Must See TV: Transparent

This  Last week on, I wrote about Transparent which is my favorite show on television right now even though it isn't even officially on television. (It's on Amazon. GO, AMAZON!)

If you are not familiar with the show, it's about a man woman who at 70 years old, comes out to her children that she is a woman. Jeffrey Tambor plays Maura, the patriarch matriarch of the family while her ex-wife and three children, all who are dealing with transitional periods in their own lives, rally around her as she begins her new life as the woman she was born to be.

The show is created by Jill Soloway whose own father came out late in life as a woman. 

“No wonder I was so obsessed with these questions,” she said on a Sunday morning in July, sitting at the same table where she took the call. “Not even deep down. I think out in front these gender questions were part of our family — the discomfort with traditional roles of masculinity and femininity in our house.”

Soloway also wrote/directed Afternoon Delight which I loved...