Archer <3 Alice

Every Tuesday we go to the local library, listen to the librarian read stories, make an art project, or not. Usually not. Usually wear pipe-cleaners as bracelets instead of decorating a paper bag to look like a cat. Not quite at the craft stage yet.

Craft-time usually leads to check-out-book time where Archer picks out a book or ten to take home. But last week's "book-o-the-week" choosing took a surprising turn when Archer came to me with a pink-covered novel from the young-adult section.

"What's this?" I asked.

Archer smiled and held out his book proudly. A kind-eyed red-haired girl was grinning from the cover. Alice. Lovingly Alice.

"You don't want to check this book out. It doesn't have any pictures!"

But Archer clung to the book for dear life.

"Okay, okay. Let's check the book out then. But how about we go look for another. With pictures?"

But Archer didn't want to look for another book. He wanted Lovingly Alice and ONLY Lovingly Alice.

I figured by the time we got home he would have been over Alice. That she would become forgotten and we would go back to reading Hop on Pop or The Quiet Cricket over and over but I was wrong. There was something about Alice. Lovingly Alice. And not even two-hundred pages of text could deter Archer from his favorite new book.

He's had the book a week now and he's still going strong.

What? It's a really good book, Mom.

A REALLY good book.




kirida | 5:55 AM

At least it's not Go Ask Alice.

motherbumper | 5:59 AM

OMG hello insomnia said what I was going to say.

Though I must say Alice seems very wholesome and refreshing looking - kinda plastic but inviting nonetheless.

Anonymous | 6:21 AM

There is something very poignant about this. I can't put my finger on it. I'm not sure if it is just the contrast between his age and a book beyond his years or if it is because the appeal it has for him is so unknowable, and magical and childlike.

I have a feeling it's the latter.

barbara | 7:41 AM

that is insanely cute.

Anonymous | 8:19 AM

Hilarious!! Boo's been attatched to a halloween costume ad for about two weeks now - she takes it everywhere and even insists on sleeping with it at night. This morning she crawled out of bed in her half-asleep morning zombie crawl to my room with her ad in hand. Kids.

prescott | 8:43 AM

Ha, the "Alice" series is consistently on the ALA's "banned books" list -- already the rebel!

Tiffany | 9:07 AM

Lovingly Alice. Maybe he has a crush on her. She looks friendly.

Aimée | 9:20 AM

That's sooo cute! It's great that you document this and one day he'll look back and say "I did WHAT?"

Anonymous | 12:14 PM

My MIL signs cards "Lovingly" when she's pissed off at us.

Scar | 12:21 PM

oh god archer. Nice.

Anonymous | 12:37 PM

That's so cute! When my son picks books I'd rather not have to read to him, they're about Hank the Farm Dog finds a Trash Alien that is Actually a Raccoon and crap like that. Or bad 80s ghost stories.
My son read Hop on Pop out loud the other day - it's so neat when they can read to you. Plus mind-boggling.
And did I mention that Archer is just so frigging cute? The expressions he comes up with are priceless.

Anonymous | 3:03 PM

too funny! my four year old loves the library too and on our last visit she kept asking for a "quiet book." i didn't know what that was and as we were checking out her eyes lit up and she said "mommy! there it is!!" and snatched a copy of the latest Harry Potter. when we got home i offered to read it to her and she said "no mommy, it's a quiet book- see? no pictures." and she snuggled on the couch and read it to herself. quietly.

perhaps Archer has found himself a quiet book too.

Anonymous | 3:04 PM


kittenpie | 4:24 PM

Ah, well, boy's got good taste. One of the best series going, it's about the trials and usual stuff of a girl growing up without a mom, and how she navigates all the girly stuff. It's sort of chicklit, but with a bit more substance, and it's so great for any girl in her position to read about someone like her. Good pick, Archer.

Kate | 12:16 PM

frickin' hilarious!

Anonymous | 9:37 PM

He likes the picture of the girl on the cover. Maybe she looks like someone he knows? She looks friendly and the colors pop. He'd ask for The Brothers Karamazov if it had a pretty cover.