stories and tellers and notes to self

It had been since Christmas since we'd all been together. We used to go down to San Diego to visit for the weekend every month but it's a big trip to take for a short time with so many of us so everyone comes to us, now. There's Nana with her swatches and ideas for what color to paint the back fence and my mom insisting on watering everything and my dad with children hanging all over him and Hal always on an instrument and kids everywhere eating chalk and sneezing on everything and long lost shoes that we still haven't found and it's been almost a week now. (Revi hid them somewhere, I am sure of it.)
 photo-3 photo-1
I haven't posted a liner notes post since October and I think I might start posting them again. I realized this week, after an insane few days that I've missed rounding up the moments I hint at on Instagram. (I stopped posting Liner Notes because I felt they were redundant - all the photos you've already seen on IG, the scenes that are the same every week -  the windows and doors and the crumbs on the kitchen floors...)
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...But the stories are always different even when they're the same and I kind of love writing these little posts about nothing because they are also about everything.