Voted For Hillary. Rooting for Obama.

Something happened to me tonight, watching the polls with my husband and son. A proud supporter of Hillary Clinton-- I started rooting for Obama.

And it wasn't because John Legend and Scarlett Johansson told me to.

All this talk of "yes, we can" had made me doubtful. It seemed naive to follow a shepherd who so recently grasped his staff and yet, suddenly, as in right now, I want to. I want to follow him and believe in him and trust that words matter... Because words are power. I live my life by this belief. Words inspire change, act as crutches for those who are lost and we, as a nation are lost. Desperately and totally lost.

It all became very clear to me, this evening. America is uninspired. Our economy is uninspired. Our people are uninspired. Our ideas and priorities and art is uninspired. Silly as it sounds, I believe our greatest weakness as a country is our hopelessness, our dullness, sloth. No one wants to wake up to a land of smog and dust and dead ideas, deadbeats, dead ends. And so, we stay in bed. We have, for far too long, stayed in bed.

Until today.

Today people I know well, who have never voted before, voted. Because of Obama. Intelligent and highly opinionated friends used their voices, felt like it was their responsibility to make a change, a difference, to be involved in the future of this nation, to be active for change in their lives.

And although, I believe Hillary Clinton would make the best "President" in the traditional sense, I think Obama would make the better leader. Is there a difference? Absolutely. There is more to a politician than his/her politics. Obama, more than any other candidate has the ability to bring people together, to motivate his staff to make record sales.

I fervently believe that inspiration is the greatest catalyst for change and today, right now, with my whole heart, I believe great change might actually be possible, for I have never, in my lifetime, seen my respected peers so inspired, planting trees in the unsettled dust, and that's got to mean something.

Yes, Michael from LOST, I think he can.

And I hope he will.


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Anonymous | 6:09 PM

John McCain all the way! That is true leadership!

Unknown | 6:29 PM

I can see what you are saying, but I am such a policy wonk, that I had to vote for Hillary. Either way I will be happy. I genuinely like them both.


Yeah, I hear you (tallgirl) and agree. I guess for me, I feel like politics have become illusory. Big Business is President of the United States BUT people can change that. And Obama, more than any other candidate (I believe) can change people. Regardless, I'm so pumped for this election.

Ali | 6:52 PM

i will be happy to see either in office, truth be told. :)

Kyran | 8:11 PM

i've been percolating a post on my feelings about this for weeks. I relate to every word you've said here. well said.

Anonymous | 8:44 PM

I agree with the top comment, for John. A new beginning!!!!!!!

Mom101 | 8:47 PM

This headline alone I think sums up so much of the conflict I've been feeling. I think a leader is more than the sum of the parts or the culmination of experience: It's someone who simply leads. I see that in Obama.

(Sorry anon, but McCain? Seriously? Oy, as my people say. Wrong forum. )

Aubrey | 9:46 PM

love this post.
there is a huge difference between a president and a leader. huge.
to me clinton feels hollow, hardened, and weathered.
obama feels warm, energized, and real.
obama makes me say, yes we can!

Whit | 10:35 PM

I'm not sure why everyone, including Hillary, seem to think that she has so much more experience than Obama- she wasn't a politician much longer than him, just married to one. Does that count now?

She doesn't strike me as someone that will challenge the status quo. I think she's too comfortable and despite all of the hoopola around her being a woman she is more old boy's club than voice of the people. She can't even get her own voice to stay steady.

I hope that Obama wins and someday my kids will look back and know that their life is better for his having served.

Fairly Odd Mother | 4:59 AM

Funny, I was just saying to my daughter that I voted for Obama but could be happy with either him or Hillary as president. I just want to BELIEVE in someone!

Anonymous | 8:34 AM

I voted for Hilary last night but found myself rooting for Obama - guess I just want an excuse to vote for him in the big race :)

Anonymous | 10:06 AM

MCCain all the way.

Jaelithe | 10:13 AM

Check out my post about Obama's words.

Great minds DO think alike, but I promise not to steal your blog name ;)

BOSSY | 10:13 AM

Excellent insights, sear one. Bossy only hopes you have the chance to render that opinion in voting form come November.

Jaelithe | 10:33 AM

P.S. I DON'T promise not to steal that awesome tattoo, though. If I do I will at least use another font.

silver screen pipe dreams | 11:54 AM

I agree! I feel the same way about Obama. I have my reservations about both but I would rather be inspired by his optimism and words of change. And his opposition to the war!

Unknown | 12:05 PM

Both candidates have worked their entire careers to improve lives. Obama 'hands on' and Hillary as an administrator. Both have studied the constitution as lawyers. I voted for Hillary because the president is an administrator and then was joyous when Obama won Missouri...It's really a 'no lose' situation.

caramama | 12:20 PM

For once, I'm excited about an election. I don't feel like I'm just voting for the lesser of two evils. I would be very happy with either Clinton or Obama getting the nomination. And that is so exciting!

I'm someone who never voted in a primary before, but I'm going to mine next Tuesday. I'll vote for Hillary, but I'm rooting for both!

Anonymous | 1:07 PM

I could not agree more. For months I have been saying I don't care either way, that both are great candidates. And they are. But for the past week on my drive home the intersections have been full of people holding Obama signs. Change in 08! Obama Mama! And I swear it's not PMS but each time I pass by those people I honk and get teary eyed. This feeling of inspiration is just so foreign to me. So fresh and real. Naive, maybe. But in this world where everyone at my work discusses last night's episode of Rock of Love or Project Runway, myself included, at least I finally FEEL something for politics.

Unknown | 2:25 PM

I worked with Obama for 3 years at the IL state senate and I'm here to tell you he is the real deal. There is substance (and lots of it) under all the poetry about hope.


Awesome, ROT. Thanks for sharing.

Jill | 5:48 PM

I'm proud to be Minnesotan today where Dems voted their good midwestern hearts and chose Obama 2-1 over Clinton.

Plus, I love his wife. Have you read a Michelle Obama interview? She has some very candid and relatable takes on everything from politics to marriage.

Obama '08!!!

Sam | 7:33 PM

I live in the US but I can't vote (yet.) Thank you for putting into words how I was thinking about the election yesterday. But if only I could think so eloquently.

S.T. | 7:57 PM

I completely agree with every word you wrote, but I've been on the Obama train for quite a while now. I'm proud my state (Alabama, which has a sad history regarding civil rights) came out to support Obama yesterday!

S.T. | 8:00 PM

Oh and one more thing. I am a big fan of the Clintons, Bill in particular, but I think they represent the past and Obama represents the future. That said, I'd be happy with Hillary as Pres., too.

Anonymous | 8:12 PM

The media wants McCain to win because most journalists are liberal or centrist, many veterans want McCain to win because he is one of them, the RNC wants McCain to win because they think he has the best chance of beating the Dems, Hispanics want McCain to win because he will give amnesty to illegal immigrants (80% of which are Hispanic).

So, McCain will win. The people in the United States either have no power, or no power to resist doing what they are told to do. Sad.

Anonymous | 8:15 PM

I can’t seem to wrap my head around all of this. There are no Reagan conservatives in this race. I am a college student stuck in an extremely liberal place…all the principles, values and morals of the conservative party are lost..people call themselves republicans and conservatives and it is a load of crap. I read your messages and they disturb me..don’t vote for a democrat JUST because you hate McCain..please for the love of God and all that is good, DON’T DO THAT. The Clinton’s are scary people and Obama has no credentials..Romney isn’t a bad guy- I hear so many people saying, “he is a mormon, im not voting for him.” His mormon beliefs drive him, but there is no doubt that he will keep division of church and state. Vote! please vote! (for a republican!)


Um, lisa? Did you even read my post? Apparently not. (I think maybe you're preaching to the wrong choir. I'm about as liberal a democrat as it gets...)

Anon 8:12, i have to believe you're wrong.

Anonymous | 7:40 AM

Obama. Yeah, right. Who is he, really? Why does he have this creepy tendency to morph into whomever he thinks his audience of the moment wants him to be? Aside from the platitudes about change and a new beginning what, exactly does he plan to do if he is elected? How will he cope with the war? Unemployment? The economy? Healthcare? His answers are vague and confusing.
Listen carefully: Don't be taken in by Pretty Boy. Hillary has my vote.

Anonymous | 9:18 AM

I understand the longing to be swept up in a movement, to believe in the possibility of a clean slate, and the fresh start that Obama seems to represent. But I also feel that part of reaching maturity, as a person and a country, is knowing that life is complex, imperfect, and messy. I want a leader who has a lot of life experience, who is not a clean slate upon whom we can project our adolescent hero fantasies, but who has worked her whole adult life - in multiple capacities - to make our world a little bit better than it is. Thanks for helping me clarify why I will keep on voting for Hillary.

Anonymous | 9:56 AM

GOODBYE ROMNEY! Another one bites the dust
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will suspend his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, GOP sources tell CNN.

Hello Mccain!

Anonymous | 10:09 AM

Great post. I've been trying to articulate this same thing for quite some time. Obama inspires us to be better. And it's so nice to feel inspired again.

Anonymous | 10:56 AM

My state's primary is not until May, and I hope, hope, hope that Obama has sealed the nomination by then, but if not, he will definitely get my vote.

Andie East | 4:05 PM

My dad called me and said he was Robin Williams and he wanted me to vote for Obama. It was strange because I went in wanting to vote for Obama, and last minute I voted for Clinton, and, I know it sounds weird, but I wish I had voted for Obama. I believe in him too.

Anonymous | 4:23 PM

How come the Republicans who comment are all anonymous, or at least aren't linking to a blog?

I'm sure it has something to do that many of the commenters here are liberals, but shouldn't that just drive them to invite discussion about issues instead of accuse/blame/grandstand?

Personally, I would have voted for McCain eight years ago because 8 years ago, he had conviction. He had his Straight Talk Express, and while I didn't usually agree with him, at least I knew where he stood.

Too often in the past 4 years has McCain (and Hillary, and Romney for that matter) pandered to some part of their party for support, going against their previous stance, and to me that destroys any merits they have to be president.

Obama (and Huckabee, too, really) is straightforward and inspiring, and though I wouldn't vote for Huckabee because I disagree with his politics, he doesn't seem like the type to mislead anyone.

I am for Obama because I agree with his policies, and most importantly, I agree with his conviction.

I think that was the point here.

-Uncle Dave

By the way, I'm not linking because I have no blog. But I am the blogger's brother. So there.

Franny | 7:48 PM

After reading your blog for a few years for this post I had to de-lurk. This was just a wonderful post. And it's so great to know that there are more out there that feel just this way. For the first time in my life I feel the way about a politician that you only heard about in stories from your grandparents or saw in old movies. Whenever Obama speaks I make sure to listen he insights in me an excitement and pride in my country long lost. Thank you for such a great post. (and the many others throughout the years)