Sleep? Uh...

Why is that that grandparents, when babysitting their grandchildren for the weekend, never have to endure the sleep wars parents do?

Four hour naps? Twelve hour sleeps-through-the-night? Is this some kind of joke? Can it be over now? Because, um, we're tired. And still hungover from a weekend of desert birthday-partying. (Apparently, my tolerance is not what it used to be. At all.)

I do think it's great that Archer's a dreamboat of a house guest for my parents. A giant relief, actually. All I'm saying is... Archer? Your parents need their sleep, too.


P.S. I just want to thank all of you for coming out of the floorboards and dropping down from the ceiling like a bunch of ninja superheroes to help me plan my tour. Your emails and offers of couch-crashing? Your kind words and connections and invitations and book-store recs? You're willingness to travel? Above and beyond, people. I had no friggin clue how I was going to pull this thing off but now I'm really confident that I can. Because of you're amazing awesomeness. Thank you. I'll be keeping you all posted with dates, details and locations as they come... I can't wait to tackle you all with hugs!


Anonymous | 7:07 AM

You guys look exhausted, but it looks like it was worth it. Hey, and if I didn't offer my couch before, let me do so now - it's pretty comfy since we got the new one. So if you come to Connecticut, consider yourself housed.

Scar | 7:11 AM

sleeeeeeepy bec. go to bed archer!

Heather | 8:24 AM

Yes, our kids first weekend at Grandma's. Forget hot sex. We enjoy sleeping past 5 am. We slept until *gasp* 7 am. That's late in parent world.

Anonymous | 9:24 AM

I didn't offer my couch either, coz the dogs sleep on it! But we have a very nice guest room! You are welcome to it if you come our way (city mentioned in my email to you ;) ) And my 3 yr old son and 1 yr old daughter would love to tackle Archer!

Loukia | 10:57 AM

My son's current bedtime is midnight. I need toddler sleep therapy, big time!

Anonymous | 10:58 AM

If you get as far east as nyc...there will be a bed waiting in 'beautiful downtown Warwick."
We'll even throw in a meal or two!

Anonymous | 11:27 AM

Here in Austin, kids routinely sleep for hours and hours. They are also very polite and eat lots of veggies, something in the water. If you come here on your tour, I will bottle some for you to take home...

OK, that is a lie. It is actually the queso...

OK, another lie. But I couldn't resist the urge to put in another plug for my town.

toyfoto | 1:04 PM

Oh man! My kid sleeps for everyone BUT me. It must be in the operators' manual's fine print somewhere ...

toyfoto | 1:05 PM

*Sorry. I got a little too possessive there*

Anonymous | 7:06 PM

Adam just turned one and still has never slept through the night. Couple that with a sudden case of pneumonia with Kathleen which caused an unexpected end to breastfeeding and we'd basically pay anything for 4+ consecutive hours of sleep. I empathize with your situation and envy your weekend away. What exacerbated the situation was that we had just that week been MacGyvering an elaborate scheme involving a hot air balloon, fire ash, and rice alcohol designed to slowly wean Adam from breastfeeding, but had yet to set the plan in motion. Nursing Adam while she was on antibiotics meant risking his health so after nearly a year of relying on breastfeeding as a source of nourishment, biological, immunological and psychological development as well as an almost air-tight excuse for me to stare at Kathleen's naturally augmented cleavage Adam was forced to quit cold-turkey.

Fairly Odd Mother | 4:24 AM

AWESOME photo!

Don't even get me started on sleep issues. Let's just say you'd hope they grow out of them by, oh, six? Right?