The world is on fire. The sky is full of smoke. It smells like ash and dust and I'm sitting here in boxer shorts and a wife beater, melting from the heat, waiting for a phone call from my mother to call me back home. Because he's still hanging on and it's weird to be home when this doesn't feel like it right now.

So I wait...

I wait for the smoke to clear. And the ash to settle. I wait to hear that our favorite park hasn't all been lost in the fire-- our favorite playground. I wait for the days to cool and the air-conditioner to work again so Archer will nap instead of pulling all the buds off the orchid like he did today and how I cried because I feel like everything is out of my control and the flames are coming to take me away. I can see them creep down the hill as the smoke billows down upon us and the petals are all over the floor.

And I'm waiting for this stupid sore throat to be gone and this damn migraine and the pile of to-do's that I wish would just blow away and burn up with rest of the world. And I hate waiting. I hate waiting and losing people I love and being hot and how the world is on fire.

But I keep waiting. Because sometimes that's all we can do. Wait. For clearer skies. For a whole new forecast. For the fire to burn its way out and the wind to cool. So things can go somewhat back to normal.



Anonymous | 10:57 PM

Yeah, the flames are high and it's still movin'...

I hope the carousel is okay, too. LA Toddler loves it.


They saved the carousel! I'm watching the news and they were able to save it, so i'm hoping that means shane's inspiration is okay... still totally shattered over this. Griffith Park is L.A.'s greatest place.

Anonymous | 5:17 AM

i hope it works out for you all....

*figners crossed*

- Jon
- Daddy Detective

Mom101 | 5:47 AM

A friend who lives in Silverlake just sent me a photo of the view from his window and it's absolutely horrifying. That guy who set it should be slowly burnt alive as his punishment.

I hope you and all your beloved places are ok.

BOSSY | 6:07 AM

Oy, sorry dear. Sounds like the weather may be on your side - keep tucked away and protect your throat.

Wendy | 6:54 AM

It is so sad that one small act could cause such devastation.

I will be hoping and praying that all that you love will be safe and tomorrow you wake to bright skies.

I cant imagine the terror that must be racing through everyone's minds.

foodiemama | 7:00 AM

i am hoping for clear skies for you in many ways!
i was heartbroken to hear it was so close to the zoo...we just went there saturday and man, i'll be up there saving those animals too if it came to it.
hang in there. the heat is torture right now. we just put in ac in the bedroom and thats nights sleep was beautiful.
many hugs to you and your family!

Anonymous | 9:05 AM

Ok that's two posts in a row that made me cry..

I wish I could say something comforting or do something helpful - but all I have is hang in there!


Whit | 11:06 AM

I'm tired of all this fire crap. It's very anti-climatic every spring.

Anonymous | 11:53 AM

Beautiful woman, hang on...hang on to it all, and let the to-do's drift away if only for a day. Sending you strength and healing and hope. Let your focus and priorities be where you need them to be right now...

The Mommy | 6:26 PM

After the fire will come the rain and after the rain will come the shower - you said so yourself. Inevitably, after the shower will come the sunshine. May the sun shine again soon.

Girlplustwo | 8:52 PM

amen. i've been watching it burn, and keeping fingers crossed. griffith.

Chris | 6:46 AM

Waiting to receive that phone call is very difficult and emotionally draining. My thoughts are with you and your family, Rebecca.

Binky | 8:37 AM

When my teacher taught us about "metaphors" back in elementary school, she made them sound like a literary device. She never told us that sometimes (most times?) life doles out metaphors that have more depth than any our imagination could come up with.

Anonymous | 5:53 PM

I've been out of town with no 'net access, so sorry this is happening Bec, my heart is with you.

Unknown | 9:51 AM

I'm sorry.