Changing of the Guard

It was time to change the GGC Blogger icon. The bed-head was cute for a while but Archer has since grown a handsome mustache, and I felt the need to respect his newfound facial hair:

Farewell old icon. Farewell...



Wendy | 8:27 PM

I never realized he had bedhead in the other picture. Now, I kinda miss it. However, I have never been good with change.

I do love his look and you are so surprised.

Emery Jo | 8:29 PM

I love your mod bangs.

so hot.

B | 9:01 PM

I will never tire of that shot of Archer and his mooostache.

Mombat | 9:31 AM

Hilarious. It reminds me of this sketch my mother used to do with a rolled up napkin or comb. The one with the young damsel in distress, the landlord, and the hero who saves the day by paying the damsel's rent? See it here. Thankfully, Archer is the hero with the moustache. Not sure what that says about you?

Mombat | 9:32 AM

Oops, guess he's the villian in the one I linked to. Curses, foiled again.


Ha, yes! Well, it is true that one man's villian is another woman's hero. Or something. Maybe.

Anonymous | 12:45 PM

Sweet! I love the 'stache.

Kristen | 7:03 AM

Hahaha! I love it!

Her Bad Mother | 2:28 PM

LOVE IT. Love. It.

motherbumper | 4:28 PM

Dali baby every day!
Motherbumper says Hurray!

I've never claimed to be a poet but Archer inspired me to rhyme

You look delicious.

Jonathon Morgan | 6:44 PM

That moustache needs to be honored. It should have it's own birthday.

Jonathon Morgan | 6:44 PM

PS: Dakota says hi.

MrsFortune | 9:47 PM

Well, that's not the highway patrolman or aging porn star stache, so I think the A-man is good to go. It's more of the handle bar type. Maybe next time he could do something in a fu manchu?

Sandra | 1:04 PM

I LOVE this one :)