyone. Her - mismatched princess pjs. Me - sweatshirt and owl printed pj bottoms. Crazy hair for both.

tweetsweet | 9:28 AM

So jealous of your awesome free museum - can't imagine anywhere around here doing that. sigh. My fave new outfit (that I am wearing today) is my old LBD, black tights, black boots and a black bead necklace - and to break it up a long brown tunic vest. Comfy and cute!

Mary | 9:38 AM

Hahaha oh boy, that gift shop story made me laugh :-P Wish it were this sunny and warm where I live...

Today, I'm wearing a green shirt (thrifted!) and brown corduroy pants with brown Dansko clogs to work...not too fancy, but hey, it's comfy!

L.L. | 9:39 AM

Today I am rocking my comfies - wife beater & Old Navy yoga pants. Baby boy is wearing mauve & white stripes man-pris and a striped shirt. Our cladventure is waiting for a fridge to be delivered!

Amira | 9:40 AM

Looks like you two had a blast!

And what I'm wearing? My husband's graphic tee and comfy yoga-sweats sort of pants. This is my ideal at home comfy preggo outfit.

MK | 9:48 AM

That Fable is one darling girl, and lucky to have such a fun mama!

I actually got dressed today, in some sort of fashionable way, in jeans, a cute slouch shirt and some stylish brown suede wedge boots in order to go on a fun outing....

Only to have the fun sucked, just as I was leaving, by a call from the school to pick up my son who wanted to come home with a sick belly. So I got dressed up to stay home. Ah well.

hannah | 9:49 AM

The biggest cladventure here is the girl in big girl undies! Can't get more exciting than that! (and I seriously want cow shoes. For me. Not my daughter. Is that weird?)

Mandy S. | 9:49 AM

Love the MOO shoes! We need some of those.

Trisaratops | 9:51 AM

Gift shop lady = hilarious.

Another teacher-y outfit for me. Black pants, button down shirt, black wedge work shoes, and a long necklace.

saraziemnik at gmail dot com

Love Fable's shoes!

Kara | 9:54 AM

Yoga pants and a t-shirt, ready to go on my next run with the babe in the Chariot (jogging stroller), on this 60 degree Colorado day, which also happens to be my birthday. :)

Donna | 9:54 AM

guess you get to keep the baby book? Rock on Fable.

Abby | 9:55 AM

Why yes Fable it is a "leel baby (making) book!" Bwahahhahahahahaha

I am wearing the "not yet ready to tell my co-workers I am pregnant hopefully they don't notice." Ensemble.

oh, jenny mae | 9:56 AM

we have the same britax carseat & miss james calls it her moo seat.

i have on a jersey shirtdress over boyfriend jeans. no shoes since i'm just sitting at home.

W | 9:56 AM

AHAHAHAHA baby's first kama sutra that's awesome! I probably would have the same reaction as you, and my husband might make a point of reading it for our son too (who is only a month older than Fable)

I'm all in brown today, a shortsleeve brown cowl neck sweater from Kohl's paired with brown tweedy wideleg pants, and ankle high black buckle high heel boots. (so many adjectives) A bit dressed up for a day as a grad student, but it makes me feel a little better about still being here.

My son is in a red long sleeve, bright blue pants (I broke out 3T's for him! Good lord!), both from rummage sales, blue Small Paul rainboots (with monkeys on them!), and a fabulous raincoat that is dark blue and covered in POW! KRAK! cartoon type exclamations. He wore the same coat and boots yesterday, and was still mistaken for a girl... hmmm.

Catherine | 9:59 AM

I'm working again today, and we're in that crazy weather pattern where the mornings are freezing but the temps his the upper 60s by the afternoon. So I've got on a purple 3/4 sleeve sweater with twisted neck, grey cardi, jeans, and grey flats.

Katie | 10:00 AM

We are just starting venture out on long walks with the weather warming up. sweet spring come on already.


Melissa Joff | 10:12 AM

Today I am wearing skinny jeans, riding boots, and a sweater. I'm ready for spring though!

Alex | 10:14 AM

a kama sutra book? that is really awesome!

i've enjoyed all there wear/where post because we'll be moving to LA in march and i've been bookmarking all your fav spots to check it.

Iman | 10:16 AM

Great blog! found you through DesignMom.
Those glasses are too cute.

Polka dot cardigan and a colorful scarf to keep the rainy blues away :)


MamaMeg | 10:23 AM

Love all the museum pics. Living in DC, we're big museum fans- especially because they're all free everyday! I wasn't excited to leave into the cold today so I grabbed grey flannel trousers and a long black cardigan with some new mary janes. Not too exciting, but cozy.

Abi | 10:24 AM

It is another cold day in New England so I'm wearing jeans, thick socks, my ugg-knock offs from Target, a Hello Kitty long-sleeved shirt and a TokiDoki hoodie (it is cold even INSIDE my house).

I can't wait for my son to calm down so we can go to museums without me having to strap him to a stroller.

Bonnie | 10:25 AM

Fable is adorable. Wish I dressed as well as she does!! I'm trying out leggings today. Too cold...

Lou Lou Belle | 10:29 AM

Fable is just the bees knees, what a cutie....and the lady in the gift shop totally had me giggling at the reception desk!

todays cladventure is work work work - I have on my favorite T shirt - AA tri blend vneck, I own ten of them...maybe more... - layered over an ON tank top, with a fun! Bright! ON cardigan and plum colored ON cords. wawhoo. I wear basically the same thing every day.... is what these cladventures have me realizing....

Kristen | 10:32 AM

We've been hanging at a lot of museums lately too, with our striped-leggings-clad two-year-old. :)

miss tasty | 10:32 AM

Today I'm wearing these bright pink tights that EVERYONE at my office seems to love. I think they make people happy in the midst of the horrid, rainy weather. And they look rad with my Dansko maryjanes.

Renee | 10:37 AM

that little blue jacket is adorable!!!

Unknown | 10:52 AM

So cute! I love the leel book story!

Blah work attire for me!

Rachel | 10:52 AM

For grad school and then lying sick in bed:

knee high striped socks
ON jeans, my favorite (=only) pair
cami from ON
grey cardigan from ON
pahsmina as scarf
awesome gray sweater from my husband's g-ma

rkjfarmer at gmail dot com

Jaime | 10:57 AM

Yesterday, the first warmer day of 2011 (and so far the only), just a sweatshirt to walk home from work. What a beautiful thing.

Amy K | 11:03 AM

I need to make some felt barrettes for my daughter. Her hair is getting longer and wavier, and if I don't clip it back she looks like Einstein by the end of the day.

Maressa | 11:04 AM

Your little one is just too cute! Love the gift shop story :)

stephanie Toole | 11:04 AM

Love it! Today we are wearing jeans and sweaters.. for the Cali rain.. and playing at an indoor play center... fun stuff!

Amalia | 11:05 AM

My Dad was an artist and always had naked-type photo books on the shelves my entire life. I thought it was no big deal until I hit about 13 years old then I spent a few years being mortified. Then I got over it.

Yay for art!

Meghan Elaine | 11:06 AM

I love that story. I wish we lived closer, my two kids would love a visit there. Today I'm wearing a long brown sweater with skinny jeans. (But really, we just got home from errands and I'm about to put sweats on. It's the damn muffin top's fault).

Julie | 11:11 AM

Love Fable's book choice, ha!

Anonymous | 11:13 AM

Love the outfits :) She is such a little cutie!


Rachel | 11:19 AM

Herringbone pants + khaki hat + black sweater + jean jacket + black Chucks. I'm feeling comfy and funky at work today.

I'm pretty sure Fable and my daughter Rosie (2 since Oct.) would be fast friends.

Carra N | 11:22 AM

You two are too perfect.

I'm in my 5th month of pregnancy so I'm sporting unbuttoned pants and a stripped shirt.

Maressa | 11:28 AM

Fable is too cute!

Unknown | 11:28 AM

Dang...I want Fable's wardrobe!

WEAR: Soooo utterly boring today
Taupe sweater, taupe linen pants and funky turquoise necklace with pearls and funky beads.

WHERE: Work (Yippee) and drug store to pick script for sick babe.

Wow I'm soooo exciting :-P

ste | 11:29 AM

Especially after reading your latest posts, I hope one day to live somewhere that I can take my kids on a day trip - or just an afternoon trip - to beautiful libraries and museums. There is nothing like that here and it is just one thing I miss about living in a city.

Elise Morris | 11:35 AM

Great post, great giveaway! Can't wait to get into LACMA free :)

Barb | 11:40 AM

Black skinny jeans (um, with a maternity panel)
gray tee
yellow/white printed hoodie
black boots

Gray/black striped thermal tee
black shoes

laundry/dishes/fort building around the house

Ashley | 11:48 AM

I wish I dressed as cool as Fable!

Kim | 11:48 AM

I'm so jealous of that museum! And wearing a light jacket in February. Sigh.

Today I'm wearing a black sweater, gray slacks and a bright red silky scarf I bought in Paris. I feel Parisian. :)

Leah B | 11:53 AM

I love her sunglasses - she rocks them!
Today I am rocking some maternity pants, a gray shirt and a sweater. Super comfy ... super boring.

Unknown | 11:55 AM

First, I adore Fable's shoes! Second, clearly the women in the gift shop doesn't have kids or she would have understood. It is far easier to pay the $5 and wait for that distraction, than deal with the "I want it" melt down in public.

jess | 11:57 AM

today's where sadly is the office.
wearing black slacks, hot pink button down and black flats.

Anna | 12:03 PM

My boys and I attended a Worker's Rights rally here in Madison, and it was a balmy, windy 35 degrees, so we were all decked out in our outerwear finery.

Jennifer Himmerick | 12:27 PM

Little teal-colored ruffle sweater from Old Navy with brown cords from Old Navy (can you tell I'm an Old Navy fan?).

emily bilbrey | 12:32 PM

i love that fable horrified that clerk with a sex book. that made my morning! BAH HA HA! lord, fable is awesome.

amazing photos, as always!! XO!

rachel | 12:34 PM

gap skinny jeans, 3 dollar "Love" tshirt from Target, brown flat boots from Prague, old navy cardi. all which equals comfy but stylish.

lonek8 | 12:35 PM

I desperately want that museum to be where I can take my kids to it on a regular basis! You can only do the zoo so many times!

As for my wear/where, today is Tuesday, which means ballet class (for the 5yo) which means I will finally get out of my yoga pants and into some big girl pants - probably skinny jeans and my Frye boots, although the 50 degree weather has me inspired to break out the flip flops, melting snow streams be damned!

The Hojo Family | 12:35 PM

yoga pants and a black tank with a long long sleeve v-neck shirt over it. Just for a day around the house cleaning, running errands and picking kids up from school :-)


Blonde Ambitions | 12:37 PM

I'm coveting Fable's sunglasses. :-)

Currently at work & wearing:
Gap skinny jeans
Black Anne Klein tall boots (flats)
A green Banana Republic sweater of indeterminate origin

Jeans/sweater is my winter work wardrobe.

Jill | 12:38 PM

Wish we could play in the sun...so tired of the snow!

beyond | 12:49 PM

today i'm wearing comfy boring home-wear. fingers crossed for the giveaway!

Desiree | 12:51 PM

Oh gosh, you're making me DIE for some warmer weather. I'm currently staring outside at several feet of snow. ACK!

Miranda | 12:52 PM

For the office I'm wearing black slacks, grey cotton sweater and a bulky scarf of greens and blues. Cause it's colder inside than it is outside.

Mary O | 12:56 PM

At home, rainy day = yoga pants, a stretchy tee and thick socks!

Lindsay | 12:59 PM

Today I'm wearing an Old Navy splurge- it's a ruffled tank that's really pretty and flattering. I almost never buy stuff full-priced there, but I was feeling spendy :)

Becca | 12:59 PM

So Cute! My Avery told me today that becaused he dressed himself, he was beautiful. I told him he would be beautiful anyway. He dressed himself in some khaki cargo pants, a tan tee with a winged guitar screenprinted on it, and some black skechers. Very fab. redonionbecca@live.com

Evi | 1:00 PM

I love her outfit!!

For me today is AE jeans, white/blue shirt,black jacket and flats


Kathryn | 1:00 PM

Since my belly decided to "pop" and not many of my pre-pregnancy clothes will fit around me anymore, it's a yoga pants & hubby's t-shirt kinda day.

ps. reading these comments always gives me inspiration for possible outfits :)

MommyLisa | 1:02 PM

So in love with her shades. Are they vintage?

Would LOVE to win this and then call the LACMA to buy a copy of the mini-kama sutra for my house. I would totally put it in the main bathroom before guests come over to see if anyone commented on it.


But my friends might STEAL it.

Unknown | 1:06 PM

Today's wear/where for me is studded black booties (again because I love them), grey jeggings, a burgandy frilly tank, and a long navy cardi with a chunky neck. And I'm about the city for nannying and classes.

Anonymous | 1:13 PM

i love fable's jacket! and those shoes!

today i'm in junky cleaning clothes today - - boooring.

Spumoni | 1:37 PM

I miss L.A. so much and for so many different reasons. It helps to see your adventures out there!


bethany | 1:42 PM

Today I'm wearing my skinny jeans, wide striped tank with a cream sweater and, of course, boots.

bernadette | 1:47 PM

Sounds like a lovely outing. Love the sunglasses and I found the story about the gift shop lady so funny.

my outfit is and sounds so drab: black sweatpants, elephant t-shirt from target, and matching black hoodie. We've been at home for a playdate and go to preschool in the afternoon for messy craft projects.

toddler on the other hand is in a magenta colored outfit (cotton long sleeved tee and cordoruy pants) with a stylized Asian flower print. She will most likely complete the ensemble with bright red hello kitty rain boots when we leave the house for school.

Houpley | 1:52 PM

love the glasses. she and archer have got serious style.

Liliana | 1:52 PM

Ha ha! Nice pick, Fable!

Plaid shirtdress (old navy) + black rockstar skinny jeans (old navy) + black boots (Merrell) + wool coat (old navy) + Dr office = short outing with my wee one (with an old navy theme) while the older one plays with his best bud.
lilianahansen (at) gmail.com

AutumH | 1:55 PM

I adore your daughters name, it's so unique & fun.
I'm rocking a pair of jeans and a basic white long sleeved shirt layered with an oversized off the shoulder tee.


Meg | 2:04 PM

What a fun post! We are soooo looking forward to the end of frigid winter so we can go on fun outings without all the bundling and un-bundling!
Today, for a trip to Grandma's for lunch, the little one wore some awesome purple corduroy overalls with a psychedelic teal, blue, and chartreuse flower pattern. A matching chartreuse onesie, of course, and blue crocs for stompin' around Grandma's house. A grey zip hoodie sort of ruined the look, but, hey, it's cold. Oh, and two tiny pig-tails done up with purple rubber bands (both since lost).
Me? my fave maternity skinny jeans, a couple of long shirts (it's cold!!) and a super-cozy long cable hoodie from LL Bean (yes, it's cold). Gah, spring won't be here in Vermont for months yet.
megoconn at gmail dot com

Crystal | 2:10 PM

So cute! Wearing jeans, a cardi, tee and pearls today for my cladventure

Brooke | 2:12 PM

darling tights!


Celeste M. | 2:25 PM

Adorable outfit! I can't believe the woman wasn't going to sell you the book.

Kristen | 2:33 PM

So...first, thanks for reminding me about LACMA. I am a mama of two little ones and we regularly hit the science center, aquarium, and Nat. history....but never the LACMA. And it is free! What!?

Second...Wear/Where: trip to the bookstore on a semi-rainy L.A. day....moi: jeans, converse, long sleeve v neck tee over long tank top and I threw on a colorful scarf once I saw this post because, well, if a 2-year-old can look that fly, well then so should I.

Megan | 2:36 PM

Love the gift shop story!
I'm in jeans and a drapey top with Camper boots and my kids both have grey skinny jeans and blue shirts. One shirt with ruffles, one with a guitar. And rain boots- which make the little one walk like a zombie.

Sarah c. | 2:37 PM

Cladventure for the day :
Dark skinnies
Blue tee
Black jacket+scarf
Fave brown boots

Ferry Building with my 3 fave girls - ages 4, 4 (twins), 16 months)

Margaret | 2:41 PM

I'm wearing black maternity pants and a striped l/s tunic with boots. Ready for the rain in Los Angeles!

Dia C | 2:49 PM

Today's clad adventure was all about layering. It's cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

Misha | 2:53 PM

Old anthropologie skirt, black sweater, rain boots.
A GC would be so awesome right about now...car broken down...boys growing like weeds...please random generator, pick me!

Cave Momma | 2:54 PM

I should take the kids there. It's a full day for us but I'm sure it would be worth it!

Wear - jeans, black tank and a purple cardi from ON. Olivia is in bright pink leggings, yellow and pink shirt, sneakers and her purple leopard print hoodie. Myles in simple jeans with navy/white belt and a black/grey striped polo.

Where - UPS and the grocery store! Woo!

Indoor playgrounds here we come this week with the rain!

Christina E. Pope | 3:00 PM

Oh I love her shoes!!!! And good for you not letting the nosey gift shop lady keep Fable from her baby book :-)

Today I had a friend come over to visit so I dressed it up a bit. I wore a gray sweater dress and black legging and a big bulky black belt.

Casey | 3:03 PM

Thank you, thank you for buying her that book. I hate that people try to decide what is/isn't appropriate for our children. Especially when far worse is said and seen on public television. Girl Power!

Unknown | 3:12 PM

Fable looks adorable! My little lady has that jacket in the melon color!

Tara | 3:15 PM

Fable's jacket is so adorable! I wish they made it in an adult size.

For today I wore thrifted yoga pants tucked into vintage blue boots, Old Navy black tank, black mini cardigan, with some old school costume jewelry. In this ensemble I ran several errands- including the chiropractor's and the veterinarian's office. The weather is so much nicer than it has been in months and although the errands weren't super enjoyable the sun shining on my face and the lack of a huge, puffy coat made it all worth it!

Tara | 3:15 PM

Fable's jacket is so adorable! I wish they made it in an adult size.

For today I wore thrifted yoga pants tucked into vintage blue boots, Old Navy black tank, black mini cardigan, with some old school costume jewelry. In this ensemble I ran several errands- including the chiropractor's and the veterinarian's office. The weather is so much nicer than it has been in months and although the errands weren't super enjoyable the sun shining on my face and the lack of a huge, puffy coat made it all worth it!

Andrea | 3:17 PM

What a wonderful series. Beautiful shots.

Absidey | 3:18 PM

I remember being horribly disappointed by the Kama Sutra book I perused in my youth. I don't know what I was expecting, penthouse? I hope Fable enjoys her "leel" book better.

I'm comfy today in my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that my mom says make my ass look flat. Boo. And a blue top with horizontal not-quite-stripe-striations from Old Navy with a star cut-metal belt and black no-tie Sketchers. My Kate Monster is rockin' red leggings and a layered-look longsleeved gray tee with Spiderman kicking butt on it. She wore her favorite mary jane shoes with red flowers and a brown MONSTERS RARRR! hoodie. We went to the gym (where they know she's a girl) and Sam's Club (where they told me girls can't wear Spiderman).

lisafoose | 3:19 PM

OMG, I LOVE Fable's SHOES! too freaking cute!!

texmimi | 3:27 PM

lacma!!!! love it!!!! saw a great show of Magritte there a few years back. your blog makes me miss living in socal. somewhat.... I do love seattle soooo much.
.... anyway, great giveaway!

sarahstanard | 3:29 PM

Didn't know LACMA was free on some days. Very cool. My husband said I looked sexy today. "Like a ninja.". I'm wearing dark leggings and a brown top.

sarahstanard | 3:32 PM

Forgot my contact info. I'm the ninja w black leggings. Sarahstanard@gmail.com

Amy beth | 3:38 PM

workout day...adidas running top with the thumb holes, yoga pudge hiding pants, and sneaks. gerogia is in her tinkerbell costume with winter tights and turtleneck (don't get me started on that fight)and james is in jeans and a rolling stones tee. hit the gym and then worked at home. and did some art projects. hilarious fable story!! amy.putman@gmail.com

Liz | 3:48 PM

So cute! I am feeling more inspired to take my kiddo on some more interesting outings, at least more interesting than Trader Joe's, which is where I went today. I'm wearing a shirt dress, leggings & riding boots today. Super easy & sort of stylish.

Deidre | 4:14 PM

I was going to wear a green cord skirt with a blue t-shirt and some black ballet flats to the gynaecologist. But my appointment was cancelled --- so I'll just wear pj's.

Also, Fable's glasses are AMAZING.

Caitlin Carroll | 4:31 PM

I would buy my two-year-old a Kama Sutra too. No shame! Today was my at-home day and I'm wearing black jeggings from Banana Republic and an old t-shirt with a Penguin on it from Urban Outfitters. And my green Tom's shoes! We went to the library and watched Curious George. Nothing too exciting!

caitlinpcarroll AT gmail DOT com

FernLePlante | 5:46 PM

Today's cladventure 2/15/2011:
(no)where: just home, babysitting today for a friend.
wear: tan hooded button down sweater, dark brown stretch tank underneath, dark was jeans with cute patch pockets in front, and moccasins with furry lining.

Humanist mom | 5:52 PM

me= Jeans, shirt and sleeveless jacket thing.
kid=jeans (that we had to change after a potty training accident) and a red long sleeved shirt with a red/gray/white striped t-shirt over it.

Today's adventure included going to the gym, Target for new underwear, lunch with friends, vacuuming out the car, taking the dog for a haircut, picking up daughter from school, making dinner, doing laundry, and all of those other motherly daily tasks :)

beckyd | 5:56 PM

Love the photos.
Today I'm wearing a cowl neck thin sweater from Anthropologie and a balck and white floral skirt from Old Navy with knee-high boots.

Unknown | 6:13 PM

Museums are great, and Fable looks lovely.
My son wore his signature winter look today: short sleep shirt with some sort of truck on it over long sleeve shirt (for warmth), days of the week underpants and cords.
I busted out a dress today because I decided winter is ending soon and it's time to wear the wool dresses/skirts. This is strictly wishful thinking, I know.

LiciaLee | 6:31 PM

Today I did jeans and a blue shirt, and Clara wore the most ADORABLE pink overalls. We went to the library for book babies, to joanns and to target. :D

nemens | 6:36 PM

Adorable outfit and hilarious story!

Melissa | 6:44 PM

Love those moo shoes.

Today: black skinny jeans, black v-neck t-shirt, lightweight teal cardigan, black mary-jane flats...apparel had to transition from school to a funeral visitation.

Rhiannon | 6:58 PM

Love her shades and her book choice, too funny.
Me=gray scrubs
Spawn= skull jammies all day since dad apparently sees no reason to put daytime clothes on him.

Rnraupe at yahoo dot com

Flora R. | 7:21 PM

What I wore today was pretty boring, but I did score the perfect boyfriend sweater at Goodwill today for $4. Will be wearing it tomorrow!

Allison the Meep | 7:23 PM

Oh, you. You are making me miss L.A. living so much right now.

Tara | 7:38 PM

Love her style, love your pictures. We're freezing up here in the northeast and anxiously awaiting spring so we can play outside too!

Elizabeth | 7:41 PM

This girl is destined for big things with style like this. The shades and the moo shoes? Way too cool.

I'm feeling lucky about the gift card!!


Kayt | 7:55 PM

Wow, that lady!

"Ms. Teach" | 8:07 PM

Long time reader, first time commenter. ;-) Love your blog and love your book, as well. I work at a history museum that is extremely kid friendly and love seeing families bring their kids to cultural institutions. You set an example of amazing parenting to so many.

Kimberly M | 8:16 PM

so cute! love the moo shoes!

Maggie | 8:27 PM

I was completely under dressed today for the sudden change in temperature and my drafty office windows, so what I ultimately wore for the bulk of my low-key work day did not at all look like what I had originally put on.


A linen shirt, JJill Cardi, and lovely grey scarf that was our shawl in my best friend's wedding

All that covered by what my co-worker and I lovingly refer to as "The Poncho" which is a horrendously oversized poncho/hoodie that we didn't have the heart to send back because it is now our favorite ugly duckling on hand for chilly days


~april | 8:33 PM

i wore my valentine's play dough heart neacklace again today...jsut for fun! continuing the v-day love. fable is just too adorable with her new haircut!

team stephens | 8:43 PM

todays (kinda boring) outfit- old navy cardigan, tshirt, comfy jeans & bearpaw boots... could definitely use a wardrobe update!! rjstephens at gmail dot com

Marelize | 8:50 PM

Love the sunnies.

Morgan | 8:55 PM

Well, I could make up a stylish outfit, but the truth is that I never changed out of my workout clothes. At least I made it to the gym! :)

Miss Fable looks gorgeous as ever and I love her choice from the gift shop. Hilarious!

Anonymous | 8:57 PM

LACMA is amazing! How wonderful it must be to live so close. (rebekahamy07@yahoo.com)

bouboule | 9:00 PM

Cladventure of the day: Pink shirt-dress with fuchsia tights, black patent leather flats and a purple cardigan (and a magenta winter scarf and a long black down coat and black mittens-on-a-string with pink hearts because it was damn cold!). What I did: hung with babies (I'm a nanny) and sang with the Brooklyn Women's Chorus.


mathilda Dunn | 10:19 PM

I need to visit LACMA! Today I wore a magenta dress, grey cardigan and boots. Oh, and tights. Tight season in Seattle is lasting a long time!

Bunny | 10:39 PM

Today my little lady wore a pink tutu skirt from Gap with a matching pink shirt, and a whole lot of pink. Adorable.
Love the lady in the gift shop. I probably would have laughed if I was selling it to you.

Kamberdawn at gmail dot com

lunafina | 11:00 PM

I am now taking my girls there..never thought about it as kid friendly since it was many moons ago when I was last there!

jlg | 11:08 PM

OH, you have made me miss LA. Evil and delightful all at the same time!

janie (at) deodand. com

LC | 11:41 PM

gross anatomy lab today...hmmmm, what to wear when meeting a cadaver? stuck with jeans, brown wool cardi and t-shirt under my scrubs and gloves. a moment of deep gratitude to the person who generously donated their body to the university!

marshmella | 2:51 AM

I am in jeans, thermal shirt and short black boots that I just bought in London. It's cold here, so need to stay warm.

Bethany Bassett | 3:34 AM

Zara jeans + Old Navy sweater in spring green (wishful thinking?) + rain boots = volunteering in my daughter's class at school. Since Fable lost interest in the Kama Sutra book, feel like sending it my way? ;)

Rissa | 3:48 AM

I recently moved to Oregon, the land of perpetual rain. I can't wait for the sunshine so I too can take my babe out for some exploring. Fables glasses are amazing.

tlr | 4:19 AM

An exciting day at the art show at the elementary school and then a PTA Board meeting. Comfort and warmth rule though - it hit a high of 12 today.
Tahari jeans, ruffled T, cardigan, high heeled leather boots, funky necklaces
2 yr old daughter: pink light up sneakers that I detest, brown leggings, green/brown dress that is now a long shirt, pink tutu, orange bloodshot Halloween glasses, and a purple sequin/feather purse
Hoping she makes money like Lady Gaga with her crazy outfits!
Thanks for the contest!

leah.hung | 5:04 AM

Another day of studying in flannel PJs accerosrized with a woolly hat and scarf as it is cold in NYC.


Red | 5:13 AM

This is one of my favorite posts--both because of the beautiful pictures and because of the "kama sutra" story. You definitely made me laugh out loud--great start to the morning!

My outfit yesterday was dark navy jeggings with a long, lime green tank top and oversized gray hooded sweater. I finished with my favorite brown leather knee-high boots. The tank and sweater also happened to be from Old Navy...lol. Woo!

Dia C | 5:19 AM

Those shoes and sunglasses totally make her outfit. So cute.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

Jewlzy | 5:24 AM

Khaki cargo pants, white button down shirt, my NEW VALENINE'S DAY EARRINGS (LOVE THEM) and brown wedge sandals. I usually dress more "down" at work but today i'm renewing my license so i wanted to look half decent.

Unknown | 5:28 AM

wearing pj's today while i stay home and recover from the flu

Katherine | 5:31 AM

Now I've got a yearning to go to LACMA. But alas I'm at work and 3000 miles away. I took my 5 month old on his first airplane trip this weekend. For the occasion he donned his super cute bear onesie and his brown cords. I live dressing that kid!!

Katie | 5:58 AM

Mine: jeans, comfy tee, favorite cardi

Hers: denim skirt over navy leggings and navy and white striped top

Wear: a few errands, swinging in the backyard, and lunch with grandma and grandpa


jesse k | 6:14 AM

It's hinting at spring here! My little girl is wearing jeans and a pink peasant top for a (late) valentine's lunch at her grandmother's with her cousins.

Stephanie | 6:16 AM

Today is a test day for my class... I'm going to wear my maternity jeans and a pink t-shirt.

Katie Jane | 6:23 AM

I love her glasses!

Today I'm wearing a pinkish ruffly shirt from J.Crew, jeans, and my awesome Italian boots.


Grant and Julie Sackett | 6:36 AM

Can I say that the warm weather there is killing me here in snowy utah!!! jbofiedel@hotmail.com

Amy J | 6:51 AM

That museum looks incredible.

Today I'm in black leggings and a brown sweater dress, with my new ankle boots.

THe little one is in boots, striped tights, pink skirt, green shirt with a red cherry graphic on it.

The littler one is in black pants and a pink t-shirt with a drum on it.

Everyone's at school/work today, so no fun adventures, at least not together...

Ashley | 7:03 AM

LOVE, love Fable's ability to rock any outfit. For me today, it's jeans, a v-neck, a cozy sweater, and flip flops. It's cool and cloudy here in the lonestar state. Plus, I'm about 7 weeks pregnant with my first and feeling pretty queasy-icky.


Anonymous | 7:08 AM

I love your writing...and the lil baby book made me laugh out loud!

I am wearing old navy maternity pants, pink shirt and black cardigan.

Laura B

Megan K | 7:33 AM

Our outing today is to the local zoo. One of only two in Arkansas and it's actually free admittance for everyone!

I'm wearing skinny jeans, a long white button down cinched at the waist with a brown belt and my Toms.

The little one is wearing zebra tights, a pink shirt and her pink shoes from Old Navy!

jamesknight at railserve.biz

Anonymous | 7:38 AM

today is run errands day and then movie with a friend so baggy, ripped up ankle jeans, a white t shirt and a brown vest. Also my big ass gold hoop earrings. Fable is awesome! I love how you let her be a kid with no regard to the worlds stupid rules. good job mama! You inspire me to do the same with my Sofia Emilia. Thanks!

caitlin | 7:51 AM

Today it's all about sweats and staying home, the little guys are sick :(

You are making me miss living in a city!!

Leslie | 8:05 AM

I'm supposed to be out the door in an hour in a half, but I still have the baby sleeping on me. So currently, I'm wearing a Natalie Merchant T-shirt and navy yoga pants.


irelassred | 8:31 AM

Today is a work day for me, so I've got on a sweater tunic w/a t-shirt underneath, a brown skirt & some frye campus boots. It is really foggy here in Kansas City & we're experiencing an epic ice melt, so waterproof shoes were a must!
Fable looks so cute, and you are so right about the Kama Sutra- it is quite tame! That was too funny.
I enjoy your blog, thanks!

k | 8:43 AM

That museum looks incredible!

Today I am wearing skinny, tan cords, boots, navy sweater and striped scarf. I am at work (of course) BUT I would rather be visiting the American Visionary Arts Museum, (which is right down the street) with my little girl.

SkittleSkattle | 8:53 AM

Yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt. have to hunker down and fill out paperwork!

emily | 9:12 AM

Wish I were in LA- great to know about the family-friendly prices and policies at LACMA!

Carrie | 10:17 AM

What fun. I love her outfit.
I am needing to go get our a fun little dress to wear with my rain boot and trench coat!

johnmayersquare | 10:38 AM

I'm SOOOO jealous of the sunny weather I could just scream ;)

Amelia | 10:38 AM

I'm in a fabulous maternity shirt (no, I mean that - it has beading and silver lacing running through and big, tropical flower patterns... and, okay, it's sounding like a muumuu, but IT'S NOT, it's really quite fabulous) with a drapey sweater, black pants, and red flats. I wear my red flats when I want to feel sassy!

nmg915 | 10:49 AM

We broke out the spring jackets today! Its still pretty muddy and even a little slushy, so rubber boots, too.

Adina B | 11:35 AM

Vermilion blue comfy maternity dress, leggings and black boots at work. But looking forward to picking up my 3 year old in 2.5 hours for some fun as there has been a little thaw in the air!

Soon...sandal weather!


Emily | 11:39 AM

Too cute! The gift shop lady must have thought Fable was a child-star in training, with the giant sunglasses and the stylist and the fashion shoot :)

The Litzenbergers | 1:19 PM

Today's outfit it not so noteworthy. Thick cream colored cardigan and jeans for a morning at work and an afternoon at home with my napping kiddo.

KK | 1:40 PM

Today my daughter and I are both sporting wild tights, big skirt and tall rain boot. I love rain in LA!

jp | 1:40 PM

I'm pregnant with my first baby and this REALLY makes me want a little girl!

Marianne | 2:11 PM

I am wearing wide legged jeans for once and it feel so weird after a winter in jeggings.

Samantha Van Kirk | 2:25 PM

For me today, dirty levis from working outside in our soon to be garden, white sports bra and a pink tank top. Hair, pulled into a high messy bun with a black patent headband.

K (14 months) She chose her outfit, kinda. Black longsleeve, silver ruffle butt tights, and the brightest blue tutu (that is about to be thrown out) I have ever looked at! She has worn this time so many times its falling apart... Oh and her blue flats. =]

Shalyn | 3:21 PM

I've never been to this museum and it looks amazing...I do think I will be taking my 3 year old there very soon :) Thanks for always showing cool spots to visit in LA and SD!

I love Fable's outfit and her Moo Shoes!

A.E. | 3:26 PM

Skinny black denim cargo pants, MOST AMAZING AND VOLUMINOUS maroon circle scarf, plain black t, gold pointy toed flats that make me feel like a character in Aladdin.

I love your photo-stories, and also Fable has really great taste in sunglasses.

robin | 3:37 PM

I love that you got her the book...and I can just imagine the book shop lady's face! That alone would be worth buying the book!

As for our cladventures...we haven't had any, since I just had a baby on sunday. He's looking awfully cute in his little fuzzy jammies, though me, not so much!

MadEnoughWorld | 4:18 PM

HA! I love readin your blog. I love Fable's style. great that you take advantatge of all LA has to offer. Cheers!

Ari Lindquist | 5:00 PM

we have not gone there yet with my little-- But planning on it next Friday! Our cladadventure: Me- Long sweater with leggings and boots (it's raining now!) Harper- Bright tights with a bright skirt, solid target shirt.. She's rocking it.

Meg | 5:36 PM

Short-sleeved black blouse with skinny jeans and brown boots. Yeah weather warm enough to wear short-sleeves (even if it was under a jacket)!

FernLePlante | 6:17 PM

Cladventure 2/16/2011:
wear: Old Navy diva boot cut jeans, black v neck sweater.
where: preschool with my daughter & home again.
Thanks for the giveaway!
fernleplante at g mail dot com

Yoga Susie | 6:19 PM

Today was a casual day - lululemon yoga top with paper denim jeans so well worn they're practically indecent. Threw on hubby's black zip up hoodie to run errands. Sick day for baby boy so he stayed in his glow-in-the-dark dinosaur carter's jammies!


kristi | 6:20 PM

today i wore a grey shirt with a colorful koi fish on it, black skinny jeans, black sweater, grey slouchy boots, & a raincoat!

Emily | 6:43 PM

We're still getting over some sickness in our house, so I played it warm and comfy in my old, lived-in, rip-in-the-knee baggy Old Navy jeans and thrifted hoodie ... My little one was also rocking some comfy Old Navy duds ... We really do love Old Navy!

Oh, and the "moo shoes!" We love those, too! ;)

The Jorgensen's | 6:54 PM

We are coming to LA in May and I'm thinking a trip to LACMA will have to be on our list of things to do.

JCF | 7:02 PM

Long white long-sleeved t-shirt, dark, dark skinny jeans from H&M, Merrell riding boots. The boy is wearing a Keith Haring onesie, cotton pants, and socks. He's 7 months old--I'd wear a onesie if I could too!

We just went to visit a friend and her baby--nothing exciting, but a nice afternoon, nonetheless.

Meg | 7:11 PM

Black short-sleeved blouse, leopard print belt, skinny jeans, and brown boots. After the great Chicago blizzard, I am super excited to be wearing short-sleeves!

Kim | 7:39 PM

Where? Work, of course. More specifically, San Francisco, where today's weather brought hail, sunshine, giant storm clouds, horizontal rain, and a clear skies at sunset.

Wear? Jeans, Gap zip-hoodie w/tank top. And socks with special "comfort" padding/stitching to wear with my rainy-weather boots, all in an effort to cushion the ball of my foot which somehow was bruised (I blame the Valentines Day heels).

Kristen | 8:11 PM

So first of all, that first picture of Fable in those columns is fantastic. Absolutely.

Second: I wore layers today up in NorCal - a white & light brown dress over a long sleeved white shirt with brown leggings, a dark red knee-length short sleeve chunky sweater, and flat, slouchy brown suede boots. And a lip gloss stain on my skirt (luckily hidden by the sweater - who knew lip gloss would stain! or drip!)

Anonymous | 8:27 PM

LOVE the glasses! Today is jeans paired with Discovery Church Gahanna, OH tee and my favorite gray anthropologie sweater that I wear with everything from pajamas to skirts! My 8-year old's purple pants are so much cooler than my boring jeans ;) jmbisignano (at) yahoo (dot) com

Erik | 9:14 PM

Love the glasses on your sweet girl! For me I had commute over the hill for school (Capitola to San Jose). The pouring rain told me to wear rubberboots but I said no way, rain, I'm not stomping around campus in rubber galoshes. So what did I wear? Dark skinnies cuffed just above the ankle, minnotonka mocs, and my fav red peacoat with a white tee and scarf underneath. Tossed an unbrella into my handbag and lo and behold campus was as sunny as could be and only rained as I left :) Just my luck.

VeggieDelite | 9:16 PM

Oh no! I left a comment using my boyfriend's google account!! He is def not one to come anywhere near minnetonka mocs and red peacoats! Yikes!!!

kinnairdkath | 3:30 AM

wish I lived in LA

Ali | 5:50 AM

Wow, I love that LACMA is so good to families! I was visiting LA when the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam lent a huge collection of paintings to LACMA--it was so amazing.

Dia C | 6:18 AM

LOL-ing at Fable and her book.

Today's boring Where: Work!

Wear: Luckily my work place is casual so I dress comfy. Old Navy cords and Ruffle top sweater.

diacronan at hotmail dot com

DCD | 7:24 AM

Black slacks, steel gray blouse, black shrunken leather jacket, metallic gray snakeskin wedges for work.

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