90 Seconds with Bo and Revi: Door Jamz

In the last couple of months Bo and Revi have gone from buddies to something else. Even in the last week they seem to have become more aware of each other, more empathetic to one another's needs, more frustrated with each other's behavior, more forgivable...  They travel together at all times and the other day when Revi went to the kitchen to fetch her water bottle, she brought an extra in case Bo was thirsty, too. 
She was not and threw the water bottle across the "sandbox" (see above) but Revi didn't care. She did her part and walked away. 
These kinds of moments are constant as of late. Bo and Revi now trade food during meals. (Bo gives Revi all of her strawberries and Bo gives Revi her garbonzo beans.) When Bo is sad, Revi will give her sister her blankie and when it's time to go outside, Bo will fetch not only her shoes, but Revi's shoes as well. They make each other giggle during bath time and in the mornings, the first sounds out of their room is a laughter.
photo-8 P1010257
I have learned so much about what it takes to be an empathetic partner through these last few months of their example. They have no choice but to share and look out for one another, to compromise and sleep through the other's midnight tantrums. They fight and forgive like champions and make each other laugh like it's their job. They battle for attention and then accept, in unison, that they have to share.
photo-13 photo-11 photo-5 photo-1 IMG_8469 photo-9 photo-7 photo-12 photo-14
They also have a huge thing for door slamming and since this video (filmed a few weeks back) we've had to equip the doors with jams so they don't slam each other's fingers in them. 
My favorite part of this video is the end because it is EXACTLY what they do now. When one decides to move on from one activity, the other automatically follows. 

On to the next adventure, sister friend... Here's a rake, girl. 
...Let's ride.