The Sleeping Student

Our student slumbers, dreaming of boats, looking about ten-years-old.

Hal and I have been renamed. We are no longer "mommy" and "Hal" but "teacher" and "teacher" which is strange and uncomfortable:

"Goodnight Archer. We love you."

"Nigh-nigh, teacher and teacher. Yiay-yuv-ooh."

I'm obviously thrilled Archer loves school so much but come on, dude! Do you have to take it all home with you? Apparently, so.

In other news, I hear Archer's been taking his job as flag holder very seriously. At least that's what his (real) teacher tells me.



Jessi Louise | 5:21 PM

Aww, such a sweet picture.

We had the opposite problem with Dylann. He would call complete strangers Daddy and I was always kind of embarrassed like he didn't know who his father was.

Maternal Mirth | 9:22 AM

He *does* look ten years old!! They grow so fast, huh, teacher?

Anonymous | 1:05 PM

He is adorable.
How can I preorder your book? I clicked the thingy from Amazon, and an error message is coming up saying unavailable. Tried 2 days ago and today. I guess I will try again after it is out. Or if you can let me know another way. thanks. xoxo

Backpacking Dad | 3:57 PM

My daughter calls me "Da". She calls her mom "Da". She calls dogs "da" and she calls ducks "da".

When she wants to know what something is called, she points and says "da".

When she wants something, she points as says "da".

It's all about context, Teach.

lisamoon | 8:48 PM

i'm a first grade teacher and not a day goes by when one of them calls me, 'mommy.' i think it is endearing. i love your blog!

Shawn | 10:44 AM

Congrats on your pregnancy! That's great for you.

This post reminded me of when I was in kindergarten and went home exclaiming about how that day I had been chosen to be the "holder flag!"

That's some serious student business, holding that flag!

Jaelithe | 8:03 AM

Hey, that means he thinks you're really smart, right?