Building a Bridge. Getting Over It.

Screaming bloody-murder-insanity for ten minutes straight before eating dinner off the table like wild dogs = Best. Antidepressant. Ever.

Thanks, Arch.



Anonymous | 9:55 PM

omg that first picture is the funniest ever! ha! you know what else is fun? get the biggest yoga ball and roll around on it on your stomach. you'll die laughing. especially if others are watching you. and you yell "i'm superman!" and you fall off. so i've heard :)


gwendomama | 10:54 PM

a little afraid,
and a little 'SHSHHSHHSHHHHforchrissakes you will wake up the baby!' (yes the fetus).

Don Mills Diva | 8:50 AM

YAY for Archer and for you! Glad you're feeling better after a tough few weeks.

Anonymous | 12:04 PM

And no side effects!

BOSSY | 12:11 PM

Bec!!!! It took (working, busy) Bossy a while, but she worked her way through the archives and got caught up and, in order:

1. the pregnancy: Congrats!
2. the book: feck 'em.

The people who actually read you, love you. There must be some solace there, because who cares what someone who isn't reading thinks about writing?