Gone Style: Wear/Where - Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Sponsored + Giveaway)

**Updated with winner, below! **
The following post + giveaway brought to you by Old Navy (To check out the Old Navy kids & baby sale with prices starting @ $5, go here!) and is the third (and final) "Wear/Where" post featuring the lovable stylings of miss Fable Luella as she adventures to some of our favorite local haunts clad in apropos play clothes we picked together via her closet.
For our final Wear/Where cladventure, Fable and I spent the afternoon at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). We arrived two hours before it opened so would have ourselves an early picnic lunch, sort rocks, walk around the La Brea Tarpits (located on the same block) and chill like (friendly?) vills. It was a sunny day with a cool-ish breeze so we went for another layered look complete with Fable's favorite sneakers and dearly beloved "omg you CANNOT be serious with those" shades. Without further prologue, I give you LAMCA STYLE '11!
WHERE: LACMA, Miracle Mile, Wilshire Blvd

WEAR: navy sweatshirt cardi over gingham accented dress with pink leggings
and cow sneakers referred in our house as "moo shoes."
Accessories: homemade felt hair clip (clearly, we're fans) and Fable's favorite shades.
For those of you unfamiliar with the awesome that is LACMA, let me tell you... First off, it's my favorite museum in Los Angeles. Beyond its incredible permanent collection, LACMA also boasts incredible (and eclectic) temporary collections. But most importantly, LACMA loves kids. Which is refreshing if you're a parent who loves art. LACMA has been a second home to me since moving to Los Angeles twelve years ago and being that I spent eight of those years living in walking distance, LACMA was kind of like a first home as well. When Archer was a baby I'd push him around the galleries in his stroller at least once a week and now that Fable's old enough to appreciate the space, it gives me so much joy watching her explore and enjoy the artwork.
LACMA is free for all humans every second Tuesday of the month but aside from that allows ALL children seventeen and under (as well as a guardian) to attend the museum whenever they want for free. (ED: A family of four with two kids under seventeen can go to the museum for free. Every day.) Pretty amazing, right?
Fable and I scoped the permanent collection as well as two of the visiting collections, appropriately titled, "India's Fabled City: The Art of Courtly Lucknow" and "Fashioning Fashion."
(Fable + Fashion post = Fables and Fashion exhibits = KISMET?)
Favorite story of the day: Fable was so well behaved in the museum, I asked if she'd like to pick a small present from the gift shop. She did (obviously) and after perusing the shelves for several minutes finally made her pick. Which was? A pocket sized book of "Kama Sutra."

We were the only two people in the gift shop at the time and the nice lady working behind the counter gasped when she saw Fable run towards her with the book.

"Are you sure you don't want this lovely wooden elephant instead?" I asked.

But Fable wanted nothing to do with any of the actual toys. Duh. She liked the book. It was cute and pocket-sized! A "leel baby book!" according to Fable. (I've never understood why adult books come in "child's" sizes but whatever.) Anyway, if that's what she wanted? Fine with me. Couldn't beat its $4.95 price tag. And a Kama Sutra book is tamer than 99% of billboards we pass on the daily. Plus, it was art. Plus, she's TWO YEARS OLD. Plus, who cares?

Well. Clearly, there was one person who did care. Very much, actually.

I removed the price tag on the book so the woman could ring us up as Fable clutched "Pocket Kama Sutra" with both hands.

But the woman just stood there, horrified.

I had to literally CONVINCE her (with my words) to sell us the damn thing. Apparently she forgot she worked in an art museum. Full of paintings of sex and penises. Of course, the minute we left the store, Fable got distracted by a bird, dropped the book on the ground and that was the end of that.
Twas a magical day in a magical place with the most magical girl I know.


Once again, it's your turn, those who wear/where! I'll be awarding one commenter (per post) with an $150 Old Navy gift card. To win? Submit a comment below. Perhaps, about today's cladventure? Mine = shirtdress, tights + my favorite knee-length sweater (it looks like rain out there!) for afternoon play-date at the house.

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, February 22nd via random.org and contacted directly (so don't forget to include contact information in the comments, please!) For official contest rules go, here. Good luck and happy where/wearing

UPDATED: Congrats to commenter #68, Evi! You just won yourself an Old Navy gift card, girl! Hooray, and thanks to all for participating!



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Mary | 7:43 AM

Sounds like so much fun! Karma Sutra book and all!

Today my cutie is wearing jeans, a white lone sleeved onsie and a short sleeved orange Diego shirt so that when it gets warmer out today (fingers crossed!) he can strip the sleeves!


Anonymous | 7:43 AM

Your story about the book lady cracked me up!!! People can be such squares!

Marie | 9:11 AM

leggings, boots, a purple tunic and black cardigan for working at the library today! love the gift shop story.

junecartercash | 10:59 AM

I think you should have told the gift store clerk that you had intentions on starting Fable's sex ed early and you thought the Kama Sutra was the best route.

Charlie Hanks | 11:18 AM

Love the jacket. Wish I could get my little boy to wear anything besides t-shirts.

Whitney | 11:40 AM

Today I'm wearing a funky purple top, tan/white striped vest, plaid scarf, black slacks and black low-profile ankle boots.
Loved the story about the kama sutra book. What a good mom you are.

Sheena | 11:56 AM

Oh, I love Fable's shoes! And Fable wearing sunglasses is adorable!

miabirdie | 12:05 PM

"Plus, who cares?" I love.love.love this. I'm not a parent, but I appreciate parents who don't obsessively shelter their children from the real, beautiful world.

Unknown | 1:22 PM

Adorably clad daughter on a wonderful cladventure! We are comfy here today... Old Navy leggings and tees!
Thanks for the giveaway!
ellecee123 at gmail dot com

Megan | 1:45 PM

I for one am wearing flip-flops for the 5th day in a row, and I couldn't be more excited about that! They might not be very fashionable, but they are comfortable in this heat wave that we are having.

Melt Momma's Heart | 2:46 PM

Fable is a little rockstar in those sunglasses!


Margie | 5:37 PM

What a wonderful day you had! Exploring with a toddler/preschooler is always an adventure. Case in point: we spent a good part of our morning at the car repair shop and had a great time! And the best part of what we were wearing today was NO COATS! February has given us a wonderful reprieve for a moment and it is glorious. milagrobeancat(at)yahoo(dot)com

Liz | 6:31 PM

She's adorable, and the Kama Sutra story is hysterical!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

FernLePlante | 8:29 PM

cladventure 2/16/2011:
wear: Aeropostale Avery wide leg trouser jeans and a V neck long sleeved tee shirt (It's warm enough that I don't need a sweater!!! FINALLY!!)

where: a walk around the neighborhood and just at home. (babysitting again today!)
fernleplante at g mail dot com

Sam | 8:46 PM

Fable is the cutest.

Today- (mostly boring) skinny jeans, grey T, black jacket, but fun yellow suede floral flats.

samscheel AT gmail dot com

B&B | 10:23 PM

It was pouring rain today so I just wore jeans, sneakers, and my Treasure Island Festival hoodie when we went out for a quick grocery run.

My daughter wore khakis, pink turtleneck and an Old Navy fleece zip-up she loves.

Louisa | 7:20 AM

Oh, to shop for my little one for "free" I love the sweatshirt cardi...

Photography by Melissa | 9:00 AM

She is so cute! Love the wardrobe, love ON, and I really love her name.


Dr Kara Wolff | 2:46 PM

The gift shop story is great! You are such a cool mom :)

Steph | 5:40 PM

Finally nice weather so today I wore a lacy camisole (white) tank top with a light cardigan (red), skinny jeans, and flats, woo! I've been living in boots of all sorts all winter so it was nice to wear flats for once! We actually went to explore an old prison/museum today.
Loved the story about Fable and her book, too funny!

Jade Clark | 7:45 PM

Oh.My.Gosh. Those moo shoes. NEEEEEED!!!! Love.Love.Love.

Ok, for the record, I CAN comment in complete sentences, but those cow Converse just about killed me. =)

Kiki | 5:36 AM

I know it'll sound creepy, but I'd love to hang out with you and Fable... such a great adventure!

A Mama's Peaks | 8:57 AM

Fable is my 15 mos old's fashion icon. Well via me I guess as my butternut doesn't quite get fashion yet.

Anonymous | 2:36 PM

Love the story about the "leel baby book"!

jessica obrien | 3:39 PM

i love, love, love lacma + blog my visits often. i was actually there on the 8th! i didn't know the guardian went free too - great to know for umm 6 years from now when i have a young one ;)

have you ever done art classes there? last time, i saw a classroom full of kids + parents painting, behind the gift shop. wondered what it was...

MargieK | 9:23 AM

What fun you had! Fable is such a cutie... I miss having a little girl that age (mine is now 20 -- but still likes fashion).

Rita | 5:51 PM

I'm just NOW discovering your blog. (Where have I BEEN? I don't know.)

Wowee would I love to win $150 to Old Navy. Pick me Pick me!

Shelley | 5:58 PM

I want to take my kids to all these cool places! Not that we don't have awesome things to do in Cleveland, it is just too damn cold to do them right now!

PsychMamma | 7:16 PM

I totally want to go there. It looks fabulous, and I want to take my J. She's 5 and she is fascinated with art right now.

I love the gift shop story and the way you handled the situation. I hope you keep the little book for always, just for the wonderful story's sake.

P.S. My ensemble today? Yoga pants, a t-shirt & a fleece.

Unknown | 8:45 AM

Wish I had 1/10th of Fable's style! My where/wear was skinny jeans, tall suede boots, and a black Anthro sweater for bowling and In and Out.


Kim | 1:36 PM

We stumbled upon the free kid pass when my daughter was a baby. What a deal. And a great day out. Love the room where they paint and pick up their art later.

Sarah | 6:54 PM

Love your outings. My daughter and I have been trying to explore our new town. Last outing--the rodeo. Me: jeans, sheer top, cami, flats. Her: jeans, plaid ruffle shirt, Converse--perfect for pony rides!

amy rogers | 8:58 AM

I will try to find something for my 8 month pregnant body as I adventure to gymboree today with my 2.5 yr old!

carrie | 10:16 AM

love Fable's fashion posts!! I have 3 boys and I'm a preschool teacher, so we rock jeans and hoodies most days in the cold northeast!

Unknown | 10:25 AM

today at the school where I teach I wore a full length black dress and a full length grey waterfall cardigan. Dull but stylish.

And then, as I stood there giving my class instructions I rubbed along the outside of my leg, so the instructions were given thus: "So, now I'd like you to Oh look I've got my dress on inside out".

Hmmmm .... must remember to think some things not say them ...

Love Fable in those shades ...

Amy P. | 11:32 AM

With 5 inches of snow on the ground here in MT, I am wearing a warm, brown Eddie Bauer sweater with a bright blue Gramicci shirt and jeans.

Sarah | 12:56 PM

Blue shirt, black pants, black ballet flats. Work cladventure today!

Janine | 1:15 PM

totally dig her shades & the fact that you didn't freak out re: the kama sutra. your parenting is refreshing :)

jealous of your la weather...here in new york im wearing (deeply discounted) high waisted tweed slacks from anthropologie and a black lucky brand peasant top with thrifted gold jewelry.

jessicaj75@aol.com | 3:24 PM

did i enter already? if not, i'm wearing old navy cargos. i gave up on jeans in september. i have a problem where they gap in the back and just, i like cargos.

Bryna | 3:39 PM

We have been having fun with fashion too!

stacymichelle | 2:45 AM

Not sure if I am too late.. Hope I am not!! I love purple, and I like to rock out a floral scarf, brown boots, dark jeans, and a purple henley long sleeved shirt. :)

Firefly | 6:04 AM

I love little girls in dresses and jeans, or boy t-shirts and skirts, and this winter I am all about patterned tights and robeez moose slippers. My toddler already picks her own clothes some days so this way everything is mix and match and still not off the rak.

Caitlyn | 7:34 AM

Fable is awesome. And I love her (and your!) style. :)

And no "cladventure" here :(. Today, my daughter and I are dressed quite simply: jeans and a tee for a lazy day at home (well, class for me - but I don't care to pretty up for that either!).


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