All set for summer! Psyche! Not! LOL!

This week on, I wrote about summer. Which is coming. In one week. And yet. I have made. No plans. Because. It stresses. Me out. Also? CAMP IS NOT CHEAP. It used to be When we didn't have so many kids. Ha! Who knew?

(We have booked one week of theatre camp, actually. Other than that? I got nothin' guys.)
The other thing—and this is the bigger issue—camp is not cheap, and frankly, we cannot afford to put kids in camp full (or even part) time this summer. Not with preschool tuition and life being life-ish. SO. Improvisation it is. Less money, mo improv... 
You can read the post in its entirety, here. In the meantime, what are your plans? I am especially curious how all the work-from-homers deal with summer/camp/kids activities. I already feel like I've failed everyone and summer hasn't even begun.