Favorite Family Films (For now, anyway)

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This week on Mom.me, I wrote about playing favorites.... in the movie department. As many of you know, trying to decide on a film FOR THE WHOLE family can be difficult, and while we usually take a vote (democracy 4 prez) we have established a few must-have movies that appeal to ALL four children's tastes and textures. These movies are currently on rotation in our house.

1. Hotel Transylvania -

This is the current favorite. TRULY. All four of my kids love this movie most. Which is a first. I mean, how often do four kids love the same movie? It's rated PG but you will find nothing scary, here. Or inappropriate. I don't think. I mean, my three year olds love it as much as my ten year old. (And yes, as of tomorrow, I have a ten year old. Which is insane. Moving on...) This movie is fantastic. It's hysterical. I actually cry-laughed in two different parts so PLEASE join your kids when you sit down to watch this one. Because LOLs are good. LOLs are necessary. LOLs are very much needed these days.

2. The Book of Life

This movie is a masterpiece and several weeks back I went on a twitter rant about how messed up it was that The Book of Life didn't win all the things. Because it is a WONDERFUL movie. The music is incredible. The animation is incomparable. The story is beautiful. The characters are nuanced and insightful. And it deals with death (a la Dia De Los Muertos) in a way that isn't scary, but beautiful and comforting. It's really good, you guys. We dig.

3. The Gnome Mobile -

This was one of my favorites when I was little and it was one of my mom's favorite when she was little so it was very exciting to show my kids this wonderful gem and to find that they adored it as well. Even if it is a little outdated. And sexist. And outdated and sexist. (Fable stood up several times to lecture dudes something fierce which was pretty amazing. When I was a kid I didn't even think twice that ladies weren't being treated fairly... Kind of exciting how in-the-know today's young ladies are. I was DENSE, man.)

Beyond that, what I love most about The Gnome Mobile (which stars the Mary Poppins kids) is that the grandpa believes in the same magic they do. Usually it's kids vs adults, but in the Gnome Mobile, grandfather is just another one of the kids and I love that. I love that he believes his grandchildren and helps them protect the gnomes! GO, GRAMPS! Go, gnomes! Go lady gnomes! Go, ending musical sequence! (THE BEST PART BY FAR OMG SO GOOD.)


You can read the rest of our recommendations over on Mom.me, here. (I also wrote a post last summer that includes some of our other favorite family films. The Tinker bell movies are also a huge it in our house. I kind love them all. Especially the recent Neverbeast one. That made me cry, man. I love a good movie about GOING WITH GUT and TRUSTING goodness in others. Even when society tells us otherwise. Question everything, kids. And, yes, I know it's Disney but WHOA. Very E.T... but, like... a LITTLE less upsetting. 

P.S. I would love to hear what's on current rotation at your house. I am especially curious to hear from those with kids of all different ages because when tastes range from Star Wars to Secret of the Wings it can get a little tricky...

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend, all.