For Brooke, Micah & Baby Piper

I have had this song in my head for the last week so I'm posting it today, along with the fundraising page for my dear friends, Brooke, Micah, and baby Piper, who came into this world with severe complications last week and will be leaving her life here, soon. Please take a moment and direct all prayers and strength to my incredible friends who have shown these last few days what true love looks like. I am in awe of their light, love and unfathomable strength. I also ask, for those willing and able to donate to their hospital fund, to do so here. 

Brooke and Micah, I have never been more in awe of two parents than I have been of you these last few days. Piper, you were born an angel and your being here has made the world a more beautiful place. Mattson/Marshall families, you are in our thoughts and prayers now and always. We love you so much.