Our Little Freak Show

The mustache ended up looking a little like Salvador Dali, but other than that...

I think the costume came out pretty good... Now presenting, The World Famous Illustrated man!!!

And his Mom, The Bearded Biotch:

(The Bearded Biotch lost most of her beard when the double-sided tape started to peel in the car on the way to our party. I swear it was a REALLY good beard at one point complete with a mustache, even!)

The Illustrated Man has a world famous blue ball:

"Give me back my blue ball, Bearded Biotch!"

Halloween happened to be the bearded biotch's favorite holiday:

Maybe Halloween will be his favorite holiday, too.

Adorable tattoo pants made by our friends @ babyfairies. (Thank you!)

More freaky photos here.

Happy Halloween!



Unknown | 1:42 AM

Great costume ideas. Personally I hate Halloween. I just can't handle the pressure.

Wendy | 5:22 AM

Not to steal Archer's thunder, because he does look great. However, Nacho Libre made me spit my breakfast out.

Happy Halloween

Anonymous | 5:37 AM

That's great! SO much more fun than something cutesy.

motherbumper | 7:39 AM

That first photo (the dali) is so awesome I want to print it off and put it on my wall. Archer is the KING!

You madame, look darn good with a beard (no, I'm not hitting on you). Way better then any of the ANTM girls - WAY BETTER. Plus you've got way better hair.

Jonathon Morgan | 7:43 AM

I love the Dali look. The mad artist at work. Note to self: paint moustache on daughter for laughs.

Anonymous | 7:52 AM

OMG it turned out so freakin awesome! Archer is such a cutie. You definately lived up to your mommas legacy of fabulous costume execution.

And holey cow the candy! He must have raked it in with his adorableness.

MrsFortune | 8:23 AM

So THAT'S the world famous illustrated man. I had heard all about him but I wasn't sure he really existed.

And that "give me back my blue ball biotch" may get you some weird googlers so beware!

Unknown | 9:37 AM

So creative. I love it.

Kelly | 9:47 AM

What a great idea. He is to cute for words.

toyfoto | 10:21 AM

I LOVE this. His costume, especially, is amazing. REALLY.

I've wanted to dress our family as "A clown show," because I always refer to us as that. But, unfortunately, I am afraid of clowns. Maybe I should change it to freak show ... Oddly enough, I am not afraid of chicken geekers.

jdg | 11:23 AM

wow, great job. so original!

halloween is the one day that little boys are guaranteed more fun to dress than little girls. not that if you had a girl it would be any less awesome, but somehow little boys are just so awesome when becostumed.

merseydotes | 11:35 AM

I love the illustrated man.

And Nacho Libre is *killing* me.

Brilliant all around.

Anonymous | 11:49 AM

Hilarious. I love your costume ideas. I may have to steal this one next year, if Nate doesn't decide he's old enough to pick out his own costume.

Mom101 | 2:17 PM

I am so in love with his outfit. We went the creativity-free costume route and I'm kicking myself for it. Oh well, there's always next year.

Unknown | 2:40 PM

PMSL!!! Love all of them but have to say Nacho Libre got me..'chuckles'

Chris | 6:59 PM

Great pics, guys. Very cool pants.

Kacey | 8:33 PM

I'm amazed that you got him to sit still long enough to get all of his illustrations on! And you cut your own hair for your beard. I'm just impressed all around!


I take Halloween VERY seriously. Hee. And as per the tattoos, I was VERY sneaky. Hee.

Fairly Odd Mother | 5:03 AM

Nacho Libre made me almost spit my coffee at the monitor.

LOVE the tattoo pants and the entire outfit! And somehow you managed to look good with a five o'clock shadow.

foodiemama | 11:46 AM

good god, BEST.COSTUME.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown | 12:47 PM

That is such a great idea! and I love the beard- but love Archer's 'stache even more!!

Kristen | 1:59 PM

Awesome. Even with the peeling off beard!

Anonymous | 2:17 PM

am i the only one who had to look up "illustrated man"? maybe just the only one bold enough to admit it...

after finding out who he is... very clever, cute, adorable and most important- original!


PunditMom | 7:35 PM

I LOVE the moustache. Let's just hope he enjoys the humor of the outfit when he sees the pics when he's 16! I can hear it now .... "Oh, MOM!"


ms blue | 11:44 PM

Your costumes rock!

Plus the colouring of the photos are stunning. I seriously need to upgrade my Canon PowerShot camera.

Namito | 12:22 PM


The Impling thinks Archer's costume ROCKS. As you can plainly see.

Hey it's the Impling's first post!

happypix | 5:53 PM

This is possibly the most original costume idea I've ever seen!

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