Both Sides of the Playground Fence

..."Where are we supposed to go?" my friend recently asked.

"I think they expect us to huddle in Mommy & Me class and talk about poop all day," another friend replied.

Find the rest of my personal essay, "Adults Only"... here and some very cute photos of Archer and his friend, Jackson, in a race to the top of the slide, below and in my post, Where the Wild(ish) Things Are.



Anonymous | 5:20 AM

Is that a hat? So cool.

Anonymous | 8:12 AM

Hello ~
I'm a BIG fan of your blog! Your writing is so funny :o)

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Lindsay | 1:19 PM

Love this article.
I just got back from breakfast at the Griddle Cafe with my 1 year old. I felt weird taking him there. It was perfect though because it was so loud. I just got back from a week in suburbia where children were everywhere and people actually waved to my son, also weird.
I feel guilty a lot. This town is getting weirder to me. I do love it but lately it's feeling more and more child unfriendly.

Lindsay | 1:34 PM

sorry to comment again but I just re-read it and the second to last paragraph is so beautiful.