Still Standing

My parents are back in their home. The pool is black but the house that I grew up in is still standing. The neighborhood I grew up in is unscathed. Blackened but unscathed. My Nana is home. In the house my mother grew up in. Her garden is covered in ash but her home is fine. Beautiful as it's always been-- a family heirloom, built by my great-grandmother Frances' husband, John whose homes are scattered all over San Diego. Where he lived with my great-grandmother until they passed... Where my Nana met my Grandfather and they settled. And raised my mother and aunt. Where my mother met my father at University. Where we all lived. Grew up. Explored and watched change throughout the years.

San Diego is home. On fire, still. Always home. My aunt got to go home to her house in Rancho Santa Fe. So many homes were lost there. Beautiful homes with acres and orchards and horses. Hers is still standing. It survived. And yet, on the same street... so many were not so lucky.

I still don't know who has lost homes and who hasn't. Old friends. Their parents. New friends. I don't know. But my family is safe. Our stuff is safe. The wind changed. A good thing for us-- but not for so many others. I'm so sorry.

Yes, the wind changed. And so has San Diego. But sometimes that's what happens. And it isn't fair. And it hurts. And none of us can breathe... for now. But we will.

Going home will be different for a long time. But soon enough... And one day...

Like a phoenix from the ashes... Reborn as we help one another stand and face a new life. Press refresh and move forward.




PunditMom | 7:14 PM

I'm so glad for you that your family is safe and your family home escaped the fire. I've been thinking of so many friends and family there and it's been scary, even just watching the coverage from the East Coast.

Scar | 8:54 PM

I'm really happy to hear your family and their houses are okay :) If you see Larry and Wendy tell them hi!

Shelli | 5:43 AM

Glad to hear it. Continue to stay safe!

Don Mills Diva | 6:35 AM

Glad your family is safe.

Anonymous | 6:53 AM

Dear Becca-

I don't know you, but I thought about you and your family this morning while I watched the news. So glad you all were able to return to your homes. I pray for the rest that weren't so fortunate.


Anonymous | 8:36 AM

Glad to hear that everything is safe for your family.

Take it from me, it will be very weird to drive by places and remember what use to be, but it will and does get better. Although it takes a long time.

motherbumper | 12:03 PM

I'm so glad that your family and possessions are safe and sound. I can't even imagine what it's like, having to leave and wonder what will be there when you return.

Anonymous | 5:39 PM

please tell your parents that we are so glad to know that they are all safe. they've been in our prayers. loved the pix of arch and russell.

Anonymous | 10:42 PM

Glad to hear everyone is safe at least.

Our city went through a similar crisis about four years back when a forest fire destroyed about 200 homes in our city after more than 30,000 of us were evacuated.

You and yours are in our prayers.

Anonymous | 7:49 AM

heartbreaking. glad to hear your family is well. As a kid i remember evacuating when our home was threatened by flooding river waters. Somehow dirty water creeping up the driveway seems less threatening than a blowing-this-way-and-that fire...

Anonymous | 8:08 AM

hello rebecca -
its been a very long time since the Libertines of folsom street..what a great time.
Archer is beautiful - congratulations!
i miss you very much.