Picking My Battles = Backing off of theirs

Today on Mom.me, I wrote about letting them fight... 

Not that they don't get along beautifully as well because they do. Much of the time, they do. (Archer is my co-parent in the morning on most days. Fable, too.)
But, with Tamara gone since June, I've been overwhelmed, with more to do and less patience to do it. If, "MOM! I NEED YOU!" was a drinking game, I would be dead with alcohol poisoning by 6:12 am. And then I would re-die every fifteen minutes forever. 
Which is fine. I want to be there for them. I LOVE BEING THERE FOR THEM! But sometimes... well... 
I lose it. They lose it and then I lose it and suddenly we're all just very, very, extremely, very lost...
You can read the rest of the column in its entirety, here.
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Godspeed, mamas.