Holy Kratt.

I have a two-part confession to make.

1. Sometimes I let Archer watch TV -- When Archer is a grumpy bat-out-of-hell SOMETIMES I turn on one of eight zillion TiVo'd Sesame Streets or Zoboomafoo(s) and try and distract him with animals and puppets and the overpriced LCD television I have no idea how to even use correctly. (Men and their TV's, eh?)

"Look, Archer! It's a leaping lemur!"
"Eh!" which means "I don't give a shit."

If you aren't familiar with Zoboomafoo it's on before Sesame Street and it's about two hunky, strong, powerful, animal-loving brothers who run around in cargo shorts and talk to animals.

For many weeks I thought they were the "Crap Brothers" which I thought was a funny name for a couple of television personalities for kids. But it's Kratt. Kratt. (I'm sorry but every time they say "We're the Kratt brothers" I hear "Crap." And then I laugh. And then I remember I am not 7 years-old anymore. And then I feel a little sad. )

2. He Never Watches It But I Do -- I love animal-loving hunks. Like Bill Maher for instance? Any time he says anything about PETA or about animal friendliness I salivate. And now I have a special place in my heart for the Kratt brothers. And I watch them. Sometimes all alone. Running around, chasing lemurs and scrubbing elephant trunks. I laugh at their jokes and I shake my head.

"Oh, brothers. You really did it this time," I say, chuckling. "You crazy Kratts."

Sometimes they trek through the jungle and right into my dreams. Sometimes I can't wait for Archer to misbehave just so I can justify watching them dance with snow leopards.

So strong. So smart. So talented. So my favorite show:

And you know what else? Chris and Martin Kratt are not only teaching children how to love animals but they're teaching mothers like me how to love Cargo shorts. I mean... Who knew my fantasies would be cloaked in khaki?


GGC + The Kratt Brothers = Love


B | 12:19 AM

To the first photo I said "What?"

To the second photo I said "Hunky? Really?"

To the third photo I said "Oooohh. Yum."

I live without TV, so thanks for the intro. Maybe Khaki is the new sexy.

Leigh C. | 6:16 AM

So when are the REAL beefcake-y photos gonna come out of the Kratts?

When they appear, I will know just where to find them...

Avalon | 6:53 AM

Do you have to have a toddler to watch? Would it be too creepy if I TV'od the kratts when my kid is nearly 23. Hope not.

Jaelithe | 7:46 AM

Men who like animals and kids, and manage not to look like dorks in shorts? I see your point.

We used to get Zaboomafu, but I don't think our local PBS station shows it anymore.

Jaelithe | 7:47 AM

Zaboomafoo, sorry, not fu. Like lemur kung fu or something? My brain is weird :)

Anonymous | 7:57 AM

A while back, Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil wrote about which of The Wiggles she had a crush on. It was pretty funny.

Being that I work in an office setting (and not at home, sniff) I don't get much kids' TV. I was looking for kids' shows to TiVo last night for Gabe, and he kept asking for the New People. I have no idea what he's talking about. They watch PBS Kids at his babysitters, and I looked there, but couldn't find anything on it. Looks like I have some homework to do.

PunditMom | 8:20 AM

Oh, MAN! Where did you find that pic of Bill Maher! I love his humor, but may have to pass on the beefcake!

As for the actual topic, maybe we can start a group, called something like the, "Moms Not Afraid to Admit They Let Their Kids Watch TV" club? For R., a little bit can go a long way to help her chill out in the evening ... OK, to let mommy make dinner, too!

Wendy | 8:36 AM

Amber loved the show. She would watch at the gym daycare on video. I cant find these videos anywhere and it doesnt air in our area. I guess I am stuck with Captain Feathersword, which Amber has grown out of and Sammy is not quite old enough for.

foodiemama | 9:52 AM

omg i love that show, haha. i ws sad when i found out they dont have them on netflix...ah well. we'll be getting our fill of t.v. for the next 6 weeks so i guess i'll end up watching it more than i'd like, haha!

Jill | 10:10 AM

Love, love, love the Kratt brothers.

They make me feel different. Not the same. This kind of feeling I can't explain. Snow leopardish. I feel snow leopardish.

Martin is my favorite.


OH MY GOD! Yes! I feel snow leopardish as well. So snow leopardish. Martin used to be my favorite but now I have a soft spot for Chris who is the brains behind the operation. (see Wikipedia.)

P.S. I'm such an idiot and realized that PBS networking depends on the area and provider. I REALLY hope they never take it away from us/me. I will cry.

Oh and Avalon, you can totally watch Zoboomafoo for "research." That's always been my justification for anything odd/weird/embarassing.

Chris | 11:45 AM

Zoboomafoo was the first show my daughter really got into. But neither of us developed a crush on the Kratt brothers.

Julie Pippert | 12:04 PM

You know, sometimes, when watching that show with Patience, I entertain myself mentally by saying, "Chris? Or Martin? Martin? or Chris?"

Who doesn't love a man who will leap face first into a mudpit or duck yelling DUCK!

I like their energy. I think, they'd make a good mate, father of a child, with all that energy. I can sit and relax while they leap about and entertain the kids. Also very, very sexy.

The closet, however, is a downside although in all seriousness I already live with it...that's how my husband's closet looks.

Anonymous | 12:17 PM

and to think I have been getting my thrills from watching the Wiggles, the Kratt brothers are way hotter.

Jonathon Morgan | 1:42 PM

are they all hopped up on speed like the other children's presenters?

Erika Jurney | 1:59 PM

Check out "Be the Creature" for these guys in a less frenetic-kid-show setting. And yes, they are still hunkariffic.

motherbumper | 4:17 PM

Um... I used to watch that show long before I even thought I was going to have kids. Should I be admitting that?

Anonymous | 4:46 AM

I think they've moved on now and do documentaries for National Geographic... not sure, though.
Yup, leaping lemur, those Kratt brothers are hotties!

Fairly Odd Mother | 11:23 AM

Mmmmmmm. . . I love these guys too! Normally, I'd prefer one over the other, but I really like 'em both. I dig their "shorts and work boots" look.

I used to think they were the Kraft brothers and that there was some weird tie in with the makers of Mac N Cheese, but I was wrong.

These guys are a MUCH better fantasy than Danny Bonaduce (sorry Liz!).


Hahahahah! Kraft! HAHA! Oh, man.

kittenpie | 2:51 PM

Yeah, who doesn't love cute boys who are ready to get wild? Misterpie wears cargo shorts too, so, um, it's all good.

Anonymous | 8:33 PM

delurking to tell you this cool shit: i went to college with martin kratt. he was really good friends with one of my best friends, but we didn't know each other too well. nice guy. and smart too. but get this -- the show is no longer shown in the town where he went to college. and there's a primate center (lemurs) there, too. sheesh -- whatevs.


LAURIE! No way!!! You know Martin Kratt! Ahhhhhh!!! I think I just fainted. For real.

Anonymous | 1:17 PM

on my gawd I thought it was just me! I so like this show more than my son - I also have a thing for jeff corwin! And WHO is this lucky biatchie to actually have known martin so so so jealous!!!!!!!

Anonymous | 3:38 PM

I don't know if this site is even used anymore but I just couldn't resist posting.

I love it when I hear about all the moms (and non-moms) who think Chris and Martin are hot. I've adored them for almost ten years now. My daughter still likes them but sadly my 3 year son really couldn't be bothered. They aren't shown on TV anymore where we live so I pull out the old videos just so I can get a look at the two crazy men that have made me smile for so long.

To the girl who posted she was jealous of Laurie (the girl who went to school with Martin)... I must admit that although I did not know them when they were young, I have had the opportunity to meet them several times through some common work. They are every bit the incredible guys that they appear to be. I've never met men who were so kind and patient. I still remember Chris talking to my daughter (when she was just over two years old) on the phone and he was so amazing with her.

As for which brother is hotter... well I still keep bouncing back and forth on that subject. Chris is so very good looking in person but Martin's laugh is amazing and something about him makes him very hard to resist. After all these years I'm pretty sure I wouldn't say no to either one of them if I had the chance. I'm sure their wives think of them as just normal, typical men but hey.... gotta love the fantasy.

Anonymous | 9:44 AM

My (2 year old) son LOVES Zooboomafoo...we started watching it on Sprout and now I dvr all the episodes so he can watch it whenever he wants.
I recently rented "Be The Creature" for him to watch and ended up watching it by myself b/c he wasn't into it ("where's zooboo mama?")! If you think they look hot on Zooboomafoo...go get yourself a copy of "Be The Creature" ASAP!!! You will not regret it.

granny | 2:50 PM

my granddaughter loves them. i love those thighs! ooh la la!

Anonymous | 11:04 AM

Okay, I adore both Kratt's; sadly, all three of us are married with kids. I met them both at the Baltimore zoo (twice), and I was the only one in the crowd without kids! I also adore the Australian fab four, especially Anthony (way too hot!), Greg (such a cutie), and Murray (my all-time fave!) Personally, I would take any of the four original Wiggles, Chris, or Martin; just don't tell my husband or their wives!

Anonymous | 4:34 PM

I'm surprised to see there r so many mom's crazy about the Kratt brothers. I thought i was weird 4 having a crush on martin. My husband always asks me how can you watch that show it is so dorky, he has no clue.

deabcd | 3:23 PM

Is is possible for the same woman to give birth to 2 guys that end up being hotter than most of our husbands? Man, they really should do an episode of something where they have to take off their shirts. Maybe I should take up zoology and possibly meet these guys some day. I can dream can't I? Chris you want to make a dinner for and gaze at all night and Martin you want to go roll around in a mud puddle with. Wow. Yeah. Gonna go think about that.

Mrs. Hasel | 7:19 AM

to deabcd (and anyone else who's interested)

In episodes of "Be the Creature", specifically "Bats" and "Japanese Macaques", clothes DO come off. A bat gets trapped in Chris' shirt and it's the only way to get it out (Lucky little bat...) The macaque episode...the guys get into a natural hot spring "hot tub"..not sure HOW much they actually leave on!

BTW, you don't have to be a zoologist to meet them. They're doing summer shows at Dollywood in Tennessee!!

Anonymous | 11:14 AM


and to think, after watching Kratts Creatures just about 10 minutes ago with my youngest (age 4) I remembered how I always thought Martin was sooo ... Cool. yeah.

I knew I couldn't have been to only one to think that, and googled my way here, Major Props ladies, we all have taste.

Unknown | 12:57 PM

So funny! I've only just developed a crush on the Kratt Brothers...can't get them out of my mind (hence my spending the invaluable free time that I have googling them). Wanted to like Chris more, but keep going back to Martin.

Thanks for the laugh!

Anonymous | 3:35 PM

Yes, that's right. hot, smart....hot. I knew I couldn't be the only one. I love them BOTH, and that's just the way I think about them, Chris, me, Martin. So cozy.
Childrens television just doesn't get any better then this. Pure Genius. A guilty pleasure for the hardworking mothers of the world.
Thanks ever so much...

Anonymous | 4:21 PM

I so enjoyed reading all these comments. It's good to know that I am not the only Mom out there who felt that way about the Kratt brothers. A man who has a great sense of humour and is great with kids is the biggest turn on for most of us Mom's out there.....just in case any men are reading this. My son now loves to watch Wild Kratts, even though he is 10, after growing up with Zaboomafoo and Be the Creature. They are older now, and Martin has a bit of a tummy, but their personalities still make them "hot."

Anonymous | 4:40 PM

Wow! Glad to see there are other women out there that have been watching the Kratt brothers Way before they had kids! Cheers!

Anonymous | 7:32 PM

I just...I just...I can't stop laughing...oh dear...