Holy Shit-Funk

(Updated below)

It's getting. It's getting. It's getting kinda hectic.

My book comes out in one week. From today. Which means I should probably be promoting the book right now instead of writing about Spring Break and Archer's new favorite hobby. Eventually I'll post about how at three-months pregnant I look like I did when I was five-months pregs with Archer, and how I changed OBGYNs again because my friend found this amazing doctor who happened to be covered by my insurance and I get to meet him next week at my very first appointment with a non-dick-doc which is just really so exciting because he's supposed to be warm and believes in the importance of birth-plans ... and he works with midwives and doulas and magical elves, I'm sure. I digress... Lots to blog about at a later date.

For now, I've gotta do the promo-shmeal. Ahem. So here goes...

Rockabye arrives in bookstores and is available online next Tuesday April 1st. That's April Fool's day for you kooky-jokesters.

I have cute little book buttons for those of you with blogs and room to spare in your sidebars. A few of you already be rockin' the Rock, so thank you. (If you're interested in helping/buttoning your bar please email me: rebeccawoolf@gmail.com and I'll send you the code asap on the double!) Also, next week I'll be doing some book giveaways so stay tuned for that.

Any bloggers local to San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Grass Valley/Nevada City, Seattle, Portland or Vancouver, I'd love to do book-giveaways on your websites as well. Email me if you're interested.

My westcoast tour is all lined up and ready to go. I even have plans to pick up my partner in crazy for a "Two Moms, One Car" Road Trip from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver. (We will be blogcasting all shenanigans from the road.)

Also, for those who've inquired, I'm afraid the East Coast/Midwest leg of booktour is kind of out of the question for now. (I'll blame the writer's strike for that shit.) I'll keep you all posted if plans change but that's the sad truth for the time being. Sigh...

Go Westcoast Young Mom!

Current and up-to-date locations and dates as followed:


1. Los Angeles: Saturday April 5th
Book Soup, West Hollywood: 5:00 pm.
8818 Sunset Blvd, W. Hollywood CA 90069
Launch party! Come drink wine and we shall dance!

2. San Diego/ North County: Wednesday April 9th
Borders Carlsbad @ The Forum 7:00pm
1905 Calle Barcelona. Carlsbad, CA 92009
Ye olde stomping ground! Bring your friends!

3. Orange County: Tuesday, April 15th
Borders @ South Coast Plaza 7:00 pm
3333 Bear Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Trade in your recycled eyeshadow canisters at the MAC counter for a free lipstick and swing by Borders on your way out!

4. Oakland: Tuesday, April 22nd
A Great Good Place for Books: 6:30pm
6120 LaSalle Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611
It's gonna be one great good time, yessir!

5. San Francisco: Wednesday, April 23rd
Books Inc, Marina District Store: 7:30pm
2251 Chestnut St., San Francisco, CA, 94123
Afterwards we're going to all go get Clam Chowder in the bread bowls on the pier, yes?

6. Grass Valley, CA: Thursday, April 24th
The Bookseller 5:00pm
107 Mill St, Grass Valley, CA 94945
Beautiful location for coffee under a tree and lots of stars! Close to Nevada City as well!


7. Seattle: Saturday April 26th
Elliott Bay Book Company, 4:30pm
101 S Main St., Seattle, WA, 98104
Anyone know of a good piano bar for after-signing fun?


8. Vancouver: Tuesday April 29th
Sophia Books: 7:00pm
450 Hastings Street West, Vancouver BC
Let's just hope we make it across the border. *Ahem*


9. Portland:
Monday May 5th
Powell's Books, Burnside Location 7:30pm
1005 W Burnside Portland, OR 97209
Last stop. Favorite city. Can't wait.

Can't wait to see/meet/hug/go out on the town with you guys! And thank you all for your continued support. Kisses on your cheeks.

leaving on a red train...


*I seem to have sent some of you faulty code. If this is the case please re-mail me and I'll send you code that works this time. Sorry!
** I'm having gmail/spam issues (I blame my former job) so if you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, please retry or comment below and let me know (that rhymed).


Anonymous | 12:19 PM

I'll see you on April 15th!

(Is the book on the way? I AM ANXIOUSLY AWAITING.)


Yay! Can't wait to see you! And your book should be there for Friday I think? The books went out today I believe!

kittenpie | 12:38 PM

You must be so excited! I am rather depressed that you can't hit Toronto, but we'll get you next time, when you go bigger and better!

And dude, I am HUGE this second time already. At 15 weeks, I am giving in to maternity pants already. At 10 weeks, I was in the one-size-biggers. Sad, but it's hard to hide already, yet not big enough to be obvious and get the subway seat, either. Crap.

Kae | 12:54 PM

Can't wait to see you in Seattle! :)

It's been a couple years since I've been there, but there's a pretty fun 'dueling piano bar' in lower Queen Anne called Chopstix. :)

"11 Roy Street Seattle - Located at the base of Queen Ann Hill - 206-270-4444"

Anonymous | 1:15 PM

So very excited for you! Would be happy to add a button, would be happy to pimp the book, but I probably don't have any readers left since I'm sucking at the old blog action lately. Still will if you'd like - am in Portland.

Would also love to get in on the portland action. I've been giving BMC a hard time about not getting together anyway.

Emily | 3:00 PM

I've never left a comment on a blog before, preferring to lurk, but after not checking in with you and Archer for a few months, I have to wish you congratulations!!! on your pregnancy.

Had no idea :-)


Chrissy | 3:03 PM

Sent an email to get a button. I'm usually don't comment much, but I had to chime in on the Chopstix thing. It's a blast, but get there early if you want a seat. I went last summer when I was out there visiting.

motherbumper | 3:44 PM

squeeeeeeee! And don't worry about getting across the border - it's BC baby - your kinda people :)

And your photo? you ROCK that sexy bump.


Awesome! Chopstix it is! LET'S DO THIS!!

Thanks, Emily! Appreciate it!

Andy, we'll for sure get together with BMC. I'll be crashing with her for a week so we'll have time!

kittenpie- I'm rocking maternity jeans as I type this. Oh, brotha.

Creative-Type Dad | 3:49 PM

Wow! Looks like maybe I'll be seeing (meeting) you on tax day...

Backpacking Dad | 4:15 PM

Hooray, I have an ad on my blog!

Just the one, though. I won't let anyone compete with your book.


Yay, CTD! Looking forward to meeting you! And thanks for the button-love, BPD! Awesome!

Anonymous | 5:17 PM

Look for me in Costa Mesa, too. I'll be the one perusing the self-help section. ;)

Chris | 5:52 PM

Dude, I hate that I'm going to miss out on meeting you. But if you need any help pimping your book, drop me a line.


Thanks, Chag. Me, too. COME WEST YOUNG DAD! Someday?

AS Novus | 8:23 PM

ordered the book, can't wait!!


Thank you!!

Anonymous | 9:01 PM

Yay for the Grass Valley stop...Never in a million years would I have thought you would stop anywhere near here (the Sierras) I want to do a write-up in our local parent's newsletter...Yay!
~Lis (Mere's sis-in-law)

Anonymous | 9:50 PM

Can't wait to see and meet you in Portland!!


Whit | 11:08 PM

I'm hoping to get to the launch. We will be leaving Disneyland after a few days there with family. Hopefully we'll be sane enough to make it.

Anonymous | 8:08 AM

Would love to do a book giveaway and add the hoochiemagoo to my sidebar. It's perfect timing because I am starting my summer book club and I could feature it. Will you sign the book?

Let me know. (Love your blog.)

[of www.undomesticdiva.com]

alyce | 8:12 AM

Is it possible for someone not able to attend a signing to get a signed copy of the book?

Anonymous | 9:30 AM

No Vegas or Phoenix stops? It's not that much farther you know..

Unknown | 10:05 AM

come to Alaska!!!!!

Crystal T. | 10:22 AM

I will be seeing you in Oakland or Seattle (coincidentally, I am flying to Seattle while you are there and was looking for things to do with my friend). Exciting! Let me know if you need any info on Oakland area.

caramama | 10:23 AM

I'm so sad you won't be coming to the East Coast!! Hopefully that will change???

But I will order your book promptly and I can't wait to read it! I am always reading and I do book reviews on my blog... I hope to review yours after I read it, if ya don't mind.


Yeah, I wish I could do Vegas and Pheonix... I'm doing everything by car and pretty much out of pocket so it's gonna have to be as is for now... But MAYBE... JUST MAYBE... And Megan! Trying to find a way to email you!

This comment has been removed by the author.

And awesome, Crystal! You should join us for some piano bar awesome in Seattle! Bring your friend! And Oakland = Hooray! Can't wait to meet you!

Anonymous | 10:33 AM

can't wait to read the book, see new maternity pictures, and post a button on the blog! email = natjanette81@yahoo.com. So excited for you!

Anonymous | 10:50 AM

How excited am I that you're coming to Vancouver! I'll be there with bells on.

Anonymous | 12:08 PM

Congratulations! this must be so exciting for you!

I'm wishing I was piggy backing on my sister's couch in the Oakland/SF area right now, but I'll have to settle for blog updates. I have preordered my copy at Amazon and wait with genuine excitement!

Anonymous | 12:36 PM

God damnit! I've been reading your blog for a year now and really was hoping on you coming to New York so I could say hi! And gush about how I dig your blog.

I'm 30% mad (the other 70 or so's happy with her chocolate milk and cherry yogurt)

Anonymous | 12:39 PM

See you on the 22nd or 23rd!

And I would LOVE to do a giveaway on my site. Hook me up, yo! (www.agirlandaboy.com)

Congratulations, again.

Linda | 1:31 PM

Can't wait to see you at Powell's in Portland! I'll send you a separate e-mail so you can hook me up with advertising on my blog.
I'm so freakin' jealous of the rode trip you and your crazy partner are taking to Seattle! She's rockin' that cafe that is 2 blocks from my j.o.b.I had to stop reading her "menu" because they won't let me in!!!
My book is comin' from Amazon!!! YEAH! Can't wait!



Yay! Thank you, guys! Can't wait to see you, too!!!

Sara | 3:46 PM

I'll see you at Powell's -- my book is coming in the mail soon and I can't wait! Hope you have a great trip. (And yes, also jealous of the road trip..but you've certainly worked hard for it!)

Anonymous | 4:33 PM

Can you make a stop in Vegas? We'd love to have you. There's nothing more rockin than Vegas moms! Send me the link for your book promo!

Anonymous | 7:17 PM

How's about a Maui stop on your tour? Looking forward to the book, let me know if you can do the Pineapple Express! Good luck on the launch and aloha!

Norm | 10:45 PM


Los Angeles
Orange County
San Francisco
Grass Valley

One of these is not like the otherrrrss...

Why Grass Valley?

Norm | 10:45 PM

(oh and I'm just bitter you're skipping santa barbara) ;)


Family in Grass Valley. Family I have never visited and really want to. Santa Barbara is a possibility for sure. It's a quick drive. Do you have a bookstore recommendation?

Anonymous | 10:58 PM

OMG Grass Valley is like maybe an hour or two from the Air Force base I live on....wonder if I could manage to get out there, that would be awesome!

Anonymous | 10:57 AM

Hooray for the stop in Seattle! Can't wait to get my copy in the mail.

Elissa L. | 11:21 AM

Ohh Santa Barbara! There is a Borders on State Street. Right in the middle of the action!

clueless but hopeful mama | 11:30 AM

Yay for lots of babies in the oven (well one baby and one book!).

I will miss you here in LA as I have tickets to a show that night and early dinner reservations. Off to order the book though! Congrats and good luck!!

Anonymous | 12:17 PM

Hey, I'd love to do a book giveaway for you. I'm in the south bay SF area. Email me details! And I'll see you in the city! (Let me know if you and Dana have time to hang.)

Cassey | 2:33 PM

Hey, I feel like I know you, since I've been reading your blog for a while but, since you don't know me and I've never commented- Is it weird that I have hurt feelings cause you aren't stopping by Vegas? It's ok, I'll buy a book anyways :)

Lindsay | 6:10 PM

I'd be there with Liz but we'll be out of town that weekend, boo-hiss.
And hit me up with an e-mail if you want to read an exerpt from it at the play I'm producing this summer.
More press ;)

The Mommy | 8:08 PM

I'm so bummed you won't be coming to Minneapolis! I had promised a couch and a rocking night at Nye's. MIGHT be in Costa Mesa on the 15th though! If I am, you bess your maternity jean rockin' ass I'll be at the borders.

Pre-ordered the book awhile ago and can't wait to get it!


The Mommy | 8:09 PM

Please ignore typos. 2 glasses wine...and still breastfeeding so infrequently imbibing.

gwendomama | 9:42 PM

so not happy about this.

what makes you(r publicist) think that OAKLAND is cooler than SANTA CRUZ?????????

so wrong.

Anonymous | 10:10 PM

Waiting for my book from Amazon and really can't wait to meet you in Vancouver and have you sign it!

Anonymous | 9:41 AM

I wish you were coming by Salt Lake, UT. I do have a great piano bar here that you could check out and they do serve wine here despite all the rumors.

Anonymous | 6:11 PM

I just wanted to say, congratulations on the book! You blog-toured mine last year...(Reading with Babies). Wish I could help but I'm an East Coast gal...

Mrs. Flinger | 10:24 PM

I was looking for your book the other day not realizing it's still not out. DAMNIT. I WANT IT NOW. Don't people know this?

And, I am trying hard not to caps this because, I AM COMING to say hi when you're in Seattle. And then will buy you a drink. Naturally.

Anonymous | 8:35 AM

Grass Valley!! Woohoo! I live in Reno so it's only a hop & a skip away! Can't wait to see you!

Mama | 10:51 AM

I got my book today! I wrote about my excitement right away cause I'm a dork! So sad that I'm in the midwest. Would love to meet you!