"Listen to my words..."

photo 2
Today's post is a throwback to a few months ago. I thought I accidentally deleted this gem but, no! I found it safe and sound on a hard drive and it's one of my favorite moments caught on camera of all time:

FYI: I totally get the whole LOOK AT ME! LISTEN TO MY WORDS!" thing because, even though Revi is "looking" right at Bo and totally "listening" to her word... maybe she isn't, you know? Preschool-aged twins are not unlike married couples trying to work out their issues and I know I've written about this before, and I'm sure I will again, (tomorrow's post is about siblings working out their issues) but it's fascinating to me and this video makes me laugh/cry/ponder the "talker/listener" dynamic and which side I fall into...
photo 5-3
...In my work, I am the talker, clearly. But at home, I'm definitely more of the listener. But maybe I'm not really listening, you know? Maybe that's why everyone is like, "MOM! MOM! LISTEN TO ME! LOOK AT MY EYES" and in my head, I'm like, "I am listening! I am looking at your eyes! I'm right here!" But I'm also not. Because I'm 78,000 other places, too. 
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