It's a... New Website!

My author site is live and, thanks to Danielle Hull, designer extraordinaire, perfection. Above and beyond gorgeous. Run your mouse over icons and book-covers for fine-detailing and excerpts. Thank, thank you, thank you, Dani. It's perfect. Come visit soon so we can play piano again and hold hands. 

And speaking of good friends who live too far away, Happy Birthday, Calamity. I miss you every second and long for the good-ol-days of carriage-rides and snugglefests



kirida | 11:49 AM

Yay for a new shiny and swanky site! And double yay for a stop in Seattle! I can't wait!

Whit | 11:50 AM

Very cool!

Trysha | 1:18 PM

It's beautiful!

I like the font used on the excerpts. I am very excited for the release date!

Karen Bodkin | 1:52 PM

It's absolutely gorgeous Bec! I'm so excited for you and proud of you! Wonderful job on everything!

Unknown | 2:14 PM

GORGEOUS site! Man I really need to get mine re-designed by somebody other than me (like your lady). :-O XOXO

Danielle | 2:36 PM

I think I just had a mini orgasm over your new website.

It looks amazing!!!

Jennifer Elms | 3:10 PM

amazing, i am so happy for you! please plan an appearance in dc, the east coast loves you too!


Aw, yay! Glad you guys like it! Super stoked! DC is a for sure. DC, NYC, Brooklyn and Boston and a maybe on Ann Arbor, MI and Charlotte NC. Just had to get the west sorted. east is next! stay tuned!


Also! Re: the typeset. I KNOW, RIGHT? The typeset and interior of the book is beautiful. You can really see it when if you download the PDF... the interior layout and detailing is really spectacular. I lucked out bigtime with incredible designers.

Anonymous | 4:06 PM

"she lives in los angeles with her husband and son, archer" wow, archer is your husband AND son!! hahahaha! just thought i'd share the chuckle of how i read that!! very nice site. glad to see you are excited about it again!!!! because WE (and i think i speak for all of us here) have never lost that excitement! ~jjlibra

Lisa Dunick | 6:21 PM

ooo- shiny and happy. Can't wait to read more.

Chris | 6:33 PM

New site looks GREAT!

And you need to move Charlotte from the Maybe column to the Definitely column.

Ashley | 10:07 PM

How exciting! Congrats!

Anonymous | 10:13 PM

Congratulations on your new site! It's fabulous!

Erin | 7:55 AM

The site looks great!! I can't wait to meet you in Carlsbad! (And told some friends up in seattle to go see you, too!)

barbara | 8:18 AM

it's beautiful! where in brooklyn and nyc might you be reading?

Anonymous | 10:17 AM

I really like your new site! On the About the Author it links both of your blogs, Girl's Gone Child and Straight From the Bottle, but they both take you to GGC blog. Just so you know :0) Excited for the book to come out.

metro mama | 1:10 PM

It's gorgeous!

Is it on facebook yet? Can I become a fan?


I don't even know how to do that, MM! I'm such a facebook incompetent! I'm going to figure it out, though! Oh, yes.

dizzibloom | 5:09 PM

yes, you must come to Charlotte! That would be so cool. And I love the site, the swooshies are very nice, super trendy!

Anonymous | 8:51 PM

keep rocking it sister. best wishes to you. i'm proud as well.

Anonymous | 5:38 PM

Looks great...can't wait until you come to SF! I will come down and see ya!