Fierce Fierceness (+ Giveaway!)

photo 4-2 photo 1-2
Friday, I wrote about fierceness of a different sort, because here's the thing. My girls are STRONG. They are fierce and strong and very much themselves with personalities that are larger than their bodies and stronger than, well, me sometimes. My son is also fierce, in ways that are different than his sisters -- his fierceness is a quieter, more reserved fierceness - the kind of fierceness that I am fiercely protective of in the same way I am protective of my girls strength-in-selfness. Fiercely Protective of Fierce Fierceness is my band name.

Anyway. I think it's important for kids to know that clothes can be powerful message-senders and that we should be conscious of our fashion choices because they help us tell our story, be ourselves, have fun...  I also think that clothes can be incredibly empowering for people of all ages. Revi lights up when she puts on one of her various fancy dresses. (She wore a sequin gown apple picking this weekend and could not have been happier about it.) I happen to think that what we wear on our bodies DOES count - that we decide how we want to be perceived and that every child, when they're old enough to be aware, should be able to choose their own ensembles and recognize that there will be ramifications for doing so. (Fable learned this with her 7890 barrettes and Archer with his purple shoes and Bo with the bare feet she insisted on wearing on a walk the other day.) 

We do a lot of outings in bridesmaid dresses and costumes and the the little ones wear princess dresses to school and YOU DO YOUR THING, KIDS. 

In the meantime, it is my job to fill my kids drawers with pieces they can:

A. Wear with pride.
B. Mix and match with.
C. Feel comfortable and themselves in.
D. Empower themselves and those around them. (That's why I LOVE these shirts. LOVE LOVE LOVE.)

And that would be my segue into today's exciting giveaway. (Woo!) I'm excited to feature a fellow twin mom, Kiki Fluhr, and her kids clothing line, The Measure (All the Numbers) which boasts some of the MOST INCREDIBLE  (empowering!) pieces.

The Red Riding Hood dresses? AHHHHHH!!! 
photo 5-2 Little Red Riding Hood Dress (and bloomer shorts)
photo 4-3 "And though she be little she is fierce" T with Red Riding Hood skirt + play apron. photo 4
(Revi chose the shirt + skirt.)
photo 1-3 (Bo chose the dress and bloomers.)
photo 1 photo 5-1 photo 2-1
photo 4-1 photo 3-6 (Fable has one, too.)
photo 1-6 (They all do. THEY ALL ARE!) 
photo 2-3
This week, thanks to Kiki and The Measure, I'm giving away one outfit of your choice from the website! To win, tell me what makes you/your child/someone you know fierce. I'll choose one winner at random next Monday, October 27th. In the meantime, you can follow The Measure on Instagram, here and shop The Measure, here. (20% off at checkout with code GIRLSGONECHILD through the end of the week!)
photo 2-6  her strong sense of self
photo 2 her fearless fire
photo 4-4 her protective power
photo 1-5 photo 2-4