Dear Harper's Bazaar,

Um... WTF is this?

How do you expect me to renew my subscription?

You've broken my heart, Glenda Bailey. You've shattered it to smithereens.




Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 12:31 PM

That cover is a crime against humanity. And caninity. Eugh!

barbara | 1:19 PM

i think it's a typo. should be Bizarre.

Karen Bodkin | 2:39 PM

I saw that in LAX yesterday and nearly fell over. WTF indeed!

Mama Bear | 5:39 PM

Are they serious? Let's give more of our attention to this duo who so badly is in need of attention. *note the sarcasm! I would have to use the paper shredder on this cover and also on any renewal notices that would come my way. What a waste of paper!

PunditMom | 7:40 PM

Just not goin' there.

foodiemama | 8:56 AM

oh god..makes me throw up a little.

motherbumper | 9:10 AM

I know! I wasn't sure what to do with this it's just so wrong.

Wouldn't it be great if this cover started an uprising against the stupidity of useless celebs? Please let this be the catalyst because than we could justify why it exists.

Anonymous | 12:31 PM


BOSSY | 12:47 PM

Bizarre indeed. Good one, Barbara.

sweetb | 3:44 PM

Second and third that emotion!