Hazel-Eyed Updates

The Twenty-Two Hour Nap: If only I could get a job as a freelance napper. That would be awesome.
Bribing for Brotherhood: Because Ice Cream makes everything more exciting. 
The Sleep Pattern is Always Greener on the Other Side:  Speaking of freelance nappers. Archer's fired. 
Not Very Superstitious. Writing's On the Blog:  Blogger (n): person who cannot wait to tell his/her own secrets, no matter the consequences.



Anonymous | 5:31 PM

Why would you fight what your body is telling you it needs? Take a freaking nap.

FWIW, I've never been pregnant but most of my coworkers who have been take a nap on their lunch hour.

Mommy Needs a Xanax | 7:01 PM

Love your definition of a blogger! Sadly, I deleted my earlist blog because I started realizing how many people were reading it after several people came up to me around town and commented on it. Freaky. These days I no longer care. Possibly because I never go anywhere to run into anyone to hear who's reading it. Or perhaps no one reads it since I got paranoid. Ehh.. fuck 'em.

Cate | 10:26 AM

hope the bone crushing tiredness ends soon...remember you are using more energy than a grown man climbing mount everest! hope all works out...hated when kids stopped napping argh..lived through 4 pregnanciea and am former l&D nurse.