A Week in Photos

Archer rides old Butterfly: Balboa Park

Action shot: Old Butterfly, Balboa Park

Archer and the musical fountain. Water and music = Archer's fantasylandworld.

Chasing the music: LEGOLAND

Riding Copters w/ Gammy: LEGOLAND

Riding a Golden Retriever/Horse with Papa: Balboa Park Carousel

Lone Range Free Egg: My parent's backyard
(As it turned out, Spring Break wasn't so bad after all. Who knew?)



Anonymous | 10:17 PM

Looks like you guys are having a blast! Love it, and totally green with envy over that sunshine.

foodiemama | 9:29 AM

we going there tomorrow... staying down in del mar for the week and hanging out with our friend in hillcrest i believe...i guess its next to balboa park. can't wait now!!!!

Laura | 9:58 AM

What great photos...love the butterfly swing...COOL!

Thanks for sharing!

Molly | 9:23 AM

We were in San Diego last year at Spring Break (my stepfather lived there for 30+ years; his kids and grands and great-grands are all still there). I wish I'd known that Balboa Park was full of so much cool stuff. We did Sea World and the Wild Animal Park but never made it to LegoLand. I wish we had, it looks so much cooler than the performing seals.

Something about Archer's haircut reminds me of one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite movies of all time: Bud Cort as Harold in "Harold & Maude." Adorable.