TOTW: A Rug and a Kiss! (& Giveaway)

photo credit: potted store

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan but I do love love and I love you guys SO today I'm going to be giving away something that is as close to a hug as I could rhyme. 

And that something is a rug. 

And not just any rug, either. Behold:

These rugs are actually mats made out of reclaimed plastic bottles in a fair-trade facility. PLASTIC, you guys. They are the ultimate in childproof/animal proof/weather proof indoor/outdoor living. (You can read more about them here.) 
photo credit: Angelique's antiques
photo credit: that bohemian girl

I first found out about Mad Mats when searching for "childproof rugs" for the dining/painting/lego building room I'm slowly pulling together for the kids/us/mostly the kids. The goal is to create a space that is 100% child friendly so when paint splatters and food falls, it won't be a thing. Fable and I looked through all of the options before settling on "the rainbowest rug" we could find:

I am so excited about these mats, you guys. They are the ultimate "everybody wins" product. Ideal for families with small children and large children and pets and adults who regularly spill things on the floor. You just need a wet towel and BAM, all clean.

I love this one for a kitchen nook or a child's bedroom or outside on the porch surrounded by little pottled plants and a swing:

Charming right? And they're even more awesome looking in person under a table covered in crumbs. 

This week I'll be giving away a 5x8 mat (of your choice). To win? Describe something you love. I'll pick one random winner next Thursday February 21st. Rugs and kisses to all!

UPDATED: Congrats to Jessica for winning the mad mat and thanks to all for participated with your beautiful words!