Mother's Day, GGC Style

Ah, Glen Danzig. The perfect Mother's Day gift.... Enjoy:



*In lieu of Mother's Day, I'll be stopping by to chat with the SuicideGirls on Indie 103.1's SuicideGirl's radio sometime between 12:00-2am for chit-chat about TMC, GGC and perhaps, tattoos in x-rated places? If you're in Los Angeles and up late, um, partying it up-- tune in!

**Congrats to Liz @ Mom-101 on the birth of her daughter, Sage Alexandra... Life is goooood!


Karen Bodkin | 6:39 PM

I think I just fell in love with you all over again.
Happy Mother's Day, chicklet.

Cath | 8:40 PM

Wow, that was so evil! I knew the song but had never seen the video.

That's a Mother's Day gift even a non-mom like me can enjoy.

Happy Mother's Day!


Amen, sister sledge!

coolbeans | 9:36 AM

Oh my god that is fantastic.

Happy Belated Mother's Day.

BOSSY | 4:00 PM

Audio clip: Wow, is Jim Morrison still alive? Cool.

Anonymous | 11:56 PM

My babies are all dancing round the laptop, rocking out!

Mummy is happy to play the clip over and over!

Happy Mother's Day! x

Mme | 8:01 PM

He's like a sexy cartoon superhero. SuperDanzig!


Anonymous | 7:13 AM

Ha! The first concert I ever went to was Danzig. Type O Negative opened for him. It was glorious. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.