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One of the main criteria when we started looking into new homes way back when was a decent kitchen. Seemingly simple and yet? Very, very hard. Our last place had what one might call a kitchenette with zero counter space, (I used the ironing board for chopping. Not fabulous.) so when we walked into our new place with its blue Spanish tile and heaps of windows...
a view from a room

...Not to mention the arched doorways and built-in cabinets, I threw up my hands and sang hallelujah.
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We had to buy us a new table to furnish the breakfast nook, which has become more of a breakfast, lunch and dinner nook on the days when the dining room table has been turned into a Legoverse. I found the table at my favorite prop/junk store on La Brea, a place I have purchased more furniture than perhaps anywhere else.
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I love retro dining spaces - they charm me like crazy. The table is a bit lopsided, yes, but also happy-making. A cozy little family retreat.
<span class=
original light-fixture, above
good morning, bird!
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Fable rocks a Rayanne Graff 'do. Behind her = the original 1920s mailbox

Unfortunately, our kitchen did NOT come with a refrigerator so we would have to purchase our own, or so I thought, until some friendly folks at Kenmore contacted me through twitter amidst my flurry of inquiring tweets re: fridge recommendations and consumer reports.

"We have a pretty cool fridge," they emailed me. "Wanna check it out?"

"Uh... yes." I responded. "Yes, yes, YES!" So? Kenmore hooked it up.

And hooked it up they done did. I've never been an appliance person at all. Maybe because I've always rented property and have never taken much of an interest in stove/fridge/washer/whatevers because they didn't *really* belong to me, and come on, now, let's be clear, I'd rather spend my money on clothes and/or cool furniture than state-of-the-art equipment but this fridge = the awesome. Quiet, energy efficient with tons of fridge and freezer space and a million compartments for quinoa.
Fridge also has magnetic areas, rare for stainless steel/important to me because to-do lists are my co-pilots and family portraits must always be on display:
family portrait
"my family" by: Archer
Hal as a baby = aw.
So thank you, Kenmore. Thanks for the fridge and the memories and this amazing sexy-red stand mixer I get to give away to one lucky reader because you guys rule.


Want it*? Just tell me your must-have kitchen gadget**. Besides my spankin' new state-of-art mega-fridge from space, these days I swear by the Citrusmate juicer. Twas a gift from my mom last year when I was struggling to get Archer to eat his fruits and veggies. Fresh-squeezed orange juice has since become a daily must in our house. Yum slash relief.

What are you cookin' with in the kitchen?


*This is the first of several "Hooray for summer!" giveaways I'll be hosting this week. Stay tuned!
**One winner will be chosen via and announced Thursday evening. Good luck!

Updated: Congratulations comment #361, Ashley 8:03pm! Thank you all so much for participating!!!


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theopenletterlady | 11:43 AM

The blender. Always the blender. Right now I'm eight months pregnant and I MUST have a smoothie in the morning. It's the only thing that doesn't make me die of acid reflux! Lucky you for scoring that fridge- it looks great!

Anonymous | 11:44 AM

My mini-food processor holds so many food memories (baby food, tomtaillo dip for my daughter's first b-day, hummus for our engagement party), it will be a sad day if it decides to stop working.

lyndsey | 11:45 AM

Food processor!

Raia Runs Wild | 11:47 AM

Must have=espresso machine. Everything else is secondary.

Carri | 11:49 AM

My electric kettle! A good cup of tea first thing in the morning is heaven!!

Jillian L. Schweitzer | 11:49 AM

I love when you post pictures of your house, it look so beautiful!

My favorite tool is the wok we got as a wedding present. Love stir-fry!

(Although that mixer would be a wonderfully handsome addition to our kitchen as well :)

Carri | 11:49 AM

My electric kettle! A good cup of tea first thing in the morning is heaven!!

Emily | 11:50 AM

Awesome, beautiful kitchen. Hm, some of my favorite kitchen things. I use scissors for everything in the kitchen - snipping herbs, salad greens, green onions. I love my salad spinner too, which I purchased from a thrift store for a buck. No one likes soggy salad! I throw the carrots and tomatoes and whatever in there too, and it tosses the salad while it dries the greens. I also love my food processor, mostly for grating and slicing things quickly. I bake so much more because of my food processor - carrot cake or zucchini muffins take no time when you can shred them up quick in the food processor. And that mixer... oh baby. That would be my new favorite!

Kat | 11:50 AM

I'm so coveting your amazing fridge, and I would LOVE the mixer. Mine Kitchenaid is 25 or more years old and seems to be on its last legs.

Lo | 11:52 AM

I need - MUST HAVE - my all purpose 8 inch kitchen knife. I make all my baby food, so chopping and mincing is a many-times-daily occurrence. It's from Henckels. Thank you Henckles.

Christi | 11:55 AM

Love the kitchen!
Love that mixer; hope I win!

My must-have gadget is the apple-slicer. I won't eat an apple that isn't cut.

Angela | 11:55 AM

I'm a big fan of my food processor, can't live without it. But that could quickly be changed to a mixer if the situation permits itself.

toni9jean | 11:55 AM

I desperately need a mixer just like that one, right now my favorite appliance in my kitchen is our mandolin.

Unknown | 11:56 AM

I'm very slowly building my gadgets-i.e. no pizza cutter, no blender/food processor/hand mixer, etc. But, for his birthday last July my boyfriend got a toaster oven so he could stop crouching over the oven floor's broiler.

Awesome. We have no toaster or microwave and everything tastes better quickly warmed. I can make a whole quiche in it, pizzas in the summer without heating up the oven, small loaves of bread, a quick batch of cookies, etc.

Jen Singer | 11:57 AM

Hubby would love the blender. Thanks for offering it up.

hhart | 11:57 AM

My absolute must have is a small (read three cp) food processor. My mom gave it to me when I w went off to college. It was maybe $10 at the drugstore. But I use it for everything and it is so easy to clean. My full size food processor is just such a beast.

Carona | 11:57 AM

My toaster oven. It's the one thing I use daily in the kitchen. My first thought though was my Dyson Animal Vacuum. With two large dogs and four cats it's a must have. I'd love to win the mixer!

JaimieW | 11:59 AM

My favorite kitchen items would have to be my measuring cups and spoons. They're just so gosh darn cute.

leila | 11:59 AM

Yay for lots of kitchen-bench space! And epic free fridges! My cannot-do-without kitchen item is my Black-and-Decker blender, which I use for soups, ice creams, hummus, pasta sauces, and guacamole. I use it so much my family makes fun of me for only liking blended foods.

Vicky | 12:03 PM

I have always envied people with that mixer- pick me! My favorite current kitchen necessity is my panini maker- I am slightly--- totally obsessed!

Karen Chatters | 12:03 PM

I'm totally not saying this because I want to win it, although I DO want to win it, but I'm dying for a Kenmore mixer. I'm actually thinking of breaking my "no kitchen appliances for Christmas" rule and asking for one for Christmas. I have a hand held and looong for a mixer like that.

The second thing I'd want, a fridge like that. One with the french doors and TONS of storage space. We have a side by side and I loathe it.

tlr | 12:05 PM

Sad to say but I rely on my microwave every day. It gets more use than any other appliance.
My other fave is my Pampered Chef chopper - great for nuts, onions, and garlic.
Love your house. Thanks for sharing your prizes!

Whitney | 12:06 PM

Love your kitchen. i want a mixer sooo bad.

my most used appliance would have to be the toaster oven. heats left over food sooo much better than a microwave.

DrL/K | 12:13 PM

we love our blender - great for drinks, smoothies and switch out attachment - so we can use as a chopper. Your new fridge is great!

K for Keely | 12:14 PM

Gorgeous kitchen!

My must have kitchen item is the crockpot... I sound like an old lady, but it's great to come home and have dinner already cooking away!

Jill Smyth | 12:15 PM

So I was at this tie-dye party the other week with a bustling Becky Bouille. Her friend Kate-who-played-softball brought this amazing hummus she'd made. It was the smoothest hummus I've ever personally encountered. So she tells me she's got this $400 blender.

The thing boils water, and scrambles eggs. And I know you love me some eggs Pretty Lips.

They call it a Vitamix. Crazy, but now I can't stop thinking about it. Who doesn't need a blender that spins so fast that molecules of water become fiesty?

Marianne | 12:18 PM

Oh, your kitchen is so airy and great! So happy for you guys.

These days my favorite gadget is a cheapy Zyliss slicer that I use to make enormous salads.

yeah, alright. | 12:22 PM

I just recently got a crock pot. It has been a life saver, working and commuting often lead to 10-11-12 hour days and coming home to a warm dinner is nice.

Jamie | 12:22 PM

I would love to win that awesome mixer!

LaylainCapeTown | 12:24 PM

My herb scissors, let me snip freshly picked herbs straight over a dish instead of chopping.

laura | 12:24 PM

I love my veggie peeler!

KellyGray | 12:25 PM

my microplaner! i use it for grating cheese, making zest and even slicing cucmubers

Kate | 12:28 PM

I spent 10 years looking for the perfect toaster oven. Its on its last legs now, so I guess I'll be restarting that search. Sadly.

Mark68 | 12:34 PM

Fryin pan !

Nicole | 12:34 PM

Our current tool of all trades is the pizza cutter. Not only b/c we have a lot of pizza, but also b/c it is amazing when cutting waffles, grilled cheese, sandwiches, etc. into little bite sized pieces.

Donna Y | 12:57 PM

Garlic press! I use it several times a week.:)

curfgirl at yahoo dot com

JR | 12:57 PM

Waffle Iron!

K Foxman | 1:05 PM

Love your kitchen!! and LOVE that mixer! Don't know if it's a "gadget" but my marriage would not survive without our dishwasher!! (ok, so it probably would, but with significantly more conflict!!)

samantha | 1:11 PM

Must have gadget? Our stove top popcorn maker. Can't live without it, for realz.

samanthajocampen at gmai

Claire | 1:11 PM

I have the world's most awesome sharp knife. It was the most creative, useful and hilarious of my baby shower gifts. It's serious business.

Leslie | 1:15 PM

I love my kitchenaid blender. We use it for smoothies, yogurt blender pancakes, blending soup, and everything. I don't love washing it, but yeah. Love it!

And the blue tile? GORGEOUS. Also...Fable is looking more and more like Archer every day.

Alli | 1:16 PM

Part of the reason I want to get married is so I can register for a red Kitchen Aid mixer, no lie! Currently, my favorite kitchen tool is my olive pitter.

neysa goodman | 1:18 PM

Salad spinnnnner! Can be used for lettuces, spinach, herbs, and more. Makes such easy work of the cleaning.

Miss M | 1:18 PM

My French Press. I would die without my morning coffee... OK, not die DIE, but you know...

Kila Bell | 1:19 PM
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Kila Bell | 1:19 PM
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Kila Bell | 1:22 PM

I have been using this Nutritionist Bread Machine to make homemade dough for pizza and bread for like 15-20 years. The kids love to pick their own toppings and make their own personal pizza and I swear that has been key to trying new veggies.

Hmmm...i'm thinking this weeks feature may have to be a quinoa pizza dough???

Come on a Mom using a bread machine as a mixer needs one of those fancy smancy mixers and will be put to good use for the rest of my Mom career ;-)

amelia | 1:27 PM

Must-have appliance? A freaking mixer - I mix my roll dough BY HAND. Next, a decent blender.

Megawatts | 1:32 PM

Ooohh...that mixer is HOT!

Must-have gadget: well, I really want to be dependent on a grill pan (like a frying pan, only it grills stuff), but I'm being a patient girl because I've been dropping hints to the folks, and my birthday is coming up. I'd be a very unhappy camper without my mini/handheld cuisinart blender: I use it constantly for onions, but it also makes a mean pesto sauce and lots of other things that are small-batch, so that I don't have to drag out the big-gun blender.

Amanda | 1:33 PM

I love that kitchen and fridge! My favorite gadget changes pretty regularly but I just got a garlic slicer that makes paper thin pieces of garlic. It is definitely my current favorite!

My Name Is Jonas | 1:37 PM

Fave kitchen gadget... does my husband count? ;)

CO & O | 1:37 PM

I love my immersion blender--it's gotten me through many soups, desserts and baby food! The mixer will solve all of my other problems!

Amber | 1:38 PM

My rice cooker is a must have, and hopefully soon I will be able to say that the gorgeous red stand mixer is a must have too!

haleysiler | 1:40 PM

Cliche perhaps, but a crockpot. It's so easy to make tasty and cheap meals. I even have a recipe for a crockpot cake courtesy of my grandmother, though I haven't tried it out yet.

Amanda D | 1:41 PM

Hands down, my espresso maker!

Melissa | 1:47 PM

Another stick blender here.

Sarah C. | 2:03 PM

I immediately thought KNIVES! Because I love a good knife... but then I realized that's not exactly a gadget or appliance... so.... I love my coffee maker b/c, well, it makes me COFFEE! And I have a fancy fridge like yours and I do love it very much.

Anonymous | 2:12 PM

oooh a good mandeline is hard to beat or zester!

janie | 2:16 PM

I hate to say it but my cast iron pans are my favorite thing in my kitchen. Well for the moment they are, tomorrow I may be in love with my toaster, I'm a fickle gadget lover.

Major Bedhead | 2:19 PM

I love your breakfast table. I am a sucker for 50s diner-style stuff.

My favourite thing isn't a gadget, really. It's my 8" Henckels knife. I love it. I use it constantly. I love the heft of it in my hand. I love that I can use it for cutting just about anything and that it holds an edge for-freaking-ever.

Nicole | 2:20 PM

My coffee maker... It makes my mornings joyful. Always.

Diana | 2:23 PM

My favorite kitchen gadget is the dishwasher, for sure!

orngpikkle | 2:24 PM

we use our enormous orange cast iron pan daily. i have no idea how we lived without it before last year.

corrin | 2:31 PM

I use my stick blender more than I ever imagined. Love it! And it's my go-to gift for newlyweds and college grads.

Heathir | 2:35 PM

I don't know if it counts as a gadget, but my go to item in the kitchen is my really big pan. It's sort of like a skillet, but big. I use it for everything.

Whitney Sisco | 2:40 PM

Love that mixer! My must have kitchen gadget is definetly my dishwasher!?! Not much of a gadget, but completly necessary for my life!

Christy | 2:42 PM

Me? Maybe me? It could be me. It totally could.
My fave is my apple corer. I'm knocked up, and Baby Boy likes him some apples. And apple pie, too!

Siobhan M | 2:44 PM

Nice fridge! I'd have to say my favourite gadget is my magic bullet :)

kimberly | 2:47 PM

my favorite kitchen gadget would have to be my blender! smoothies, slushies and an occasional mixed drink! :D

Shannon | 2:50 PM

Yes, Yes! I've wanted one of these kitchen mixers forever. Love it! Kitchen must have of the moment= my grill. It's way to hot in SLC this summer to do any cooking outside. Thanks!

Loonstruck | 2:51 PM

The kitchen appliance I cannot live without? My gas stove. We've had a ton of power outtages this last month and being able to cook even so is huge!

Anonymous | 3:08 PM

My cup-a-tea maker from Teavana. Hells to the yes. It's fabulous.

Bre | 3:11 PM

Must have in my kitchen is definitely my huge saute pan = veggie stir fry without veggies all over the stove/floor. Yes!

Sara | 3:14 PM

i'm on the hunt for a new fridge i'll have to check this one out! we need an extra skinny one for the small space in our apt.

my must have kitchen item would be my bread maker. it's amazing! home made bread mmmm

Lena | 3:18 PM

I hand blender is very useful in our kitchen.

That Spoonful | 3:21 PM

My food processor! It allows me to make creamy dips and soups from scratch. I love it.

Megan | 3:21 PM

I love my cast-iron skillet!

Kelly in AZ | 3:22 PM

We love our french press. Best coffee in the galaxy.

evsmarie | 3:27 PM

Love the kitchen! (And totally drooling over the fridge) :-) In my kitchen? I love my Wusthof knives!!!

Andrea J | 3:39 PM

Loving the pics of your new place and seeing all the love you're filling it up with.

My fave appliance? It's totally impractical, but I adore my kitchen torch.

It was given to me as a gift to fulfill my love of making creme brulee. But I use it more often to melt cheese on top of soups, prep slices of bread for bruschetta and toast marshmallows indoors.

Plus, it makes me feel like a total bad ass whenever I use it. More appliances should really evoke such sentiment.

Milou's Mama | 3:41 PM

Ooo That's a gorgeous blender!! I'd have to go with our toaster oven. That thing can cook anything from veggie pizza to the waffles we make from scratch and freeze to eat for breakfast on busy weekday mornings :)

VintageMamas | 3:44 PM

I rent to, a tiny apartement with a husband a child, and by far, our kitchen is the tiniest room in our house, but I love to furnish with red appliances, red toaster, blender, coffee maker, I don't think I could tolerate having uch a tiny kitchen if didn't fill it with a color that infuses me with such a passion to use them, so I guess my can't live without appliance? anything red to get me into the kitchen in the first place. Or my houdini wine opener.

Maggita | 3:44 PM

I'd have to stick with the classic sharp kitchen knife. I can't do anything without it, but the right one is magic.

Unknown | 3:45 PM

Best kitchen tool: food processor. I make everything in it. Baby food, coleslaw, dips, fresh bread crumbs. Hola! Mine is from goodwill and even though there are parts missing it still rocks my cooking world. One thing I don't have? Stand-up mixer.

Sarie | 3:45 PM

I love your house. I want to move into it. My new dishwasher is my favoritest kitchen item EVER. Sooo quiet. Cleans the dishes SO well (without having to pre WASH--not just pre-rinse). So awesome. It's a Samsung, something or other.

Amy | 3:48 PM

My Kitchen must have is my apple cutter! And, my waffle maker. Although, I MUST have that mixer ;)

Claire | 3:49 PM

This may not be the most exciting appliance, but I have to say my favorite and all-time must-have is my toaster. I make waffles every Saturday, and hide yummy things in them like blueberries and zucchini. I throw them all in a gallon Ziploc and we eat them all week. I just take out quarters and toast them. Way healthier than Eggos, and really not hard at all!

Liesel | 3:52 PM

Right this minute? Stuffed turkey shells with arriabiata sauce. From the freezer (homemade) cause who wants to go to the grocery store after an exhausting vacation? Beautiful kitchen, by the by.

Li Li | 3:53 PM

My strawberry huller--I use it to take the cores out of tomatoes.

Tiffany | 4:00 PM

The most important kitchen gadget is our milk frother for making the best coffees to get us out of bed and out the door on early mornings!

Meagan J. | 4:02 PM

Couldn't live without my emulsion blender.

Sonja Streuber, PMP(R), SSBB | 4:07 PM

Kenmore ROCKS big time! As for a kitchen gadget, I have this multifunction Braun blending stick that's a blender (for babyfood, hummus, margaritas, you name it), a hand mixer (cupcakes, frosting, you name it), a chopper (never used it for that), and whatnot. LOVE gadgets that do multiple things at the same time.

Katharine | 4:13 PM

My heavy crate and barrel measuring cups. I use them every single day!

suzanne | 4:18 PM

It changes here with the seasons in the North East however with a run of 90 degree days it's has definitely been my Weber charcoal grill...mainly because my husband will not let me touch it!

another measure of success | 4:21 PM

Wow that fridge is so shiny and pretty! I've lost my way around the kitchen lately, so a crockpot is my must-have kitchen gadget.

Laura R. | 4:29 PM

My 5 quart Oxo mixing bowl- hands down. I even blogged about it:

Unknown | 4:30 PM

favorite kitchen gadget is the cuisinart wine chiller we got for our wedding, just about one year ago. seemed stupid and yuppie and too big, but has really pulled its weight this past year! what we did not get from the registry, though, is the requisite stand mixer-- so the kenmore model would be so dope.

Unknown | 4:32 PM

love the stand mixer-- we didn't ever get ours from the wedding registry. what we did get, and have used the most, is a cuisinart wine chiller-- really pulled its weight this past year!

sam | 4:39 PM

Food processor! My husband just had weight loss surgery and we are working the heck outta that thing! I love it!!!

Your house is beautiful BTW!

Anonymous | 4:43 PM

i can't go past a breadmaker when it comes to kitchen appliances. Bread is my fave.

Bunny | 4:57 PM

I'm not really a gadget person, but I have been wanting a mixer for years! I love using my coffee bean grinder!

Laurie | 5:01 PM

My favorite appliance is my Magic Bullet look-alike blender. It's another brand from Target, but it's tiny & perfectly blends smoothies in the morning. Plus, you can drink straight out of the cup you blend in. Double-duty & less dishes to wash!

Lindsay Q | 5:08 PM

I can't live without my steamer! I steam veggies every day.

cadencequick | 5:13 PM

My favorite kitchen gadget is my Crate & Barrel reversible measuring spoon! And now... I covet your fridge. Our fridge completely ices up then drips water throughout like a drooling yeti. Boo.

K's | 5:15 PM

My must-have kitchen appliance is...COFFEE MAKER.
Without it, I wouldn't be awake here to type this! :D .

Pick me!! :)

Danielle | 5:17 PM

what a beautiful piece of kitchen luxury! my favourite kitchen gadget is my toaster. for actual cooking, i think my food processor.

Eliza | 5:21 PM

My must-have kitchen gadget is not so gadget-y, but whatever. It's my "batter bowl", which I use for mixing absolutely everything. Why? It has a HANDLE. Hello! My 3-year-old daughter LOVES to "help" me cook, and she holds the handle and helps me stir things. Everything. Love it.

Shiri | 5:23 PM

Must have? Does an oven big enough for a regular cookie sheet count? Mmmm.

Restless Mama | 5:26 PM

Your kitchen is so lovely! We definitely need a dishwasher with all of Aidan's cups and pacifiers and my brother's dishes that sometimes pile up in the sink. How nice it would be to have a dishwasher.

Nikki | 5:26 PM

I'm getting a ton of use out of my Beaba Babycook right now...making baby food like crazy for my 9-month-old!

Erin | 5:26 PM

My favorite kitchen appliance is my mixer. I use it every morning to make my breakfast smoothie.

Cave Momma | 5:27 PM

Love that nook. Love those blue tiles and O.M.G., LOVE those windows. As for my must have, it is pretty much everything I don't have (a good non-handmedown fridge is the first on my list). lol At this point however, my dishwasher is my lifesaver.

I do love to bake though...

bek77 | 5:30 PM

My must have is the apple corer and slicer from Pampered Chef... my son loves apples and this is the perfect tool!

Nicole | 5:35 PM

The kitchen looks awesome!

Favorite gadget is my food processor, salsa, soup, pesto and baby food, oh my!

kelli(q) | 5:40 PM

The dishwasher is my numero uno would-never-cook-without kitchen appliance, but I also would miss my fabulous Anolon cookware and the OXO safe-for-nonstick utensils we use with it. Are those appliances? Whatever! I love them!

Unknown | 5:54 PM

Awesome mixer!

I currently make a lot of carrot cake muffins for my son. So, my must have is my handy hand-held grater. One day, I'll get an actual food processor....

Robyn | 6:01 PM

Love the table, and I hope when you decide what art to hang right behind it, you'll post a pic. I've loved seeing your decorating so far.

As far as my kitchen, I couldn't live without my blender, because I couldn't live without my morning smoothie. I'd forgo the coffee maker if I had to, but the blender'd have to stay.

I would LOVE a stand mixer, as it would be so much easier to let my 3-year-old and 16-month-old help me with baking, etc., than the 1970s hand-held hand-me-down I'm still rockin'.

Jessie Leigh | 6:01 PM

My must have kitchen gadget is definitely my lil espresso machine. Nothing fancy by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a lifesaver when finals roll around (Hello, I am a pre-med student, I live off of coffee).

Colleen | 6:04 PM

Your kitchen is lovely. I love a good sharp knife!

racher | 6:05 PM

I heart my coffee maker. I'm a simple girl that way. Love the kitchen.

LissaCris | 6:12 PM

I love my toaster oven, I really heat/cook everything in it. I'm very against the use of my microwave. The mixer is so beautiful! I would love to make cookies in it with my son.

Adriana | 6:18 PM

my must have gadget is my blender for making my own baby food. i need a mixer so bad!

Katie D | 6:20 PM

My husband's knife collection. He is a butcher and always has the fanciest, sharpest knives.

Dana | 6:22 PM

The amazing sexy red mixer. That's my must-have kitchen gadget.

Ginny | 6:23 PM

ooo your kitchen is pretty! You would like my retro kitchen. Original 1927 everything! It's the one area of the house I won't let get renovated.
Kitchen must have: slow cooker. It's winter here and I'm all about hot yummy food the minute you walk in the door. mmmmm

Kristen | 6:30 PM

I just bought a house and am looking at appliances. Like you, I never really cared.... but I gotta say, your fridge is pretty sweet! Love the French doors.

So to answer you - I'm not cooking with anything... yet. :)

Haley | 6:34 PM

Actually, I just got home for five weeks to prepare for our wedding, so I'm not doing any cooking (thanks, Mom!). But, I would love that mixer for when we return from the honeymoon!

Chrissie en Ciudad México | 6:35 PM

i don't have a ton of appliances but a really nice non-stick skillet is a must. can't count the number of yummy meals i've cooked up on mine. but a kitchen aide, i could do some major damage with one of those!!

The Toth McCarry Family | 6:40 PM

Although boring, a nice chef's nice and butcher block are our favorite chef tools. Most fun, ice cream maker! We've been able to pick peaches fresh off the farm or mint from our herb garden and turn them into a creamy delicious dessert within hours!

Pursuing the Impossible | 6:40 PM

I loves me a good toaster oven!

Emily | 6:42 PM

my kitchen gadget? One of those microplane graters. So handy and perfect for many things, which is technically rare for a gadget...

Unknown | 6:43 PM

Must-have kitchen gadget? Why that would be my stand mixer. Oh wait, I lost that in the divorce. ha. Seriously though, I'd love to have one again.

Hilariously enough, I also lost my totally awesome stainless steel french door Kenmore fridge in that transaction. It was a thing of beauty. I miss it dearly.

Deidre | 6:46 PM

My most used and definitely most loved kitchen tool is definitely my Paula Deen knife set. Oh how I love those knives.

Anonymous | 6:47 PM

That fridge, wow! I am saving up for a new one now. I never thought I would use a kitchen gadget so much as the toaster oven. Food tastes so much better heated up in there and I don't have to wait a 1/2 an hour for the big oven to heat up!

Hannah V. | 7:00 PM

I love my egg separator. :)

wonderchris | 7:00 PM

Must have gadget - hot pads/oven mitts. I'm a notorious burner of hands in the kitchen. Not really sure they count as a gadget - but there are a MUST!

Ashley Evans | 7:03 PM

my favorite is my red food processor, I make my favorite dessert with it, and it would match the mixer!

Janel | 7:08 PM

I just started baking my own bread, so my current must-have kitchen item is, incidentally, my stand mixer. It is getting a little creaky and wonky, though, so a new sexy red version would be far superior to my tired, hospital-white version.

Kristin | 7:11 PM

THe fridge is gorgeous! Love the shiny-er pretty! I need a mixer...and red is my favorite color! Please, random number generator mojo machine, pick me!

susie | 7:12 PM

LOVE your new kitchen and LOVE that mixer!

My favorite kitchen gadget is my coffee maker. :)

SWJ + LRB | 7:16 PM

Ok - so I was literally just in a store looking at this exact mixer. We are moving into our first home in 5 days and I am doing my best to find the funds to buy one. I guess I have to say, this mixer would be my ideal kitchen tool!

Your kitchen is amazing and just oozes happy family dinners

Kristina | 7:17 PM

I need a kitchen gadget - I don't have even one!! This ... could make my summer, year, life!?

Mary | 7:18 PM

Oh boy, I so need a mixer! We don't have one at all and I've been longing for one for ages!

I have to say, my most indispensable kitchen gadget (and it's not really a gadget at all) is my Sabatier carbon steel chef's knife. Unlike stainless steel, it gets a razor sharp edge and it can cut anything! Other than that, I love my pasta maker - nothing beats fresh pasta!

Christa | 7:19 PM

Gf-cf necessary helper. Puh-lees.

Also: I'm the one who hooked u up with Calfo b/c I love your blog.

Christa | 7:21 PM

Oh yeah: the whisk. Nuff said.

lesloo | 7:22 PM

i'm way into my immersion blender lately, since i'm on a cold soup kick! pea soup, gazpacho, cold borscht - i want to make and eat it alllllll!

your new home is so lovely -- lots of little spaces that must seem magical to small people and bigger ones, too.

Jaci | 7:28 PM

Rice cooker, hands down.

(ps-love that fridge!)

Maja | 7:29 PM

That's my dream mixer :) My kitchen theme is red/black :)

The gadget I use most frequently is absolutely my RED kitchen Aid blender :)

And the retro table is fandamtastic my dear. I've had my little eyes on a black/red set for some time now. I agree, it's perfect. Cleans up nice too.

Cristen | 7:33 PM

Your house and kitchen are so charming!

Favorite kitchen gadget...the microwave. Ha! All I can say is we use it a lot :). We are also big crock potters!

Morgan | 7:37 PM

Love the kitchen!

I have always coveted those stand mixers, so that would definitely be what I would buy given some extra $, or a free one :)

Anonymous | 7:43 PM

So envious of your fridge! My must-have? oven. Okay, so it's about the cheapest thing we could find, but it allows me to cook (with gas! *gasp*) and bake my own bread. Just call my Suzie :-)

Risa | 7:46 PM

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of in love with my Magic Bullet... which sounds more like a dirty toy than an kitchen appliance but aaaaanyways. I'm also kind of in love with your kitchen. Beautiful!

Junket | 7:47 PM

Oh snap. Are you talking about that prop place that has the soccer ball chairs out right now? I am dying to go into that place to look around! It's actually close to my house!

If I had to pick one kitchen gadget that I've decided I NEED is the parmesan cheese grater with the turning handle. I'm such a parmesan freak that I think that will make my dreams come true!

Duffy | 7:52 PM

My Cuisanart blender/food processor! Blended cherry mojitos, pureed broccoli and cauliflower to sneak into my son's morning eggs & cheese, smoothies....we wouldn't eat half as many fresh veggies and fruit without it!!!

Jill | 7:52 PM

Not sure this counts as a gadget, but hands down my coffee maker. I set it up every night before bed.

Sam | 7:53 PM

Man I love your house, and I know that might sound kinda creepy. It's the arched windows and doors - they make me swoon.

Also, just wanted to let you know I've passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. :)

Nicole Hannah | 7:55 PM

My blender is my must have! I make smoothies every morning. If I had an amazing mixer like that.. I'm pretty sure my favorite would change farily quickly :)

Greg and Alyssa | 7:56 PM

Well my must-have would probably be a juicer! Because the hubster has been LONGING for one for ages. But the mixer would definitely be high on MY list! Especially a sexy red one!

Ashley | 8:03 PM

Oh man, I am daydreaming of all the Christmas goodies I could make with that sure would make an easier job of those damn peanut butter balls! My fave kitchen "gadgets" if you can call them that, would be my Pampered Chef micro-cookers...I steam veggies and chicken in them to puree for my daughter's baby food...and of course, my cheapo WINE OPENER...that thing gets more use than anything else! ;)

Don't worry, I don't REALLY hate dogs, it's a long story :)

The Allisons | 8:08 PM

My Vita-Mix blender!! I use it everyday!

MaggieWing | 8:11 PM

I think that'd have to be a tie between my food processor (a fantastic, totally surprising Christmas present from the inlaws from a couple of years ago that left me feeling thrilled and frightened that some random aunt we see once a year had spent so much on our gift) and dishes. All dishes--serving dishes, plates, pasta bowls, season-inspired colors, neat tiny bowls that you can put condiments in...if I had more kitchen storage, I'd be totally overrun with dishes of all kinds. :-)

Michelle | 8:17 PM

I love the blue counters!!! I love me blender... I don't think my daughter could live without her smoothies!

haleycakes | 8:33 PM

Honestly, it's the kitchenaid mixer. My parents had one when I was growing up and we used it everyday. I would love to have one again, I loathe mixing by hand!

Kristy | 8:43 PM

I love my food processor- great for hummus and pesto!

Amy G | 8:52 PM

My Vita-Mixer. This industrial-strength blender does everything from make soup & peanut butter to grinding grains for bread and blends cabbage perfectly (and secretly!) into a blueberry smoothie to sneak in a few more veggies to my daughter's diet. Not to mention a mean margarita mixer. Geeze, I sound like a commercial!

Tina Leigh | 8:53 PM

the coffee pot would be the real #1, but we LOVE our industrial size belgian wafflemaker (from Costco). It takes up a lot of room, but it makes killer waffles, perfect everytime.

Ainslito | 9:02 PM

Those $20 garlic presses from Whole Foods really do the job -- no tedious garlic peeling required. My other must-have gadget -- immersion blender.

Kristin | 9:04 PM

My toaster: it's a wonderful, retro-style mint green, and I love it. It was embarrassingly expensive, but it was given to us as a house-warming gift when we bought our first home. And it makes super toast!

candace | 9:08 PM

I have been lusting after a standing mixer for a while, but my current favorite kitchen gadget is the little mixer i have now. It's like the little engine that could, chugging away at the batches and batches of cookies I cannot resist making.

amazedlife | 9:10 PM

Oh, man. I don't own gadgets! My parents had to buy me a toaster when they came to visit. I use a wooden spoon for everything that requires a mixer. A nice red one would look great in my kitchen, though! For now, I guess my most-used kitchen gadget is a garlic press, for salad dressing.

Justin and April | 9:18 PM

My favorite kitchen gadget is for sure my food chopper. It seems to be used almost every night for something I'm concocting in the kitchen for dinner. LOVE it! The best wedding present that we didn't even register for. Definitely from a seasoned married couple!

Misosauce | 9:18 PM

As silly as it sounds, my favorite appliance is my George Foreman grill! It's perfect to grill chicken for 2 people. And in the summer I don't have to heat up the whole house by turning on the oven.

writtenbliss | 9:20 PM

So, so cool. It's not exactly a gadget, but I love my 2c. Pyrex measuring cup. It's so useful!

Crystal T. | 9:23 PM

I LOVE your house. So jealous!!!

My stand mixer is my favorite item...and it is DYING. I just got it six months ago. :(

Kimme | 9:32 PM

Our "can't live without it" kitchen item is the Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffee maker. When my husband and I first moved in with one another, he insisted, rightly so, on grinding coffee beans fresh each morning. However, when we had the stand-alone bean grinder, I was forever cleaning bean residue off the counters. Our middle ground? The Grind and Brew. It's kind of a pain to clean every morning, but so preferable to trying to ferret out the bean dust that would stray far and wide on the kitchen counter.

Whitney | 9:34 PM

my strawberry slicer! bought it on a whim and i use it allllll the time, great for fruit salads!

Anonymous | 10:03 PM

Well...unfortunately I am kitchen-stupid, and so I'm not even sure what "gadgets" are out there for me to "must-have." However - I love my Crock Pot because it allows me to be stupid. I buy a frozen bag made for it, stick it in there - and dinner is ready in just a few hours of me doing absolutely nothing :)

Unknown | 10:11 PM

My ice cream maker right now is getting a lot of play, it's one of those easy peasy ones that you freeze the insert.

Pam | 10:12 PM

Hmm, I'd have to say my real nice silicone potholders. Yup, pot holders.

Anonymous | 10:23 PM

My hand-mixer! Fabulous for cookies. But red is lovely.

Thanks as always for your writing.


Annbee | 10:38 PM

Your kitchen is so adorable! So much room! I better not show my boyfriend else he'll be super jealous. :)

My kitchen must have item? Mixing bowls! I love to bake and mix away but HATE to cook! Guess it's a good thing Mack's on the job! ;) :)

Sarah @ | 10:39 PM

Um, yes I want it! Please?!

LOL, my favorite kitchen utensil right now, um, does my husband count? We're just starting out learning the ins and outs of providing and making all our own food, and I could not get anything done in the kitchen without his help. He's awesome.

Just don't tell him because he'll ask for payment for his awesome-ness in sex. And since you've co-slept before, I think you know how that's been going for us lately.

Okay, on a more serious note, I love my juicer. Best friggin' appliance ever when you live on an orange orchard.

Gina | 10:45 PM

if a dishwasher counts as a kitchen gadget, then that's my favorite. if it doesn't count, i don't know that i have a favorite kitchen gadget. so i need a red kenmore mixer so i CAN have a favorite. hahaha. :)

Molly | 10:46 PM

Ohmygod look at that mixer! So awesome.

My hand-held electric mixer-- favorite because of the muffins/cookies/cakes/breads I am so into making--not-so-favorite because I use it so often and have started making such big batches of things that I am outgrowing it.

With a big mixer I could throw everything into the bowl and not have to keep holding it with one hand, cracking eggs with the other, grabbing the rubber spatula with the other, all while adding the dry to the wet, or the wet to the dry...besides the BIG batches I could make... ah dream.

Mandi | 10:55 PM

My trusty blender is vital for shakes, smoothies, sauces, dips, pesto, hummus- you name it!

I recently became vegan and have been cooking and baking more than ever. I'm loving it! I would be thrilled to get to use that rad mixer!

Kate | 11:03 PM

Beautiful kitchen! My favorite gadget is a toss up between the food processor for it's pesto-making prowess and the panini maker because a toasty sandwich with melty cheese is a favorite treat!

wumples | 12:27 AM

Do I count as my own favorite kitchen-cooking-thing? I do it all! I slice! I dice! I chop! I blend! Okay, I don't blend. Maybe if I practiced more.

Realistically... a nice cast-iron skillet. Or my electric tea kettle, which I seemingly cannot live without.

Techno Angel | 1:49 AM

I have that same fridge! it *is* awesome!

My gadget is from Pampered Chef. I LOVE my garlic slicer from there. You just load in the cloves and spin and you get paper thin garlic slices!

Lucy | 2:23 AM

My favourite kitchen appliance is my kettle. It's always the first thing I unpack, and I think I could live without everything else so long as I still had my kettle. (I'm English-I like tea!)

Julie R | 2:27 AM

I've been using my blender/food processor daily to make smoothies for breakfast for me and the fam. I love it...I use the food processor accessories to make baby food for my lil' one. I love your new place and I hope you and your family have much happiness there :)

melbourne dreaming | 2:44 AM

Braun hand-mixer, for sure - I use it for everything from pancake batter to soup! I also love my ice-cream maker...

melbourne dreaming | 2:45 AM

Braun hand-mixer, for sure - I use it for everything from pancake batter to soup! I also love my ice-cream maker...

Anonymous | 2:46 AM

I love your kitchen!!!!!!!!!And your new fridge is Beautiful! To be quite honest with with you,being the mother of 7 awesome kids(ages 28 to 12),my coffepot is my must have appliance!

Anonymous | 3:10 AM

Those narrow arched windows! Swoon. My gosh I have house envy!

My favorite kitchen tool? My "Little Litton" microwave - 26 years old and on it's last leg but I can't part with it.

Are those angels (red beings above the family)in Archer's picture of the family? I love that.


Julie | 3:27 AM

Pick me, pick me - ;)

The fridge is fantastic - I have a super tiny Japanese one - hopefully I'll have a big purty one someday.

Stacey | 3:46 AM

I have a terrific coffee machine that grinds my fresh beans and makes me a fabulous cup of coffee every morning. I don't think I could manage without it!

Samantha | 4:05 AM

I can not live without my kettle. It's one of the old, retro looking whistle kind and I am completely obsessed with it. I'm in the process of learning how to knit so I can have one of those cute little . . . hat . . . things over it. But GOD do I want a mixer! I'm a baking machine and that is my dreeeeeam appliance.

And yes, I'll be 22 in three days, but I'm an 80 year old woman living in Miami inside.

Mandolin | 4:39 AM

This would be PERFECT! Since currently I mix with a fork, and my muscles! Great for the muscles, crappy for that which I am mixing. Also, I'd have to say the dishwasher is my fav appliance. If I didn't have one my kitchen would probably look like it belongs on the show 'horders'.

SuZ | 4:44 AM

Okay, so maybe this isn't a gaget, but my kitchen must have is PAPER TOWELS.... But, I mean, maybe they could be considered a gadget, right? Think abou it, they do SO MUCH! For me, without paper towels in my kitchen I die... It also could be because I'm a klutz and manage to spill a lot of everything I make.

But if you insist I pick a gadget, it's my can opener. I love that little motorized thing.

Amanda C. | 4:45 AM

I want your house! I am coming to kick you out someday and take over ;)

Besides my fridge as well, I think I use our measuring spoons and cups the most. Which is funny because they have no markings on them anymore!

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