That Mom

I am now officially a member of the "My Kid's Scribble-drawing Is Actually a Sort of Prodigious Masterpiece I Must Stick on the Fridge and Worship" club.

Seascape XIV: Ink and Crayon, 2007, Archer Sagebrush, American

Would you look at that use of color? A purple sun? So deep. A vertical sky? So profound.



Scar | 4:10 PM

wow. just wow archer. ps - is that magnet a shoe?


indeed it is! a shoe, indeed!

motherbumper | 5:14 PM

so organic - I can actually see the wind, well done archer

and the shoe, how perfectly mom

Amy | 5:20 PM

As one of my college art profs used to say, it has "layers of sophistication." Yea!

Anonymous | 6:27 AM

Maybe you should rotate it 90 degrees to the left....... :)

LOVE the funky shoe magnet.

Anonymous | 8:05 AM

Just wait until he writes his first story...

Anonymous | 8:26 AM

That's Funny Rebecca, I just posted at Make it a Double about daily salvo of Jack's abstract drawings, watercolor paintings, crayon colored projects, and alphabet activity sheets most of which end up wallpapered proudly to the refrigerator with dinosaur magnets. The catch for us is that everything Jack draws looks like a penis. There are a few examples of his rare talent. Tigers, cheetahs, Spiderman, himself .... all penises. Is this just a stage of expression and development that all children go through? The artistic lens through which he sees and interprets the world? I don't know, but I do know that I'm afraid to fold his most recent drawings for fear I'll afflict the cheetah and the tiger Peyronie's Disease? Still we display them proudly on any kitchen appliance with space left. Archer's has a real Kandinski feel.

Anonymous | 9:39 AM

Is that a Robert Mars postcard on the fridge. Archer and Rob show 2009!


Yes! Rob's gallery card from his last show! Good eye, anonymous! for all interested parties.

BOSSY | 11:32 AM

Bossy can't wait to see what he does with acrylics.

Anonymous | 12:32 PM

I used to have those same awesome shoe magnets, and then my darned husband threw them away.
Fridge art is awesome.

kittenpie | 12:34 PM

Ha. Our fridge is too covered in alpha magnets and puzzle magnets and preschool calendars and notes to remember lunches and oh, all sorts of crap to display any artwork there...

Emery Jo | 1:53 PM

Also, possibly a blue Godzilla?

I just wrote a post that I thought you'd appreciate... the one about motherhood.

Anywho- Good job Archer Sagebrush!

Scar | 12:31 PM

I want to do some finger painting with Archer next week.. how about it?

the mad momma | 1:33 AM

we have an artist in the house! way to go Archer!!!

I know what you mean though - the day my son brough home a mango i decided he was destined to be an artist!

Anonymous | 10:57 AM

Ah, I'm a member of that club, too. Also the "My Kid's Scribble-drawing is SO Fabulous That I Must Send It To Relatives" club. Because otherwise I'd be drowning in papers by the time he turns 2! This way, I share the love with all the grandparents and aunts & uncles.

Her Bad Mother | 3:59 PM

I've been in that club for a while. I've accumulated a LOT of paper on my fridge.

Laura McIntyre | 3:05 AM

From one member to another, enjoy if because before you know it you will need a much bigger fridge in the hope of keeping all those pics

Anonymous | 3:12 PM

I took my 21 month old daughters artwork and actually framed it, with like a mat and everything.. a bit crazy. But it looks wicked cute hanging in the living room!

helena roman | 11:55 AM

oh my God I feel bad for my daughter, I through away all her crap, sorry, art.