Girl's Gone Embryo

Apparently I wasn't crying anything.




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Robert Hudson | 10:00 AM

AWESOME!!! Congratulations, that's great!

Anonymous | 10:05 AM

Awesome! Congrats! I *think* I'm pregnant too. Two home test tell me so but I'm only at 7 weeks so I'm waiting a while to tell anyone. This will be our second too!

Anonymous | 10:38 AM

Congratulations!!! That's awesome!

Chicky | 10:44 AM

Yay!!! Congrats Mama!! I am so so so excited for you!

Mama | 10:48 AM

Congrats to you and your family. Archer is a great kid and your newest addition will be as well. It's been fun and interesting reading your blog. My son has Aspergers so some of the things Archer has gone through, and you as a parent, we have gone through as well. Our second child was a blessing to our son. He has so much joy and love for his sister, it's crazy. Anyway, the long and short of it is Congrats to you and your family!

motherbumper | 10:48 AM

Ahhh! Congrats, congrats, congrats! xoxoxoxo too excited for words!

Anonymous | 10:53 AM


(And for me. More virtual preggo company. You know, for the bitching ;))

divrchk | 10:55 AM

A huge congrats! You all must be thrilled!

Anonymous | 11:01 AM

WOW! Awesome! Can't wait to see Archer have a sibling! Congrats!!!

kirida | 11:07 AM

Congratulations! I'm totally stealing the "virile wang" label!

Anonymous | 11:19 AM

DUDE. That is so exciting. Congratulations!

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Wow, major congrats!

Whit | 11:57 AM


Anonymous | 12:08 PM

I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous | 12:10 PM

Congrats! Archer is going to be a GREAT big brother! I hope we get as lucky as you did...SOON! =D

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Anonymous | 12:34 PM

Ahhhh!!! De-lurking to say congrats!!! Many blessings to you and your family. I'm sure Archer will be a wonderful big brother!


Anonymous | 12:39 PM

When I saw the picture in my flickr stream, and I realized it was YOU, I got all teary eyed.



Cheryl | 12:59 PM

WOOOOOT!!!!! Yay! Congratulations to you and your little family.

Janice @ Mom On The Run | 1:11 PM

I'm de-lurking also to say Congrats!

Anonymous | 1:15 PM

Damn girl! A little ahead of schedule right, but CONGRATULATIONS!

kittenpie | 1:19 PM

congratulations, Bec!

Felicia | 1:28 PM

HOLY SHIT!!! That is awesome!!!1

Crazy Baby Lady | 1:35 PM

"virile wang" HAHAHAH!!!!

CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy for you! Two is hard art first but once they can play together it's all good. YAY!

karengreeners | 1:38 PM

mazel tov!

metro mama | 2:01 PM

Wow! Congratulations!

Molly | 2:04 PM

Awesome! Yay!!

(I have a picture just like that with a handful of those that say the other thing. Oh well.)


Aw, thanks everyone! Kisses on your cheeks!

Elissa L. | 2:09 PM

Congrats! Time to bust of the jar of green olives!

Chris | 2:39 PM

Congratulations! I'm so happy to hear Archer has a little brother or sister (or both) on the way!

Anonymous | 2:50 PM

I read your blog faithfully but I do not know if I have ever commented but I had to say congratulations. I am also waiting for your book to come out. I am so excited to read it.

Anonymous | 3:03 PM

i am a blog stalker and love to hear what you have to say. this is the best! i'm so excited for you! congratulations! can't wait to hear the pregnancy stories!

Anonymous | 3:51 PM

awesome news, bec


Victoria | 3:59 PM

Just bloghopping but I wanted to say congrats. I love those digis!

Bri | 4:11 PM

Ha vindication! Congrats on being right and on your second child!

xoxo Bri

Jaime | 4:17 PM

COngratulations! So happy for you!

Anonymous | 4:41 PM

Woot! Congratulations GGC!

Anonymous | 4:54 PM

That is SO EXCITING. You are pregnant! AHHHH!
Congrats and I look forward to reading about baby #2! Wishing you a safe pregnancy.

Anonymous | 5:49 PM

ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! congratulations!! that's so awesome...

virile wang indeed :) haha. congrats to you, hal, and archer.

Anonymous | 5:53 PM

wow, it just occurred to me -- baby and a book tour. in.tense. but so exciting!!!!

Karen Bodkin | 6:10 PM

Awwww BECKS!!!!! SO happy for you!!!!

Fairly Odd Mother | 6:18 PM

Holy Moly! Girls Gone Children!!!! Congrats!!

Anonymous | 6:22 PM

Woo-Hoo! Big congratulations. I had an inkling.

So happy for you and everyone. Stay well, enjoy it and all that jazz. I'm really happy for you.

Kyran | 6:41 PM

girl, you are in for the treat of your life. and so is archer.

SO happy for all of you xoxoxo

Chicky Chicky Baby | 7:00 PM

That's fantastic!! Congratulations to you, Hal and Archer!

Anonymous | 7:01 PM

Congratulations!! :-)

Anonymous | 7:18 PM

So happy for you! Congratulations to you, Hal and Archer!


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Julie Marsh | 7:32 PM

That is wonderful news!! I'm so thrilled for you guys. Take care of yourself, especially with all this upcoming book promotion travel!

Shash | 8:07 PM

Congratulations! Archer is going to be an awesome big brother!!!

Christina | 8:33 PM

Yay! Congrats - I'm so happy for you!


Thank you! Thank you! Muah!

Unknown | 9:12 PM
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Unknown | 9:16 PM

Now that I'm all blog-a-licious, I just had to say it again on here: OMG, OMG, and OMG...CONGRATULATIONS! And somehow I feel kind of special and honored that I got to see you and Arch right before you peed on the stick. Is that weird of me? Finally, another poster makes a good point (even if it was in jest), but I dunno: Girl's Gone Children? That's almost as bad as GIRL Gone Child. WHAT, WHAT??? xoxoxoxo PS: All "bitch"es welcome on my blog, bitch.

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Anonymous | 10:09 PM

happy, happy day. congrats to the growing fam.

Anonymous | 3:01 AM

I was wondering why you took your comments down from your last blog... people were just really expressing their opinions and you got all offended! Now, I see... that you were just "bitchy" because of your hormones! Makes sense! Congrats!

Anonymous | 4:57 AM

wonderful news... can't wait to read about this round of fantabulous adventures.. congrats!

Anonymous | 6:18 AM

Congrats! I am so happy to hear your news!

S.T. | 7:41 AM

Congratulations!!! I'm green with envy! Best wishes for good health and smooth sailing during the next eight months and beyond!


Wow, Olivia! You sure guessed it! Under normal circumstances I would TOTALLY let racist slurs slide on my blog but being pregnant (and a bitch) I totally couldn't deal. Those pesky hormones at it again!


And more thank-yous to everyone else!


traitorous slut.
serial mommy.

why do you forsake me?

Anonymous | 8:30 AM

Congratulations! I've been reading (and loving) your blog for a while. Thank you for your words - I can't wait to read your book.

-- Ilene

Anonymous | 10:23 AM

Congrats! I also just found out that I'm 8 weeks along with #2. Any symptoms yet? I've so nauseous with this one...and fast food is my favorite. (Normally, I don't go near the stuff) Congrats again!

ufos8mycat | 10:59 AM

You go girl! Ever think of naming your blog, "Girl's Gone Fertile!"

That's good news. Congratulations.

Binky | 11:10 AM

Let me crawl out from underneath my rock-of-pregnancy to say CONGRATULATIONS! A book and a baby...what a year!

Bringing Up Ben | 11:29 AM

SOOOOO happy for you!! You 2 work fast! Hal's swimmers can't resist the siren call of your eggs.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 12:05 PM

Wow! Good for you.

Does Hal know? How about Archer?

Inquiring minds want to know ...

Lilli | 12:38 PM

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!! :) Love you! ~Lilli

Cristina | 1:10 PM

Yay!! Congrats!

BabyonBored | 1:13 PM

OMG, is it wrong that I hope it's twins so I'm not alone in my misery. Ha ha. Congratulations. Now you're REALLY a mom.

Miss Melissa | 2:40 PM

::doing the Snoopy dance:: That is just so awesome! Congratulations and happy pregnancy, dear Becca. :)

mary catherine | 4:24 PM

Gotta love the digital result--Congratulations! Wow! So exciting!

Anonymous | 6:04 PM

yay you made it ! wait a second....... didnt you only try for a week? WTF? not fair! I love you and hope you have a beautiful little ***girl*** shyt... shame on me... I mean a gorgeous healthy baby! Love you !

foodiemama | 8:12 PM

congrats! i am still wavering on another...i think i am enjoying my freedom with gus being 3 1/2 and too scared to revisit it.

Country Dawn | 8:29 PM

OMG congrats! :)

I'll be buying one of those cool tests come May! *grin*

Anonymous | 8:54 PM

Okay I am going to apologize. I just watched the Grammy's and they were mad cool! I said you maybe have had hormones and thats why you took off your comments from you blog....... I was being kinda serious! I didnt see racial slur's... I am sorry. I had no idea people were that outragous... I just saw the weird comments about John McCain! I am sorry for judging! I love you! and have another beautiful baby like me....(5 weeks preggo) !


Thanks, Olivia. All inappropriate comments were deleted before I closed comments. I don't mind opinions and would never delete a comment unless it was, as I said, slanderous or hateful. Unfortunately several people thought it was okay to go there. Not so much. Again, thanks for the apology and congrats on your pregnancy. Awesome!

Anonymous | 9:10 PM

Bec, how very very very exciting!!! CONGRATS!!!
Pascale :)

Jessi Louise | 10:14 PM

Wow, congratulations! Archer won't have a plastic sibling anymore ;)

Sara | 11:13 PM

Congratulations! Wow. Can't wait to see you at your reading in PDX, whenever you make it. Wow again, and be well.

Shelli | 6:00 AM


I just got a + test last week too... am so excited as I am sure you are as well!

Anonymous | 6:11 AM


So....will you be changing your blog name to "Girl's gone Children??"

caramama | 6:19 AM

Yeah!!! Congratulations to you, Hal and Archer! I'm so excited for you guys!


Anonymous | 6:20 AM

WHOOT! Two are definitely better (harder, crazier, louder) than one. Best to you all!

Anonymous | 6:33 AM

Congratulations!! So excited to follow you on the pregnancy journey. ; )

merseydotes | 6:52 AM

Congratulations, Rebecca. I hope everything goe well.

Anonymous | 6:52 AM

Mazel Tov.

Fraulein | 7:35 AM

Awesome news -- congratulations! I bet Archer will make an amazing big brother.

Chef's Widow | 7:52 AM

Fantastic. Girls Gone Children. Congrats ~

Anonymous | 8:12 AM

Omg! I'm so excited for you! I'm 8weeks now. Due September 21st! You won't be too far behind! =)))

Anonymous | 8:14 AM

Congratulations! It seems like there's a blogger baby boom going on these days! I secretly long for another baby, but we're definitely not trying ...

Leigh C. | 8:25 AM


Anonymous | 9:19 AM

Coming out of the web-closet to say hi and congrats! Can't wait to hear all about your expecting exploits. XOXO

Anonymous | 9:22 AM

I also have read your blog for awhile, but never posted. Congrats times a thousand. I hope that whenever I stick a baby in my belly, I find parent friends similarly kick ass.

Anonymous | 9:42 AM

Congratulations, that's wonderful news! I just found out I was pregnant too (with my second) and it's weird, the first time I didn't find out until I was ~7 weeks in and I don't remember any 'symptoms' starting until after that. With this one, I was ready with the pee stick and found out ~2 weeks in and I've already started to 'feel' symptoms
(I 'm so hormonal! I'm so tired!). It's all mental dude ;).

Style Police | 9:59 AM

How awesome, congratulations on your fabulous news!

LeAnne | 12:17 PM

I just read your babble post and I totally did the same thing all of January. And look how that turned out ...

Looks like we are going to be due fairly close to each other, best of luck!!

Don Mills Diva | 12:37 PM

Congratulations! So happy for you!

Ali | 1:00 PM

yay for babies!!

Anonymous | 1:08 PM

i think you should name him archer2. even if it's a girl, archer2 really sticks with what works, you know? i think both babies will appreciate the consistency.

i love you so much and i'm so happy!! yay x 80,000!!!!!!! congratulations to my favorite parents in the whole world. xoxoxo.

toyfoto | 1:36 PM

And the crowd goes wild!


PS ... I have to type "zogit" to prove I'm not a robot on this. ... I think ZOGIT will be my new euphemism for Congrats!!!

Anonymous | 1:48 PM

mazel tov, mama!

can't wait to read what goes through your mind and heart these next months- we're 1/2 way there with our own #2 and it has been some roller coaster for us! we also were not not trying and it happened faster than expected- really and truly happy for you.

Shel | 2:27 PM

aw, congrats! archer is going to be a kickass big brother!

Unknown | 2:35 PM

wow, I have the biggest goofy grin on my face reading this!! congratulations, this is really fucking awesome!

Anonymous | 2:58 PM

SHUTUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~jjlibra

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The Mommy | 6:51 PM

WOOHOO! Congrats! 2 is a crazy ride but oh so much fun.

Liz | 7:26 PM

OMG, congrats!

Anonymous | 7:43 PM

i would buy anything by verile wang. yay for your family, thats excellent!

Anonymous | 9:10 PM

Oh yeah baby! Not to scare you or anything, but yikes two is hard. So much harder than I ever thought possible. BUT, the baby is 6 months old now and he ADORES his older brother. There is nothing like watching your baby let out enormous belly laughs at the sight of his big brother being silly. And nothing like the look of pride on your 3 year olds face when he realizes how much his baby brother loves him. Makes every minute of exhaustion totally worth it.

Congrats mama!

Anonymous | 9:39 PM

I am so happy for you and your growing family! This is wonderful news. Archer will make a great big brother! I hope you do not have morning sickness on your book tour though! : ) Many hugs!

Anonymous | 12:43 AM

and congratulations to you from france too!

PetiteMommy | 7:31 AM

Congrats to you and your family.

coolbeans | 8:12 AM


Kellyology | 8:31 AM

Congrats to you and your man, and to the cutie now called, "Big Brother."

PunditMom | 4:59 PM

I know it's not original, but congratulations! Do I hear a sequel coming on? ;)

NH Yocal | 8:29 PM

Looks like a "congrats" is in order!

Anonymous | 7:53 AM

Belated congratulations!!!!

Victoria | 10:45 AM


Major Bedhead | 4:03 PM

Congratulations! How exciting.

Unknown | 5:34 PM


Everydaytreats | 6:01 PM

CONGRATULATIONS! Two is awesome...YAY!

Anonymous | 10:04 AM

WOOO HOOOO! Archer will be the best big brother ever! Delurking to send lots of hugs!

dizzibloom | 4:26 PM

umm...... my pee stick just told me the same exact thing!

its all very crazy!

Anonymous | 11:04 AM

OMG I go off the blogging for a little while after my own wee embryo cum baby was born and THIS IS WHAT I MISSED!?!?!?

CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to read about how you're doing!

b*babbler | 7:29 PM

Well done!!


dvl | 7:54 AM

uh, i'm a little late getting here... guess you were too. :p

congratulations!!! xo