taking your look from night to day by: fable

photo Night/Day

1. Firwst, you sleep in youw outfit fow tomowwow and weaw a scawf on youw head and one on youw neck but take off the one awound youw neck befowe bed because it could be dangewous. My favowite dwesses awe spinny and like a pwincess.

2. Wake up in the mowning and put on the scawf fow youw neck and the otheh scawf on youw head (ask youw mommy to help you) and then you can pick out a cwown that matches.

3. Put the cwown on ovew the scawf.

4. Find youw seaweed scawf fwom the mewmaid costume and put that on, too because it's awesome.

5. You might need a sweatew because it's cold in the mownings. Mine has little castles on it and tiny little flowehs.

6. Wainbow tights awe my favowite to weaw with evewything. (Wainbow is my favorite color, that's why.)

7. Don't fowget youw puwse. It has youw makeup in it and youw tweasure. Put it in youw cubby so it doesn't get lost at schoowl.

8. Name youw outfit something beautiful. This is called "Luella Jewewl" because Luella is my middle name and jewewls have spawkles on them and my dwess is gold and spawkly.