On My 10th Week of Pregnancy My Fembryo* Gave to Me...

A bump. A bump. A lovely baby bump:

What you gonna do with all that belly? All that belly inside your leggings? I'm gonna have to find my maternity clothes. Maternity clothes inside my closet. (I've been taking belly shots since week 6, o'er here. Watch me grow! Ch-ch-ch-CHIA!)

Also, because I've been really into recaps lately, here's a quick weekend update:

1. Zink magazine just reviewed Rockabye something fierce. High-five!

2. Puff the Most Depressing Dragon Ever: And more music kid's love to torture parent's souls.

3. Paper bride and Paper Mama, your one-stop shop for all stationary needs for bridal/baby. I'm good friends with the owner, a mama herself who rocks as hard as her products.


Fetus + Embryo


Backpacking Dad | 11:56 PM

"Puff" is most depressing for not really being a covert drug anthem.

I really lost my innocence when I found out that not every folk group in the 60's was propagandizing marijuana.

Mitch McDad | 1:32 AM

Nice bump. From the perve dad that writes about pregos being hot.


PunditMom | 5:34 AM

You're lovely, as always!

Liz | 11:37 AM

Thanks for the shout-out Bec! It was so great to hang with you and the bump this week.

Chef's Widow | 3:04 PM
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Chef's Widow | 3:05 PM

I gained so much weight so fast with Louisiana (my second). It was insane. By the 8 month I thought for sure I couldn't gain anymore but sure enough I gained almost 5 more lbs. Needless to say baby girl came out @ 9lbs8ozs while Catcher (my first) was 6lbs8oz. You look great and I am sure that Nicole Richie's new line of maternity clothes will look fantastic on your growing belly!
j/k I'm sure she's probably only designing size 0 maternity digs...

Jaelithe | 9:02 PM

Aww what a cute baby bump! I'm jealous. My bump has no baby.

Lin | 9:41 PM

I have a bump like that too... but I don't photograph mine cuz there's no baby in there. Also, I don't look as awesome as you. :)

Lovin that hat!

Anonymous | 12:43 PM

nice bump! very cute. grow baby grow!


Yay! You rock that bump! (Hi there, tiny baby!)

I love the weekly photos. So fabulous. I think I have two, maybe three, pictures of myself pregnant. Next time, I'm documenting the whole thing.

Anonymous | 7:18 PM

hey, little one- keep growin' strong and healthy! and don't make your mama sick, okay?

you look great, GGC. rock on! :)


Her Bad Mother | 1:37 AM

You look the gorgeous, totally.


Maremone | 6:11 AM

What a great review!!!!!

I'm to weeks too, and I have a baby blump....this will be my third baby in 3 years and the "bump" is just pushing out the post baby flab. Your bump is so cute and hard. I'm jealous, you look great!

Unknown | 2:30 PM

Yay for your lovely lady BUMP! Oh, and I just tagged you for a meme: www.alexayoung.blogspot.com

Anonymous | 5:23 PM

youre hot knocked up
i hate you
and i cant wait for your nose to melt across your face. so there.

(miss you)

Unknown | 10:19 PM

Yeah, I'm thinking some nose-melting needs to happen NOW...because I checked out all the alleged bump-watch shots and I think even Nicole Richie's maternity clothes will be too big for you. You're kind of annoying, y'know? xoxo

kittenpie | 11:38 AM

It's funny, I had heard yuo show right away the second time, but wasn't quite prepared for it. Ack! I'm trying to hold off against the maternity wear as long as I can, using the same trick as last time - a few pairs of pants I bought in one size up to hlep on the way up and the way back down. Soemhow there is a mental state about not being in maternity clothes that is nice.

caramama | 10:13 AM

You look fantastic! Woo hooo for the bump!