The Ass is Always (Less Painful) on the Other Side

After Tuesday's back-injury situation I decided it was time to high-tail it out of town. So I packed Archer and my bags and headed south to San Diego. We *almost* drove the 40 extra miles to Mexico, but, nah, been there done that. When I was sixteen. Partying in Mexico over the age of 20 just seems so... depressing. Not to mention the fact that these days I'm "all bump, no grind." Know what I'm sayin'

Anyway, after much debate, Archer and I left our Virgin Margaritaville fantasies behind, chucked our bubble-gum-cigs in the roadside-basura and exited La Costa Avenue. Viva La Casa de Padres!

There's something in the water here, I think, because almost instantly upon our arrival, my back felt better. It was like wandering into an Evangelist Church and being HEALED BY JESUS! My back didn't exactly feel *awesome* but after a few hours at my parents house, I could get around without pain or even irritation. I could lie down without feeling that shooting pain! Hallelujah!

Yesterday we spent six hours at LEGOLAND. My first time there, which is weird because I grew up minutes away. It didn't open until I left home but STILL. How have I not known the genius that is LEGOLAND until now? I may have to move the family south just to experience such a wondrous land on a weekly-basis. 

I always figured the place to be a shitty theme-park with faded-plastic shit tackifying the miles of land it disturbed during its construction. But NO. LEGOLAND is ARCHERLAND: Mecca for almost-three-year-olds who adore and appreciate sensory overload. And parents who love them. Thankfully, I had my mother to help with the child-wrangling. 

(I have a thousand photos I would normally post HERE but I left my adaptor-cord thingy at home. Will update over the weekend with super-cute photo-action.)

This morning, not to be outdone by yesterday's events, my parents and I drove Archer south to the Science Museum at Balboa Park for some hardcore learn-for-fun-times. We then rambled over to The Merry-Go-Round and Little Red Train, which my mother rode as a child and I rode as a child and now, sniff... Why can't there be more Little Red Trains alive and well, today? Why must the wondrous, magical trains of yore be replaced by soulless, arbitrary objects WITH NO SOUL. 

Two days later and a thousand miles of walking and rocking and pushing and spinning and watching and laughing and my back is still BACK. Doesn't hurt at all.

How did this happen? You know when you're running and you get a cramp and sometimes the only way to make the cramp go away is to run harder, faster? Forget R&R. Mama needed to keep running. 

She also needed some help. 



Backpacking Dad | 8:28 PM

You just made me miss San Diego in a huge way. I lived there through most of my 20s, had unidentifiable-meat-tacos in Mexico, geeked out at the Science Museum, played football on the beach after a morning rain, drank too much at a dive bar in Solano Beach and had to pull my friend out of the bushes...

And I think your back magically healed because you exited the freeway at precisely where you would if you were going to La Costa Spa. That place is like relaxation crack: you can go broke and become homeless just trying to save up the money to spend another week there and stare at the bunnies.

Rabbits, I mean. I'm married.


The Kraken in Solana Beach was my first bar. Twas an old biker bar that was lax with fake ID's. And La Costa Spa was location to many memories, including our Senior Prom afterparty. Good times, good times.

Anonymous | 3:33 PM

Be honest, Bec: Legoland is a rip-off, isn't it?

caramama | 10:18 AM

Brilliant move! I'm impressed with how you just packed up and left! And to go visit with your parents! Just brilliant.