For all of you wonderful men and women and friends and family who come and read this blog. For all of your amazing children who inspire you to be brilliant writers and thinkers and humans. For all you feminists and masculists and Barbie haters and cynics and optimists and assholes and activists and hotties and preggos and single parents and happily married family types and grandmothers and great-grandmothers (Hi Grandma!!) and internet google-perverts who found this site by googling "poop on my mom" and the prudes who curse sex and anything mildly orgasmic and the pubescent teens looking for tampon-inserting diagrams and writers and readers and conservatives and liberals and lovers and fighters and protestors and soldiers and people who hug really tight without pulling away immediately. And people who don't vote but like to complain about the government, the fearless and the scared out of their minds.

Because like it or not, all of our differences create a dialogue and awareness and give us the room to grow as people and parents, to create opinions and movements and revolutions.

When I think of Thanksgiving I think of people opening up their doors, families putting the past behind them and loving each other despite the broken promises, missed opportunities, "disfunction".

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. And for those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm flat-out grateful for you, too, and wish you all a lovey-dovey-life-is-goody weekend full of joy.

Off to Colorado.



Cristina | 12:01 PM

Well-said as always! Happy Thanksgiving, GGC.

By the way, I will be cooking a tofurky this Thanksgiving for the first time evah. Us vegetarians have to eat SOMETHING!

motherbumper | 1:39 PM

You are an inspiration GGC. How generous a heart you have. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy Colorado and we will have a happy thursday up here in the great white north.

Crunchy Carpets | 2:25 PM

I think you covered them all...

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck on the flight.

Anonymous | 3:32 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

We here in the Great White North (haha) celebrated last month. It depressed me to see that my family has become less of the thankful type and more of the stuff your gob with food and then go home type. I'm hoping to wrangle some more festivity out of them come the holidays! I have an 11 year old cousin who I can easily talk into making gawdy-assed centerpieces and personalized napkin rings... muhahaha

I hope your fight goes well and that Archer somehow sleeps the entire time. Have you considered a mild sedative? You know, for emergencies? ;)

Anonymous | 4:52 PM

Ha! Aline wrote "hope your fight goes well"... misprint or the truth about flying with babies? you be the judge.

Anonymous | 10:00 PM


Meh... call it a Freudian slip. ;)

PunditMom | 7:46 AM

Right back at you, GCC. I hope the flight went well and the turkey (or Tofurkey!) is tasty!

Creative-Type Dad | 2:10 PM

That's some crowd you got visiting. Sounds like one heck of a party.

(Tofurkey - I didn't think that really existed, like the Easter Bunny or William Shatner)

Her Bad Mother | 1:02 PM

Right. Back. At. You.