Changing of the Guard

It was time to change the GGC Blogger icon. The bed-head was cute for a while but Archer has since grown a handsome mustache, and I felt the need to respect his newfound facial hair:

Farewell old icon. Farewell...



Wendy | 8:27 PM

I never realized he had bedhead in the other picture. Now, I kinda miss it. However, I have never been good with change.

I do love his look and you are so surprised.

Emery Jo | 8:29 PM

I love your mod bangs.

so hot.

B | 9:01 PM

I will never tire of that shot of Archer and his mooostache.


Ha, yes! Well, it is true that one man's villian is another woman's hero. Or something. Maybe.

Anonymous | 12:45 PM

Sweet! I love the 'stache.

Kristen | 7:03 AM

Hahaha! I love it!

Her Bad Mother | 2:28 PM

LOVE IT. Love. It.

motherbumper | 4:28 PM

Dali baby every day!
Motherbumper says Hurray!

I've never claimed to be a poet but Archer inspired me to rhyme

You look delicious.

Jonathon Morgan | 6:44 PM

That moustache needs to be honored. It should have it's own birthday.

Jonathon Morgan | 6:44 PM

PS: Dakota says hi.

MrsFortune | 9:47 PM

Well, that's not the highway patrolman or aging porn star stache, so I think the A-man is good to go. It's more of the handle bar type. Maybe next time he could do something in a fu manchu?

Sandra | 1:04 PM

I LOVE this one :)