Flag Hag

Just in case anyone was wondering, Archer's official Montessori job is flag holder.

Next stop? Soap helper. I have to go die now from cute.



Kelly | 11:09 AM

His adorable face peeking out of that helper pocket is too much to handle.

Janice @ Mom On The Run | 12:37 PM

Awwwww - so cute!

Trysha | 1:12 PM

Awwww...just wait until he gets to be the line leader. That's a big deal on the playground. I take it the adjustment has gone well and he's an ol' pro at the drop off and pick up?

Lin | 1:31 PM

What does the Flag Holder do?! ;)

Anonymous | 2:33 PM

That pic of Archer the shaggy haired moppet in the denim pocket with the plaid patch is just too much. I imagine it sent you into tears of cute (and hormones).
He looks like he takes his job very seriously.

Anonymous | 4:26 PM

Be brave ! All is not lost - my recollection is that I was the official eraser monitor for the entire third grade. Dusty Norm was my school-yard alias. Flag Holder is a step up from eraser monitor... at least the Archer won't leave white hand-prints on the girls....

Anonymous | 5:48 PM

Oh man, this is the indiest kid on the playground. So cute.

Ashley | 8:54 PM

haha. That is so cute. What does a soap helper even do?


The flag holder holds the flag for the pledge. And the soap helper makes sure everyone has soap on their hands before they wash up after recess and art-time and before lunch. SO CUTE AHHAHSKDAJKDAJD!


Oh and YES! Archer loves school. LOVES. Doesn't even say goodbye to me when I leave and reluctantly leaves when I pick him up. It's so awesome!

josetteplank.com | 10:21 PM

That is very, very adorably cute.

And yes, from what I understand, line leader is a much coveted job. I think that there are primaries and caucuses to get that position, lol.

Unknown | 8:00 AM

My son loves to be the light helper at nap time, but line leader is pretty coveted too.